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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    And now some grandstanding!

    The original idea for the setup struck me pretty fully formed: a Game of Thrones-like parody, a mish-mash of pantomime villainy, fantasy clichés, and some theft from the Discworld. A bunch of roles were thrown together, with some backstory (which started off a lot more in depth and strange than made it into the final game). I made a conscious decision to make something more light-hearted than my previous games. Partially because I couldn't/didn't want to lean on Toastboy to write all the flavour, but also because my ultimate goal was a genuinely *fun* game of Mafia, which doesn't quite mesh with our traditional heavy explorations of moralistic shades-of-grey and pun-free desperate circumstances.

    At the same time as I was having fun thinking of stupid characters, I made another conscious decision to build the game bottom-up, rather than top down. Apocalypse was built out of imagining the world and the characters that would inhabit it, and creating roles from those characters - then missing holes of balance were filled in. Cyberspace was constructed out of the overarching mechanics (which were themselves based on the flavour of the concept of cyberspace itself), and then populated with classic cyberpunk, neo-noir, and low-life hacker archetypes, and abilities grew from there. For Low Fantasy however, the roles were put together separately. The purpose of this was to have a low complexity, solidly balanced game that didn't go overboard with roles, where the flavour was just additional. In addition, I tried to reverse engineer the most enjoyable game of Mafia. For a 12/4 game, I believe it looks something like like:
    • D1 Mislynch (D1 scum lynch puts the scum a long way behind and/or the town can get complacent and lose motivation)
    • First scum lynch on D2/D3 (The first scum lynch is arguably the most important, as it gives the town significant information. If this happens too late, the town is too far behind and has too small a margin of error)
    • Another scum lynch before LyLo (Triple LyLo is incredibly hard for the town to win through)
    • The third scum lynch either the day before or in a 5-man (3v2) LyLo (Double LyLo is certainly manageable)
    • A final, climactic 3-man, 1v2, winner takes all Day 7 Lynch or Lose - These are the most tense ways for games to end, and produce a genuine, satisfying climax, in the way a clean sweep just doesn't.

    Obviously, a mod has very limited control over the game unfolding in this way (although this one got close!). Bearing this in mind, let's look at the roles themselves:
    • 1-shot Cop with drawback: As much as I dislike alignment cops, a single shot can provide a very powerful anchor for the town. It either confirms someone (usually quite good) as Town, or catches scum. The drawback of losing the shot when scum dies encourages early use to reduce the risk of breaking LyLo, as well as making it more likely to hit town - and if it does hit scum, it provides that invaluable first scum lynch. The loss of the shot on a scum lynch D1 also helps balance the fact that the scum are now behind. I considered a D1 scum lynch to be just as valuable to the town as a sane cop shot.
    • Daykill with restriction: Fundamentally, Daykilling is fun (big tick). It also adds a big event to the day, which is exciting. The one bonus kill also removes a No Lynch from the game (because no lynches are comparatively boring). The role also had additional flavour requirements: having to write a scene made the role even more of a dramatic event (since just Daykill: X is very bland), whereas the requirement for the role name means the Daykill probably won't get used too early or frivolously (Getting Daykilled on D1 is not very fun), whilst the potential suicide gave counter play to ballsy scum and meant that the No Lynch was always removed.
    • Inventor: Literally spread the power out. Arguably weak, since he can give abilities to scum, but creates a lot of player agency - in both who he gives abilities and how the recipient uses them. I do really wish it had lived, but I guess it's my fault for giving it to Rhand.
    • Doc: The most boring role, but acts as glue to holds things together. His presence requires scum to play around, and the doc is a solid threat to the scum until he is found. No real depths to plumb here.

    The scum were given tools to counter the town, but in a less traditional form that usual. Most obviously, they were not given a roleblocker. This was a deliberate choice, based on the idea that being roleblocked is not fun, and the only ability the scum really had visibility to block would be the doc, or lucking into one of the other one-shot abilities. Plus, blocking the cop shot, however unlikely, would have been a big swing. Instead they got:
    • 2x Redirector: This is the pseudo roleblocker: it allows them to keep the doc off their target, and gives them control over the Inventor. It's also much less devastating for the town's abilities to be redirected rather than blocked. It was limited to 2 shots because I wanted its usage to be deliberate and intentional, rather than just randomly redirecting people each Night. The redirect also pushed the Daykill into being a Day ability rather than a Nightkill: redirecting vig-shots is disgustingly strong.
    • Watcher: Arguably the most powerful role on the team, this was primarily there to find the Doc, as well as give the scum some insight into what the Inventor and their inventions were up to. It was also a strong claim to make, as Watcher is a very common Town role (but without being alignment-confirming)
    • Backup Rolecop: The inclusion of this was very borderline, and I think the scum would probably have been fine without it. However it acted as a failsafe so they got something if their information role died early. It was also more powerful in the late game as the pool of possible power-role players was narrowed down.
    • Daytalk: Voxx keeps saying it's more fun to be Mafia if you have Daytalk, because then you can hang out and small talk with your buddies instead of being stressed to fit it all in over Night. I agree, so I dropped it in there. (I don't necessarily agree it should become the norm, as MTGS is one of the few places where Nighttalk only is really feasible).

