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  • posted a message on Life
    With Rivals of Ixalan, the Magic Tournament Rules have changed in a manner relevant to this question. In sanctioned tournaments under the new rules—
    • "[o]nce [life totals] need to be tracked, each player must indicate how he or she will keep track of these totals" (M.T.R. 2.14), and
    • "[a]t Competitive and Professional [rules enforcement level], methods that can easily be accidentally changed (such as dice) may not be used" (M.T.R. 2.14).
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  • posted a message on Is this Hoisted Hireling technically held over the battlefield?
    Ultimately, the answer depends on how the players in the game decide on the situation, since it's unique to Unstable cards.

    In general, where the comprehensive rules neither regulate nor answer game situations unique to Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstable cards, as in this case, the players in the game can agree on modifications to the comprehensive rules ("house rules") to accommodate such situations. Although Mark Rosewater issues "rulings" on how certain game situations unique to such cards play out, such advice is no more or less valid than the "house rules" agreed to by the players (that is, such players can agree whether to adopt such "rulings" or not).
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  • posted a message on Jester's Scepter & Oblivion Sower
    Yes. In general, "[a] card exiled face down has no characteristics" (C.R. 406.3), including card type (C.R. 109.3), so such a card doesn't count as a land card in exile (C.R. 205.2a). Whether a player is allowed to look at that card is irrelevant here.
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  • posted a message on 2 beginner questions
    Something extra I should mention for question 2: Note that you can sacrifice a creature or other permanent only if a cost or effect allows or requires you to do so; the rules provide no window for players to sacrifice permanents except as an incidental part of another action or event (such as to pay a cost or as part of an effect).
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  • posted a message on Does Blood Sun shut of Lotus Vale ETB effect?
    It's not an ability, it's a replacement effect. IF Vale would ETB, sac 2 untapped lands INSTEAD.
    All three abilities I mentioned in comment 3 involve replacement effects (C.R. 614.1a, 614.1c, and 614.1d, respectively). And all three are abilities under the rules (C.R. 112.1a).
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  • posted a message on Does Blood Sun shut of Lotus Vale ETB effect?
    Since Lotus Vale, with it's current errata, states:If Lotus Vale would enter the battlefield, sacrifice two untapped lands instead. If you do, put Lotus Vale onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

    The way it's worded now sounds like it is no longer an ability. Lotus Vale does not enter the battlefield until you sac the two lands, therefore it is unaffected by Sun Moon
    The text you cited on Lotus Vale is an ability like any other (just as the paragraph on Temple Garden starting with "As Temple Garden enters the battlefield..." is an ability or the paragraph on Blackcleave Cliffs starting with "Blackcleave Cliffs enters..." is an ability) (C.R. 112.1a). Even though Lotus Vale's first ability may be detrimental, that doesn't make it any less of an ability (C.R. 112.2a).
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  • posted a message on Mairsil and Graveyard Abilities
    Quote from Dobbo »
    I just figure seeing as no matter where Mairsil is, the exiled cards will have cage counters on them, which means Mairsil will have their activated abilities and C.R 112.3d and 112.6b would apply.

    Basically what we are disagreeing on is wether or not Mairsil, the Pretender has his second ability at all times or only on the battlefield.
    It is true that the cage counters will remain on the exiled cards even if Mairsil leaves the battlefield (nothing on Mairsil directly allows those counters to be removed from them), but that doesn't mean that Mairsil will gain any activated abilities from certain cards in exile while it's in the graveyard or anywhere else but on the battlefield (see my comment 7).
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  • posted a message on Mairsil and Graveyard Abilities
    Quote from Dobbo »
    Nowhere does it say that Mairsil's abilities can only be activated on the battlefield.
    The second ability simply states "Mairsil, the Pretender has all activated abilities of all cards you own in exile with cage counters on them".
    Does that not stand to reason that if you have a graveyard ability cage countered then when he is in the graveyard he has that ability?
    Mairsil's second ability works only on the battlefield, since that ability can work there and doesn't mention another zone where it works (C.R. 112.6). The same applies, for example, to Dark Impostor's last ability and Myr Welder's last ability (see also the rulings for Dark Impostor). The fact that Mairsil's second ability refers to "... all cards you own in exile with cage counters on them" rather than, say, "... all cards you own exiled with Mairsil" is irrelevant.
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  • posted a message on "Move to assign damage?" Vs "move to assign first strike damage?" when passing priority
    In sanctioned tournaments:

    There is no tournament shortcut in the list in M.T.R. 4.2 for when the active player passes during the declare blockers step. Therefore, the shortcut rules under C.R. 719.2 apply and you need to state exactly when the shortcut will end in case of ambiguity.

