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Treasure Cruisin' with Mayael the Anima
The Magic Market Index for July 21st, 2017
Theros: Elspeth's Tragedy
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    posted a message on Abilites-Matter Uncommon Enchantment Cycle
    These are certainly interesting but also strong. I don't think they are particularly narrow either. They are great build around cards and would do very well in EDH. These would warp a limited environment and if they were intended for boosters, they should be rare or cost 1 more to cast.
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    posted a message on Indomitable Four Drops (Rhonas the Indomitable)
    Quote from phantalien »
    Since you have a specific focus of four drops I am surprised you did not include uncage the menagerie as a way to tutor for your creatures. Tutoring 4 specific creatures for 6 mana can be very helpful in EDH and green tends to have enough acceleration that you can still cast a few of the creatures you tutored.

    It's a solid card and a good suggestion. I am not running it because I prefer not to play with tutors.

    However, if I were to run tutors I would run Green Sun's Zenith and Worldly Tutor before Uncage the Menagerie.
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    posted a message on Work that Name
    Scrubland Pony 1WB
    Creature - Horse [U]
    As long as you control a Swamp and a Plains, Scrubland Pony gets +1/+1.

    Renzala, Crystal Gazer
    Slice // Dice
    King Raam
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    posted a message on Bull of Mogis
    This is a really interesting design, including the flavor text. What rarity did you have in mind?
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    posted a message on Legendary Rogue + Legendary Advisor
    Tjornan is correct, the player can play a card exiled with Zevan, Keeper of Secrets as long as that can't doesn't have the card type that was named by the opponent.

    It seems very strong, but it's somewhat similar to Elvish Piper, except you need pay UB to activate the ability and your opponent can somewhat interact with it. You have to play the creature, wait a turn and then pay UB to cast a spell for free. Not saying the card isn't good, but I wouldn't say it's especially powerful.
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    posted a message on Commander 2017 Speculation
    Commander's Seal is too good, but I could see them doing that anyway because mana fixing is important in a singleton format. Commander sets tend to provide cards that are just way too efficient (i.e. Arcane Lighthouse, Command Tower). I could also see them printing entombedhydra's version of Commander's Seal which is also very good but I feel is less fun to play with because it would be practically an auto include in all creature based decks and just hose decks that run counter magic.

    Gluttonous Bloodlord is just Exquisite Blood on a Vampire body which is fine.
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    posted a message on Legendary Rogue + Legendary Advisor
    Two legends intended for the commander format.

    Zevan, Keeper of Secrets 1UB
    Legendary Creature - Human Rogue [MR]
    When Zevan, Keeper of Secrets enters the battlefield, look at the top five cards of your library, exile three face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.
    UB, T: Choose an opponent. That opponent names a card type. You may play a card exiled with Zevan, Keeper of Secrets without paying its mana cost if that card is not of the named card type.

    Rita, Cogent Diplomat 1UW
    Legendary Creature - Human Advisor [MR]
    Prowess, Vigilance
    Whenever a player targets a permanent that you don't control and that they don't control with a spell or ability, that player draws a card.

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    posted a message on Indomitable Four Drops (Rhonas the Indomitable)
    Hey! Love the deck, thinking about building it myself. Here are a few ideas based on your primer:

    Genesis - 4 power, and with the amount of creatures you are running this guy can be very useful to bring back your utility creatures late game.

    Temur Sabertooth - 4 power 4 drop, allows for some board wipe insurance and re-using ETB effects.

    No Savage Punch?

    I dont like Ravenous Baloth in the deck because you only run 4 beasts total- how has he been working out for you?

    Glad you liked the list. It's a lot of fun to play and is very aggressive/fast.

    Savage Punch is in my list, it is very good. I guess I omitted it. I will have to add it and figure out if I have an extra card in the deck list I shared.

    Ravenous Baloth is very good, even if it's only to sacrifice itself, it's lifegain which is great at staying ahead and offsetting Mana Crypt.

    Genesis is good, a little mana intensive but certainly worthy of testing.

    Temur Sabertooth is a card I tested and it was too mana intensive, also I find myself tapping out a lot or wanting to use my extra mana to pump my creatures with Rhonas's ability.
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    posted a message on Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter
    Denzana herself checks all of the boxes for a commander that is more frustrating to play with than against. Due to having the same casting cost, I'm going to compare her to Breya, in spite of their different play styles.