    Overall and in retrospect, I think the town is marginally weaker than the scum, but the town does have access to more blowout potential (cop and vig shots, Doc save is pretty strong), and the Inventor makes more problems for the scum as the game goes on, while the scum have limited ability to just stop the blowouts cold due to no roleblock, forcing them to improvise and piece together the game state with the roles they have. 4+8v4 is also nice symmetry!

    Looking at the game in totality, I would absolutely call it a success: I really enjoyed writing the flavour (although there was going to be more and a richer world, but Mafia as a game is so non-conducive to writing prose, and it gets really boring writing variants of "and then this person got killed" over and over again). I also think the characters were funny and entertaining, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading the role PMs! I also think the mechanical aspects of the game were simple, straightforward, and balanced enough while also being not entirely obvious and unoriginal.

    So how did it play out? Well, D1 went according to the desired plan, in that D1 was a mislynch (although I feel bad for Grapefruit for replacing in and getting murdered). However, the Town suffered an absolutely disastrous N1. The inventor got killed, and the scum also saw the Doc! In addition, Kabazame used his cop shot sub-optimally on Toastboy basically as an OMGUS reaction. TB was fairly widely town read and playing positively, and there were much more valuable unknowns around: imagine how strong an investigation of JeY k would have been! Tragically, Toastboy was also the most confirmable town power role in the game, unfortunately rendering the investigation totally useless.

    Day 2 rolls around, and things get even worse: another mislynch, and Night 2 sees the Doc (and strong player) Vaimes killed, while Shadow wastes his gifted Track shot testing Kabazame. At this point, the town are well and truly in the hole: 2 mislynches, 2 NKs, and with a daykill the only power left in their pocket.

    Then, of course, ATPG makes his grand entrance. He wakes up the listless town, the they get their first scum lynch. ATPG is unsurprisingly immediately killed, but the town manage to get LnGrrrR the next day. The scum expend their newly acquired rolecop shot that Night, and at this point the usefulness of their power is all gone. Game on.

    Day 5 is key - the town have one mislynch spare, and need to find 2 scum. Toastboy steps up and blows Anak away, removing a mislynch from the pool. Tragically, the Day ends far too soon with KJ's lynch.

    So far, the game has excellently followed the layout: the first scum lynch came a bit late, but we are now going into a 3v2 LyLo. Ideally, the town would lynch correctly and bring it to a tense 3-player LyLo, but as we all know that sadly didn't happen. So what happened?

    Overall, the town did a really good job getting back into the game after all their power got killed - they were so far behind on N2 that I basically wrote them off. However, that come back really has to be attributed to ATPG taking the game by the scruff of its neck, churning out a significant amount of analysis and motivating the town into consecutive scum lynches. I think Toastboy also played his role well, holding the kill much longer than most people would and removing Anak from the trees scum could hide behind (especially because there was a point I was very worried he would gamble and shoot Kabazame, which would have been a disaster!).

    The key problem was that in the majority of the game that didn't contain ATPG, the town were rudderless and listless, with no real leader or (not-scum) people really driving the game. Although overall activity was fine (I didn't have to send very many prods at all), content was quite low - particularly in the first half of Days we would see very few posts. The scum were by far the more active faction (EternalLurker and Tom in particular, but they discuss the situation in scum chat that they were often the only ones posting and conversing). This lack of direction meant lynches were really sloppy: almost all were rushed at the deadline, and there were almost no pre-deadline wagons to analyse, and basically no claims at all - because no-one hit L-2 without getting lynched immediately because the deadline was so close and they weren't online. I was really hoping ATPG's injection of brute-force activity and successful lynches would galvanise the town, but it...just didn't.

