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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I don't think it would be that better if we had Snow Shocks. Being enchantable on a Snow Basic only means that we don't bait ourselves into being Field of Ruined. This way it's way more difficult for people to get rid of the land and the enchant at the same time. Specially since there's a very slim amount of Ghost Quarters floating in the format.
    For now, I strongly believe it's the best Path 5/6.

    On Archmage... I just want it to be good. I started playing Esper somewhere in mid of 2016 (when it was really bad... and after Twin got banned) and casting Esper Charm to draw 2 was one of the best feelings ever. This new charm has so much potential... The control magic mode has some cool applications:

    Against Humans:
    - steal a Champion of the Parish to stop the bleeding
    - steal a Vial to prevent them to do the crazy shenanigans
    - steal a
    Against Tron:
    - steal a Map sounds good but it's inefficient
    Against Phoenix:
    - no crazy good effect that I recall
    Against Dredge:
    - I'd cut them here for sure
    Against GDS:
    - steal a DS to kill it or to win with it is amazing cool
    Against Eldratron:
    - steal the Chalice of the Void is amazing!!!!(I'm an idiot)
    Against Scales:
    - steal many of their creatures to block and stop the bleeding
    - steal the namesake card and make them way less threatening
    Against Amulet:
    - steal the amulet to prevent them from being super fast at developing their mana/board

    I wasn't super exhaustive in the analysis but just to give a general idea.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I know that SV is worse than Opt because of Narset, but with a more restrictive mana base the Scry 2 is really important to setup the mana for the following turns. It's true that Opt circumvents the Narset issue but my plan is to play the SV turn 1, before it comes into play. When we have T3feri on the board SV just becomes way more interesting.

    Snow requirements aren't that difficult to achieve. If we start to fetch a basic instead of shock right away we can get there quite easily. The only thing I'm not sure about is cutting the 2nd Plains. I like to be able to cast all my spells under Blood Moon, specially since we don't have a reliable way to deal with it.
    The mana base you propose when factoring in the cantrips allows you to play both On Thin Ice on 2 and Charm on 3 with at least 1 spare blue source. I'd be willing to push it a little more and go for 1 more colorless land.
    The question that we need to answer is if the Charm is worth the %points against Tron.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from TomCourtenay »
    Question : do you guys will play Generous Gift in the 75 ?
    I won't and I wouldn't if I were you. A 3/3 is enough to beat us, we're basically downgrading a problem. That's not how we want to be positioned. We want to answer problems not downgrading them at a cost of a card.

    Like Humstuck said we have way better answers than this one. Counters are generic enough that we can deal with every type of permanent on the stack.
    Quote from Bearscape »
    Winds of Abandon is being slept on a little, IMO. I think this card is better than Oust, and the overload is relevant. I'm probably cutting Wrath of God and Oust for 2x Winds of Abandon to see how that pans out.

    I'm not sure about Archmage's Charm. I'm a big advocate of casting your spells on curve, and I agree with Nassif that if you aim to cast it on turn 4 you should just play more cryptics. Together with how crowded the 3-slot is getting, I see Archmage charm as a 1 or 0-of unless you are willing to cut some Field of Ruins.

    Fact or Fiction is one of my favourite cards in magic, but with UW becoming more to the ground and efficient I'm not sure it goes in the deck. I feel it also shares the deckslot of Archmage Charm. I could see running 1, 2 already really seems like pushing it.

    Force of Negation clearly is the biggest game changer for UW, mostly because slamming a turn 4 JtMS and being likely to untap with him becomes a more common play. I still don't think you want more than 2, but I could see running a third JtMS in light of FoN.
    I can't agree with you. Overloading the spell sounds cool and all but overall it's a mediocre spell. It's a 2 mana sorcery that ramps them. It has the same drawback of Path, costs more and is a sorcery... Path is the best we have and it's not on par with the power level of the format... This one goes three steps further. If you want to remove creatures and need Path 5/6, go for On thin Ice, Oust or Condemn. There's no reason to choose anything else.
    On Archmage's Charm, you do have to give up a bit to play it but with a mana base like the one I posted a few posts before you're well set to cast it on curve. If you're willing to up the count to 26 lands you can play 4/5 colorless lands with no sweat.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Glimmer of Genius never cut it for me. The effect is great but it's essentially a dead card most game. I did ride the bandwagon of Hieroglyphic Illumination and I enjoyed it, specially on the Miracle version. FoF looks a lot like Glimmer with the upside of bypassing Narset. Still it's not enough for me. I'll play my Jaces and my Cryptics.

