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Theros: Elspeth's Tragedy
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    Someone suggests trial by fire. Others co-opt the idea and a cooked breakfast results. The bacon singes and is declared guilty.

    VoteCount 1.2

    EternalLurker - 2 (JeY k, EternalLurker)
    Grapefruit21 - 2 (Anaklusmos, Kabazame)
    JeY k - 1 (Zionite)
    Kabazame - 2 (Toastboy, Grapefruit21)
    Pa Tennis - 1 (Rhand)
    Rodemy - 2 (Study Latin, Pa Tennis)
    Not Voting - 6 (Killjoy, LnGrrrR, Rodemy, shadowlancerx, Tubba Fett, Vaimes)

    Votes made in 193 and 202 were not counted
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    Grapefruit21 Replaced BlueEclipse. Everyone give him a warm welcome.

    You are also reminded that if you have extra spaces next to your bold tags, you vote will not be counted (eg #202, #193). If your vote is not counted, simply revote with the correct syntax.

    Vote Count coming in about 10 hours.
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    BluesEclipse has requested replacement. The search has begun.
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    posted a message on Announcing: FTQ Submissions
    Alright, a week has passed so these are now CLOSED. We'll collate what we have, talk to reviewers and game hosts, and come to a final verdict. Thank you everyone for entering!
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    Quote from Rodemy »

    (by the way, you have to unvote in order to change your vote. Soooo your switch from vaimes to latin wasn't actually legit.. but it seems that it doesn't matter to Eco in this game.. or he hasn't said anything yet.)

    Mod Note: You do not have to unvote in order to move your vote. In fact, your vote is more likely to be syntactically correct if you don't unvote first.
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    If you'd known you were going to be investigating grand conspiracy to commit murder and steal a kingdom, you might not have had that sixth Margarita. But you think the seventh and eight were probably alright.

    Vote Count 1.1
    EternalLurker - 1 (JeY k)
    JeY k - 1 (shadowlancerx)
    Killjoy - 2 (Rhand, Study Latin)
    LnGrrrR - 1 (Anaklusmos)
    Pa Tennis - 2 (BluesEclipse, EternalLurker)
    shadowlancerx - 1 (Pa Tennis)
    Not Voting - 8 (Kabazame, Killjoy, LnGrrrR, Rodemy, Toastboy, Tubba Fett, Vaimes, Zionite)

    With 16 Alive it Takes 9 votes to lynch.

    LnGrrrR's vote in #24 has not been counted. Don't put spaces next to bold tags!

    You also reminded that votes for people not on the player list will be ignored.

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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    It is late into the Night, and the feast is winding down. The river of drink is drying up, and citizens are tired. Even the city clock shows its sympathy by chiming midnight three minutes late. The main feasting hall itself is starting to thin out, the departing trickle carefully stepping over their unconscious compatriots.

    A shout steeped in dread echoes through the castle:

    "The King is dead!"

    Maldorvo bursts into the main hall. The atmosphere of celebration is shattered. The castle springs into a very different kind of life: succession has often been handled violently and abruptly. There are systems and procedures in place that slide swiftly into action. The coroner is summoned. The chief Justice is got out of bed. The doors to the main chamber are locked. The King's guard begin shredding rotas and creating alibis.

    The coroner arrives and is hurried through the hall into another room. Time passes as the castle holds its breath. He emerges.

    "Sixteen stab wounds primarily to the back. A ligature around the throat. Froth at the mouth indicating fast-acting poison. Head trauma from blunt object(s). An arrow through both legs. Banana peel residue to soles of feet."

    Maldorvo throws his hand to his head. He has been preparing for this moment. "Why, 'tis suicide!" he proclaims. The eyerolling within the room is virtually audible.

    "Why, with the King's only son and heir being not of age, I must with heavy.." He pauses to check a small cue card "heart, I must assume the position of Prince Regent and the total control which is most regrettably entails".

    "Not so fast", The Chief Justice Ecophagy (a surprisingly common name in Sonasland) strides into the room still wearing his sleeping cap. "With the death of a king, there must be an investigation". Maldorvo curses - the Chief Justice has proved remarkably unbribeable for a man of his station.

    No King has ever died without a conspiracy behind it. What's more, no successful conspiracy has ever occurred without the ringleaders at the scene of the crime. The doors have been barred, protected by the members of the King's Guard who have an awful lot to make up for. We shall perform the ancient custom to root out the conspirators: the good citizens of this country must discover them amongst themselves, whereupon they will be immediately put to death. No conspiracy has even been able to remain concealed within this foolproof investigative rigour.

