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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    I'm super excited for the next set and figured I'd start the thread for the story of Eldraine early to speculate on the story and the world.

    Main story
    While it might be a mundane such as Rowan having better art/design (looking like warrior mage red riding hood) its worth noting that Will isn't in the art with her and we been told a bunch that they go together. From a planeswalker calendar we got a mini bio saying the two even share a spark so it might be both are needed to be together to planes walk. It might be Rowan and Will returned home and someone/something has got Will and the story is Rowan going to save him.

    Speaking of Maro has said there is a new walker character in the set who may be our villain for the story.

    The event of this set also likely parallel the time frame of War of the Spark which would explain why Will, Rowan and the new walker character didn't show up to it. Maro has also noted that Will and Rowan where made for Eldraine and later added to Battlebond since they fit for partner walkers.

    The World
    Hard to tell what kind of races since the source material was very human centric. So far we have see merfolk and faeries as well as maybe Hags and Gobins. (for my own fairy tale set I did go with hags for the black characteristic). While the merfolk might be a one off, they already been blues go to blue race as well as I believe the lady of the lady art also being a merfolk.

    From the Gingerbread house and the forest art its seems like "witches" normal live in the woods.

    I would also except an Arthur character as well as his knights. From the pic of the round table we have I notice we had 5 knights and magic dose like its cycles, though I'd rather get princesses than knights.
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    Quote from Lectrys »
    I'm hoping for some of the more obscure and dark Grimm fairy tales, such as a reference to The Juniper Tree (or at least a bird dropping a millstone on a despicable lady), a reference to King Thrushbeard (or at least a knight knocking over some poor lady's pottery for sale), or a reference to one of the love stories such as Hurleburlebutz (or at least a lady riding on a fox's tail) or Hans My Hedgehog (or at least a hedgehog bard), but those are quite obscure, so it's hard for me to expect them.

    I'm hoping for a reference to oneeye, twoeye and threeye myself though I figure that story is too obscure. I do however think its likely to see a All-kinds-of-furs and/or donkey skin since its it better known and is a trope that could be translated into a card.

    Also a legendary Orge that cares about Swamps for the memes.
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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine Flavor Inspirations
    I wanted to have a thread to talk about the tropes, themes and stories that Wizard drew on to make the world of Eldraine to both dissucce as well as educate people who are unfamiliar with the stories and themes we are shown (as well as throw in some trivia). I'll add on to this as we see more about the set, how/if the cards flavorfully fit and fill it in with card names instead of the art.

    Fairy tales where folk stories that have been passed through the generations, mostly in oral form until such people as Grimm or Perrault collected them and put them into wiring though some authors such as Hans Christian Anderson made up their own tales. These authors gave a baseline for most modern adaptation as such the very famous disney movies, though the story go back thousands of years and have hundreds of versions of the same story. The tales of King Arthur is similar with the story being told orally for years until finally written and re-written, the youtube Overly Sarcastic does a good video on the tale(s);

    Arthurian legends

    The Round Table

    In Arthurian tales a feature is Arthur meeting with his knights at a round table in order to give each knight equal say since there is no head of the table. Here it looks like we have a similar case, with 5 (maybe one for each color?) knights around it.

    Lady of the Lake

    Another trope in Arthurian tales is the Lady of the Lake a magical being that often gives Arthur his magical sword. Here we have a merfolk or fae offering what looks to be a magical blade.

    Fairy Tales


    This art show a young maiden in a tower with long beautiful hair. This a nod to the story of Rapunzel, a similar character who was traded to a witch by her birth parents for food from the witches garden when Rapunzels birth mother had a cravings. The food is often called Rapunzel as well.

    The Frog Prince*

    This is nod to the frog prince the story of a prince cursed into frog shape until its broken by a princess. The art is pretty smart here, hinting that the frog is more than he seems with the crown on the chair. In the older version the frog prince asks (among other slight creepy things) to eat from the princesses plate and drink from her glass so having the frog on the dinner plate also seems to reference this.

    Hansel and Gretel*

    These arts are referees to stories of witches living the woods who'd find people (mostly children) and eat them. A famous popular one is Hansel and Gretel which is about two siblings (often put as twins) who are abandoned in the woods and are lured by such a witch with a house made of bread/cake/gingerbead/sweets. This what the first art references with the second I think just the general trope of people eating witches. Also see Baba Yaga. Finally in the forest art it looks like its common for witch to live in the woods on this plane.

    Wicked Stepmother*

    While not certain this art is most likely meant to play wit the trope of an evil stepmother, complete with servant girl in rages washing the floor behind her and spoiled falsity demonic pup. However, the wicked stepmother trope was made from the Grimm brothers and other authors who couldn't believe a mother could do much things to their own child and often censored wicked mothers to wicked stepmothers in such stories as Snow White and Hansel and Gretal, though nearly every version Cinderella had a stepmother.

    True Loves Kiss*
    Personally one of my favorite tropes we see a maiden seeming breaking a curse on her presumed beloved. Kinds like the wicked mother was changed into the wicked stepmother (see above) true loves kiss was a nicer version then some of the older stories, such a rape and accidental Heimlich, which would be used to awaken/cure the person. Here we have a nice (though not unheard of) twist of a woman saving a man with a kiss(watch me be wrong and this be a curse or something).