    Breya always renders some sort of immediate benefit if she doesn't run into countermagic or Stifle. At minimum, you get two 1/1 artifact fliers, and she might also get to fire off her activated ability to gain life, deal damage, or kill creatures one or more times in response to removal, depending on available mana and fodder artifacts. That's without getting into Breya's broad combo potential.

    Denzana, in contrast, does diddly squat if she eats removal right away. Sure, you can pop out a few tokens, but the fact that your opponents control them gives you no control over what they do. EDH being a multiplayer format makes powerful upkeep triggers even more unreliable. That's without getting into how deep of hole you end up in when your opponents do decide to flip and hit heads.

    By the way, is Take and Tempt supposed to target? If not, you should throw the word "choose" in there.

    Denzana doesn't do a ton when she enters the battlefield, I considered an enter the battlefield ability for Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter that gave each opponent one Temptation token without the ability to make more unless you blink/flicker her, but it seemed too stronge. What would you think about making the second ability at the beginning of the end step instead of upkeep? How would you recommend making her design stronger without the card becoming too powerful?

    I don't agree that she has to be frustrating to play with. She can be really powerful because you can create tokens at your upkeep to draw cards right away or force your opponent to make a decision. She also seems fun because she's very interactive. Additionally, as the game progresses, opponents are less likely to sacrifice their tokens once their life totals begin to get closer to zero. If you invest 4 mana in creating tokens for an opponent with a life total of 25, it would be very risky for them to risk seeking temptation. This gives you essentially two Staff of Nin as long as you control Denzana. She also has a good body that can get in solid damage but remain defensive.
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    posted a message on Core Set Proposal: Full-Art Instant cycles and Nighthawk (U) Cycle
    Most of the cards in these cycles are great. I don't think full art cards shouldn't be a problem as long as they still have text. Otherwise they should only be promos.

    I think the 1 mana instant removal spell that is black (Bring Low) seems too weak, perhaps the weakest out of the 5, for the color that is supposed to be the best at removal. Featherize is cool design, although maybe too strong (arguably better than Rapid Hybridization/Pongify). Also, can green get Prey Upon at instant speed, or is that too obviously strong?

    I couldn't imagine Wizards wanting Worldly Tutor in Standard because they tend to discourage tutoring at a competitive mana cost. Worldly Tutor would totally warp the format.

    One with Nothing does seem really mean by the way. Yes the sets have to have bad cards, but you could always upshift an uncommon to rare.

    Dragon Burst seems too powerful.

    Faerie Guard seems much weaker than the other cards in the creature cycle. Instant common cycle looks good.
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    posted a message on One Rare + Three Mythics
    The lead designer for Magic the Gathering and the design team generally doesn't care about other formats other than limited and Standard (with the exception of Commander sometimes) when designing cards for standard legal sets. When designing cards, I often look at things through the lense of how Wizards designs cards (At least to some extent). Wizards doesn't design cards with the mentality of saying, we can't print cards like Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Eternal Scourge or Temple Bell because of one other card we printed years ago. If they were to do that, their hands would be tied and they would have way less design space. Yes Pithing Needle is not on the reserve list. If Pithing Needle was in the same standard set as Staring Contest it would encourage a negative environment (although I still don't think it's a particularly degenerate interaction, there are way more powerful and practical two card interactions, especially in eternal formats).

    The built in skipping a turn you may consider unfun, but is Worst Fears an unfun card too (or similar cards because it is an effect that has been printed multiple times)? Outside of the interaction with one card, I think the card is interesting because it's like an actual staring contest. Eventually someone is going to have to sacrifice their next turn which is a bummer, but it might be you, it might be your opponent(s) depending on the circumstances and that tension until then can be exciting (i.e. using your current board and the cards in your hand to exert pressure on your opponent to skip their next turn).

    I mentioned the converted mana cost to highlight that it wouldn't be a particularly impactful in a Standard or Limited environment. I mentioned the word broken because I don't feel the card would be degenerate in any other instance aside from an interaction with Pithing Needle (broken can be described in design to mean needs to be fixed or problematic without being incredibly overpowered).

