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A Reckoning on Kamigawa
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Wolf-Strong, Fluffy!!! Go get 'em today. And, pleased to hear of the swap out of Faithless Looting for a couple Magus of the Moon. But, I've said my bit on this - courtesies.

    I am engaged by Paleglove's pared down approach to Pyro Prison. Rather than debate the correct filter, he's opted to drop down on the creature count. (-4) 2 pia and kiran nalaar and 2 magus. The filters are still there for him, but the creatures are not. Let us know how the testing works out - as I'm also preparing for a Regionals Premier Event on the 4th of November.

    I have been 'evolving' on my position when it comes to 2-CMC filter/removal cards. Notably: the popular Magma Jet. I won't go to (3), but have (1) in place. Also, I have (1) Abrade in the main as the meta keeps moving towards the need for a quick snipe of 3 damage or artifact kill (it replaced my single Molten Rain - agree w/ Caligula on its removal). Oh, what sad times are these when a mountain man has to resort to a pedestrian 1-for-1 removal spell in his deck. Frown

    Agree with you and others on the (3) Eidolon of the Great Revel in the sideboard. I've seen the light on how these work as multiples. It becomes creature density. After siding them in, I can rise to (20) critters in rounds 2-3. That's quite a shock for an opponent that mistook me for 'free win red' in game 1. Swarm! Swarm! Swarm!

    I had a game against U-Tron where just one Eidolon did (12) damage and delivered the win. Folks at my LGS, against the backdrop of my 5-0 record against the U-Tron player, have told me that we are incorrect in believing that U-Tron is a bad matchup for us. Huh.

    Had a recent tear of back-to-back 4-0 finishes at my LGS with 23 people in attendance each time. And, there isn't a soul there that doesn't expect a Turn 1 moon, so imagine the results in a large tournament amidst a sea of uninformed! This is a highlighted match that speaks to the creature density threat I reference earlier, and it illustrates how a mutavault can pivot into an early threat.

    An article recently said:
    "...As such, players tend to default towards casting anything in their hand before animating a creature-land, saving their creature-lands only for the super-late-game."

    Well, this is how I played it out....
    <<< I played Jeskai control in round 3 to a win.
    The trick was that I had 1 eidolon and 2 mountains and a mutavault. In hand was a ritual and a chandra. Most would go chandra off the ritual, but that's me perhaps getting 2-for-1 countered. (He has 2 islands up)
    So, I fire off the ritual. He says ok. I play a 2nd eidolon. He is utterly confused and fails to stop it with the logic knot in his hands. He knows my deck, and what he 'must' counter in order to win.
    He chose poorly. (Indiana Jones reference)
    I used the extra mana to animate and attack for 4. Now he's looking at 2 eidolon and an :: early attacking :: manland. Booooom.
    He later lamented that he didn't stop the eidolon which housed him for life in attacks and triggers. >>>

    Lesson: Swords not Shields.

    Similarly, I was struggling against an Eldritch Evolution deck with Vizier/Walking Ballista combo. This miiiight be our worst matchup. And, testing revealed that it's not about turtling down behind 'answer' cards - They'll overwhelm over the top of our Lock Suite. Sure, I still bring in silver bullet cards, but I do not take out our rabblemaster anymore.

    U.S. Grant said it best:

    "The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.
    In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.
    I have never advocated war except as a means of peace

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    • Not only do I never want to draw a faithless looting, I also never want to see a faithless looting in my opening hand.
    • If I'm casting a faithless looting from my opening hand, that's a hand I should have mulled away.

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Filtering Options Power Ranking:

    1. Tormenting Voice
    2. Magma Jet
    3. Treasure Map
    4. Faithless Looting
    5. Crystal Ball
    6. Mishra's Bauble
    7. Dangerous Wager
    8. Manamorphose
    And, then there is the other option: No Filter. Just do "Big Red" which will split the deck into pretty disparate sections of Acceleration, Locks, Threats. The danger is that you may 'draw the wrong half' and flounder. An opening hand of (4) 4-cmc spells, (2) land, and (1) Ritual is a scary prospect. Just a single filter spell on turn 2 can mediate the danger level.

    (((Quick sidenote to Paleglove: definitely look back at our April discussions and testings of Mishra's Bauble - we may have missed something. )))

    Question: Do any of us really want to cast any of the cards listed above? No. Even the most impactful option, Magma Jet, is generally better optioned out for a 3-cmc sweeper play. I mean, if you're trying to kill a 2 toughness creature of an opponents, it's pretty likely that it's got friends named swarmy. So, I'm sticking with my Behemoth Crimson build: Just 1 filter card - a single tormenting voice. It's bold. But, like a rock and roll legend once said, "Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead."

