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Thoughtseize invocation $90 and legends karakas 2 for $70 00  avatar_of_bake
Trading down for bulk 00  StoneyGiant
H: Large Modern and Legacy Collection W: Expeditions, Inventions, Invocations, Judge Promos, and Foils for my Cube!!!! (Updated with HOD Wants) 986228  Element2112
H: Japanese foil Elesh Norn (NPH) and foil Grave Titan 00  Pubmaster Drax
Archangel of Thune, Sheoldred and lots more 22517  goldenNIPS
selling everything: EDH staples, modern, legacy, fetches, snapcasters. FREE SHIPPING! 00  ceesoda
Have: Commander/Modern/Standard . Want: Commander/Modern (Updated 7/17) 16158  allencawthon
H: Miscellaneous Foils - W: Standard and Miscellaneous Bulk Foils 3812  Snowmonstr
H: Foil Tron Pieces W:Masterpieces/Modern staples(Updated 7/23) 377207  RHAZZERCOM
Welcome to the Bazaar of Wonders 26367  Incanur
Alex's Collection H: Eldrazi Temple, Fetches, Random Promos W: Modern Storm, Affinity and Stuff 11119  Alix444
Trading: H Vial, Bitterblossum and More W: Snapcaster & Modern Staples 365  Dee_Badger
Want Final Modern Abzan Pieces 00  Azza124
NerdPop's Thread W: Korean Shocks/Fetches + Cool stuff, UG, Highlander || New Add: Korean SOI 646173  NerdPop140
NEED: Inventions & Invocations, BW Tokens, Foil Scapeshift, LAND Have: Modern, Standard, Check it out :) 3318  CTonyJab
List update in progress! Want EDH foils, and random stuff for casual decks! 9083  The__Business
ADDED NEW STUFF! H:Street Wraiths, Protean Hulk, Conflagrates, T&N, Steel Overseers, Mostly Modern stuff. W: Nahiri,Ugin, Planeswalkers, KLD Fastlands 340  ShadowFenril
dLancer's Sell thread 1950  dLANCER
W- Foil Zoms / Cats / Guay 217105  dLANCER
Want: Foil Eldrazi, Foil Staples, APAC Lands, ect Have: Lion's Eye Diamond, Modern Foils, Stoneforge Mystic, Devoted Druid(russian) 4926  OOD SIGMA
H: A bit of everything. W: A bunch of random stuff 13538  Vault756
W: Staples, Foils, and lists H: All formats and bulk rares to trade -Updated 7-24-17 6448  bugmage95
Modern Tron for Sale or trade for Masterpiece/Expeditions 00  bugmage95
W: Modern Staples. H:EDH, Modern, Foils - Laoshun's Trade Thread 23433  laoshun