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  • posted a message on [CMR] Ghost of Ramirez DePietro, and Mask of Memory and Mindless Automaton reprints— Diário Planinauta previews
    Seems that Popeye Stompy got a new toy. I hope it doesn't put it over the top, the deck is already cracked in half... Smile
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from Faruel »
    It seems like that the 2 fix legends in each booster doesn't share the same slot as the rare. That means you could get 3 rares from one booster. 1 rare in the rare slot + 2 rare legends. That's cool.
    I don't think so, in the same way War of the Spark didn't have two rares with a given PW and Zendikar Rising couldn't have two rares with a MDFC. If you get two Commanders and a rare, it means that you got two uncommon commanders imho...

    EDIT: re-read Gavin, hope that he's right Grin
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement next week
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    It’s happening tomorrow

    and man by the tweet and the fact it’s to be immediately removed from current leagues first time in years we might see a ban as fast as memory jar potentially

    In standard, you mean.

    Banning Lutri in Commander the day it is spoiled will forever be the fastest ban that any card has or will ever receive.
    Mind's Desire?
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    With the product sold out on Amazon, they can't change the original price anymore. What they can actually do though is announce that they will print to demand, just like Modern Horizons. They haven't stated anything different right now, do they? That should make the price go a little down, at least around UMA levels. Still too high for my taste but a little less outrageous.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: The Path Not Travelled (Alternate Lives of Planeswalkers)
    I'd really like to know how the Venn diagram of people buying this kind of stuff and those partying and blatantly ignoring social distancing during a dangerous pandemic crisis is... I'd really like to know it.

    Seriously, I can understand other drops with good and heavily played cards (the robot ones is fine as far as this parameter is concerned), but I cannot believe people can spend 30$ to buy 3 mostly unplayable cards and one rotating from Standard one month or so after they'll have them on their table... I can understand the appeal of a certain image style, but come on... well, I suppose everyone is allowed to use their money as they want.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    Sets with 6.99$ MTGO boosters have normally been around 180€ in Europe. Even with double rares and foils, it shouldn't be completely unrealistic for prices to drop to a similar level if the top cards are Commander-oriented like these first previews.

    But I'm not an optimistic person. I still expect cards like Dark Confidant to be in, causing a wider range of people beeing interested (which is obviously good) and what's more important, there will be fanboys with wallets full of money even with a worldwide economic crisis ongoing that will speculate on the product. Prices will go up and LGSs won't benefit from it as they deserve, as they desperately need in every country. This was the perfect occasion to sell the product at 4$ a booster, leaving apart every economical aspect, forgetting every analysis of the market they keep hidden in their vampire clothes behind the scenes. It was the best moment to shoot high, to make something astonishing to keep paper Magic alive, but WotC thinks only about its profit. Moreover, it isn't brave enough to explicitly admit that it takes secondary market into account (see MaRo's tweet to The Professor last night). Well, that's the American way... isn't it?
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  • posted a message on Introducing Jumpstart
    Since the booster packs for this product are only going to contain 1 basic land each, why not just go the Duel Masters / Kaijudo route and allow mono colored cards to be treated as basic lands but played upside down? If you have multi colored cards why not treat them like ABU duals without the drawback from Shocklands?

    It is not 1 basic land. It is one new/cool basic land. MaRo has stated that each pack has enough land in it to make the deck viable. So likely half of each pack are just going to be lands.
    Yeah most likely 8/9 lands in each, and I expect one of them to be something like Evolving Wilds or a Guildgate if the booster is two-colored... It's likely that there's only one rare (+1 in 30% of them) in them, though.

    The product seems very interesting and I will definitely try it if boosters come around 5€ each and the content is interesting and fun, but Wizards has failed so many opportunities in the last couple of years that I wouldn't be surprised if either the product ends up beeing "Draft-chaff meets Keyforge" or the prices skyrocket without any sense...
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  • posted a message on [TBD] Alexander Hayne preview - Erebos’s intervention
    Quote from boombox_smk »
    I hope the blue one isn’t just a strictly worse Blue Sun’s Zenith but does something impactful and unique like this one

    Probably gonna be Draw X and Tap twice X nonland permanents.
    It's be interesting if it was something like counter Target spell unless they pay twice X mana. At X = 1 it's be Quench. At 2 it'd be Convolute. At >= 3 it'd basically be Cancel.

    I doubt it'll have a draw effect. XU is more efficient that most X draw spells even without the extra mode thrown in.
    Agreed: tap X target creatures or double X creatures gain flying until eot is my guess for the blue Intervention.

