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    ((Kind of tired, if i missed something, let me know))

    ((Could've just gone with Unicorn, make up your mind with your class and add it later))

    Linaris (G/W)
    Creature - Unicorn
    If Linaris would deal lethal damage to a creature, prevent that damage (all of the damage is prevented)
    Prevent all damage that would be dealt by Linaris to players with less life than Linaris' power
    Gold: 10
    Traits: Enchanted Origins (You start with an additional (G/W)(G/W) and get an additional {GW} on each level up)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (G/W)(G/W)(G/W)(G/W)(G/W)(G/W)

    The Wandering Woods is a place of whimsy and peace, its drifting trait, as well as its hospitable folk, make it a welcome sight to the weary traveler, battered by the strange, hex-like geography of Mexus. The unpredictability of your own home gives you very binary options, although both rich with possibilities: Will you explore your home and fulfill your self imposed, altruist duties? Or will you peek out, and see alongside which worlds you have landed to explore?

    The Golden Pillar of the City also seems closer than ever, but it can get even closer with some patience and luck

    ((I hadn't noticed this, it was an honest mistake, but now that you brought it to my attention...))


    The treefolk's words seem to fly past through the tree, unresponsive. Unlike him, this venomous plant seems to have no sentience of its own, and would the treefolk not gone through his reconnaissance methods, he probably couldn't have told this plant from any other. And yet, a voice responds to his proposal, or several in unison. "This is no appetite, this is its birthright". Voices ring around the treefolk in unison, of different tones and heights, blending in an undistinguishable voice.

    "This forest is not dying, but being reborn as the image of progress. This tree is the symbol of this change, a true version of nature where instead of adapting, it imposes its will over the land itself. As they would neglect it be, believing there is no reprisal for the crimes of their city! This is but the beginning! This plant's appetite will soon not be able to be quenched by this world itself!", they chanted in perfect unison from behind the canopy, their zeal apparently distracting them from the treefolk
    Vishar Naalar

    You relax as the antechamber to the massacre bombards you with mana, to be woken up by the bursting cheers of the crowd as the 8 participants enter the glorified contest. You can only see about a quarter of the arena, if not less, due to the large walls that are much closer than you'd expect, suggesting the combatants were divided in groups. A thundering boom covers the whole scenario, silencing everyone immediately; the Corps Commander Nortom is well known for not liking to be talked over. A steel-clad elf takes the balcony, his armor lacking any decorations but the scars of conflict, wielding a diamond-shaped tower shield as tall as he is as his main arm

    "Welcome, citizens! I present to you our ceremonial Mage Corps Conscription Tournament!", he announces, the crowd visibly cheering, but audibly silenced. "The tournament is divided into three categories, chosen at random, to test the versatility and wits of the courageous that dot Pantheopolis! So let the opponents meet their matches!". The crowd's chants are slowly unmuffled as a wall falls in front of you, revealing a pale-looking Vandal with silver fur, and of course, your working memory would tell you he just helped you up three seconds ago. "Ain't that quaint? Don't worry, feel free to swallow those words from before, neither of us should expect mercy at all, let alone for something as petty as acting as a clutch. Name's Zalist, have a spoiled luck", he warns you with a snicker.

    "Without further adieu, the first match will be the Restraint Match!". Nortom slams his shield, releasing a powerful restraining effect:

    Frame Match 1WU
    Spells have Split Second
    Players can't cast more than one spell per turn

    "The rules of the match are as following: Each combatant must subdue their opponents without killing them. The match doesn't ends until any of the combatants surrenders, and they must adhere to the rules of the Frame Match. And Begin!". Nortom announces, but before you get a hold of yourself, you feel something else getting a hold of you. The rat stretched his clenched fist, and you feel as if such hand was clasping your very heart, making you crumble and blocking your respiration

    Fiendish Grip 2BB
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant Player
    Whenever enchanted player casts a spell, counter that spell unless that player pays X, where X is that spell's converted mana cost
    Pay 7 life: The controlled of Fiendish Grip sacrifices it, activate this ability only if you are enchanted by Fiendish Grip
    "The quickest way to a man's secrets is his heart"
    -Zalist, Vandal Sangromancer

    You are under the effect of Fiendish Grip, the spell you cast must remove the grip, restrain Zalist, or both. Due to the rules of the Frame Match, you can only cast one spell before he gets another go. Paying 7 life is currently lethal


    Break the Demon (18)
    Design: I love the -3 life, I'm not even kidding here, its the best ability you can have on these small cards. A tempo machine in a perfectly well-rounded cost and balanced Sorcery speed, i would've given it -2 life myself, but regardless, it's a very well-packed effect. 10/10
    Flavor: You do fall flat here somewhat, while the flavor text here makes sense, it doesn't quite evokes a clear image of what you are trying to achieve. Still, even though "Caustic" and "Command" were probably not the best words to choose here, you get 7/10
    Finesse: Earned
    Total (19, Success! 4 EXP gained)

    Your words start to calm the prisoner's body, but obviously not his state of mind, as you notice him chewing through the brittle gags on his mouth. "YOUR DEMANDS AND QUANDARIES WILL NET YOU NO GAINS MORTAL, WHATEVER THEY MAY BE", he responds to you loud and clear, no hint of otherworldly power running through his voice. "MY NAME IS ZIHTAEL, AND THIS MORTAL CAGE IS PREVENTING ME FROM BREAKING THROUGH YOUR RIBS! I'M A MIGHTY ENTITY OF THE UNDERGODS, CAGED IN THIS PATHETIC SHELL!"

    "Pssh, he's not", Atlus whispers you a reminder

    Klauder Mauder

    You break your fascination for this ongoing struggle and try to find somewhere else to go. Without the golden city as an option due to your pride and disliking, the two closest destinations are the Heart-Tree and the Ice Stronghold, well known for their strange kindness to strangers. To your left vicinity lies a blackened forest a few meters from your position, known from the old legends to harbor a myriad of perilous predators and mystical materials. Similarly, you can observe a large gap on the plains floor looking south, a large pit where wind surges upwards, enclosed by the strange leylines, and that is said to hold secrets to the wary.

    You march in tempo to the 6th Division, even getting some followers going with your merry march.

    Mage Corps Splinter Division 6: The Mage Corps are a highly diverse organization, splitting all of their operations in diverse centers. Division 6 is in charge of management of information, items and most public relations. Its large space doubles as warehouse for evidence or items required by the corps, as well as a spacious area to host the events of the institution

    ((+Free Spirit))

    There were no more long lines; a few stragglers here and there that had to leave disappointed as the tournament had started. As you approach the entrance, you realize that there are no more seats, as there is a sign that explicitly says so, however, the Corps are always looking for more staff for mundane activities, as another sign suggested as well, so there's a possibility to still book for the matches and makes yourself at home as well.

    Should you enter, you would be led to the left, being led to a bored-looking, grizzled aven, probably relegated to paperwork due to age. He wouldn't even look at you as you approached him, so you would need some initiative before time burns in the arena.
    Ialyr Crestfall

    Opportunity Ambush 1RRR
    Split Second
    Cast Opportunity Ambush only during your turn
    Damage can't be prevented this turn
    Choose target spell. Put X 2/2 red and black Jackal creatures tokens with Haste on the battlefield, where X is that spell's converted mana cost

    Deny an Opportunity (18)
    Surveillance Numbward
    Design: There is SO, MUCH, GOING, ON here! And that's not the idea. Beginning with the fact that "Block Everything" and "Takes no damage" is no healthy effect by ANY stretch of the imagination, and ending with a bizarre mix of abilities and even strange creature types. 4/10
    Flavor: I like "Noun Nounverber" naming conventions as much as the other guy, but there's only so many things that you can understand from such a strange name and a discordant flavor text. 6/10
    Finesse: You are correct here, at least, 2 points granted
    Total (12 points, challenge failed! No EXP gained)
    In addition, this spell does not defeat Opportunity Ambush

    You successfully cast your cloudian guardian, but it is quickly mauled down by the horde of jackals that creeped on your team while you were vulnerable. While the creature was able to contain them all with strength, and even slay one of the beasts, it shattered and dispersed as the rest of the creatures go out and strike out at members of your team, claiming two lives. They retreat and recoup, now numbering eight, facing what seems to be an enraged troupe of Three hungry Jackals:

    Creature - Hound R

    Drawn Blood 1GRB
    Creatures you control get +1/+0 for each creature that has died this turn
    In a predator ridden world, "First Blood" is just a polite way of saying "Dead Meat"

    Your next spell must be able to fend off the three remaining wolves, 3 creatures have died this turn so far. The remaining team gathers their strength once again, granting you UUWG. You are in combat casting mode and get your 3 spell queue. Damage can be prevented once again

    ((As a sidenote, you are not allowed to cast Plan Bs in normal casting mode, but you can cast several spells to solve the same challenge. I did not clarify this the first time around and i apologize, but trust me, you are better off not trying again for that round for certain reasons))

    Tracking Treasures (18)
    Design: This is one of those cards that could be either color, but having both just makes it look so sleek. Stats are a little pushed, mostly since landwalk is scarcely used, but it gives a good feel, 9.5/10
    Flavor: I'm a little lost here, mostly because i expected some cool condition to justify the creatures' types and flavor text, that'll hit you a little, 8/10
    Finesse: Atta boy! 2 points
    Score: 19.5, Challenge Completed! You earn 6 EXP

    Your hound's slow gait isn't very useful, but as he started to pick up its trace, you can now follow at your own pace as you can heard cries begging for help. You notice thrown corpses around you, slain by puncturing wounds of the native Vandals, a second sign to confirm that your pooch's suspicions were right. You hide behind the brambles, called to the light of a fireplace set by the vandals near the rope-bound goblin; an industrious snare for a race with such a bad rep. You observe as some of them are already emptying the goblins pockets, finding strange trinkets whose value escapes their pushed minds.