    And, remember that a single mulligan gives you 2 chances at a workable hand. I mean, are (3) Magma Jet - a card that'll occur 1-in-20 cards in your deck - reeeeaalllly going to tie the room together, dude. It's more likely that we're trading down on card efficiency. Think about how much better the (75) shapes up for games 2-3 when you don't have multiple 2-cmc Shocks clogging up the machine. I mean, without them, we're talking about having that extra Eidolon (agree with Caligula!), Relic of Progenitus, or a squeezed in singleton Shattering Spree. I'm just generally speaking here on card selections, but we are a Sideboard Deck with a whole other Sideboard. Let's really beef up the 'answer' card quotient!

    Faithless Looting vs. Tormenting Voice
    I agree with Proxxy. That's probably where our debate should land. And, my thoughts are echoing much of what's been written by others here...

    Faithless Looting: With (4) Chalice of the Void in the deck, you're more than likely to have one out when you draw a Looting outside of your starting (7) cards. On the flipside, if you ideally have one in your starting hand, then you're forced to choose a discard of 2 cards with little to no information about your opponent. And, we have 0 graveyard mechanics in our deck! None of this sounds good.

    It's funny, because after I read Caligula's write-up, I tossed 1 in the main and got to testing......and, then I was like, "What the F*** am I doing?!" Charmed by this worthless siren again!! It sounds good again and again, but I refuse to believe in Faithless Looting in Pyro Prison.

    Tormenting Voice: Card equity. Much Better. And, I'll make this much simpler. Here's the setting: It's mid-game. The board is reasonably stalled. You have 5 land in play and a single card, desperate ritual , in your hand. It's the draw step, and you reach for the top of your deck. Question: What is the best card you can expect to draw? Answer: 2 cards. Eyebrow A top-decked Tormenting Voice = 2 cards. Can you imagine if you had out a Chalice of the Void on 1, and you top decked a Faithless Looting? Gaaaaaaaaaah
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  • posted a message on Blitzkrieg - B/R Control - Shock and Awesome
    Regarding Drown in Sorrow selection: if you view the Tier 1 only decks, the Scry 1 is superior to the Exile clause. However, Kefka, You are correct when you start to factor in G/W/x decks that involve Finks and Voice of Resurgence. That's also true when you consider Dredge decks.

    Across a vast meta, I'd agree with you on Tendrils. In this build, I'm weighing the likelihood of seeing those decks vs. the likelihood that I'd scry a card to the bottom in a typical premier match up. Blitzkrieg generally runs a (2) halves concept of deck draw, so the scry under is somewhere around 50% of the time.

    The (2) halves concept is 1/2 disruption and 1/2 threat.
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  • posted a message on Blitzkrieg - B/R Control - Shock and Awesome
    Throwing damage on a Phyrexian Obliterator makes for a terribly angry boy.
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  • posted a message on Blitzkrieg - B/R Control - Shock and Awesome
    Good to hear your voice again, Fusedotcore! So, you're without Blood Moon, eh? And, accordingly, considering a more traditional Blitzkrieg design? Is it tournament viable? Well, history has shown that the traditional scheme of....

    1. Initial - you could cede ground in the early game amidst simple 1-for-1 disruption (discard/removal)
    2. Progress - to 2-for-1 (discard)
    3. Finally - rage back to capture game control with a beefcake bruiser - whilst keeping the opponent pinned under a rack effect.
    ....has worked best against U/W Control and Linear Combo. Let's take a look at the Tier 1 Deck rankings of MTGsalvation:

    • U/W Control
    • U/R Storm
    • R/G Titanshift
    • Grixis Death's Shadow
    • Burn
    • Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    • Affinity
    The resurgence of U/W control is the most telling harbinger of our growing strength. And, appropriate deckbuilding could angle in on the weaknesses of its Tier 1 peers. To make clear my intentions, Phyrexian Obliterator. If you don't have Blood Moon, you do have the Obliterator. I totally respect the Demigod of Revenge tactic - perhaps it's better? But, for hassle free - non-graveyard dependent implementation of a house - he's a bully-titted bruiser.