    There was also an absolutely chronic lack of reading back and reassing and trying to objectively find scum: EL was given a game-long free pass for being confrontational and abrasive, despite the fact that this was very clearly just a personality trait, rather than alignment indicative. SJT did fine to not rock that boat, but (with 20/20 mod vision) made a number of posts that were textbook waffly and buzzword filled that someone really should have thought about. Similarly, Tom was basically openly power wolfing from the moment he accidentally revealed his gimmick, but no-one really sat down and tried to read him, just hoping he would resolve himself at some point. I think the epitome of this was Shadow's votecount analysis in #1881: if he'd actually set it up without colouring the unknowns, he'd have seen EL and Pa in the middle of the grapefruit wagon, while Tubba and LnGrrrR are off-wagon. Instead, he coloured in EL/SJT as Town and allowed himself to be tunnel visioned into making the losing vote.

    I think that there a lot of lessons to be learned from the game, even if these lessons are really ones which seem to come up a lot. Townies win the game by staying engaged, actively scumhunting, and frequently re-analsysing their view of the gamestate. That didn't happen enough, which let unnecessary townies die, and let scum skate by on D1 reads. Even in the face of that, it was a good game and both teams played solidly: the scum team just played better and were willing to put more in.

    Thanks everyone for playing, and I'm glad everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves since, well, that was the point!
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    Quote from LnGrrrR »
    Eco, I love your games. Let me know when you run another one, or if you'd be willing to let me co-mod.

    Thanks for the kind words. If/when I run another game I'll hit you up. I don't have anything in the pipeline at the moment, apart from some half-baked Specialty ideas that are pretty far out there.

    Quote from Killjoy »

    Actually, I DO have a completed (&reviewed) basic that needs flavor. I'm just scared to run it since its my first game as mod.

    I might consider taking you up on this.

    Do it. Do it now! Running games isn't that scary, and the vote counter means you don't even need a giant spreadsheet any more. More importantly, we need more games!


    @All: Thoughts on the setup and it's creation, along with the play of the game itself to come tomorrow.
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    Low Fantasy Mafia has ended in a Mafia Victory
    BluesEclipse, Study Latin, and Eternal Lurker were replaced on request. Cantripmancer was replaced by mutual agreement after lack of activity.
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    Instead of boring MVPs, here are some more imaginative awards!

    Oh No, Not Again - This goes to Rhand for rolling a super cool Town power role and getting immediately murdered on Night 1. Just like in Apocalypse. The trophy for this award is a bowl of petunias.

    Super Sub - Goes to AskThePizzaGuy, for his whirlwind contribution of replacing in to a middling slot, making a billion posts, lynching scum, and then - leaving us as quickly as he arrived - being Night Killed. Top drawer replacement skills. Dishonourable mention goes to Cantripmancer for coming in and going out quickly, but without doing anything in between.

    Closest Guess - Shared between ATPG and Rodemy. The former for being the closest at giving me 3/4 of the scum on one team, and the latter for being the only player - alive or dead - to call the final pair as TRSJT and tom (which he sadly got talked out of). No-one gave me all four correct names. Shadowlancer get the Shotgun Approach honorary mention for giving me the most guesses, most of which were completely wrong.

    Best Newcomer - Tubba Fett, for walking into the baptism of fire that is playing your first game as scum and giving a very credible outing. Even though he was the first scum down, he played solidly for someone new to the game. Hope to see more of him arounf!

    Balls Of Steel - Goes to Toastboy for holding a Daykill longer than anyone thought was possible. Especially in the face of being a likely NK at any moment!

    Most Nicknames/Hardest to spell - Shared between JeY k and LnGrrrR, who picked up three each: Jey, Jeyk, jey; and Lngrrr, Lingerer, LnGrrrrR .

    Captain America "I got that reference award" - Nominations are still open, but LnGrrrR is currently leading the pack in references he told me that he got.
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    Day 6 Final Votecount
    JeY k - 3 (shadowlancerx, Rodemy, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry)
    Rodemy - 2 (tomsloger, JeY k)
    Not Voting - 0

    With 5 alive, it took 3 votes to lynch


    With so few in such a big hall, raised bounce and echo off the walls: instead of drowning each other out, each stands out alone. Or they would, but the stragglers are simply too tired, worn down to shout. There is simply no room for new arguments, everything has been said before, and everything boils down to the fundamental core of “not I - he”.