    2 seems too low but I'll give it a shot. Start trimming them one at a time and see if I ever miss it.

    Field was detrimental for the resurgence of the deck along with the Teferi. That being said it's dead against many decks and it can feel really clunky. I'm really into Blast Zone and 2 doesn't seem too many. That's why I'm happy with the 3/2 split. Playing these with Archmage... I think we can work it out.
    This has "technically" 25+2 Lands, which 4 are colorless, 2 are Plains but with the Mystic Gate we can count as 0.5 Island for the 2 Plains (?!), so theoretical 21.5 blue sources which is between 86.5% and 91.4% chance of casting UUU on turn 3. If we add one extra land, a 2nd Prismatic Vista for example, we get between 91.4% and 95.9% chance of casting the Charm on curve. For me this is more than enough. We can get away with playing the 5th and 6th cantrips instead of adding one land. This would make us cut Colonnades down to 2 because we want to spend Turn 1/2 cantripping instead of playing a tapped land.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I brought up Remand because in theory feels like cheating when the super awesome scenario comes up. I'm 100% against playing Remand in a control deck and you can find several quotes from me on this thread saying it.

    Not sure if you guys read the Nassif's article on brewing for MH1 released on 29th.
    He considers that the Charm is only good enough if you can reliably cast it on turn 3, which is a valid assessment but I don't think I agree with. I think it's a very powerful card that we could want to adjust the manabase for. He thinks that FoN is a strong card but we can't have too many Negates on the deck. He then acknowledges that it's probably worse than Dovin's Veto. He compliments FoF and he says that it takes the slot of 1 Jace and 1 CC... Personally I don't foresee this as being the right call. FoF has a great appeal but if we are to play FoN we want to take those risks and jam the Jaces into the field. I was excited to have the card in Modern, not that excited to play it in UW Control.
    Anyway here's his list:
    He has cut down to 2 Colonnades and said that he has played with 0 and doesn't feel that bad about it. He says that we can't afford too many tapped lands specially with the 3cmc walkers. I kinda agree. I've been advocating for the full set because Colonnade has a huge target on its back and usually one isn't enough. No Blast Zone for me its a surprise because it has been overperforming by a lot. It has been better than Field of Ruin actually. The Fblthp is a nod to K4rn, Narset and T3feri but I think it's just too cute. I'd rather play another Snapcaster and use it as an Ambush Viper. He chose to play 1 Vista but wonders if a Delta would be better. I think there's a case to be made for any of the lands. If we want to play the Charm we can probably play a Mystic Gate without cutting a Plains for it. 3 Glacial Fortress doesn't feel right to me at all... Oust is something that I think we no longer need. I'd rather play Snow Basics and play In Thin Ice.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    Quote from mapccu »
    What is frustrating about modern to me is that it really is legacy lite. There are very few "affordable" decks and if I were 15 and sweating my butt off for hours a week making minimum wage just for crap like Phoenix to hit the meta and largely invalidate my deck in the local meta I would throw my hands up and give up.

    One of the things I dislike about the game is people specifically hating on particular decks locally. If all I can afford is fetchless storm and I run hot one week, how depressing is it for everyone in the room to pack 2-4 dampening spheres next week...it's the pinnacle of poor sportsmanship in my eyes.
    I sympathize with the fact that Modern isn't a format that is cheap to get into. To be fair Magic as a whole isn't a cheap hobby and we can't blame the format's health for that. When I was in college money was so tight that I couldn't enter Modern with a big deck. I couldn't afford keeping up with Standard either... I bought into a cheap tier 3 deck and slowly built a tier 1 deck (Tron for that matter...). After being able to sustain myself I slowly bought all the staples of the format, or at least the ones I wanted to play.

