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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    I am advocating for a Preordain and a Stoneforge Mystic unban for quite a while but having the slightest hope of anything other than "No changes" in this ban announcement is ludicrous to say the least.

    It was more than obvious that until everything settles a couple of months after MH actually is released, they will do absolutely nothing other than bans to the format.

    We can like it we can hate it but this is the reality of the format.

    One thing that puzzles me though is people that threaten to stop playing the format every single time an announcement is made but they continuously come back or don't actually leave at all. To be fair, this threat is actually one of my guilty pleasures. Even when I wasn't playing Magic quite as much, during and after Eldrazi Winter, I still came here just to have a giggle or two. But after a while hearing all the time the same rhetoric, the same non-arguments, the same topics always deriving the conversation out of the main goal of the threat, you actually kinda get tired of it.

    Back on topic... I was happy that they made the alert about Karn TGC and Neoform, but it took me by surprise their mention of the other combo that to my knowledge never actually was a thing. I may be mistaken but aside from the GerryT's article that combo never had any notoriety at all, right?

    About Nimble Mongoose, it was a card that I "predicted" with my friends but now that it's out it got me thinking. It's a mechanic that we don't actually ever deal with in Modern. Do you think it has any legs to get crazy? I'm all for UGx Delver starting to become a thing but Shroud is such a non-fun mechanic that I wonder...
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I prefer 1 mana Negate over 3 mana Negate...

    The fact that it can cost 0 mana on your opponent's turn means that it does a poor job at protecting our threats and only works as a reactive card against the development of our opponent. For me that's exactly the type of card I'm not looking for.
    Unless the gameplan changes to a more reactive approach, which is likely given that the format is becoming more hostile towards our deck, I don't see us rocking this card.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    My bad... I read it exactly like Shoal while being a soft counter at the same time. That's why I got confused. I read the post quite a few times but for some reason I still understood it was a Shoal...

    I'm so sorry. It would make it way better than Shoal in my opinion. Matching the spells cmc is indeed a troublesome task specially against Tron, UW, Delve threats, etc...
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »
    I think the total reprints in horizons is somewhere between like ten and twenty? I'd be wary of hoping for any cycle of cards due to how large a chunk of the reprint portion it takes. My personal hope is for a middle ground between force of will and disrupting shoal to the effect of:

    Free Counter for Modern
    You may remove a blue card with cmc X instead of paying this card's mana cost
    Counter target spell unless its controller pays X

    I think a card like this would immediately vault delver upwards to respectability.
    How is this any better than Shoal? Shoal is hardly played...

    I'm confused as to what the goal is? Just having 8Shoal Delver?
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    If you look at the last 2 weeks instead of the last 2 months the percentage on MTGTop8 drops to 3%. And the fact that we're on 6th position on MTGGoldfish at 3%! doesn't mean that we're all that well...

    Anyway the metagame image you get from those sites means next to nothing. The fact is that War of the Spark brought little for us, instead it powered up UW which was a really bad matchup, powered up Tron which wasn't an amazing matchup to begin with, impacted very little Humans and Dredge which are two tough decks for us. Phoenix is about even and it's a deck that is here to stay.

    You may call it an hyperbole all you want and I'll still play GDS because I like the deck, but we're on a tough spot and it will only get harder unless we get Force of Will or Daze. Deluge will help but I doubt it's enough.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from GengarGrin »
    Yo. Brand new GDS pilot here. I'm still getting used to the fundamentals of Death's Shadow, and I love it so far.

    Just to keep the thread going, how much do y'all think Modern Horizons is going to shake up our deck? Any cards from Legacy you'd like to see reprinted for GDS? I'm curious to see what good and/or bad comes from the upcoming Modern Horizons preview season for Death's Shadow decks as a whole.
    It's like whocansay said no one actually knows. The cards that play in Death Shadow in legacy that could be included in MH are Daze, Force of Will and Hymn to Tourach. The last one will never happen... Between FoW, Daze and Counterspell I believe only one of them will be printed on MH because they'll want to start slow out of fear of powering Ux too much. With that being said, my bets are on Counterspell, meaning no Daze or Force.