    Rodemy and tomsloger take centre stage and lock horns. Each bets his life, the life of the kingdom, on the other. The back and forth is unenlightening, and the onlookers cannot reach a decision.

    On the verge of flipping a coin, Shadowlancer rises to his feet and points a single, ominous finger at JeY k and intones “Them”.

    All Eyes swivel towards JeY k, and she can only muster denial. Over and over, she denies her place in the conspiracy, denies her hatred of the king, and denies murder upon murder. The quartet closes around her. The noose slides smoothly around her neck, and her denials run dry.

    She whispers one last word.


    The snap of her neck echoes around the chamber, but the pure futility lingers beyond. JeY k has been lynched. She was Gareth, Legendary Bearer of the Most Gnarly Hangover - Town Vanilla.

    Gareth, Legendary Bearer of the Most Gnarly Hangover - Town Vanilla

    Dimly, you recall yourself as you were. Young, naive, full of hope and a sense of adventure. This party was a heaven-sent - all the wine and women you could have dreamed of. You and your gaggle of friends geared up for a once in a lifetime occasion. They were all gone now. Replaced by a single, continuous sledgehammer blow of a hangover.

    You make a noise between a cough and hiccup. The memories of the night have blurred, but the flow of booze sits constant over it. “How much?” was simply too small a question. It crept up you slowly to start off with, settling on your shoulders like someone very fat and very smelly. You realised that you had gone through. To the other side. Debauchery giving way to punishment from a vengeful god.

    You never asked to be chosen. A bitter, faded smile. No-one ever asks to be chosen.

    You feel like something crawled down your throat and died, and was subsequently reanimated. You feel like someone is hammering hundreds of tiny horseshoes into your brain. You’ve never seen so many full buckets.

    You entered this party a boy, but you have been cursed with the heaviest of burdens. The most gnarly hangover known to man.


    Maldorvo stands.

    “At last!” he calls, clear and strong, cutting through the torpor that surrounds JeY k’s corpse. He reaches into his robe and pulls out a scroll. Breaking the seal, he unrolls it. At the top, it says “Victory Speech”. With glee, he begins:

    “When I was young, my mother qwas busy being queen, so I had a nurse who raised me. She was fond of figures of speech and had many phrases: ‘Waste Not Want Not!’, ‘Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch!’, ‘Time is Money!’, ‘Wait, What Are You Doing With That Sword?’ and ‘Oh God, The Agony!’. But one I remember most distinctly was ‘Don’t Play With Your Food!’. So we shall not.”

    A flash of blades, and the final conspiracy is revealed:

    Rodemy - Reginald, The Crazy Old Man who Thinks he is a Goat - Town Vanilla and Shadowlancerx - Sir Roysten the Handsome - Town Vanilla slump to the floor. As their lifeblood leaks away, they look up and know with terrible finality: they have failed.

    Above them, tomsloger - Salazina Salazorn - Mafia Goon and TheRealStinkyJoeTerry - William Black, the King’s Houndmaster - Mafia Backup wipe their blades in triumph. Maldorvo approaches them. He grasps TheRealStinkyJoeTerry’s in a firm, solemn handshake, before turning to tomsloger and pulling her into a steamy embrace.

    Breaking away, he turns to Ecophagy, the Chief Justice of the realm. Great guardian of the laws and tradition of the ancient kingdom of Sonasland.

    “Well then old man, you have overseen the destruction of the new ways, and the old ways will return with fire, brimstone, and austerity economics! Your honour and loyalty to my brother have come to naught. What have you to say?”

    Ecophagy pauses and looks around the room. He sees the freshly made corpses, murder committed in broad daylight. He sees the slicks of dry blood around the chamber. He sees the nooses, the mistakes. A great weight settles upon his shoulders and he intones:

    “Long Live The King. His Royal Highness Maldorvo, First of His Name.”

    Reginald, the Goat - Vanilla Town

    Being a goat, you don’t get invited to many parties. You don’t mind so much - nothing beats a good chew on the cud and as you like to say the only way you get a decent conversation is by talking to yourself.

    Still, you’re not one to turn down an opportunity to bite new things, and this evening has delivered in spades. There’s the food, which is wonderfully unguarded, there’s the wine-soaked straw throughout the hall, and plenty of unwary people You even seem to have made some new friends with whom you happily talk about different grass flavours. Some of them are even drunk enough to find it genuinely fascinating.

