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  • posted a message on What Tabletop Games are you playing?
    I am playing 2-3 times a week, so im playing somewhat very different games every week Smile
    here about the 200 I know so far, I may have missed some :p
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  • posted a message on O-Ringed Enchant
    Thank for the really great answer to this very weird interaction
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  • posted a message on O-Ringed Enchant
    What happens if a oblivion ring selected card is an enchant creature and o-ring is destroyed and I have one random creature in play, like grizzly bears
    ex of echant: firebreathing
    what would happens if that enchant is with the clause "return to hand if goes to graveyard form play" similar to a rancor
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  • posted a message on Hybrid symbols and cost reductions
    1) you choose the cost of a spell
    2) you pay for the cost

    you can choose to pay 2WW for spectral procession and arcane melee reduce it by 2

    its works the same way for the edgewalker and medicine runner, you can choose to pay 1W and egdewalker reduce it by W
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  • posted a message on Used Games and Game Developer Discussion Thread
    I must say that I give more praise to Indie dev to AAA, when you can buy the last AAA like Tomb Raider and Bioshock that have less than 25 hours of game play at 60$ and on the other side you have "hit" indie game that cost 15$ that can last about the same time and may sometimes give better experience of fun
    I give my vote to Indie, I am more and more less impress by AAA and a lot of the times big companies only do safe title and do very few change to a rehashed title for the 50th times (Mario, Pokemon, CoD), now the trend is all about trying to get some sells on reashing previous success title and get money from nostalgia.

    For reselling, I don't know, myself I try to not buy from gamestop because of that but I am not a big consumer of console title to start with, I think its all about Developper to tries and find way to give themself resellability with money going to them in some way, I would rather send 25$ to a dev for a old game you can't find new on a shelf rather than pay 20$ to a gamestop
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  • posted a message on This is the combo that (almost) never ends...
    My brains hurts just trying to understand all that combo with 60 cards (after all I still don't get it)

    after all I always wondered if there were a way to do an high amount of dmg without going infinite, I think its all came to duplicating the more possible time a doubling season and try to get an high amount of mana and find some way to untap a Solarion
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  • posted a message on Marvel: Avengers Alliance
    Quote from marpaolo
    siyano if u don't want to pay u can cheat that game check this: ~deleted link~

    your link is so fake and so is your account
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  • posted a message on Marvel Heroes
    the game would have been good if it was not so "bland".
    I don't understand the MMO part, the game would have been way better as a real ARPG like Diablo 3, the MMO part doesn't seem to add anything other than seeing 30 clone of all characters.
    -Skill are very basic and offer very few choice
    -combat is okay, nothing spectacular
    -graphic seem rather old
    -enemies are not that diverse and sometimes have very bad AI

    At least its free, may fill some free time here and there but I don't think its worth paying any kind of money unless you are a very die hard fans of Marvel
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  • posted a message on Marvel: Avengers Alliance
    I like the game a lot, too bad it either pay ~21¢ per battle or wait 1 hour, which personally I think is ridiculous, and that only for doing battle...

    (full energy cost 5 gold every gold is ~25¢, full energy is 6 battle, so 5 gold divide by 6 is 0.83 of a gold bar or ~20.8¢ per battle)

    I understand it all about wanting money but paying 21¢ per battle, what are we, in an arcade room?
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  • posted a message on A good mmorpg?
    being someone that tried a lot of MMO, it hard to not fit under WoW style

    There is Champions Online if you like super hero
    if it all about the "fantasy" side of WoW, then you have Star War Old Republic

    you can always check www.mmorpg.com to see a big list of mmo that exist out there and see what fits your taste
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  • posted a message on Other Card Games
    Personally I really love "Sentinels of the Multiverse" my most recent great find. (fixed deck and is played coop)
    I haven't found many very good LCG/CCG recently
    I tried Ascension I havent liked it very much
    There is Game of Thrones LCG which is very Magic-y

    If anyone have other game to suggest Smile

    For other non TCG

    One I haven't found really great

    One I havent tested:
    -Resident Evil
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  • posted a message on Ixidron vs Werewolf
    Hi, I was wondering what happens if you play Ixidron against any double sided cards (creature with transform)
    Cloistered Youth for reference
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  • posted a message on Another attempt to mitigate mana screw
    well, well, well.
    For my opinion on this subject make me cringe, because all the time it very hard for me to not flip the table if I get 4-5 land draws in a row or 4-5 nonland draws in a row when I need the later in a competitive format, I am a skillfull player I don't think I put too less or too much land in my deck (normally in limited). I stopped playing competitive because I don't like the fact that who is just the luckiest to get his better card first, that is not skill...
    When I play with one of my friend I really like variant where you dont play any land card in a center deck full of random highlander cards and each card can be played as a facedown land giving any colors, its all about card management and resort way less on random of the mana

    I think I would like a land similar to
    put a card from your hand on the bottom of you library, t: add any color mana to your mana pool
    sacrifice ~, t: draw a card, use this only if you control 6 or more lands
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  • posted a message on Best software to play "cube" online?
    Hello, since I can't really find player to play "casual" magic in my region, I was wondering if there is a good way to make and play cube with a software
    I tried MWS althought with 1000+ cards its doesnot work well
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  • posted a message on If you could change any 1 thing
    1) Make futur basic land full art land with their respective watermark, I prefer beautiful artwork rather than a useless textbox that adds nothing

    2) (its not really Wizard related but hey) make it so casual player will still go in Magic store and play, in my region almost all casual have completely disappear from store and now they only play by their own small group

    3) More alternate win condition, now magic is all about , put creature, go in red zone, destroy enemy creature

    4) related to my number 2: make Magic online cost slightly less than real, I mean why a booster packs cost me more on Wizard than at my local store?
    4a) maybe make a semi-alternative to pay, make a version where you could not redeem full sets and make booster about a 1/2 of their price

    I think it all thing I can think right away
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