    @IcariiFA, I agree that it probably is for the better to play it safe and make Deal with the Djinn a sorcery, however it does make it a much weaker card that already has a severe drawback. Do you believe if it were in the current Standard/Limited environment it would be too powerful
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    posted a message on One Rare + Three Mythics
    Quote from mondu_the_fat »

    @mondu_the_fat I don't think the converted mana cost or the power of a card should be determined to be high solely because of one card that isn't even in Standard

    Given that I SPECIFICALLY said it wasn't powerful, I'm not sure what your reply is going on about power it being broken. I never claimed such things. I said it was UNFUN, and it is. I also never mentioned converted mana cost.

    to really take advantage of it, a player would need those two cards plus a draw engine to put themselves in a strong position.

    Except I never said anything about taking advantage of it. I said it would result in drawn games, which it will.

    But I don't think that's a good enough reason to say the card is broken because of one interaction.

    Again, I never said anything about it being broken.

    Are you sure you are replying to me? The only accurate thing you said was that pithing needle isn't in standard, which I consider a short sighted excuse for creating bad interaction. You and Rosewater may not care interactions in formats like modern, EDH, and eternal, but some people do.

    So to be clear, you are concerned about the design because you believe that players would deliberately run two unique cards in tournaments for eternal formats to deliberately create draws in games?

    It is very common for new cards to be designed with potential faulty synergies in older formats. That's the nature of having a TGC with 20,000 cards. Your criticism of the design seems to be "it's an unfun design because of Pithing Needle."
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    posted a message on Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter
    I have been working on this legendary Commander design for a couple days now and I have grown quite fond of it. The card is designed to exert pressure on your opponents to make a choice by offering them what could potentially be a positive reward with the possibility of receiving a significant negative consequence instead. The opponents do not have to make a choice, but if they don't, you are rewarded with advantage that can grow incrementally as more pressure is exerted.

    The flavor behind the design is Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter, a terrifying authority figure that enjoys presenting tempting quandaries that often result in agonizing consequences. Regardless of the outcome, Denzana experiences pleasure as she enjoys exerting pressure and power through her authority. While four color designs can be difficult because the color pie can be complicated, I really feel this design is best suited as a WUBR card.

    I also created a couple other designs that are designed to play well with Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter but I am much more interested in developing Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter and gathering feedback about its design. Is it too strong? Is it too weak? Do the abilities make sense together? How can the flavor be changed to support the mechanical design of the card?

    Denzana, Sadistic Arbiter WUBR
    Legendary Creature - Horror Advisor [MR]
    Menace, Vigilance
    2: Target opponent creates a colorless artifact token named Temptation with "Sacrifice this artifact: Flip a coin. If you win the flip, draw 3 cards. If you lose the flip, lose 10 life."
    At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card and gain 1 life for each Temptation token on the battlefield.

    Take and Tempt WUBR
    Sorcery [R]
    Exile two nonland permanents you don't control. For each permanent exiled this way, its controller creates a colorless artifact token named Temptation with "Sacrifice this artifact: Flip a coin. If you win the flip, draw 3 cards. If you lose the flip, lose 10 life."

    Denzana's Demon 4BR
    Creature - Demon [MR]
    Haste, Flying
    At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player loses 5 life unless he or she discards a card at random.
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    posted a message on Commander 2017 announcement -- Only 4 decks, based on popular tribes, not color wheel!
    Quote from Weebos »
    I'm curious if we might see more Planeswalker Commanders. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a new Ajani in the cat deck that "Can be played as a Commander".

    I would be a little more surprised if we got a new Sorin in the Vampire one.

    Seems unlikely because there wasn't a leak of a dragon planeswalker commander and I wouldn't imagine them putting in new planeswalkers unless all decks had them.
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    posted a message on Does Ahn-Crop Crasher mean Hill Giant should cost 2R now? [Vanilla Power Rankings reconsidered]
    I feel that a red 3/3 for 2R at common will eventually happen (perhaps with a drawback if that hasn't happened already). Wizards continues to create sets that are heavily based on creatures and combat and we have seen fairly consistent creature creep for the past several years.
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