    Mod Note: Yes, you are a goat. Yes, you can speak English and post normally with no restriction.
    Super Secret Mod Note: Actual role name is “Reginald, the Crazy Old Man who Thinks He’s a Goat”, which will be revealed on death.
    Sir Roysten the Handsome - Vanilla Town

    Coming from a long line of knights, your life was always destined to follow a certain course. A squire in training, a knight errant searching for adventure, winning your spurs in battle, eventually taking over your father’s lands and title. Only, you were never that interested in the fighting. You were good enough, but unmotivated.

    What you did learn is that a knight’s life is more than just martial skill. There’s show to it, a pageantry. Wooing maidens, taking on dramatic rather than useful quests, ensuring songs are flattering. Losing a joust with bravery and the right amount of bruising can result in more sympathy and renown than a ruthlessly efficient win. Having perfectly broad shoulders, a chiseled jaw, fine high cheekbones, and deep, soulful blue eyes doesn’t hurt of course.

    It happened slowly, but your reputation of valour and chivalry (and handsomeness) outstripped any combat prowess you possessed. People not only knew your name, but chanted it and treated you like a god. Maidens would faint at the mere thought of being presented with a rose. In time, you barely even had to do any knightly deeds at all - the weight of reputation and strong PR management alone was enough to keep you in the spotlight.

    Salazina Salazorn - Mafia Goon

    You sit elegantly at a corner table, trying not to actually touch any of the furniture. You carefully wipe the table with the end of your exquisite silk scarf, but only manage to spread the dirt more evenly across the surface. The bangles on your arm clink and sparkle as you move, but thankfully the sound can’t be heard over the din. You think longingly of your room at the inn.

    Once this night is over you’re going to bury your head in a chest of satin and inhale that beautiful cinnamon scent forever. You are not totally sure that that will be long enough to rid you of the stench of ale and sick.

    Gods, why do foreigners love ale so much? And why are they so loud? You slide back a little further into the corner, avoiding some particularly rowdy drunks. You really would rather not have to kill anyone: it makes it much harder to sell them things (although not impossible). You just have to make it through tonight and then if everything goes to plan you can sprint back to your ships with your ears intact and a very lucrative trade bargain into the agreement. Funding this usurping is a tiny down payment for what you stand to gain.

    You lick your voluptuous lips at the thought. Sole access to trade routes, prime real estate, primary licenses for any good that exists (and some that don't). The way the idiot Maldorvo stares at you, you know you will be able to squeeze him for as much as this backwater kingdom is worth.

    You're going to make an absolute killing.
    William Black, King’s Houndmaster - Mafia Backup

    You reach down one gloved hand and slowly stroke the dog’s sleek head. It’s ears are back, its lips curled, its whole body vibrates with the strength of its growl.

    “Good girl” you mutter, “Now…kill!”. The dog surges forward, its powerful back legs making it soar until it bounces harmlessly off your servant’s boot.

    The pug lets out an ‘arf’ of annoyance and wiggles furiously, trying to get upright. You sigh. Not that long ago you trained sleek, muscled, borderline-psychotic hunting beasts. You were renowned across the land for the strength and blood-lust of your hounds. Your arms bear the scars of many teeth and claws. You walked around town with an asteroid belt of slavering beasts obediently circling you. You commanded respect. You demanded it.

    That is, until the new king took an interest in your work. ‘Why do they have to be so violent?’ he asked. ‘Why can’t they be fluffier?’. He introduced you to pugs as if he thought you would be grateful. As if it was something to keep you occupied in your old age. You regard the pug, who seems to have fallen asleep, snoring gently on its back. You light a cigarette. You’re getting too old for this.

    It was then that the king’s brother approached you with a plan. The younger brother. The younger, vicious brother. The younger, vicious brother with a love of hunting. You can almost hear the hounds baying already.

    Old Dog, New Tricks: When your co-conspirator Sideshow Vincent, the Mafia Watcher, dies, you gain the following one shot ability:

    The Most Dangerous Game (One Shot): At Night you may choose a player. You will gain a copy of that player’s role PM with any other player names in it redacted.


    The game has ended in a Mafia Victory! Congratulations to tomsloger, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry, LnGRrrrR, and Tubba Fett! Commiserations to the Town and more widely, the people of Sonasland, who are in for a torrid time.

    Special thanks also for TRSJT, AskThePizzaGuy, and Grapefruit21 for replacing in. The latter two especially for dying almost immediately afterwards.

    Full setup, chats, Night actions, awards, and thoughts on the setup and game to follow.