    You've thrown out some other cards to consider, but my build leans towards simply going bigger X-for-1 beefcakes. Lingering Souls/Grim Flayer play with the manabase too much. Nyxathid relies too much on heavy discard or facing a dump-down deck. This build allows for ghost quarter and lavaclaw reaches which I've always felt was underrated. Just a little taste of The Rack and Ensnaring Bridge along with filtering and alpha strike options. The synergies, and discard options for hand grooming, allow for some interesting development against varied opponents. This build will struggle against Tron - such the equalizer. But, the return of Wrench Mind against non-artifact based decks is ├╝ber tasty.

    So, this is a throwback. Vintage. Large, rolling tanks......

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Hazoret the Fervent is a real lightning rod, Abzanleap. I go back and forth on including The God in the 60. Although you stated otherwise in your post, Hazoret IS a 'she'. At least, it identifies as such.

    In discussion of our options for 2-CMC spells, your comment on the scry importance of Magma Jet gave me pause. So, I did a cursory comparative breakdown of Magma Jet vs. Arc Trail when facing Tier 1 decks.

    Which of the 2 is more effective against the following decks?? The outcome was.....stark.

    • U/W Control
    • U/R Storm
    • R/G Titanshift
    • Grixis Death's Shadow
    • Burn
    • Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    • Affinity
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    I can dig it Caligula: Arc Trail......when the Meta Calls - The Mountain Trail answers. I hope people don't get sick of my indulgent puns Rolleyes

    Point of fact, I ran (3) Arc Trail in a November Starcitygames IQ which I piloted to 2nd place finish [decklist is in the primer]. You know what else was in that assemblage? (1) Earthquake. The very same card that Timtamthebadman has been having terrific, recent success with (in place of Hazoret the Fervent). Crazy coincidence: In prep for my last FNM, I brought out arc trail and I also brought out my 1993 Unlimited Earthquake (gift from fellow MTGsalvation poster dcovino), and gave both sorceries a very hard look wondering to myself "Is it time to bring them back?" Well, according to reports from the mountainfolk...perhaps?

    Meta: When I ran (3) arc trail & (1) earthquake, Death's Shadow decks were just starting to develop (jund only). So, they made sense for the time. Since GDS has prevailed - Hazoret the Fervent has been a major factor in controlling Death's Shadow. So, when timtamthebadman has traded out Hazoret for Earthquake, I just wonder if we're leaving ourselves exposed.

    Obviously what earthquake offers is X-for-1. It can be creature kill and it can be a disintegrate to the face/planeswalker. At this point, I'm running a single of the mechanically similar Slagstorm in my 60. Maybe Earthquake is better? Oh, man. Paleglove, the brewers war has a new auction block offering: Slagstorm vs. Earthquake.

    Land destruction en masse appearing again in a list. The common wisdom has been that it's too slow to run. Maaaybe a couple in the sideboard, but not in the main. We're seeing a helluva pivot here. (3) Molten Rain in Caligula's test deck as well as other brewers decks. Just might be something there....

    You Choose
    Take the MTGsalvation Tier 1 decks and compare how impactful a Turn 1-2 Blood Moon Effect spell is versus a turn 2-3 Molten Rain. There are some permutations on the selected removal/creature kill cards which best pair with the [2] following designs. BUT Basically, your weapon complement is either
    *A*) (6) Moon Effects with a (1) Molten Rain [my current design]
    *B*) (4) Moon Effects and (3) Molten Rain. [the experimental deck of the day {although Caligula is running 5 moons}]

    1. U/W Control ====> I'm leaning towards *A*) ::: They are land rich. They need 1 blue/1 white and can start to roll, thus moon-strong.
    2. U/R Storm ===> *B*) It's a 2-color deck which already features Red. Also, Manamorphose is strong.
    3. R/G Titanshift ===> *A*/*B*) Split. But lean towards A) as a moon paired with a bridge equals total oppression.
    4. Grixis Death's Shadow ===> *A*) They run land light with little problem, but a Moon-effect will devastate them.
    5. Burn ===> *A*) ===> Similarly, they run land light. True, they can easily kill Magus with Searing Blaze. Nevertheless, a 2/2 body is better than beating Burn with stone rains.
    6. Colorless Eldrazi Tron ===> *A*) Keeping them off of Waste is critical, but more important is the Blood Moon effect since every land they play serves as a 2X(+). Hey if a Magus draws a Dismember, then that's one more Rabble that can sneak through for critical grow/beats.
    7. Affinity ===> *A*) With 8 manlands and an extraordinarily low curve, land destruction perhaps is least impactful in this example.
    *A*) FIVE
    *B*) ONE
    *A/B*) ONE

    Last note: remember to put extra importance on the blood moon density in a deck that does not have loot/search. I sincerely believe that you can not get by with (4). Maaaaybe (5). Maybe. But, consider our cousin deck, Free Win Red, as they have historically run 6-7 Moon effects. Their success -- especially since the earliest versions that I based Pyro Prison upon, had no Chalice of the Void. I added that from Bloody Humans influence. Again, I actually have tested lowering numbers of Blood Moons, but I have emphatically returned to 6.