    Vandal Settler BB
    Vandal Settler cannot be blocked if defending player controls an artifact
    Greed is a battery that breaks the walls of self-restraint

    You have to eliminate them before they make off with the reward, and currently only see three of them; a probably false statement. You can stay hidden and cast a spell to deal with the situation, or get closer and risk your secrecy to attain more information


    ((Most Important Rule Failure))

    You arrive to the top of the mystical waterfall, and land on the side that is obeying the known rules of physics. Something is not very happy with your landing, however, as something leaps from the river to assault you

    Waterfall Barracuda 3GU
    Creature - Fish
    Reach, Islandwalk
    "Hey, it's not that bad, its not like the big fish can fly"
    -Bozlo, goblin fisherman, last words

    You are in combat casting, 3 spell queue. Your don't have your aura anymore
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    ((So, I've been on vacations and my private time with my computer diminished heavily since it is now on contest for custody. Luckily for you people, I'll be coming back tomorrow. An update will be placed here tomorrow evening, and posts will once again be regular thereon, apologies for the inconveniences))

    ((Update: Delayed Flight ):, getting back to you tomorrow))
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    Dene Vere G
    Creature - Human Bard
    Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life

    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Elegant Robes
    Traits: Free Spirit (+1 Universal Spell Mod on the first challenge of a location)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: GGGGG

    It is said that one could wander the city for all of their life, and never know there is actually something outside the golden bastion. There's no physical destiny to a soul of the arts, so more than stumbling across boundless opportunities within and without. Large events are taking place in the city, including the Viashino's Kaiser visiting Pantheopolis, as well as one of the many tournaments hosted by the Mage Corps which require to be staffed by more than raw muscles. The difference commerce districts of the city always have willful ears and able goods, and of course, the Thousands Theater; a museum of the acted arts to serve as a definite inspiration.

    Of course, no more notes can possibly be drawn by waltzing in circles, and the horizon beyond the golden gates is boundless, even compared to its divine bounds

    You slowly work your way towards this apparently hallowed tree, the wake of its destruction made apparent as the flora around you grows weaker around your vicinity. You arrive to notice it is a normal tree, sound, healthy, run-of-the-mill, and yet its blooming. Around its roots are some of the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen of this grove, surrounded by acid-etched glass as they spread its caustic essence through the forest

    This plant is not evil in nature, it's just a predator on it's own right, mysteriously taking over your forest. You can interact with the tree in whichever waywith a difficulty of 18. However, you feel a still presence, watching your every move. "It feels like they will lash out at any attempt against the tree"
    Against the Nest (17)
    Aura Poison
    Design: Black's take on Aura Mutation, which sounds balanced enough. It gets two-for-ones but its conditional enough to pass the test. 10/10
    Flavor: You fall flat here a little, since the Enchantment is so mostly for game purposes, so the card feels very skewed flavor-wise for the purposes of felling a snake and its nest. 6/10
    Finesse: To the rescue with your two points
    Total: (18, Challenge Complete! 4 EXP gained)

    The assaulting reptile felt victim to the sluiced essence of its own bloodline, withering before you. Now that you can finally catch your breath and admire the putrid miracle of this swamp, you gain 2B.

    If you were to look for footprints, you'll notice a matching pair of shoeprints that scampered through the swamps, but your easy efforts would be flustered as these get lost within an obviously disturbed marsh, whose heavy waters suggest struggle, an where these tracks end. There are no predators in the immediate vicinity; they would have assaulted you. One of the many rogue Vandal bands must have taken him away, which means that the goodies he carries might be spoiled to the scrounging race.

    You have a difficulty of 18 to track the goblin, and you have 2 turns to find him before the Vandals make off with the reward

    You arrive to the battlegrounds to find an astounding, glorious.....stalemate?

    Crusade's Boundary: An eternal battlegrounds where the Nertuls, the elementals of wood that protect their sacred Heart-Tree, and the Icewilled, the noble aven knights that control the Ice Stronghold, fight epic battles for unknown reasons. The conflict has lasted for centuries, and it is said that it has claimed less lives that it has lasted years.

    Add (G/U)(U/W)

    You don't understand how this is possible. Spells are flying, barricades are being risen from thin air, arrows are hailing towards both sides, and cavalry and infantry alike are clashing in an unbelievable brawl, and yet after minutes of observation for your position, not a single individual has been slain. Incredible defenses and complex stratagems are so abundant that there are no tolls being taken for either team, each one unable to flank the other's defense. Is there no side to pick? Is there really not a loser in this conflict as it is?

    You can probably divine where these soldiers are coming from in this quasi-symmetrical war, as two large structures pop out from your position. A skyscrapping tree and an equally imposing fortress of ice. The battle will most likely not be upset by a single individual, unless that individual doesn't fears being harmlessly exiled for the next year. Perhaps there is more insight to be gained from outside the battle at this moment

    "You are our guest, Alfred"

    The priest calls for the name of his assistant once again, now opening what seemed to be a hidden window, letting a myriad of muffled cries pour into the confession chamber. "Do whatever you are legally entitled to do, Arbiter, he's in your hands at this moment", Artus cleans his hands on you, allowing you to enter the madman's chamber.

    As you enter, there is no much to speak or reason. You are allowed to remove the gags from his mouth, but it would probably result in bitten teeth, and his words are clearly gibberish from how loud he is pushing these archaic bindings. He's at your mercy, and the sanctity of the confession room is being held for only you and Atlus.
    Vishar Nalaar

    The Vedalken glances at you the moment you speak, visibly opening a new page on his notes, most likely jotting information of the latest arrival. "Judge", he tersely speaks at visibly no one, "Permission for harmless imposition of force", he continues, words that confuse everyone in the room, except of course the Wisp stationed in the room, nodding at his quandary.

    You suddenly find yourself with your face on the floor without explanation, and the slight pain in your head suggest that you somehow tripped while standing still. "You have no authority to call me by race, Contestant. I'm ill interested in your name, and now, I'm ill interested in your prowess as well". He explains nonchalantly while making his way through a small corridor, suggesting he knows his way through the arena. Everyone else is silent, very likely not wanting to push the Judge into action.

    "Attention participants, please go to your selected chambers", a loud voice rings out for you as the hallway you just saw being used opens into a wide corridor, with several capsules being at the end of the hallway. Everyone quickly sprints towards them in an effort of getting picks for unknown reasons. Your current experience with the floor robs you of your head-start, but the calm Vandal rat had too stayed behind, giving you a helping hand to stand up.

    "I don't kick the man that's not down by my hand, so go ahead, choose", his words don't make sense, both from the sense that he's helping you and the meaning behind an option, but as you approach the three remaining hallways before you, you feel a strong essence emanating from each corridor, hauling with mana from all over Mexus

    You can choose one of the three corridors glowing with energy, and you will be granted mana for this tournament:

    Predator Pathway: BRRRG
    Progress Pathway: WUUUB
    Prismatic Pathway: XXX
    Yol Alok
    Find the Truth (22-4=18)
    Secrets of the Bazaar
    Design: This reminds me of Blasphemous Act: It's an effect that scales off creatures twice. It's not as amazing as the former and its cost seems pretty low, but it does have such a splashy ability while providing card selection. I also love how uncontrolled rumors lead you to milling yourself, 10/10
    Flavor: The flavor text is not brilliant, but the flavor on the card's name and effect are pretty powerful. There's more to hear, and more to filter, the more creatures there are out. 9/10
    Finesse: "controlled by target opponent" and the wording of the Draw/Discard components are off, which is why i must deny you your Finesse points
    Proud Lineage fails to boost your roll
    Total: (19, Complete! 4 EXP Granted)

    Singling out a small group of individuals was a difficult focus, but it sure draws less attention, and useful one at that. It seems like you have wounded up with a band of thieves, trafficking information about underground dealings, most likely involving Nole. You hear he's at a nearby bar waiting for a Vandal courier for business, although whether it is related to the scroll or not is unknown.