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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    As of 1887, JeY k has been lynched. It is now Twilight. Please stand by.
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    Votecount 6.1
    Rodemy - 1 (tomsloger)
    tomsloger - 1 (Rodemy)
    Not Voting - 3 (JeY k, shadowlancerx, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry)

    With 5 alive it takes 3 to lynch

    The deadline is in one week
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    The speed of the sun's rising makes you wonder if its just as fed up with things as you are. The mob assembles once more in the main hall, and you look around. Can six people really be called a mob? Wait, there's only five. Of course.

    Toastboy is found sprawled on the flagstones. His fine rapier lies inert at his side, his eyes wide and frozen in shock. His fancy silk clothes (and his entire throat) have been ruined by an object as sharp and deadly as one of his put-downs. How dreadful that such a graceful and handsome warrior could be lain so slow by these crude brutes.

    Breakfast is served, but the castle's provisions are running terribly low. You look on in horror as you have been reduced to eating fruit like some sort of animal. Your sentiment is clearly shared by the others at the now gratuitously long table, but you realise that there are still conspirators in your midst, and your midst is looking rather sparse.

    A creaking chair slices through the tension. Maldorvo leans forward, and very deliberately steeples his hands.

    Toastboy has been killed. He was Eleonor Chacón Velásquez - Town Duelist

    Eleonor Chacón Velásquez - Town Duelist

    You sigh and elegantly slide the glove off of your left hand.

    “Favio Balderas Quiñones was it?”

    The man nods, then checks himself. His eyes lock on yours. He swallows.To his credit, he receives the glove slap with only a small flinch.

    Your voice rings out, cold as the steel that has appeared in your hand: “Favio Balderas Quiñones (hereafter referred to as “the scoundrel”), you have insulted my honour and, by extension, the honour of my forefathers, my forefathers forefathers, and so on and so forth. In accordance with the ancient traditions of our people (specifically section 6, paragraphs 3 through 25 and annex W), I hereby challenge you to a duel to the death (death as defined in section 6, paragraph 14). As the challenged party, you must select the weapon at your earliest convenience (i.e. forthwith).”

    Favio draws his rapier in a fluid, practised motion. It almost immediately droops, revealing his expectations. He opens his mouth and considers a protest, but rules are rules.

    “Steel swords, blade no longer than 39 inches”. It is always swords.

    A blur of movement, a soft exhalation of breath. A drop of blood falls from your sword. Favio’s blade clatters to the floor, followed shortly by his body. Then his head.

    You call out to the stunned crowd: “Would anyone else care to count out my change?”


    To the Death! (1-shot): Once during the game in the Day phase (not Twilight) you may formally and publicly challenge someone to a duel. You may so however you wish so long as you clearly state it is a duel to the death. You must also correctly use their full character name. If successful, you will the kill the player. If you use their name incorrectly, you will kill yourself out of shame.


    It is now Day 6, which will end on Monday 23rd October at 2100GMT.

    With 5 Alive, it takes 3 to lynch.
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  • posted a message on Low Fantasy Mafia - Game Over - The King is Dead! Long Live The King!
    Day 5 Final Votecount

    Killjoy - 4 (shadowlancerx, Toastboy, tomsloger, Rodemy)
    Not Voting - 3 (JeY k, Killjoy, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry)

    With 7 alive it took 4 to lynch


    Barely a moment has passed since Anaklusmos’ death, but having watched a professional at work, the mob seems eager to join in and replicate the experience. Killjoy protests their enthusiasm, desperately assuring them that when he said he wasn’t sure he wanted to live in a world without universal access to meat-on-a-stick at 3am, he was absolutely speaking non-literally, and in any case it was more of an expression of grief rather than any particularly strong emotional attachment to remarkably expensive gristle with a bit of wood in it.

    Unfortunately for KillJoy, the mob is very bad at understanding metaphorical nuance, but is very good (now) at tying nooses. Killjoy is placed on a chair, and the Chief Justice asks him for his final words.

    “Perhaps I might be permitted to sing a song, your honour.”

    The Chief Justice waves his hand in consent. The crowd gathers. Killjoy tunes his lyre, which protests in E flat. He clears his throat and begins:

    “We sail the ocean blue,
    And our saucy ship’s a beauty;
    We’re sober men and true,
    And attentive to our duty. “

    The first rotten vegetable strikes him square on the chin. The second sails past his shoulder like a rocket. Then it becomes difficult to determine the order. KillJoy’s voice wavers and falters. Maldorvo stands up and gives a carefully honed, impossibly slow and sarcastic round of applause. The mob has had enough.