    Bludlust points out that Tormenting Voice is an expensive loot spell - particularly in consideration of the fact that we run no 1-CMC spells. So, in essence, you can not fire off a game start, turn 2 tormenting voice followed by a Turn 3 Blood Moon. That's a horrific start, and bespeaks the difficult-to-define incongruity of our resource usage. We Do Not Ramp in Any Normal Fashion.

    HARD TRUTH: Either you have a Blood Moon effect spell in your opening hand or on turn 2, or you (with few exceptions) won't overwhelmingly impact the game with a fairplay Turn 3 drop of Blood Moon/Magus.

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Welcome Bludlust - glad you saw clear to the next level. And, big ups on your 3-0 finish with Pyro Prison. You tossed out some game theory that I'll address with brevity and bluntness, since I'm simply short for time. I appreciate your contributions, and understand that your comments reflect beliefs not exclusively held by you. You Said..........
    ...exclude Magus of the Moon is 'correct'. Many times I'll have a turn 1 or 2 Magus only to be snipped by a removal spell.

    IMHO, Magus of the Moon is a critical element of the blood moon-density quotient -- allowing for Turn 1-2 deployment. Others in this thread have also 'incorrectly' believed it to be overly-redundant. Duplicates can serve a mid-late game purpose and are addressed by scry (magma jet) or pitch (tormenting voice / hazoret).

    At FNM yesterday, due in part to my usage of (2) Magus and (1) Desperate Ritual, I did a Turn 1 moon effect (3) times, and it was an automatic win each time. Personally, I respect differing views, but please note that the veterans of this thread universally run (5) Rituals and (6) Moons. Dropping an on-time blood moon on turn 3 is way late. As for an easy kill on Magus, how so? The only colorless kill spell is Dismember, and Mountain-ization of our opponent's lands allows for pretty much only lightning bolt (totally unplayed today).
    the Molten Rain inclusion can be used as a tempo play (correct me if I'm wrong) and a way to remove their basics to make the impact of our Moon more powerful.

    The removal of a basic land is indeed an application. It can be said that it never would have been fetched if an early Moon-effect landed. Also, it can be a tempo play, but we're not a deck that typically 'races' for the win in land resources (like Ponza). Our idea is to give them a whole lotta worthless mountains with the inability for their spells to impact game play due to our chalice of the void and Ensnaring Bridge. That said, I totally love the recent suggestion by Paleglove to use Molten Rain. I now run a singleton.
    sic. Magma Jet and... Tormenting Voice and have also lost games because it was stuck in my hand. I think we want more threats and consistency over trying to dig and set up the right draw.

    As for more 'consistency', that's precisely why these 2 specific cards are used. As for more 'threats', there are diminishing returns when you try to grow beyond the "power lock suite" and core planeswalker/creature foundations. Voice and Jet prevent you from getting stuck on 2 mana.
    I used to be on the 21 land, 5 Ritual, 6 Moon plan and many times, I'd be stuck on 2 mana after using an accellerant. While blasting out a Moon or Magus turn 1 or 2 can be very powerful, its just not game ending and where we fall is when we don't back up our lock pieces. That being said, Sweltering Suns as a two of has been great as a board wipe but more so to dig and find my threats. The ability to cycle these and to pop off a Molten Rain to slow down our opponents felt very smooth for me yesterday along with the 22 lands I now run.

    There's a lot to unpack here. First, we can all admit that there is little difference between 21 land with an extra ritual versus 22 land. Splitting hairs: so suit to taste. But, the claim afterwards seems upside down. You've left behind the all-important 2-drop accelerants (magma jet/tormenting voice) in order to add (3) 3-drops [molten rain], and the 'more so' dig of (2) sweltering suns which also costs 3 mana. This design does not seem to be 'very smooth'. In fact, it clutters up our already crowded 3-cmc slot, which has somehow been granted reprieve by the addition of a single extra mountain in the 60?
    I have never beat Eldrazi Tron...Witchbane Orb and Ratchet Bomb specifically feel very out of place and have never been useful to me yet.