    Note also that a combat damage step can be determined to be a "first strike" combat damage step only "as the combat damage step begins" (and not earlier); the additional combat damage step, if any, comes after, not before, what would otherwise be the "normal" combat damage step (C.R. 702.4b, 702.7b).
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  • posted a message on Killing a creature in response to Ghalta
    While a player is casting a spell (such as Ghalta) or activating an ability, no player has priority to cast other spells, including spells that would destroy creatures (C.R. 601.2a-i and 602.2a-b have no priority window until the spell is cast or the ability activated; see also this thread; a similar situation occurs with the crew ability [C.R. 702.121a]). The cost to cast Ghalta is partly determined, in general, by the total power of creatures your opponent controls at the moment he or she announces casting Ghalta (C.R. 601.2a, 601.2f). After the cost is determined, it's locked in (C.R. 601.2f).

    Compare Ghalta with Phyrexian Dreadnought's triggered ability or Mosswort Bridge's last ability, which both check the total power of appropriate creatures when they resolve (C.R. 608.2g).
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  • posted a message on mirari's wake
    Quote from Gashnaw »

    okay so is that the same for Mana reflection?
    Replacing Mirari's Wake with Mana Reflection, the same result generally occurs in the case of lands that normally produce one mana. However, in the case of lands that normally produce more than one mana, they "produc[e] twice that much of that mana instead". For example, if you tap Rakdos Carnarium for mana, it produces BBRR instead of BR.

    Note, however, that unlike Mirari's Wake, Mana Reflection changes the amount of mana a land produces (it uses a replacement effect instead of a triggered ability [compare C.R. 614.1a with C.R. 603.1, respectively]).

    Therefore, if you control Mana Reflection instead of Mirari's Wake in the scenario in comment 1, you still can't tap just Scrubland, Volcanic Island, and Tropical Island to produce WUBRG.
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  • posted a message on mirari's wake
    With Mirari's Wake, whenever you tap a land for mana, you choose one type of mana produced this way, and you add one additional mana of that type to your mana pool. For example, if you control one Mirari's Wake—
    • and tap a land for U, you add an additional U to your mana pool for a total of UU.
    • and tap a Volcanic Island for mana, you add either UU or RR (not UR) to your mana pool.
    • and tap a Rakdos Carnarium for mana, you add either BBR or BRR to your mana pool.
    Thus, in this scenario, you can't tap just Scrubland, Volcanic Island, and Tropical Island to produce WUBRG (none of these three lands produces two mana, but rather one mana corresponding to one of its basic land types; you can activate only one of its corresponding mana abilities at a time, not both [C.R. 117.10, 305.6]).
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  • posted a message on Gleemax vs Gleemax
    With the understanding that no Magic card (other than "silver-bordered" cards) has the same effect as Gleemax:

    Gleemax's effect is a continuous effect that modifies the rules of the game (C.R. 611.1, 101.1; see also C.R. 611.2c), such that the last Gleemax effect to be created will override what any other Gleemax effect says. A similar situation occurs with Master Warcraft; see also this thread.

    EDIT (Jan. 16): Correctness edit in view of changes to the Magic Tournament Rules with Rivals of Ixalan.
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  • posted a message on Bound by moonsilver vs emrakul the aeons torn
    The last ability of Bound by Moonsilver is an ability of a permanent, not of a spell (it can be activated only if Bound by Moonsilver is on the battlefield [C.R. 112.6]), and Bound by Moonsilver is not a colored spell while it's on the battlefield (including while it's attached to a creature) (compare C.R. 110.1 with C.R. 111.1), so Emrakul's protection from colored spells doesn't affect Bound by Moonsilver in either respect (review C.R. 702.16b-c).
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  • posted a message on Lifelink Damage on the Stack - Creature Dies - Do you gain life?
    No creature card in Magic has both abilities you mention. But assume the creature in question is Goblin Fireslinger enchanted with Lifelink.

    In this case, if Goblin Fireslinger leaves the battlefield (whether it was exiled or returned to its owner's hand, or by any other means) before its ability resolves, it will still get to deal damage when its ability resolves, taking into account who controlled it and whether it had lifelink at the last moment it was on the battlefield (C.R. 112.7a, 119.3f; see also C.R. 702.15c). Therefore, as Goblin Fireslinger deals damage in this case, its last known controller gains that much life (C.R. 112.7a, 119.3f). Note also that there is no such thing as "lifelink damage". See also this thread.
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