    The bar you are looking for is not far from here, you can literally see it from here, however, you are definitely not a 4 feet tall rat to sneak in in its stead, and you don't even know how Nole looks like, so you'll either need better leads or a way to somehow keep track of an expert swindler. It did help to find individuals with this kind of expertise; you inadvertently picked up some tips for not very legal actions from those folks over there, granting you (U/B)(U/B)
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    ((Yes, yes, i forgot to give you a trait))

    ((Update later))

    2nd Edit: Wow i was tired back then, here you go

    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Battered Armor
    Traits: Magebane (+1.5 where there's an opponent spell involved)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (W/R)(W/R)(W/R)(W/R)
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    ((I won't try to explain because at this point i don't feel like you want an explanation))

    Klauder Mauder (W/R)
    Creature - Dwarf Knight
    (W/R)(W/R),T: Exile target artifact with converted mana cost of X or lower, where X is Klauder Mauder's power

    What is there to Mexus but the city? Pantheopolis expands almost as fast as the plane itself, but even then, those who shun its peace and quiet are still in the high numbers. You confirm this belief by noticing conflict in the near distance, you can't tell by far who's winning or losing, or who is even engaging, but continued observation would make apparent that the skirmish is at a standstill

    Of course, there are always other paths. You have heard of an "Adventurers Guild" being somewhere near this location, a fine place to obtain reinforcements. You could also go to your old home, and try to reclaim what was lost to nature


    "I understand such affairs and interests, members of such high caste have little use for peasantries." Atlus spoke with a tone of arrogance, strange traits for a healer. "Alright, then i think we can discuss the issue at hand, Alfred". He called a name out, probably someone at the other side of the room. A small, hidden window opened to the side of the room,leading to a strange room, decorated in esoteric black and white patterns. There was a human strapped to the floor, struggling against the steel bindings, muttering unreadable words from the highly muffled screen.

    "You see, this man claims he's a Demon, and actually wishes us to exorcise him from his mortal shell so he can rule again. Thing is, he isn't, our seers have confirmed so. Demon exorcism is a brutal procedure, even for our standards, lesser souls shatter and perish against it, thus we use our better judgment to determine if someone is deserving of it, and forbid ourselves on using it on normal, unpossesed citizens. However, this man has knocked up so many times here, and the Civil Corps will just haul him back with his unbearable barking, so we cannot exorcize him or let him go.

    I'm not sure if your diplomatic approaches can help, but we need a third party to deal with this issue. I'm sure your generosity will not be forgotten"

    You now know the dilemma the church is facing, and must somehow deal with it. You can Rig the case in favor of the church or against it, however, Rigging the case against the church will have a higher difficulty and most likely get you ousted of the place if you fail

    Ialyr Crestfall

    Defeat the Fallout (19)
    Freeze into Oblivion
    Design: I love me some laconic, straightforward effects, except when they are pushed this hard. While the mix-up is great here, the white aspect, mainly because Exiling any permanent at instant speed is too much to ask for. Split second also makes very little sense here, 7/10
    Flavor: Because the spell name is so resounding and the effect so solid, my answer will be similar: "Yes", 10/10
    Finesse: It's hard to mess up something as simple as this, 2/2
    Iceborn +1
    Total: 20 (Challenge Met! You gain 6 EXP)

    The imposing force of nature that faced you now was held still in a cryogenic stasis from both time and space, exiled from this existence. Your concerted efforts felled a great obstacle, however, that looming presence still lingered, remaining invisible to your basest senses, but striking fear at your basest levels. The dangers of this place were not unknown, but your team pushed onward.

    The dark sands provide no insight, the only objects you stumble upon are fossils and useless relics, unrecognizable by the appraisers of your team, which picks their interest as they start collecting them. You sense the jackals surrounding you, hoping you to take a misstep, but the light cast from your magic refrains them from attacking without the element of surprise.

    The influence of Leylines does not expand on its own, so there is something under these sands that keeps pushing the sands forward. Your team suspects it is the influence of the large force that caused the surge that threatened their lives, and reach a consensus of investigating. You must track the underground source that's pushing the Leyline torwards the Glacier, this has a difficulty of 18, however, Your spell will be responded with

    Opportunity Ambush 1RRR
    Split Second
    Cast Opportunity Ambush only during your turn
    Damage can't be prevented this turn
    Choose target spell. Put X 2/2 red and black Jackal creatures tokens with Haste on the battlefield, where X is that spell's converted mana cost
    Dead people can't call you a swine without honor

    Whatever spell you cast Must also resist the impeding jackal assault, your concerted efforts once again grant you UUWWG

    Vishar Nalaar

    "Hmph, at least you are honest, most people try to pull the Knightdom card on me. Go ahead". The guard lets you pass into the tournament waiting room, a well lit, decorated space with hanged weapons and banners, muffled from the public's cries of excitement to avoid breaking your concentration. You observe the contestants that litter around the place, finding the usual stereotypes you might have guessed: Knights in shining armor and lithe myrmidons, although there are some figures that don't match.

    You notice a Vandal ratfolk loitering in the corners, wearing large clothes in which you could hide several hundred implements, a difficult find in an event of discipline. There is also a Vedalken taking notes, even in the silence of the arena, by his vestments, he is obviously not a member of the Corps. But of course, most importantly, the shining figure at the left, a prismatic spirit shining in the barracks, it was a Mox Wisp, the immortal, almost omnipotent guardians of the city, whose presence nobody seems to question, is ushering the other fighters for a divine, unknown purpose

    Perhaps it is the time to ask some questions


    Find the cause of the problem (17)
    Deep Roots
    Design: It's like a hybrid between CUltivatE and ExPloSivEVEGEtation, which is nice since Rebound is a good mechanic on mana fixing, it's well balanced around its concept, even if its cost probably should've been 1GG, 9.5/10
    Flavor: This is a little over the place, the name doesn't evokes a very good mental image, and the flavor text feels mismatching, but since it's not contradicting, it feels passable, 8/10
    Finesse: Earned dem 2 points
    Total: 19.5 (Sucess! 6 EXP earned)

    Your connections spread through the forest, making contact with all of the plants within it, except one makes contact back. This strange influence stings you as you reach it, breaking your trance with a bizarre sensation, granting you (G/B)(G/B).

    This strange presence seems to be a tree, of almost equal size and girth as yourself, if not bigger. It's of natural birth, but its purpose seems to be more sinister, and lacks the sentience granted to your kin. However, the forest seems to be petrifying around it, withering against its noxious, imposing aura. The tree is eastbound from here, at about 40 meters distance. You know exactly where it is, how tall it stands, and what it is doing, thus, you can decide your next action.


    You arrive to the waterfalls, watching its waters graciously fall downwards....except you find yourself upside down. There are two waterfalls in the island, one following the rules of gravity from the top of the mysterious island, and the other surfacing from the bottom of the lake and rocketing upwards, both start and end in bodies of water, thus approaching them from foot doesn't seems feasible

    You keep your flight form for now, and you must choose to investigate in the lower lake or the upper island first

    Yol Alok

    Jaz'Keed bids you adieu as you head torwards:

    The Marketplace: Whatever you need, it is here...somewhere. A sprawl of multiple marketplaces connected into one for convenience, it is said that this place spans the entire city on a loop. Whether it is an object, a spell, or an idea you are looking for, it is here, somewhere, be it on the legal businesses or the obscure corners

    You add X

    You arrive to the marketplace with plenty of awareness, which is cut short by the enormous crowd, but even to you, this sounds unusual. You don't hear commerce or gossip, but hushed whispers, low enough to be incomprehensible, but numerous enough to drown the sounds of actual commerce. It seems like the large amount of prospects the Library had gathered went to the same place, and probably started making open, indiscreet questions. Nole has probably caught wind of this blunt research, and is probably skulking somewhere

    With all of this noise and interference of the investigation, the chances of you, or anyone, of finding the rogue are heavily diminished. You can cast spells to interact with the crowd to earn information, or perhaps quell the competition, but whichever your approach, the difficulty is lower the more people you target

    Lukas Rakaro

    "Yah, sure, see you again soon!". The cranky rat waves goodbye, fully expecting you not to return if you do find the stacked money. You walk over the minotaur-mat once again to head to:

    Swamps of Lisga: An ecosystem poisoned by the most obscure, treacherous beasts. Once the home of the Vandals, an absent-minded race of ratfolk, the place is now run by an autocracy of humans which have enslaved the previous owners of the land. Tribes of aggresive folk litter the place, followed by equally merciless predators

    You don't even have time to appreciate the environment before something springs to assault you

    Hostile Nest GB
    Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, choose an opponent of that creature's controller. That player puts a 1/1 green and black Snake token on the battlefield, then those creatures fight

    You are in normal casting mode, however, because of the bogs putrid mana, Non-black spells cost an additional 1

    Northen Jemals

    Combat Challenge!
    Vs Spitfire Rootwalla

    Dictum of Peace: Here's the thing: This card does nothing? Much like Time Stop, you need a large explanation of what the words "End Combat" means, because like that, this card literally doesn't do anything, and that's troublesome. 1/10

    1+10=11 (Whiff, no mana spent)

    Absence of the Many: I like the name, it is making a picture in my mind of how the spell works. The effect sounds simple and balanced, so that's a 10/10
    10+12=22 (Pass! Mana spent, 2 EXP gained)

    You oust the creature from company, eliminating its threat as both of you fade into an ethereal timeout. When you do come back, both of your are initially dissoriented, breaking the rest of your focus and giving you a brief reprieve from the critter's visage. No more spells are cast and no mana is spent, however, a Grammarie's virtue is patience, "You can stick around and try to cast them again"

    If you keep trudging forward into the forest, you'll be led to what seems to be a natural spring. Creatures both large and small are flocking to drink from its clean water, including strange mixes of docile elks, herd-driven wildebeests and imposing Baloths, probably suggesting that this place has a form of calming presence, that quells the predator's natural ire. However, should you approach the spring, a very distinctive territorial growl from the large beast would be the easiest signal to tell that you are not wanted in this place. You can continue moving forward towards your final destination or Approach these peculiar springs. Your vast knowledge of magic allows you to identify this soothing presence.

    Coexistence W
    Creatures can't attack
    Whenever a player controls a creature that does not share a creature type with any other creature, sacrifice Coexistence.
    Nature doesn't really abhors

    Southern Jemals

    Find the Source (18)
    Cognitive Investment
    Design: I like these colors, it sounds like these are the colors that would do this (And I'm not saying this just because Research is a thing). Sorcery speed and rarity are spot on for a symbolic one-drop. 10/10
    Flavor: Unfortunately, for this challenge, remembering doesn't works as well as learning. I like the approach you are taking for this though, so you get points for it, 6/10
    Finesse: You earn your 2 finesse points.....wait
    Total 18 (Challenge Complete, you earn 2 EXP, Study Spells doesn't earns you any additional EXP off this spell)

    You start to mentally backtrack your findings, digging through your understanding of the laws of magic, as well as your interaction with this influence. With this slow remembrance, you now can tell where the radiation starts and ends as you walk through it, effectively allowing you to triangulate its source.

    You turn to the direction you calculated, and suddenly, it appears.....a withered tree. You remember being told of this, but this withered tree couldn't be the source of such a powerful magical influence. Something is amiss, the powerful influence comes from here, it surrounds you with even more energy, granting you with an additional (U/B), but is that all there is?
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    I´m just going to announce that Mexus´ updates are coming late because of college´s final stretches. Please sit tight and thank you for your patience

    EDIT: Update here. Mexus is suspended until Friday morning for academic reasons, apologies for the missgivings and stay tight
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    Salve 1
    Creature - Myr Minion
    The first point of damage that would be dealt to you each turn is dealt to Salve instead.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Lieru-O's Kama: 2W: You gain first strike until end of turn. 2G: You get +2/+2 until end of turn. Active this ability only once each turn. (Value: 12 gold)
    Traits: Charisma
    Experience: 9/20
    Mana: (B/R)

    With a quick motion you cleave through the chains, leaving Lieru-O with only manacles and a few links still attached to her wrists. At first, she seems nervous, unbelieving that she'll actually get to leave her spot beside the anvil after all these years, but then she all but runs to the forge you're standing beside, muttering as she goes, "Small, small, stilettos, dirks, rapiers, katars. No, too complex, something curved, be useful. Pass me that hammer? Thank you. Good metal. Need good metal. Nope, impure, nope, impure, nope impure, nope, too hot for too long, nope, impure, eh, close, nope, impure, nope, impure, close, close, this one is real good, oh, adamantium and orichalicum alloyed with steel? Might be interesting. Save that for later, though, when I have time to experiment. I'M GOING TO HAVE TIME TO EXPERIMENT?! Too loud, sorry. Uh, nope, impure, nope, impure, ah, here's the moneymaker. Pure, simple steel, no impurities. Give me an hour, I'll make something worth having."

    After 50 minutes of Lieru-O handling red-hot steel with her bare hands yet not reacting to it, and hammering incessantly at the metal, she dips the two weapons into an oil baths, and, after blowing the flames away, hands you a still red-hot knife, long like a stiletto, but curved like a scimitar, and with a strange rune engraved on the hilt, "I haven't put any runes on my metalwork since my h-home fell. Hope it still works the way it did back then."

    You gain a:

    Lieru-O's Kama: 2w: You gain first strike until end of turn. 2g: You get +2/+2 until end of turn. Active this ability only once each turn. (Value: 12 gold)

    >Alert; Unit is fascinated, raise awareness
    >VocalModule.Output("Of course it will, skills might falter, but passion doesn´t")
    >Alert; Unit is fascinated, raise awareness

    >VocalModule.Output("Alright, we move out then")
    >VocalModule.Output("We could follow the pipelines, that will lead us somewhere, however, on my way here, this unit detected a large shrine crowned by a flaming effigy. Do you know what that is?")

    >Open(Door, Slow)
    End of parsing...
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    Salve 1
    Creature - Myr Minion
    The first point of damage that would be dealt to you each turn is dealt to Salve instead.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Traits: Charisma
    Experience: 7/20
    Mana: R(B/R)

    >VocalModule.setTone(Yes, of course)

    Shattering Knack R
    Instant (C)
    Until end of turn, target creature gains "T: Destroy target artifact"
    "Violent deaths caused by incomplete AEPMS breaking off their own assembly lines and demolishing entire facilities taught artificers to never install the Instinct Module first"

    >If (ActionComplete=true) Then
    >VocalModule.Output("We could use something small, large swords might be too big to conceal")
    >End If
    End of Parsing
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    Dimithkarjic (G/W)
    Creature - Treefolk Shaman
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: None
    Traits: Patience (+0.5 stacking universal roll for each post that did not include a challenge, up to +2)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (G/W)(G/W)(G/W)(G/W)

    Flora and fauna alike are disappearing around you, in what to an ancient tree feel like minutes. The fear of losing the sacred grove surrounding you finally has you taking action, but the action to take is rather fuzzy.

    Through the canopy, from your high seat that is your bodily height, you can see the beckoning pillar of the golden city in the horizon, in fact, in two of the horizons. The strange form of the plane makes the city always visible in the far sky, but only when at the farthest, it can be seen more than once. Your distance to the city would make it difficult to arrive there timely. You'd have to either find a way to reach the city very rapidly, or find the cause of this malnourishment and patch it.

    "Oh yes yes, sure! Eh-....", the edgy shopkeeper waded its head around, trying to find the leader of the operation in the scarcely occupied outpost. "Ah-! There-! Jefka!". He hopped in place, pointing at a sizable, chromatic apparatus, and the engineer handling it. "Just-Just be clear, 'ight? Jefka doesn't likes interruptions, like how she once h-No matter!"

    Jefka was a Vedalken woman, wearing an outfit braided with gems of different colors, knowing their race, this was most likely for practical purposes. "This better be a new shipment, an update from the veil, or something actually relevant and not handouts or complaints", she preemptively interrupts the angel

    Approaching the enormous battery puts you under its influence, granting you X

    You reach up to:

    Miracle Falls: At ground level, the Miracle Falls might look like a common lake, but it hold a strange mystery, as water actually circulates upward into the sky, and down back again, creating a two-way waterfall between the ground and the island above. There is an entire ecosystem of watery life in the lake, but the island of the top remains a mystery. It holds a cave that springs the water upwards and downwards with no apparent explanation, and very few feel compelled to traverse it.