    To beat Eldrazi Tron, you should bring in both Witchbane Orb and Ratchet Bomb. The bomb knocks out Walking Ballista / Hangarback Walker. The Orb protects planeswalkers from Endbringer and Walking Ballista.

    Again, please accept my apologies for being direct and bullet-pointing out my responses. Hey - it's Saturday, and I've gotta back to my Fanduel prep! Again, happy to have you around the fire, bludlust!
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    red mana Extreme Sideboard Makeover red mana

    Anybody want to try their hand at today's episode of Extreme Sideboard Makeover? On the stage, we have a winning deck from our cousin tribe, Free Win Red. Let's stir up some lava, and give it that distinct Pyro Prison touch. Suggest some swaps! And, then...

    Move that Mountain!! Move that Mountain!! Move that Mountain!! Move that Mountain!! Move that Mountain!!

    PUT IN: ?

    TAKE OUT: ?

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Another Milestone along the Mountain Pass for Pyro Prison
    50,000+ Views
    600+ Posts
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Although seemingly incongruous, Pyro Prison shares a very close kinship with 'full-fledged, single focus Combo Decks' that couldn't give a faaaaahq about 'directly' responding to their opponent's play. We simply do it in a more adaptive style. The manacles become the noose.

    To Be Clear:
    • 'full-fledged, single focus Combo Decks': I'm talking about Ad Nauseam, Scapeshift, & UR Gifts Storm
    • 'directly': I'm talking about the total absence of any cards that say, "target...opponent...permanent/hand/spell'
    Those (3) decks typically have NO spells in their starting 60 that specifically disrupt an opponent's plans. None. Those decks have a singular focus on their own win-con, and it's as if the opponent isn't there: Ad N/Scape/Storm do not directly respond to their opponent's permanents, spells, or hand. If there is collateral disruption in the course of play, so be it. But, nothing targeted until their win-con occurs. Akin to this, in the official primer, I compare Pyro Prison to a Channel/Fireball deck -- very similar mechanics of construction.

    Alright, we get it already. What's the frakkin' point, Raystack!!!??? GrrrAAAAAH

    Here's my point, Dude. That last prototype deck, Behemoth Crimson ---- if I'm being honest with myself as it may not be totally competitive ---, it has distilled itself down to containing a single, directed disruption spell. Just.....ONE. Now, if 2 or even 20 years ago, someone had asked me if such a mono-red, tournament viable build was even possible, I'd say no. But, maaaaay have guessed. Fireball? Surely something with a royal bearing...gravitas...a game ender like Scapeshift or Lightning Storm, right?


    Disruption (1)
    1 Molten Rain

    I feel like I'm experiencing a very...Arthur Dent-like moment, and someone just informed me, "42".
    Stone Rain.....a single Stone Rain? Yeah, dude. Stone Rain. That's the world-ender? Ha - it was a long road & sorry if you read this far along, but I find it hilarious.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Take heart, Proxxy - can't win them all......although Brotha-Man did: 4-0 at my 23 person FNM event -- U-Tron, Goryo-Gifts-Obzedat, U/W Control, Affinity. How about that line-up?! Murderer's Row! But, at the end of friday night? Lava. Lava Everywhere. red mana

    But, that's a story for another time. First, Proxxy, you're an elite player - c'mon slugger, you know that. As for the performance, consider this - in your 2nd tournament report, what did you face an opponent in round 4? Eldrazi Tron. E-Tron had the same record as you: 1-2. Further, your overall record have losses to Dredge and Zombies....I mean for Christ's Sake. Variance strikes all of us at some time. (for those not in the know, Dredge is one of our best matchups....and, shame on Paleglove for his dropped ball too!!).

    Some notes on your sideboarding. For all I know, this is how you did sideboard - anyway.
    E-Tron: bring in both Witchbane Orbs.
    U/W Control: Bring in Ratchet Bomb.
    As for the card selection in the sideboard, I've moved away from shattering spree entirely. Outside of Affinity, Abrade seems better. And, I'm down on Damping Matrix in my builds, it hurts us too much -- Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Hazoret the Fervent, Relic of Progenitus, Ratchet Bomb, and Spellskite.