    Flaxen Intruder

    Flaxen Intruder (as the user Sniffly figured out this cards name) plays into the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, about a little girl who breaks into a family of bears and after eating their food and using their chairs and beds is scared off when they return. This story has many many version with Goldilocks ranging from an old hag to a little girl and the bears being a range of beasts as well as going from being what seems to be roommates to a family after being renamed from big bear, medium bear and little bear to papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. the end also can range from Goldilocks being scared away, to being reduced by her parents or a hunter or being just plained murdered and eaten by the bears. Magic as done its own twist and made thier version into what seem to be a child hunter who breaks into her preys homes.

    Poisoned Apple*

    A common image from the story of Snow White is her (step)mother offering her a poisoned apple to kill her. In the oringal story is a normal poison though the stepmother is smart and skilled enough to only poison one side and takes a bite to prove to Snow it was safe to eat. The disney and later version would extend this poison to be magical in nature as well.

    Little Mermaid*

    My personal favorite fairy tale after the Oz books is the story of a mermaid who wishes to become human an trades her voice for legs. While many version have a happy ending the original was more tragic. The first part is mostly the same but the original adds merfolks don't have souls unless they marry a human. The sea witch is more neutral party and instead of 3 days to get true loves kiss, the mermaid will die if the prince marries another. Also fun part about how the mermaid will feel like she is stepping on swords when she is human and the mermaid cuts out her tongue to give her voice to the witch. The prince marries another and the mermaid is given the chance to live and become a mermaid if she kills the prince. However the mermaid loves the prince too much and instead dies and turns into an angel like being to help children to someday earn a soul.

    Gingerbread man*

    This art show what looks to be a version of the gingerbread man, a story of a cookie who comes to life and out runs everyone trying to eat him until a fox tricks him into being a snack. This cookie tho looks very creepy and not nice.


    While not much, Rowan the planeswalker star of this set is wearing a red hood that very red riding hood like as well as cutting what looks to be thorns similar to sleeping beauty.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    I am so happy I wanted a fairy tale plane form magic since I started playing and I love Will and Rowan so two my fav walkers come from what gonna be my fav world I'm so ******* happy. As an amateur folklorist I'm gonna love just driving through the flavor and art.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from leslak »
    Quote from DJK3654 »

    Quote from leslak »

    I mean do we really want another fairy tale plane...?

    ...You were just asking for Lorwyn-Shadowmoor but you don't want another fairytale-esque plane?

    I mean i would also dislike another Aetherpunk plane with rebels fighting for the right to use aether.

    If they alread have a very stablished plane that fits the criteria we expect them to go back or change alot of it to make it worth a new plane for the theme. From what we were told this looks alot with something we could see in Lorwyn-Shadowmoor soo unless they show me very wrong tomorrow i will keep thinking about it. But anyway if they show a really unique plane desing it will not change the assumption i had with this "leak" and how litle information we had. It is too soon to call things up i admit but i ll keep thinking for now that another fae fairytale plane is not needed if they could do it in lorwyn-shadowmoor.

    Lorwyn-Shadowmoor =/= fairy tale plane. It had a story book feel and drew from old celtic faerie stories/mythology but thats not fairy tales in the vein of Grimm or Perrault. Lorwyn-Shadowmoor was also more of a mechanical set for tribal and a color matters set, never really went too much into the Celtic stuff.
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  • posted a message on Brand new world after Core 2020 confirmed
    Quote from fettpett »
    Bag of Holding explicitly crosses the streams in black border. Yes in the PAST they have wanted to keep them separate, however with the growing popularity of D&D, the success of the Ravinca book, this is the perfect opportunity for a set based on D&D lore. Hell idc if it’s a brand new world or not, the feel of an adventure world not Zendikar with it’s heavy destruction, would be great.

    Mary Poppins was rocking a bag of holding 10 years before DnD first came out.
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  • posted a message on Full spoiler is up
    So, Ripscale Predator just flat out became a Dinosaur. RIP(scale) Lizard.

    They did that during Ixalan/Rivals.
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  • posted a message on Brand new world after Core 2020 confirmed
    I think Theros is gonna be the next return world. Its hitting the time for it return, its popular and not many worlds are up for returns now except for Theors, Alara and New Phyreixa, unless we get a huge curve ball with Lorwyn/Shadowmoor and Kamigawa.

    Storywise the gatewatch had thought of going to Thero in order to bury Gideons armor which could be a hook for a story there.
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    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Also, never forget the "outrage" sparked by activists who have nothing better to do with their lives than complaining about Garruk beating up a woman in a combat to the death.

    And yet 2 years later (the time frame in which they could change things) they had a whole core set featuring him and well as him planned for Dominaria.

    Also during M14 we had mono-green Garruk for the core set and people got upset since they thought he was cured of his curse off screen and did't pick up on it being a version of Garruk from the past.
    Reminding people of that kerfuffle is more of a meme than a serious argument. My serious argument about why we are not seeing Garruk was right above that.