    Basically I don't really see, aside from new cards, anything slotting into GDS. If anything, we'll be super punished and probably kicked out of the format. Something that is already happening due to War of the Spark.

    PS: Forgot about Toxic Deluge. It's a card that has a high chance of being on the set and it would make GDS way better against creature decks. There's this one...
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I play 2 Bolts alongside 2 TBR on the main. Occasionally I play one Claim//Fame or Rise//Fall, depending on the metagame. On the sideboard I play almost always the Anger of the Gods because for me it's indisputably the best board wipe we could be playing.

    That's why I value the red sources a tiny bit highly. Regardless, I don't really see any reason for playing 3rd Watery Grave in the place of the 1st Steam Vents. If it suits you go ahead. Mathematically and based on options I don't really enjoy that specially since I don't play Tarns. If I had Tarns all my fetches could get a Blood Crypt and that would be a good enough insurance. Since I'm playing Strands I need the Steam Vents so that I can get my red from any of the fetches.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from Teacher RL »
    Thanks for your advices. I usually fetch for Watery Grave and if I go to Flats I will change the Steam Vents for another Watery Grave. It will be a marginal number of games that it will cost me the red source, e.g. one hand with swamp, fetch. But in many games I fetch for Watery Grave in that spot, and don't care much for the red (example in game one). If I go to strands I will keep the Steam Vents. I will try it in MTGO for a wile and play some matchs to choose.
    Changing the Steam Vents for the third Watery Grave will make hitting double red way harder which is important for the sideboard if you play Anger of the Gods (my case). Usually we want for the entire game one blue source, two black sources, one/two red sources. Since we are so land light and we mill ourselves it's really easy for us to get color screwed that's where the Steam Vents comes in. Although we'll rarely fetch for it before turn 3, if we happen to mill over one of the Blood Crypts, we just locked ourselves out of playing a double-red spell or two red spells in one turn.

    In my opinion, the mana base is as tight as it gets:
    4 Delta
    4 Mire
    2 Tarn/Strand/Flats
    2 Watery Grave
    2 Blood Crypt
    1 Steam Vents
    1 Island
    1 Swamp

    There's little to no room for change.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Quote from WrenchMind »
    I know this might sound dumb but what about a 1 of Vicious Rumors as a spicy tech? Obviously it's bad against Phoenix and Dredge but paired with Pyro it's a nice 5 for 1 (discard, gain life, oppo loses life, puts top card of their library in graveyard and make a token) against all other decks, and if not needed it can be always discarded thanks to Looting.
    Draining for 1 and milling 1 is not worth one card. Also making a token is not the effect of this card in particular, every card paired with Pyro is worth one token. This card is just a 1 for 1 where your opponent gets to choose what he discards. It's not the effect you're looking for when you have Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, and to a lesser extent, Appetite for Brain, Despise, Raven's Crime and Funeral Charm which are better than this one.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    Quote from DaveJacinto »

    How come you don't need to bounce pool? If you play a spell with the pool on the table it will exile the spell you're playing and trigger the second ability. If you want to resolve another spell you can't have the pool on the table.

    Every spell that gets exiled by pool goes into the pool. So let's say you have a Jace in hand you want to cast - you cast it, have it get exiled and replace it with something else from the pool. Then you cast any other card from hand, have pool exile it and replace it with the Jace that was just exiled.
    You're right. For some reason my brain read it as if you only got to play the imprinted cards. Sorry for that.

    Technically the lock is similar but you save the unnecessary bounce back to the hand.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    Opponent can cast during mainphase with empty stack only, pool will trigger and then they will be unable to cast the card from pool. They can't cast anything from hand, no instants, no sorceries, no nothing. They could cast cards from other zones though because pool doesn't trigger from other zones, but there aren't really a whole lot of cards in modern breing cast from other zones. We will still be able to cast any time we would normally be able to then trigger pool and cast something off pool.