    This one seems good to me, I'd like to pick up a couple of these and try them in decks in need for removal and lifegain...
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  • posted a message on [THB] - Ramin Djawadi preview - Gallia of the Endless Dance
    Quote from headminerve »
    They printed Robber of the Rich recently, at mythic rare. And this powerful lord is legendary. To me, it's 2 hints that there's gonna be playable satyrs to support the lord. It's great if one of those is a (mythic) rare 3-drop ala Steel Leaf Champion or Gruul Spellbreaker. It would make the curve pretty competitive.
    I wouldn't hold my breath on it: Satyr seems like a pretty "slim" creature type, so a 3 CMC creature with stats above the traditional line shouldn't be its typical space, and now we should get Minotaurs in Gruul colors, too, so if a big creature is coming it's quite unlikely that it will be a Satyr. Gallia should be the indicator for a whack aggro archetype though...
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  • posted a message on 11/18/19 Big Bannings
    Quote from Pouncing Kavu »
    Quote from the n00b king »
    Additionally, WotC has mentioned that they would be more aggressive to correct metagames with bannings. I'm totally on board with this. In fact, the truth is that in the past, they should have been more proactive to address bad metagames.
    I wasn't aware of this. Are there any cards they regret not banning from past standard environments?
    CoCo and Rally easily come to mind, maybe Thoughtseize in the RTR-THS era too...
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from Mishotem »
    According to a solicit I saw, the Mystery Boosters come 24 packs to a display. Release date is 3/13/2020. I haven't seen a price for displays/cases yet though.
    It Wizard's madness it makes sense, because with 24 boosters it's a perfect draft product for a group of 8 people, a normal draft pod. They don't care at all about the value of the cards, so let them do what they think is right, they'll always find fanboys to buy anything they do regardless.
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from Darty17 »
    Apologies if I missed this, but are these going to be available for the general public?
    In a slightly different version without the test cards. Tomorrow we'll have more information from an article on the mothers hip.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition
    It's sad to say, but WotC is diving deeper and deeper into a very dangerous pool. Stating that they're incentivizing people to fall prey of ludopathy is maybe a stretch, but not a big one. Beeing a CCG doesn't mean you can do things like that without evaluating the consequences for the audience...

    What bothers me more than anything is that this product will still sell out and they'll (rightfully, from an economic standpoint) think of it as a huge success, which we all know breeds repetition. Humans: how silly we are... and the homo ludens is sometimes the silliest of us all.
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  • posted a message on {C19} Mystic intelect full deck list + command zone preview card - Elsha of the Infinite
    I'm not the kind of person that complains every day for every decision Wizards makes, but this deck seems like a very big failure to me.

    First, the very decision of the theme in this color combination, even with all the problems they had as they clearly underlined at Gencon, is probably shaded by the existence of cards like Kess, Dissident Mage that will always be far better in a far superior color combination for this kind of strategy. Nevertheless, they could have built the deck in a new and interesting fashion avoiding such a great precedent to shadow their new deck. Sevinne was good enough to raise some good faith on the product, after all... and what do they give us? A list without any meaningful core, with so many "stupid" cards in it that even a new player can recognize are bad or mostly unuseful here (Fervent Denial? Dusk // Dawn with only three targets for Dawn? Come on!) and a group of reprints that I still don't understand why are here instead of simple and good effects like Swords to Plowshares (that they almost always reprint!), Lightning Helix or other good things with flashback.

    Speaking about flashback and graveyard mechanics, just a little Scryfall action left me with these cards that could have been here instead of all this mess:

    - Burning Oil
    - Conflagrate
    - Engulfing Flames
    - Feeling of Dread
    - Firebolt (!!!!!)
    - Flash of Insight
    - Geistflame
    - Quiet Speculation
    - Recoup (!!!)
    - Call the Skybreaker (nah, let's put Zetalpa instead...)
    - Flame Jab

    No "money" card here, no Jump Start too, even if one is already showing up. Just some good utilities to help a new player have a good experience with the deck immediatly after opening it, instead of hoping some 1/1 tokens stick around and let you win the game without a strategy. I won't even go on to search for other wincons because there are so many good ones that it's unbelievable they didn't consider any of them. I'll just mention Soulfire Grand Master, which starts under 1€ on MKM and is a solid card with both Sevinne and Elsha. Wasn't is as obvious as Hooded Hydra and Deathmist Raptor for morph?

    Even the Command Zone video is a clear statement of the failure of this deck: I've never seen a precon where you're really, really incentivized to switch the main commander with another one, but this one can possibly be saved only by Elsha of the Infinite. Some of the other new cards are interesting, but are they worth of a 40€ investment when you can wait a handful of days and grab them as singles on the secondary market for a couple bucks each? I don't think so. I only hope the last two decks are more similar to the Morph one than this pile of heterogeneous rubbish.
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