    Killjoy is not given an encore.

    Killjoy has been lynched. He was Margrave Guillelmus the Bard - Town Vanilla.

    Margrave Guillelmus the Bard - Town Vanilla

    You strum your lyre. It makes a noise like a cat begging for death. You grimace and turn the stiff tuning pegs. They’ve never made a difference before, but trying is now more a comforting habit than anything.

    The music business is tough, especially when you sing flatter than the recipient of a trebuchet’s payload. But you persevere with the absolute faith gifted only to someone who fears regret more than failure can have. Playing gigs in taverns with more animals than patrons and living off being paid to stop busking, you dream of being noticed.

    The King’s feast provides such an opportunity. It was a simple matter to bribe a copy of the performers list and acquire someone else’s slot. You’re poised to play for an audience of the Very Important, who also happen to be Very Generously Drunk. This is your big shot.

    What could go possibly wrong?


    It is now Night 5, which will last at most 72 hours: finishing on the 9th October.
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    As of #1584, KillJoy has been lynched. It is now Twilight. You may continue posting until I end the Day.
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    A tense silence follows the challenge. Anaklusmos’ discomfort is palpable. A bead of sweat slides off his nose and lands on the floor with an audible *plink*. In slow motion, you see an idea creep across his face.

    Theatrically, slowly, he looks to the left. He then rotates his head to his right. Finally looking back to Toastboy, he points at himself and says:

    “Oh, you’re talking to me? No no no, there must have been some kind of mistake.”

    A gasp from the crowd. Toastboy’s eyes narrow dangerously.

    Emboldened, Anaklusmos continues.

    “Yeah, no idea who you’re talking about, I am just an innocent meat item salesman, caterer, entrepreneur. You can tell I am trustworthy because I have one of those faces. People always say I have one of those faces.”

    Toastboy’s rapier hand is ever so slightly beginning to vibrate. This is not the traditional response to a perfectly reasonable and litigiously impeccable challenge to the death.

    “Here mate look, no hard feelings, it’s not the first time my life’s been threatened: I can tell you that for free. Why don’t we sit down and forget about it, I’ll give you one my famous pork-on-a-sticks, on the house, although at that price…”

    He cannot resist.

    “...I’m gouging my own eyes out! Oh *****.”

    The impalement is smooth and very clearly practised. Anaklusmos gurgles in protest and slumps to the ground as Toastboy withdraws his sword. A skillful flourish flicks the blood off the steel and resheathes it in a single motion. A quick bow to the crowd is received with a smattering of applause.

    Anaklusmos has been killed. He was Gouge-Me-Own-Eyes-Out Dobbler - Vanilla Town

    Gouge-Me-Own-Eyes-Out Dobbler - Town Vanilla

    There are many absolute rules of the universe. Cause and Effect. Laws of Thermodynamics. Fundamental Interactions of Particles.

    And that wherever people are prepared to eat terrible food, there will be someone there to sell it to them. That person, more often than not, is G.M.O.E.O Dobbler, purveyor of pork-like products and meat on sticks that defies identification. Astute businessman and haggler, his name is derived from his exasperated acceptance of low prices: “Alright, but that’s gouging me own eyes out that is”.

    The King’s jubilee is something that a man like you dreams of. Thousands of intoxicated people out to have a good time. Thousands of people getting a bit peckish with a diminished sense of judgement. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, except that the fish are paying you for the pleasure.

    You ran out of sticks hours ago. You’ve run out of meat. One of your shoes has vanished.

    Your money bag is so overfull, you list heavily to one side. If you can sneak out of here before any of your creditors find you, you'll be a rich man.



    It is still Day 5. The Deadline is still on Tuesday 17th October.

    The Vote Count has been RESET. With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
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    Almost right on cue, like an ageing actor trying to assert himself to a younger director, the sun rises. After so many days battled a conspiracy, the castle is littered with detritus. Tables and chairs overturned, crockery litters the floor. Weird blood stains from where bodies have lain and subsequently been dragged converge on the entrance to the kitchen. The skeletons of tiny zombie hamsters crunch underfoot. Eggs stick grotesquely to the wall, placed there in protest.

    By this point, the headcount takes place out of routine rather than any expectation that everyone would be there. True to form, the count comes up one short. Kabazame is missing. He is found face down in a far flung corridor, his precious clipboard nearby. He was such a brave officer of the law, truly excelling in...his field. Performing invaluable duties such as, well, we don't need to list them. Clearly they were vital, as he was always so terribly busy.