    My path was Eggs (followed by a ban in less than 1 month) -> GW Hatebears -> Tron -> RUG Scapeshift -> BTL -> Esper Control (when it was really bad) -> GDS -> UW Control
    Meanwhile I have the cards to play pretty much every deck aside from Phoenix and Dredge, because I don't own Phoenixes and don't like Dredge as a playstyle.

    When I was getting a beating by all the good decks when I was playing Hatebears I didn't complain... I was doing what I could and trying to win the matches I was able to. When I was playing Tron and autolosing against Twin every game and winning against Melira every game... I didn't complain about the format even though it made me super mad to just lose to Twin! The bottomline is don't judge the format by your own personal experience because it will sound a bit disconnected to the "bigger picture" and leading to more frustration when things don't go "your way".

    About people metagaming FNMs it makes me super mad. Me and my 2 teammates, we have a rule that is to build the deck and SB like if it was a GP and we have a broad SB because of that and we follow the Paper and Online trends. For my deck in particular (UW Control) it's a really poor decision because it's one of the decks where you play with 75 more than 60. In contrast there are a couple of guys in my LGS that have brought Chokes in their sideboards when I was the only guy in the room playing Islands... The chances of finding me between 4 rounds are very slim... but for some reason they don't like to lose to me. Sometimes I take it as a compliment sometimes it makes me super mad. It's just the way it is. Try and focus on the times you beat the hell out of them even after they metagame for you.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    I was saying that but then I though I had some comprehension issue and scrapped it.

    My LGS everyone is super competitive and only plays T1/T1.5 decks... Sometimes it's cool but can be a nuisance if you're looking to brew something new you'll just get stomped really hard. Then since it's super diverse, almost GP level diversity, you can't build your deck around that (specially important when playing UW Control which is one my main decks).

    What should I take from this? Is this supposed to be a bad meta and thus Modern be a bad format? Should this be a good meta and Modern should be understood as being amazing?

    In reality, I believe the format is ok, even though I hate playing against Dredge and Tron (specially when I know they are bad players...). What matters is what Wizards sees with the paper and online results and that's the objective discussion I believe we should have when addressing this issue. Even if our LGS has a stupid and obnoxious meta.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Veto makes the mirror so different to play. Both Veto and FoN are begging for Remands... Damn would it warrant a spot in the sideboard for the mirror? Everyone will probably play FoN main and a couple of Vetos SB coming MH1, Remanding our own spells after a FoN or a Veto feels almost like cheating.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I'm not sure we can afford to play 4 maindeck negates though.. That's the problem I have with it. I know for sure that we can replace some of the counters we already play for it but I'm not sure if we can rock 4 of them. Like Tronix said, I'd enjoy playing with the Charm as well, which kinda fights over the same space. Remand feels super good right now because of Veto. I would give it a try if I wasn't so fundamentally against Remand in Control decks.

    Adding to the fact that we want the new 3cmc walkers I'm seriously questioning how can we fit all of this into 34-36 slots. The common Legacy wisdom is to play 22 blue spells to support 4 FoWs. It's true that FoN is way more hardcastable than FoW making this number probably not that imperative to meet. Assuming this we have 26 spells already locked. Adding 4 Paths and 3 non-Supreme wipes we're already looking at 35 slots filled, meaning that to add extra white spells we'd have to sacrifice something. I'm not trying to make any conclusion at all, only to point out another mathematical compromise we have to reach in order to build our decks properly.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I used to play Claim//Fame back in 2017 up until GP Madrid. It was really good. It felt a bit awkward at times but it helped grind out some other BGx decks and Jeskai, while also contributing to a surprise kill against some creature based decks.

    It's on of my pet cards in this archtype along with Rise//Fall that I sometimes use(d) when the meta/tournament asks for it.