    They could bring it back as monogreen for a core set, but at this point they already have Vivien to flesh out and Garruk as a black green would overlap too much with Vraska at this point.

    If RG can have 4 walkers who all care about creatures, (maybe 5 since Samut speed stuff dose need creatures), Chandra and Jaya both being mono-red pyromancers, Vraska and Garruk can both exists as GB. I'd say Garruk is more creature based then Vraska and while both make creatures Garruk is all about big fattie tramplers and Vraska is more of the assassin which tend to be smaller.
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  • posted a message on Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Also, never forget the "outrage" sparked by activists who have nothing better to do with their lives than complaining about Garruk beating up a woman in a combat to the death.

    And yet 2 years later (the time frame in which they could change things) they had a whole core set featuring him and well as him planned for Dominaria.

    Also during M14 we had mono-green Garruk for the core set and people got upset since they thought he was cured of his curse off screen and did't pick up on it being a version of Garruk from the past.
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  • posted a message on Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
    So the whole deal with PWs having static abilities is already over, then?

    It was a feature for War of the Spark walkers but is a tool for design for use whenever they want in the future, but not a thing we will see in every set.
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  • posted a message on M20-Flavor and Story
    So uh... Chandra is officially the energetic, endearing, lovable face of the product now? Are we all supposed to pretend that one time when she killed innocent people with no provocation (TWICE!) never happened?

    Yup, but I don't know what are you talking about... she is ever been a lovely person, don't let anyone tell you different! u.u


    I know you just adore pointing out retcons and such but help if you know what they have kept or not Wink
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/21 - Murder, Tomebound Lich, Cloudkin Seer, Common Lands
    Quote from theMarc »
    Quote from Spaz350 »
    Cloudkin Seer: "I can see which way the wind is blowing."

    Me, looking at trees: "I mean... Yeah, me too."
    I think I get what the flavor text is trying to say, but damn if it doesn't sound stupid the first few times you read it. Surely there's a better way to phrase that?
    Quote from saneatali »
    Cloudkin Seer looks and sounds like a Lorwyn elemental to me. The name is reminiscent, the design is very similar, just with elemental air in place of elemental fire. Could this be a post-Eventide lorwyn character?
    There's also a lavakin and a leafkin. I don't know what it means, but I'm definitely intrigued.

    Might be wizards nod that the creature and/or new designs for races of sapient elementals.
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  • posted a message on Intro Pack Walkers - Paste Magazine
    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »
    Quote from Gizlivadi »
    Oh man, I was so expecting to see Nissa last but remembered they are replacing her with Vivien Frown Does anybody know why this is happening, apart from the color of her skin?

    Maybe Nissa's foray into blue on Amonkhet is something more permanent so they need a new mono-G walker?

    Basically, Garruk is BG now, so the only sold mono-green walkers are Vivien and Yanggu currently with Nissa swinging between G/GU. White, green and black could use more mono-colored walkers.

    We where also told that card wise the gatewatch would be seen less to give card slot to other walkers, we got Chandra as the star this year and Ajani, so I think they wanted the other three walkers to other characters.
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    Quote from Leaf »
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from 5colors »
    I don't usually think Core Sets have flavor. M19 did because it was just before Bolas's finale. And Origins did. But mostly Core Sets don't.

    Maro in regardes to coresets;

    The set will have some story relevance, but more in a "filling in information of the past about relevant characters" way than telling a piece of the "present-day" story.

    So, basically, more like retcon. Not necessarily bad, but you're more likely to notice when it's bad than when it's good. Sounds alright. Looks like we're getting Chandra, then, but who else?
    A retcon is when they change something that was previously established. Not when they tell us details about things we kind of knew but not very well. That is called storytelling.
    Chandra originally had no backstory and wore the iconic armor she always does.
    Later on revealed she hailed from an unknown and nameless plane that wasn't Regatha.
    Chandra's pyromancy abilities caused soldiers to burn down her village and family.
    Chandra fled to Regatha and studied with the monks at Keral Keep Monastery.
    She trained with Mother Luti at the monastery.
    Chandra's home plane was later revealed to be Indian Aetherpunk world of Kaladesh, she stuck out like a sore thumb since both parents are Indian.
    Also revealed later was that she was to be executed before escaping to Regatha.
    Also revealed later was that Chandra's mother is actually alive.
    Chandra and Gideon had a romantic relationship.
    Revealed later that Mother Luti was actually Jaya Ballard.
    Revealed later that Gideon instead saw Chandra as a sibling than a romantic partner.
    Now revealed she at some point in her life used a 'regulator' for her magic before becoming her adult self, but what happened to the regulator is unknown as it doesn't appear on her normal armor.
    Now revealed she is actually a very prodigious summoner of elementals in addition to her known pyromancy rather than just a pyromancer who only shoots gouts of flames, however these summoning talents are neglected prior to this in her lore.

    Chandra's backstory is several layers of Retroactive Continuity or "retconning" as its also known. Where they revised the backstory over and over and over. She gives the formerly amnesiac Jace a run for his money.

    Her father is white and biracial people come in all shades of skin tones.
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