    Add GU

    You may arrive to the lower lake surrounded by forests, or to the upper island which holds a series of caves that torrent the water around in its strange phenomenom
    Bend the laws of reality (20)
    Time Skip
    Design: This is what Final Fortune would look like if it were Blue. Laconic, reasonable design with adequate cost and resonant effect. 10/10
    Flavor: I'm going what you Skip is the part where you come back and go the other way? I understand you are pretty much editing time to synch something, but the name could've gone better, 8.5
    Finesse: You earn your 2 Finesse Points
    Final: 20.5 (Challenge Complete! You get 8 EXP, Study Spells nets you an additional 3 EXP)

    Impatient, and lusting for knowledge, you cut your future and stitch it with your present to create two different presents, experiencing two different possibilities

    (As a result of this time contortion, each you will earn individual mana. Additionally, XP you gain will be accumulated instead of awarded until your future gets back where it belongs and will be slightly reduced.)

    The Northen you heads to:

    Panfire Forest: A humid, hot jungle where big game and lithe hunters are abound. The Viashino from the Rockhot Summit respect the forest as a natural ground, a testament that wilderness trumps civilization. Thus, they are very eager to challenge explorers to defeat their hungry ecosystem.

    You can see the large rock upon which the reptilian civilization is build, but you will first need to traverse its obstacle course. The forest blesses you, granting you X(G/W)(R/G)

    It takes little time for the forest to take that back though, as a small creature challenges you from the trees:

    Spitfire Rootwalla 1GR
    Creature - Lizard
    When Spitfire Rootwalla becomes blocked, it deals damage to target creature blocking it equal to its power.
    1G: Spitfire Rootwalla gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.

    The creature is willing to assault you, but the dense foliage makes it difficult to properly engage. You are in a combat situation as a blocker, but all combat damage dealt by both parties is prevented

    The south-bound you heads to:

    Calming Nowhere: This golden plains is well known for being a paragon of still beauty. There is a single, slightly slanted pathway that walks into nowhere, only granting an unsullied view of both half and full sunsets.

    Add (2/W)

    The environment is soothing without a doubt, giving the future you a well deserve respite, but that's about it. Even after minutes of walk, you still draw a blank on what there is around this place, you can't even see the described lonely plant. However, as you traverse deeper in these so pure lands, you start to sense a strangling, growing presence, a continuous influx of strange magic. This irradiation grants you (U/B), but you have no idea where its coming from
    Ialyr Crestfall

    Defy the Abstract Sky (16)
    Avowing Aura
    Design: Recursive scrying is WAAAY too powerful, not to mention at that cost. A small effect could've gotten you away with the lithe enchantment, but the mana cost docks you points. 6.5/10
    Flavor: However, it is exactly what you intend to do. The name fits with what you are trying to achieve and has a simple design. Could've used better flavor text, though, 9.5/10
    Finesse: You earn your 2 Finesse points
    Total: 18 Points. Challenge complete, you get 4 Experience

    The light from within your small trinket reflects in the sky, creating a coat of prismatic light that spreads through the Fallout. The spell reveals that the land is, indeed, pitch black, which is no trick of the eye, but the changing sky does give your team a greater sense of orientation, and of forewarning as well.

    You feel an enormous presence below you, as if a creature were tunneling from below the entire expedition. While it cannot be seen or heard, something else can, as a rising avalanche of black sand is rising against you:

    Fallout Surge 7BR
    Sorcery (M)
    Fallout Surge can't be countered
    Fallout Surge deals 7 damage to each creature and each player
    The odd white powder found in the Fallout is not sand, but bleached bone, turn to dust in seconds

    Your remaining party start channeling magic, mana churning from their concerted efforts. You have a challenge difficulty of 19, however, for this challenge, thanks to the concerted effort of the other 10 members of your team, you gain UWWGG
    Yol Alok

    Jaz'Kheed can be found as always, slithering between the complex pipe system above its desk. He welcomes you from above, hissing at you to call your attention, as you might have been expecting someone larger. The snake nods at your order, and you immediately feel a chilling presence behind you as the dedicated spectral staff goes to attend your order.

    "Sadly, I am not in charge of the Kaiser's visit, so i can't fix you with a date with him. All I can tell you is you might find some wisdom in the Viashino's traditions to capitalize his visit." He informs you, curious as why would you think the library needs help, even though it does.

    "Well you see, the library values its knowledge, and of course, some people think they value it more than us. A human of Ill-manered past known as Nole lately got away with taking a particular scroll. On its own its of no value but without it, the complete collection is meaningless, because of its rather volatile magics. We fear that he might attempt to tap into it, causing major city damages in name of the Library, not good for public relationships, you see? He was last seen at the market, and a bunch of other prospects went for his hunt already. Feel free to go fetch him, if you feel lucky, though. The books you want will probably be here by then"
    Sublimate the Cleric (14)
    Design: This is really overcosted an also falls flat on the issue the previous Instant-speed Mugging done in this game. You could've made this an aura and i wouldn't have batted an eye, but as an instant it feels rather jarring. 7/10
    Flavor: I do like the flavor here, a sort of nightmarish, imposing tone telling you that you will kill someone in such detail that he is actually anxious for the moment. The flavor text still feels off, though, could've been more relevant since there's no mention of healing here. 8/10
    Finesse: No rarity and some awkward wording means you only get half a Finesse point
    Total: 15.5 (Challenge Complete! Add 5 EXP)

    The woman stutters uncontrollably, walking backwards as you punish her with words. "Uh-h.....Yes! I'll get him to yo-, i mean, yes i'll get Brother Artus to talk to you and....Eh, we don't serve vintage drinksBUT DONT WORRY!-....I'll-....I'll arrange something!". The lady scrams over between the hallways, letting you enter to the church.

    You observe an enormously well tended interior, filled to the brim with decorations and symbols. There are several gargoyles perched atop the church's artistic architecture, working as the place's security measure. You see the woman rapidly walking back towards you. "Brother-*pant*, *pant*. Brother Artus is ready to meet you, please come this way". She then leads you to a very cramped room, like a confession chamber

    You Add (B/U)

    A man is waiting for you in an ornate chair, you figure this is Atlus. He's a slender, young man wearing black robes with golden ornaments, complementing his pitch black hair and round glasses as he watches you with very little apparent interest, odd traits for a man of healing. He waves you at a similarly cushioned, high quality chair to sit down, crossing his arms over his knees. "Our humble church doesn't usually gets these kind of visits from members of the higher caste, what is it that brings you here, arbiter?"
    Vishar Nalar

    You are returned your rudeness in kind and directed to the:

    Mage Corps Splinter Division 6: The Mage Corps are a highly diverse organization, splitting all of their operations in diverse centers. Division 6 is in charge of management of information, items and most public relations. Its large space doubles as warehouse for evidence or items required by the corps, as well as a spacious area to host the events of the institution

    The first thing that could be seen from the distance was a large line of audience, the Corps initially didn't allow spectators, as their tournaments were more of a culling method of determining new possible recruits, but all forms of controlled combat calls curious citizens like carrion calls the crows. Thankfully, the entrance for the "to-be" contestants was quiet visible, made brighter with the assistant of a young cadet, to prevent the large lines to be of distraction.

    The participants line was almost empty, there was but one elf with a paper and feather marking all the attendants. She wore a pronounced red armor with sharp, gilded edges. Her weapon was strapped to her back, but from that angle, it was small, sharp, and had no visible handle, which suggested it was meant for throwing. There was a human warrior (Kon-Sen) queueing up for the combat as well, but the corps should be able to multitask, and thus tersely ask Vishar the same question

    "Your name and your reason for joining this tournament, please"

    You slip several coins through the counter, but the rat simply slides them back. "First one's the house, bud, hehe". He places a dubious drink on the table, it looks green and murky, but you should be able to pick off the scent of blood on it, the house seems to be very attentive of its clientele's tastes.

    "Anyways, i don't know why people think I'm some sort of bounty board, people aren't very talkative down here. I just know the guys over there got mad with some goblin that was booking for their little card game and got away with the pot. And gambling without money ain't gambling, is it? The whelp headed to the swamps, he won't last there, and some rat will probably loot the prize money. Would be a shame, wouldn't it?"
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    Salve 1
    Creature - Myr Minion
    The first point of damage that would be dealt to you each turn is dealt to Salve instead.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Traits: Charisma
    Experience: 7/20
    Mana: R(B/R)

    >LieruO has Reasonable knowledge of IronCastle, but not of Layout
    >IronCastle.Layout has reference from Pipelines
    >LieruO cannot Traverse Pipelines (86% security)
    >Traversing IronCastle.GroundLevel will be required
    >Percieved MissionCompletion Probability rose to 54% (Was 21%)
    >Logic Sphere Suggestion: Attempt to further raise Probability before Compromising

    >GestureModule.Execute(Nod, 2 times)
    >VocalModule.Output("But first...")
    >VocalModule.Output("If this metal is both catalyst and material...can´t we arm ourselves with it?")
    End of parsing...
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    ((This post was meant to be posted 5 hours ago but i lost it and had to rewrite it while being busy with other stuff. Internet provider, you so silly))


    You discordantly make your way towards:

    The Cathedral of Voz: A strange church that seems to have risen from ashes, as no one remembers who build it. The Cathedral is both an institute, a school, a church and a medical center, where devote healers reknit and resucitate heedless of your fame or your economical condition. The church's gold etched glasses and highly manned services do leave a lot of doubts of where their funds come from

    Add (2/W)

    You arrive to the church's gates to have the doors opened to you, if ever so slightly, in fact, there's almost no transit through the doorways, a strange event for such an used commodity. A human woman, covered in a long, white hooded robe that covers the entirety of her body, welcomes you to the church, although her body language suggests she is shaken from sort of event.