    Unearth is more generally playable but it the +2/+0 haste angle that Claim//Fame has is really neat and I don't think it's better than Cycling.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    We should be favored vs Tron and your list doesn't reflect that you are worried about Tron at all; only 3 field of Ruin? Detention Sphere, 2x Tef3, timely reinforcements,0 Surgical. You can shore up your Tron matchup without too much work just by changing around those numbers alone. We should also be more favoired, heavily favored, vs Tron come MH1 - I can't imagine them ever beating Force of Negation granted you don't cut down on the number of non-Tef3 planeswalkers. They are just never going to beat Narset, JTMS, or Tef5 with Force backup. I think the matchup will be so good that it might be correct to adopt a manabase similar to the one you already have; less than 4 Field and possibly more than 1 Blast Zone.
    By being worried about the tron matchup I meant the sideboard slots dedicated to it. I know I could tune the maindeck to beat tron more easily on g1, but I'd give up too many %points on other matchups to do so.
    On the FoN thing, I kinda agree that it's a really good card to beat them but I'm not sure how much and where will we play that card. I'm interested in it conceptually but I struggle to see how the deck would look like with it.
    Thinking back about the Charm... I'm imagining stealing their Expedition Map with it and I'm already giggling
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from tronix »
    what did you think, if anything, about the mana base? like did you do any iterating on it, or just choose what 'seemed good' and just ran with it for a while? also, did the 2 blast zone / 3 field split play well? (especially interested on blast zones performance)

    been muckin around with GDS and elves the last few weeks, jeskai is in a somewhat dubious spot, so i figured id start making the adjustments to UW super-friendly control, while also preparing for additions from horizons. the 3 mana UUU charm might require some adjustments to the mana base, and its also plausible that moving to snow basics for 1-2 copies of on thin ice will be beneficial. im thinking cutting one or both of the glacial fortresses for the new prismatic fetch (blue fetch works too, but more lands that can get oncolor basics is worth looking into). i also dont think a full set of colonnades is required in UWx anymore, so maybe dropping 1 or 2 for an island.

    as for the knowledge pool lock. i can get on board with the reasoning of having a powerful game-closing lock to draw to at the expense of a single slot. kinda the same thing with the singleton terminus, an idea which i also toyed with a few weeks back; for such cards the inclusion of the first copy is by far the most impactful since it gives an entirely new axis that otherwise didnt exist. my only question is: did you ever just cast the card without baby teferi? the card reads like butt, so id be interested in first hand knowledge on what it does to games by itself.
    The mana base feels actually quite solid. It's true that I've taken a couple of extra mulligans due to basic + double colorless land. I'm somewhat used to it because I used to run 4FoR+GQ. I started 4 FoR + 1 Blast Zone and I felt that I needed the BZ way more often that I thought I would. There were so many matches that I won due to it that made me want more of it. FoR on the other hand is kinda mediocre but it's something we really need for Tron, mainly. Aside from that, most people run enough basics for Path+FoR. Regarding the Snow basics, it's a neat idea because the removal is very cool. My issue with it is that you can easily get 2 for 1 with some effects but most of the decks we'd want the extra removal for don't have those types of cards. I could easily see cutting one Colonnade, one colorless land, one Glacial Fortress and jam some Vistas. They are quite good.

    Regarding the Charm, I'm super hyped for it but we'd need 23 U sources to play it on curve. With my build I have exactly 18+4 cantrips which amount to the 20 needed for CC on curve. To play the charm I'd have to cut one of the colourless lands for another basic or dual, play 26 lands and probably two extra cantrips. We can always assume that the Charm will be played like a CC is and then our manabase is just fine. I'm super in love with the effects. They are relevant the entire game and in all matchups. I'm not that hyped over the fact that the 3cmc is super cluttered...