    Maldorvo nervously pats the sweat from his forehead with a silken hankerchief. He has chosen the most valuable, most motivated, and most wily to assist him in this final hurdle. The King is dead and power is within Maldorvo's grasp. Only the idiot citizens of this blasted kingdom stand in his way.

    The Game is Now Afoot. It is now Day 1. Day 1 will end on Sunday 6th of August at 2100 GMT

    Town Win Condition: You win when all of the conspirators have been put to death.
    Mafia Win Condition: You win when you equal or outnumber the remaining players and seize control of the kingdom.

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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    It is now Night 0 and Role PMs are going out. Confirm receipt by PM

    Do Not Post.

    EDIT: All role PMs are now out. Once we have a good chunk of confirms we'll get things rolling!
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Day 1 - The King is Dead!
    Low Fantasy Mafia

    Loyal Subjects of Sonasland: 16/16
    BluesEclipse Grapefruit21
    Pa Tennis
    Study Latin
    Tubba Fett

    The Until Quite Recently Loyal Subject of Sonasland: 0/16

    Potential Subjects of Sonasland


    1. Follow MTGS Rules. In particular, no flaming. Report posts you believe break the forum rules rather than arguing in thread.
    2. The Spirit of the Rules is more important than the letter: if you think you have found a mistake or loophole, talk to the mod about it before you post.
    3. DO NOT edit or delete your posts.
    4. DO NOT post if you are dead (not even "bah" posts).
    5. DO NOT post in the thread during Night.
    6. DO NOT directly quote or screenshot your role PM or any communication from the mod or any other private communication. You may paraphrase this information. Check with the mod if you even the slightest bit unsure.
    7. DO NOT attempt to use the wording, structure, or content of any roles PMs to try and deduce alignment.
    8. Do not "Thank" posts.
    9. As long as the game is ongoing, do not talk to anyone about the game outside of the game unless your role PM explicitly allows you to.
    10. No funny stuff, like cryptographic claims, tiny/invisible text, etc.

    Deadlines and Activity
    • Each Day last two (2) weeks. This will decrease as the playcount does. These deadlines will not be flexible.
    • Night wills last 72 hours.
    • A lynch requires a simple majority. Once this is reached, the Day will end after a short Twilight (in which players may continue to post)
    • If the Deadline is reached, I will pretend everyone not voting does not exist: if there is a majority vote, that player will be lynched. If not, the Day will end in a No Lynch.
    • Each player is expected to post content at least once every 72 hours. Saying "Catching up" is not content. Failure to do so will result in being prodded. Repeated prodded will lead to replacement or modkill without warning.
    • Players are allowed to post less if they let the mod know that they are unavailable beforehand.

    This game will use my super fancy vote counter. As a result, votes MUST follow some simple rules in order to count. These rules are detailed here. Fundamentally, so long as your vote is within its own set of bold tags, you should be fine. If your vote is not counted, simply revote. I will try and point out invalid votes.
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia Sign Ups
    OK I'll switch in Shadow for Cantrip.

    No Hydras Mad

    Expect things to start within the next 24 hours!
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia Sign Ups
    OK, with those two replacements we have our 16. I'll get role PMs out...soon.

    Still seeking Mentors!
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    posted a message on Horsemen of the Apocalypse Mafia (Game Over: End of Days)
    Chewing over the setup, will probably have some thoughts to post on it later, but one thing I am curious about:

    Quote from Iso »

    Also, Silver's role was interesting, as it was intended as a French Vanilla no matter what team he ended up on - but had he ended up mafia, his role would have enabled him to freely edit any of his posts without modkill.

    I don't suppose you could post the full list of roles that would have had different/additional effects depending on what team they rolled?
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    posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia Sign Ups
    So it turns out this game is actually for 16 players, not 18. Whoops. I could probably bump it up to 18, but I'd kind of prefer a healthy replacement list before I can do that. I'm going to leave signs ups open for another 24 hours or so, just in case. When was the last game people got randed out of?

    Also still looking for mentors for our newer players.
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    posted a message on Announcing: FTQ Submissions
    Four Horsemen has now finished, so final deadline for submissions is ONE WEEK from today. To be eligible for judging, a game must have gone through at least one review cycle by the time that deadline is hit.

    Also reminder that if you want to see VR Salvation 2 run I need MOAR ROLES.
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