    "I....welcome you to the Cathedral of Voz. We apologize for the current inconveniences, there are, some.....inner matters the church has to settle. What do you seek healing for?", she asked, probably clueless about your social standings
    Cassandra Morgana

    Escape from the city! (Difficulty 12)
    Sky Shift
    Design: I get only half of this card and it is the top half, because i do not remember that being a Drake grants you Hexproof in any way or form (0 Results on that), the Sphinx's half is arbitrary but it sounds reasonable. The spell is also somewhat decently costed, but it feels pushed as too many effects are in one 5/10
    Flavor: This could technically even be a cycle, it's simple and understandable, if unimpressive, perhaps it would make more sense with types that could stack 8/10
    Finesse: Uncapitalized creature types and a bunch of other tidbits means you do not earn Finesse points
    Total: 13/Challenge Met, you gain 4 EXP

    Your magics and your familiarity with shapes that are not your own allows you to grow the necessary physiology to gracefully take flight. This time, the Mox Wisp seem to respect your need to release yourself from the ground and do not interrupt you as you soar past the city's gilded walls

    You add 2

    From your aerial vantage, you witness the patchwork utopia that is Mexus. There are a lot of landmarks to visit: Marshes, grasslands, cities, jungles, volcanoes, you can even see floating islands and structures off the horizon! But which of these locations could contain the items needed to craft a masterpiece?

    (You are granted the ability to describe the general gist of your destination, whether it is a plains, or a mountain, or whatnot. I'll take care of the details)

    "Oh no! We are not in danger, no matter! The forest is interesting, actually! Vedalken think more with their brains than with the.....no matter! Hehehe!", the jittery ratfolk updated Jegudiel with the outpost's news. "We've been hiding nothing! Been doing the same thing for a while, 97 double days! Longer that than forest's been there! We were testing a new form of energy generation! Massive batteries if you will! Then that forest grew there and.....no matter! Hehehe! That forest has only 12 double days there!". The rat points out the strange trivia in excitement, forests usually don't appear from morning to evening.

    "Some pointy eared dudes've been harassing us to stop whatever we are doing, they think we kill the forest! But it no matter! We were here before forest, forest better move out itself!
    Vishar Nalaar

    You leave a stunning impression on the merchant and walk your way to the Corps. You are pretty sure you hear muffled insults in the distance. Now approaching:

    Mage Corps Division 3: The Mage Corps is a huge organization splintered into many divisions to take care of diverse activities. Division 3 is in charge of news publishing of inner and outer sources, as well as the handling of contracts both temporal and signed. In short, its a place where both fresh recruits and bounty hunters dole out the paperwork

    Add (W/R)(W/U)

    The place looks awfully commonplace for being a law enforcement agency, with the main hall being very akin to a waiting room, a bunch of chairs and the occasional weapon or emblem on the walls to remind you where you are. A postboard on the wall has a bunch of relevant information, with the public one being white and the private information marked in pitch black paper and in black ink. It is suprising that anyone can read them but the corps have a way around that.

    The relevant headlines in the postboard are:


    You know that the first three events take place in the city, but the last location is a known salt marsh that lies just at the boundaries of the city
    Disable the Gatekeeper (17)
    Poisoned Bard
    Design: It`s like Mugging, except instant speed and more permanent. Seems on par since -1/-1 counters tend to be on the costly side, 9/10
    Flavor: A couple of things fall flat here: The flavor text seems to be off, i don`t really know where it comes from. Also, Poisoned Barb sounds like a weapon, rather than a spell. 6/10
    Finesse: Your card earns you 2 Finesse Points
    total 17 (Challenge Complete, gain 4 EXP)

    You shove the gatekeeper, and of course, he doesn`t budges, not even noticing your sly trick. "You are not g-", he is interrupted as he collapses in the ground before you, with a loud thud that shakes the closest tables and earns you a few uninterested looks. "HURTIN! You damn not better be drunk again!", a cranky voice resounds from the back of the pub, followed by a dissapointed sight. You can now happily walk over the minotaur and into the pub

    The place is undecorated and full of bedlam, as well as interesting people being dull. As you walk, a knife flies in front of your face, piercingo the clothes of an already pinned goblin, and earning you the apologies of an elf at the other side of the club. "Hey! Ye new here ain`t ya! C`mere! Welcome to the Guillotine! My name`s Siko, I`m in charge here". You hear the same voice again, coming from a gray-skinned ratfolk. He wears an unorthodox vestment with multiple blades sticking haphazardly, as well as wearing several stitches in his flesh, visible even through his fur.

    "So what brings ya here eh, stranger? The people? The liquor? The chance to beat up Hurtin? He never learns"
    Yol Alok

    You quickly head to:

    The Library of Alexandria: A boundless pillar that reaches high into Mexus`s sky, yet its top is masked with arcane energies, invisible to not sully the Golden Pillar`s majestic sighting. The Library is an enormous compendium of knowledge, manned by spectres that search the books from the otherwise unreachable shelves. The library is directed by an enigmatic snake known as Jaz`Kheed for unknown, unquestioned reasons

    Add (2/U)

    The place is as most people described it to you: You can look upwards and not find the ceiling in the grand scale of this building, specially behind the drifting haunts that find the clientelle`s requests. There is an enormously complex of beakers and pipes installed over an ornate desk on the immediate left, perhaps with alchemic purposes. You can make out something moving between them, perhaps the reptile manager you are looking for.
    Ialyr Crestfall

    Stop the Grizzle Jackals (17)
    Snowform Plate
    Design: Inviolability tells me the cost is right, but that card is White, the kind of damage preventing, and it only does THAT. The added Orochi-esque ability and the bizarre, singular totem armor feel awfully out of place. Not to mention that, if all damage is prevented, what damage is there to undo? 4/10
    Flavor: Ice Armor is a pretty common spell all around, and this is gorkable enough. I`m not a fan of the red trinket text, though. 8/10
    Finesse: The card is not technically wrong, but the trinket text is worded so strangelly that it feels like it should go either way. You get 1 point
    Iceborn (+1)
    Total (14)
    Challenge Failure, Mana Spent

    You might have quickly adapted to the rapid climates, but your magic hasn´t. Your elemental armor quickly fades and is shattered by the pouncing beast. It tries to finish you off for an early lunch, until it starts levitating into the air. One of the members of your party is in a constant trance, holding all of the savage beasts several feet into the white sky, to then violently drop them in the harsh, sandy floor. The jackals that aren`t unconscious from the shock limp away with broken limbs, and your party regroups.

    The importance of your team is now much more apparent, considering that, one by one, the beasts looked imposing and desperate enough to maul through your skin. A quick recount denotes that, there are 5 casualties, which leaves you at 11 members counting yourself. You all regroup and start to brace for more assaults. The team's current hero advises everyone to make preparations

    The vista is tricky, the abstract contrast between black land and white sky makes it difficult to tell from shadows to imagination, but there is something else far at the horizon, something you can't quite tell apart from the distance, and something no one else seems to be aware of
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    Vorin (G/U)
    Creature - Human Spellshaper
    (G/U), discard a card: Target creature with converted mana cost of 2 or less gains Shroud until end of turn
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Nondescript Robes
    Traits: Surprising (+1 noncombat rolls with sentient beings)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (G/U)(G/U)(G/U)(G/U)

    Here you are, at the borders of the city, willing to go and experience things that you've never before. Perhaps step on your first Leyline, meet even more of the interesting folk out there, or slay mighty beasts and rescue princesses!....That sounds awfully farfetched

    The city is behind you, and before you, there is an open plain split in half, almost literally. There's a clear, mysterious division in your path, not apparent by any visible means. On the left, there lies a grassy plain, you see some small and big game in the distance, and if you get closer, you might just witness a predator proving its worth. To the right, you see a more colorful, lush grassland, filled with flowers and following into a forest. There is nothing visible from your position but a large row of trees, so whatever is hidden here is unknown.