    Quote from tronix »
    Quote from 13055 »
    Yeah, my main issue with Pool is it literally reads as useless without T3feri. At least Mycosynth Lattice only eats up a sideboard slot. I can't imagine it being anything but a dead card without the other half of the combo.
    it does make me wonder why UW couldnt just run like 1 copy of the new karn. its not like you need to dedicate the whole sideboard to it, just have like an EE, cage/crypt, and a lattice. both the blue and white gearhulks aint bad either.

    seems like UW is already supporting like 500 planeswalkers, whats 1 more right? lol
    The 1of Pool in the main I'm super positive about. The second copy on the sideboard is way more difficult to justify. I certainly had to cast it without the T3feri... and it felt incredibly bad. I would have to play Opts to mitigate the fact that it's super awkward because typically the opponent has the advantage. I'm super focused on the Tron matchup and that could be a mistake but I really feel that it's a winnable matchup if we dedicate enough resources to it. Dredge is probably the worst one but with 2/3 Rips and 1/2 Surgicals and some agressive mulliganing you can almost even it out.

    I've seen it discussed people trading the second Teferi, HoD for a singleton Karn to get the Lattice lock and win on the spot. It does a similar job to the Pool combo and it's more consistent. On the other hand... Lattice is extremely bad as a magic card and it takes one sideboard slot necessarily. The Pool combo could be on the maindeck and sided in and out with lower opportunity cost, imho.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from DrB00 »
    Is there a reason you're running a single Terminus? Wouldn't Day of Judgment simply be better?
    Since you're not leaning heavily on the Jace, the Mind Sculptor/Terminus synergy.
    I know it may seem a little dumb or out of place but I like to have that "miracle" when things get a little more dire. I know it's highly inconsistent and it's actually a nonbo with Narset but I have a special feeling for Terminus. I suspect that Day of Judgment is the way to go but having a board wipe that is clean and doesn't trigger "die" effects besides the Settle feels good.

    Quote from 13055 »
    Knowledge Pool? Care to explain? Literally just for the Littleferi combo? Seems like 6 mana is a bit much for our version of Karn Lattice.
    This is to combo with the T3feri. I know it's a bit too cute but it feels really good against Tron and Control decks as well. It does little in many matchups but being 1of in the main rarely impacts at all. I put it in on the 3rd Jace's spot and looking back I never missed Jace when I drew it. Besides it has made me win a lot of matches against Tron that would be otherwise unwinnable.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I had the last couple of days to test a bit the new cards from War of the Spark. Here is the list I ended up with. The testing involved playing a lot of Tournament Practice room, which I know it's not the best place to get the most cutthroat competition... Regardless I excluded from my logs any games against really bad decks, players that showed completely lack of understanding of what was going on, games where the opponent just left after getting their pet card countered... I tried to just gather the data of the relevant games. I'm not going to post a description on each individual game but feel free to ask anything.
    The goal is to spark some discussion on my individual card choices that may be a bit unorthodox for some. Feel free to ask about some of my sideboard plans. Specially since I'm not really settled on how to approach all of the matchups because having so more planeswalkers gets really strange when it's time to sideboard.

    2-0 Frenzy Affinity
    2-0 - 4C DShadow
    2-0 - GTron
    2-0 - GTron
    2-1 - UTron
    1-2 - Amulet
    2-0 - GTron
    2-0 - BR Midrange
    2-0 - Burn
    1-2 - UW Midrange
    1-2 - BW Eldrazi&Taxes
    2-0 - UG Delver
    0-2 - Jund
    2-1 - Dredge
    0-2 - UR Control
    2-1 - GTron
    0-2 - UW Control
    1-0 - UB Control
    2-1 - GW Vizier Combo
    2-0 - GR CoCo
    2-0 - Ad Nauseam
    2-1 - Merfolk
    2-1 - Humans
    2-0 - Living End
    2-0 - U Control

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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    It only kills if they cast it that turn... It's somewhat a direct counter for Collected Company but for that I'd rather have a Dispel...

    I'm on the fence. There has to be a real incentive to play a card disadvantage card for me and I'm not actually seeing it, right now. It's true that the card isn't too expensive on the regular mode, but is it an effect that we are in need of? Would it be better than Anger of the Gods? I wouldn't trade it, personally... The exile effect is way too good on both Dredge and Phoenix matchups.
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