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    posted a message on Orzhov Enchant deck
    here are some potential cards.

    kor spiritdancer, this one is expensive but very powerful, if you add it consider adding pacifism, prison term or faith's fetters as removal

    for protection from removal:
    mother of runes, very powerful card, useful in any white creature deck you will ever build in the future
    or swiftfoot boots

    predator's gambit is a better unholy strength

    for defense:
    ghostly prison
    sphere of safety
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    posted a message on [OGW] Goblin Darkdwellers (Buy-A-Box Promo)
    Quote from Truth »
    So guys some perspective: imagine you play Snapcaster Mage to flashback Kolaghan's Command. You spend a total of 2RUB. Then imagine you flashback K-Command with this. You pay 3RR total. This card essentially has 3 modes:
    • 2RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC1 spell Flashback
    • 1RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC2 spell Flashback
    • RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC3 spell Flashback
    You give up Snappy's instant speed, but get a much better body (evasive!), get to do shenanigans with split cards and get to ignore colors completly, letting you flashback a Thoughtseize with only red mana available. This card is insanely good and will see widespread Modern play after some time. It's essentially a Midrange Snapcaster Mage, and once you realize Snapcaster NEVER actually costs 1U unless it's a body only, you start to realize how great this card is.

    I'm not sure how you can believe this card compares to snapcaster in power level. The advantages of this card has over snapcaster are so insignificant compared to what you are giving up. Are you planning on playing thoughtseize without black mana in your deck? not having to pay multiple colors is nice but not terribly significant. Losing flash and versitility of converted mana cost is much more of a detriment to anything this guy brings. Also, you can play snapcaster for his casting cost turn two to flashback phyrexian mana spells like gitaxian probe.

    Overall I like this card, but dont consider him comparable to snapcaster.

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