    Looking further to the east and west reveal an even more puzzling horizon, owed to the plane's strange layout, and of course, the city is your refuge if you believe are not ready to yet brave the elements
    ((What's with you and eye-squinting names?))

    Jemals Dagegen Verstand (W/U)
    Creature - Kor Gramarie
    You may cast nonland cards with converted mana cost of 1 or less as though as they had Flash
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Gramarie Robes
    Traits: Study Spells (You gain additional experience from successful non-combat challenges)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (U/W)(U/W)(U/W)(U/W)
    You can still see the island in the sky, your past afloat above an oft drenched wasteland. With exploration in mind, you see the golden horizon in front of you, still visible even without the aerial vantage granted by the floating island. Pantheopolis is the hub of most knowledge and divine magics, but it is certainly not where an educated scholar would go.

    You remember being given instructions by an old friend, about certain landmarks that you might be interested in. The Rockhill Summit is a very feisty place that can be found by trekking north, with fire-driven spectacles visible even from the lofty sky lighting up every night as the tribal Viashino practice their lively rituals. Another peculiar direction you were told was to go south, and just keep going until you find the lonely tree. If you gazed south, you couldn't even see a single tree in the horizon from that direction. You were told that this would be the case, and you should just walk there if you wanted to meet high standards of knowledge and fevered intellectual arguments.

    East, West, and anything in between are unknown lands as far as your immediate knowledge goes, but you can always look there and find more options
    ((As Folza said, the similarity of your character to his might ensure you to be added as a race; I'll keep you as a Human Dragon but feel free to change it to Ithok if you so wish))

    Yol Alok (G/R)
    Creature - Human Dragon Warrior
    (G/R): Yol Alok gains +2/+0 until end of turn. Activate this ability only once each turn.
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Wing-torn Jerkin
    Traits: Arrogant Lineage (+2 on rolls against characters with equal or lesser cmc)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (G/R)(G/R)(G/R)(G/R)

    You find yourself striding in the very rare, relatively empty spots of the city; Pantheopolis abhors a vacuum. However, staying in the city will not discover your past, and you will not get any younger by waltzing in circles avoiding human contact. Your immediate options seem to be to visit the Library of Alexandria and find some relevant texts; most of the employees are known to be spirits, you can't get more discreet than that. Of course, one of the many city gates is always near, in case you wish to open your own path.

    Between hushed and excited whispers, you hear some peculiar news. The Kaiser of Rockhot Summit, a Viashino driven community, is said to be presenting himself today in this very plaza. A figure not seen in years at the grounds of Pantheopolis, and alleged links to dragons, it might be a fine investment to find a way to trade words with him
    Knefriteri Bahushi (W/B)
    Creature - Uhailu Advisor Assassin
    When Knefriteri Bahusi enters the battlefield, exile target player's graveyard unless he or she pays 2
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Aristocrat's Facade
    Traits: Legal Boundaries (+1.5 on rolls involving deception)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (W/B)(W/B)(W/B)(W/B)

    Working with two faces has its uses, it keeps you busy and you never run out of excitement. Currently, both your public and private faces have a job pending, and there's much juice left in this city to simply walk away. You've heard that a client of the Cathedral of Voz, the preaching school of healing, is irate with the institute and wishes for them to comply to his demands, to sadly no avail, perhaps a third hand could decide which party, if any, will win the deal. On the other hand, the Odd Districts are not without their jobs, and being a well known assassin in the city's underworld means that there are possible contractors to find in the dark, avoided alleyways that maze through Pantheopolis

    After a short trip, Kon-Sen arrives to:

    Mage Corps Splinter Division 6: The Mage Corps are a highly diverse organization, splitting all of their operations in diverse centers. Division 6 is in charge of management of information, items and most public relations. Its large space doubles as warehouse for evidence or items required by the corps, as well as a spacious area to host the events of the institution

    The first thing that could be seen from the distance was a large line of audience, the Corps initially didn't allow spectators, as their tournaments were more of a culling method of determining new possible recruits, but all forms of controlled combat calls curious citizens like carrion calls the crows. Thankfully, the entrance for the "to-be" contestants was quiet visible, made brighter with the assistant of a young cadet, to prevent the large lines to be of distraction.

    The participants line was empty, there was but one elf with a paper and feather marking all the attendants. She wore a pronounced red armor with sharp, gilded edges. Her weapon was strapped to her back, but from that angel, it was small, sharp, and had no visible handle, which suggested it was meant for throwing. She would look at Kon-Sen as he approached, tersely asking the routine question:

    "Your name and your reason for joining this tournament, please"

    ((Yo mana cost and mana reserves be off, brother ;P))

    Lukas opens the doors and approaches:

    The Adventurer's Guillotine: Often confused as the "The Adventurer's Guild", due to its incomplete sign at the entrance, this place is a rotten mix of miscreants that gather in this place for the sole reason of drinking some of the strongest brews and most exotic, disgustingly looking food. Founded by a genius ratfolk from the swamps known as Siko, the place is a well known stomping grounds for mercenaries, smugglers, swindlers and criminal bands.

    Add (G/R)(G/B)

    The moment you enter....no one looks at you. Most of the people at the far tables seem to be busy in a heated arguments, and there seem to be cards and money involves. Other corners are filled with scheming rats (both literal and figurative) that would care less about their environment. There's a goblin pinned to the wall with knives, a gift from a fellow at the other side of the bar. All of these chaotic, lovely sights are interrupted as a large Minotaur steps between you and the door frame. "What's your business here, wimp?", he eagerly insults your body frame

    Jegudiel's strides into:

    Lusterbound Outpost: A small, circular system on its own. The Lusterbound Outpost is an extension of the Veil, a mysterious Vedalken society that's know for its secrecy and technomagical advances. Much like its core, its hierarchy is circular and nothing goes to waste as they advance in a very specific, yet nondescript direction


    The outpost is really small as compared to most actual socially-driven cultures. And thus, there was no real market, or at least, not a lively one. When the Vedalken can't find an use for something, they keep it until they can either use it or profit from it, and for the latter, they need professionals. A pale Vandal, the name given to the ratfolk from the Swamps of Lisga, waves at you from a distance as he apparently divined your intentions, he manages the only market the outpost has

    "You don't look like the guy that's meant to deliver the missing pieces, or did he grew wings?....No matter! No matter! Sure you are here for business here Miss.....ter? No matter! Here! We have some stuffs and things and even objects!", he bumbles around in excitement, bringing unused wares to the table:

    Quote from Contents of Lusterbound »

    Discharged Trinket (+0.5 Universal Spell Mod, might need repairing....) 5 Gold
    Magic Trinket (+1 Noncombat Spell Mod) 5 gold
    Waterpulse Battery (Use: Gives you 1 (G/U) mana) 5 gold
    Hex Battery (Use: Gives you 1 X mana) 10 gold
    Clockwork Bird (You get a 0/1 Artifact Creature - Bird Token, it has "This creature doesn't untaps during its controller's untap step" 10 gold)

    "So what brings you here? Getting goods? Delivering goods? Or are you the guy that wanted to sue u-No matter! Hehehe!"
    Cassandra Morgana

    Escape from the City! (Difficulty: 12)
    Aerial Assault Gear
    Design: Kitesail tells me this card's cost is way off; twice over. Design is bland but there's otherwise nothing wrong about that, 6/10
    Flavor: Not only there's no flavor text, but the name is throwing me off. Aerial Assault Gear? What are you assaulting? Why do you need this? This seems really pushed and sudden, 4/10
    Finesse: "gets a +1/+0", "gains flying" and "Equip Cost" means you do not get Finesse points
    Total 10 (Challenge Lost, Mana lost)

    Your small artifact works swimmingly, and you take flight with your heavy equipment, but not for long as your wings are ensnared with white light. Behind you, you see bright, spectral images of birds, holding your gear with divine lashes and slowly dragging you down back to ground level until you concede the air space. These are the Mox Wisp, the vigilant guardians of Pantheopolis, and they didn't took it lightly that you utilized such a noisy device and preemptivelly stopped you, divining you had more macabre, aggresive plans. After putting you back to the land, they flicker and disappear, leaving a bunch of misguided looks.

