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Random rank dropping >>
by Woltitolt
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Is the Arena Meta same as Standard Meta? >>
by Danteh
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Mono Color Decks and Ravnica >>
by tanro00
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Hey everyone! Wondering who you watch for MTG on YouTube? Do you look for new creators? >>
by SalveyB MTG on YouTube
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Competitive Standard just isn't really that "fun" and Arena suffers for that >>
by BestMagicGamer
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New Interface: how do I see my wildcards? >>
by gonzoron
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Why do I constantly have the same cards in my hand, and see the same ones from opponents? >>
by BestMagicGamer
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Strange glitch, could not play cards.. >>
by AnotherForumGuy
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Looking for Wizards official press releases regarding the nuances of Arena (the bo1 vs. bo3 hands, the matchmaking et.) >>
by JaishivaJai
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Is it within the "rules" to have 2 (or more) MTG Arena accounts? >>
by JaishivaJai
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To whomever was playing that deck with Smothering Tithe... >>
by Colt47
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Is there a land manipulation feature for Bo3 like Bo1? // How many lands to not get mana screwed in Bo3? >>
by jsNZ
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How do we maximize our deck building for bo1? >>
by JaishivaJai
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MTG Arena installtion Issues >>
by Th3M4g1cM4n
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Meta difference between Single match and "Traditional" constructed games >>
by JaishivaJai
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