    Now, you mentioned that you're considering Tormenting Voice. I always do. And, it occurred to me to synthesize its inclusion with a little bit of what Paleglove is throwing down: He says no to sweepers in the main (for me, that means you gotta run Pia and Kiran) and he says yes to a little land kill. Well, what if we do take out alllll of the creature kill, and rely on 2 Piran - 4 bridge - 4 rabble aaaaaaaand 4 tormenting voice to get us there. Whoah.

    I think this just might work (been testing a version of this for a while). Basically, I've come to the conclusion that, "If you're going to use Tormenting Voice, then ya gotta use 4." The immediate retort is "How do you run Pyro Prison with NO Magma Jet?" Crazy

    So, what are we looking at? No creature removal. None in the maindeck. It's never been done before. But, we also have a lot of dig in the 4 T. Voice. We have a lot of acceleration in the 4 gemstone and the 9 rituals. I've shaved down a Magus and added a single Molten Rain. I think this baby can hum - the hard truth will come out when we consider how much this helps/hurts in our good/bad matchups.

    The wild card is T Voice - yes, it leaves us open to bridge breaches and a countered spell can be a setback....but not really if it's parity of countermagic that we seek. Back to my Rumpus Room - More Testing!!!

    Lastly, I really dug Paleglove's write-up and will study some more on his variant. The best line was,
    If we are going to play a format where people are being greedy and reckless, SOMEONE HAS TO BE THE POLICE. Without Twin, someone has to step in and say "No you don't get to play 4 color good stuff" or "No you don't get to play 20 1-drops" and in this case, it falls to prison players.

    Huzzah!!! Also, an apology to ya on a professional courtesy: you lay out your mousetrap & then without allowing a breath, I plop another build down for everyone's consideration. Sorry, Hoss.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    Soooooooooo, we're talking about the reaction of some opponent's to Pyro Prison ---- The Salt Quotient.

    With a DCI # of 10472, I've been around the track. I've had scrappy opponents - in 1996 in Boston, I recall inviting a Montreal-er opponent to the parking lot to finish up after our our sealed round game. Basically, he was speaking French with his entourage that were milling about the game table side-looking my hand. And, he was generally acting like a toolbox. My buddy was the head judge and looking on. Nevertheless, I offered to throw more than cardboard. The judge said, 'settle'. He's the size of a small building and it ended.

    Tempers flare. Today - I'm older. I still have that tongue. As for FluffyWolf: he ran into an opponent that wasn't a gamesman. But, this is a game of wits. And, those, like his opponent, who overstep will be penalized - socially - by their actions. The herd remembers.

    As for running caustic decks: going back...when I ran Necropotence decks, I feared and respected Turbo Stasis (the notorious prison deck of its era). I didn't get emotional when I was locked out and beaten. How could I? The only reason my opponent's deck even existed was that I was exploiting a loophole in the meta. How can I blame a chap for taking advantage? -- as a counter-build. Historical Footnote: Turbo Stasis was created specifically to beat the juggernaut deck of the day: Necropotence

    Similarly, Pyro Prison is a kick in the goonies for the current meta-play style. If dude can't handle the reality of our win....that's on him.

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison // Goblin & Mono Red Control - The Sideboard Deck //
    @FluffyWolf: You've got some stupendous write-ups there. Thanks for sharing with the clan. The 60+ person, Premier level tournament 2-2 is a bummer, but you took it in stride. Plenty of Tier 1 decks walked out of that dojo with a similar performance. The incident with that jackhole who couldn't handle his loss to Pyro Prison was disheartening to hear: for you and the community. I'm glad you reported it up the chain. I've been playing for a'many years, and have never witnessed anything like that - I mean everyone has a bad day, but criminy.

    So, a new Chandra! Hey, why not the Planeswalker rule change brings everything back under the microscope: Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh / Chandra, Roaring Flame. She is so fragile, so I could see it as a SB option once the opponent takes out all of their creature removal. So, she only showed up once, but did a little bit of work. I definitely like that it offers some creature kill once it flips. Like PaleGlove observed, knocking off Noble Hierarchs and Affinity 0/1s can be critical on a bridge plan.

    @Abzanleap: Turns in a 10th of 46-player finish at an SCG IQ - Impressive. You mentioned your deck was pretty standard fare. That matchup report was straightforward as well - Any thing different on the deck build for your sideboard? I recently, and I can hear Amok's cheers now, did include my first Abrade. It's the right move, and I've been slow to adopt it, due to my dislike for 1-for-1 removal. With Storm, Affinity, Tron in the Tier 1 echelons, Abrade is timely.

    My Current Build
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