    Perhaps you should just walk out if you really want to leave.
    Ialyr Crestfall

    You traverse the White Ocean, feeling familiar with its icy winds. The group does as well in unison. You notice a few of the expedition group already parting ways, spreading out for a greater view. You reach the borders of:

    The Fallout: A mysterious wasteland; the sky is blocked from the sun from a raging snowstorm that mysteriously never reaches the ground, giving the impression of being trapped in a snow crystal. The loss of direction and never-ending white sky and black sands disorient many a traveler

    As your expedition reaches the new borders of the white oceans, someone extends his hand from where the snow ends, feeling a strong shiver due to the change of temperature. He suggests entering quickly, as the feeling is quite jarring. You all place your feet in the dark sands as you enter this strange territory.
    Add 2

    As you progress through the dark lands, you can surely make out a silhouette of something approaching very quickly, your party is assaulted by:

    Grizzle Jackal BG
    Creature - Beast Hound (U)
    Grizzle Jackal cannot be blocked by more than one creature
    "The Fallout killed a lot of stuff, and those who survived killed each other, and those who also survived that will kill you"
    -Alonora, Kor Expeditioner

    You can't count how many of them are with the harsh climate, but you know that there's at least one charging your throat! You are not yet in combat, any spell cast has a difficulty of 17
    Vishar Nalar

    The shopkeeper you talk to is an old aven, he sadly shrugs at your prerogative as his wares are medicine and salves, but points you to a nearby female human that might have what you need.

    "Our wares' been tested and approved by the Adventurer's Guild, you can't go wrong with that", she bloats, pointing at the sign above her head with the unimaginative title of her stand

    Quote from Contents of Pantheopolis" "Approved Weaponry" »

    Shortsword (+1/+0) 10 Gold
    Knife-Woven Bracers (+1 Combat Mod) 5 Gold
    Burdening Broadaxe (+2/-1) 10 Gold
    Duelist's Poinard (First Strike) 20 Gold
    Oval Buckler (-1/+2) 10 Gold
    Broadaxe (+2/+0) 20 Gold
    Woodsman Trinket (+2 Combat Mod against wildlife) 5 Gold

    Davion's Blade (+2/+1, +3 Universal Mod against Dragons) 50 Gold
    Notch's Crossbow (+3/+0, Reach) 50 Gold

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    Salve 1
    Creature - Myr Minion
    The first point of damage that would be dealt to you each turn is dealt to Salve instead.

    Gold: 0
    Inventory: Clothes
    Traits: Charisma
    Experience: 7/20
    Mana: R(B/R)

    >Rename(UnknownBeing, LieruO)
    >Logic Sphere has reached to a conclusion
    >Known information matches constructed Incomplete Orders
    >Objective can now be re-set
    >SetObjective(Eliminate threat that lurks within this fortress)

    >VocalModule.Output("So this metal.....")
    >GestureModule.Execute(point, MoltenRefuse)
    >Known lay of the IronCastle's lands is Insuficient
    >Exploration or Information required
    >VocalModule.Output("This castle seems heavily automatized, how much do you know about it?")
    End of Parsing
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    Vishar Nalar (R/W)
    Creature - Ithok Warrior
    Vishar Nalar must attack or block if able
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Leather Harness
    Traits: Initiative (+1.5 Universal Mod Roll for any challenge that you begin)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (R/W)(R/W)(R/W)(R/W)

    Pantheopolis is the utopian dream of order where everything is accessible, except chaos. This bright city has offered you hearth, home and provisions, but not a true, unshackled challenge. You realize that the city's frontiers are not far from here, that the horizon sparkles in the torn sky.

    Behind you, there's the clamor of the marketplace, and while your funds are not very promising, you know there might be something behind their false smiles and noise, or someone that can't stand up for themselves. On the other side, you've got the mysterious Church of Voz, an ornamented palace of healers and clerics that offer their services to those in need, and whose hands are never empty nor uninviting to strangers. You also recognize the alley to your right, the roads that take to the Mage Corps Headquarters; an elitist faction of soldiers that uphold the law and order in the city before the Mox Wisps take their draconian toll, a place where all sort of martial talents are appreciated

    There's a city to continue exploring behind you, and there is a world to begin exploring before you, and you are the one that can move

    Jegudiel W
    Creature - Angel Knight
    As long as Jegudiel is attacking, it has flying
    As long as Jegudiel is blocking, it has first strike
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Gaia's Robes
    Traits: Dedication(+2 stacking universal roll for each time you retry a challenge)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: WWWWW

    You've asked yourself what that bright pillar full of awe-inspiring luster is on the horizon many times over. In your still short experience in this world, you've always seen it on the horizon. This is the Golden City of Pantheopolis, a symbol of direction in a map-less plane that can be seen from anywhere. It is at a distance, but no travel should wear a true knight.

    You stumble on what seems to be a small outpost near a razed forest, or what you might believe is. This little town has perhaps 10 houses and no discernible main services, which suggests it is intended for a non-social use. From above, the neighboring jungle seems to have started to spontaneously and haphazardly decay, whereas entire batches of tree has uprooted and died, and even a visible river is tainted by an unknown substance. Whether it is a coincidence or not and should require your attention is out of anyone else's hands

    Kon-Sen W
    Creature - Human Warrior
    Bushido 2
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Budo's Harness
    Traits: Disciplined Mind(+1 universal mod on rolls that target yourself)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: RRRRR

    This place in particular has little else to offer you, and you once again traverse the Golden City. It is well known that this place is hardly driven by war or infighting, but the multiple military, martial and arcane centers tell otherwise of the world surrounding them. The Mage Corps are probably very lavish and code-bound to teach anything of value, but they still host battle-driven tournaments to attract possible recruits, in which honor can be achieved. Rumors also float of Master Amatsu, a mysterious man known for shattering the landscape and defeating armies with his bare limbs, being last seen somewhere near the Library of Alexandria, the boundless compendium of knowledge the city has to offer.

    If honor-bound duels and rigorous training bore the aspiring warrior, the Odd Districts, a series of narrow, untraveled streets, unwatched by the law-hogging Wisps and not dared by the common folk, might provide opponents less likely to respect any semblance of rules

    Lukas Rakaro (B/R)
    Creature - Vampire Archer
    First Strike
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Battleworn Debonair Suit
    Traits: Beloved Battle(You might gain additional mana from successful combat challenges)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (B/R)(B/R)(B/R)(B/R)

    It is a pleasure for your kin to be out of the city, of its holistic views and where people are protected from spontaneous demise down in their beacon at the horizon. With the prey being happy in their house, there are more places to hunt in, and your journey takes you to a sight strange to other words. You see a large, stone cottage, resting upon the grassy plain your feet lie on in this very moment. The loud noises and apparent ruckus, audible from this distance to even un-heightened senses, suggest its bound to have some feisty folk. Right behind that outpost fortress, you observe the ground suddenly change in texture and appearance, rotten and melted under acidic downpours. These follow into a marshland of a forest known as the Swamps of Lisga, home of a treacherous civilization of humans and rat-folk that commerce in threats, scavenges and knives.

    The horizon is far today, and the night isn't abound as of now, there is still time to make choices
    Ialyr Crestfall U
    Creature - Meidan Wizard
    T: Target creature doesn't untaps during its controller's next untap step
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Icewoven Cloak
    Reljan's Memento
    Traits: Iceborn(+1 universal mod on rolls involving Ice)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: UUUUU

    Pagos will not move anywhere, being a self-sustaining ice paradise, it has been home of the Meidan, as well as weary travelers trying to traverse the white ocean. While your curiosity might have not yet taken you out of your home, it seems that the world's curiosity will. Reports from the borderland outposts report a strange phenomenom where the White Ocean ends. A wasteland is bordering the White Ocean, no snow falls beyond the arbitrary boundary it sets, and paranoid reports are arriving that it is actually expanding.

    This potentially destructive event is attributed to the world's everchanging nature, and of course, individuals are volunteering to investigate

    Cassandra Morgana (U/B)
    Artifact Creature - Vampire Shapeshifter Artificer
    Cassandra Morgana is all creature types except those of permanents on the battlefield, in addition to its own types
    Gold: 10
    Inventory: Ephimancer's Cloak
    Traits: Ephimeral Artifice(+1.5 Universal Mod roll for permanents that sacrifice themselves)
    Experience: 0/20
    Mana: (U/B)(U/B)(U/B)(U/B)

    Living in the city has not been such an experience for you, focusing on trying to make your art sustain itself for time and forever. The city offers individuals that can help your art, as well as be benefited from it. The Library of Alexandria proves itself to be a grand compendium of knowledge, any and all forms of it. Similarly, one of the many centers of commerce around the city might provide the items you require, and from your position, the 107th District Marketplace is not far, well known from its high-value and its......less savory sources, it might provide the thing to spark your inspiration

    But of course, you've most likely combed the city thrice over. What could be the best art to create, but one that Mexus' outlands can provide, and the enclosed Pantheopolis can't?
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    Apologies, i confess


    Get the copyright lawsuits started, for tomorrow, cuz i´m going to sleep
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