    The clipboard is speedily hidden before the chef can try and serve it as stale toast.

    Kabazame has been killed. He was Segreant Robert "Bob" Hodge - Town Cop

    Sergeant Robert “Bob” Hodge - Town Cop

    You have been in the city watch for most of your life. You have been a sergeant almost as long. You are, really, a natural born sergeant: innately talented at keeping your head down and doing just enough to appear busy without actually achieving anything important. You do your duty diligently: you are the master of delegation, the emperor of ticking things off of a completely empty clipboard. People can never say you did a bad job, but they are also mysteriously very reluctant to ask you to do it again.

    As a long-lasting member of middle management, you end up in charge of a lot of valuable organisational tasks. That’s how you find yourself on duty inside the main feasting hall. You have also spent years honing the ability to appear to the casual observer to be alert and ready for action while also surreptitiously deeply involved in a large pie.

    Cop Shot (1-shot): Once during the game at Night, you may investigate target player and learn their alignment (guaranteed sane). Because you feel very strongly about the idea of doing more work than is absolutely necessary, you will lose your shot of this ability when a member of the Mafia is killed.


    It is now Day 5, which will unsurprisingly last 2 weeks. The deadline is 2100GMT on Tuesday 17th October.

    With 8 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
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    Day 4 Final Votecount
    Anaklusmos - 2 (Killjoy, Toastboy)
    LnGrrrR - 6 (shadowlancerx, tomsloger, JeY k, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry, Kabazame, Anaklusmos)
    tomsloger - 2 (LnGrrrR, Rodemy)
    Not Voting - 0

    With 10 alive it took 6 to lynch.


    As an advanced and sophisticated society, Sonaslanders treat everyone equally and seek to avoid stereotyping. As the saying goes “Judge not a book by its cover, lest the book take offence and knock your block off”.

    LnGrrrR, shrouded in black robes, heavy eyeliner, skull iconography, and fondling a gleaming ritual blood-magic dagger stretches such social politeness to its limit.

    Eventually, a timid voice raises the question everyone was too embarrassed to ask:

    “Uh, could the, uh, Necromancer maybe just be a Bad Guy perhaps?”

    LnGrrrR looks up from the pentagram inscribed on the floor in blood, the corpse of a hamster flopping loosely in his hand. He looks shocked and offended, but the murmurs have already begun to circulate. Buoyed by their success of using more straightforward criteria to root out conspirators, a noose is around LnGrrrR’s neck before he can even begin an incantation (that would probably have been evil)

    As LnGrrrR’s neck snaps, a terrible howl goes up. Dozens of tiny zombie hamsters squeak and skitter as their master dies, finally released from their infernal servitude.

    LnGrrrR has been lynched. He was Evan, the Necromancer - Mafia Redirector

    Evan, the Necromancer - Mafia Redirector

    Black robes drape across you; incense hangs in the haze. The foul incantation poisons the air as it slithers from your lips. The blood markings on the floor glow with otherworldly malice. With a crescendo, the ritual is complete. The creature that was dead twitches and moves with unholy life as you cackle madly.

    The hamster makes a squeak that sounds like sandpaper and begins to unevenly wander around. You pick it up and put it in the cage with the rest, shuffling and bumping into each other.

    Being a necromancer is tough when it’s illegal. Corpses are heavily guarded and even being in a graveyard at night can cost a one-way trip to the slammer. But you keep your skills sharp by practising on whatever animal corpses you can get ahold of. The pet shop is starting to ask questions, but you pay well enough to not have to answer. You were once a powerful force that inspired fear and awe, now you are reduced to hiding in your mother’s basement. She doesn’t understand that you have a job, it just isn’t legal.

    So when you were approached by Maldorvo to conspire against the king, you leapt for it. Maldorvo understands the old ways. He knows that a powerful necromancer by his side would project his power and authority. Really, all you want is your freedom back, and if you get some revenge for your humiliation on the way - well, you wouldn’t want all that evil-laughter practise to go to waste, would you?

    Black Magick (2 shots): Twice during the game, at Night, you may choose two players. Any abilities the first uses will target the second instead of their original target. The person using the abilities will be informed that their target was changed and to whom.

    It is now Night 4, which will last 72 hours and will end on Tuesday 3rd October.
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    As of #1439, LnGrrrR has been lynched. It is now Twilight.
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