    You don't need to bounce pool, which makes the combo more robust than people seem to imagine; if you can resolve pool it's unlikely your opponent will be able to kill you the following turn since their ability to play cards in the correct order will be significantly hindered. You can then freely cast your teferi the following turn granted you have at least 1 other spell to cast and the Mana to cast both teferi and the spell.

    How come you don't need to bounce pool? If you play a spell with the pool on the table it will exile the spell you're playing and trigger the second ability. If you want to resolve another spell you can't have the pool on the table.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from Skamler »
    Quote from T3rbium »
    Scalding Tarn is the worst fetch in the deck and black the most important color. I'd run two Marsh Flats instead of the Tarns.

    Tarn fetches all our shocklands and the island, it only misses the basic swamp. Flats fetches de basic swamp but misses the island and the steam vents. I prefer to be able to fetch for steam vents for those cases where you start with basic swamp + fetch.
    Pretty much this. In terms of playability of the fetches this is how it goes:

    Delta > Mire >= Tarn > Strand >= Flats

    Delta fetches every single land of the deck. Mire fetches all the shocks but misses on Island. Tarn fetches all the shocks but misses on Swamp. Strand misses on Blood Crypt and Swamp. Flats misses on Steam Vents and Island.

    I don't play Tarns myself because I don't own any and I'm not going to buy into them when it's more than garanteed that they'll be reprinted soon and their price will tank big time. I currently playing double Strand but I probably change into Strand/Flats. If you play your fetches the reverse way, meaning from worse to best, you'll get punished way less from having worse fetches. Basically always get the first Watery Grave out of the Strand and play it on the first turn if possible.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Humans and Esper are definitely terrible matchups. They are winnable but it's a struggle. BGx and Merfolk are a bit easier from my experience but they are far from being amazing matchups.

    From my experience wacky decks tend to be free wins for GDS (except if they are burn based and even then...). We have hand disruption, backed up by a fast clock with counter spells and a "combo-ish" finish. This is typically a good recipe to beat janky decks.

    I'd imagine that you'd have a better time on the LGS than on the playgroup.

    On the decklist, ignoring the sideboard I'm not 100% sold on the no-Bolt lists. I enjoy playing 2/3 Bolt/Push split myself. The 4th Denial MB feels really awkward some games. I'd rather have more removal since modern is a creature heavy format. That being said, the 4th Denial fits your playgroup gauntlet better. Doesn't fit the general metagame though.
    On the sideboard, I wouldn't suggest the Pithing Needle at all. It's too narrow or ineffective against most decks. I'm also not a huge fan of Snapcaster on the board. I prefer to play 2 LtLH, better against both Control and creature-based decks. Apart from that it's the generic sideboard. I make different individual choices on the cards I play on my SB but the general plan is the same.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from Slowgod »
    So does Teferi + Knowledge pool lock them from ever casting anything other than instants? Or can they still cast sorcery speed stuff if it's during their main phase?
    Unless I'm reading it wrong the way it works is that they can only play at sorcery speed due to Teferi. With the Pool on the field every spell they attempt to cast will be replaced with the triggered ability of the pool which will make them cast a spell at instant speed that they're not allowed to.

    This will result in both players being unable to cast anything at all as long as both effects are on the battlefield. Since Teferi bounces artifacts, if your mana allows it you can bounce the Pool to cast a wincon and then cast the Pool again and continue to lock your opponent out.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »
    Went 3-0-1 last night for my best showing with shadow since I finished building it a couple of months ago. I 2-0'ed a mirror match and merfolk, then 2-1'ed esper control before ending the night by splitting with affinity (we played for fun and I lost). A couple notes:

    1. My shadow opponent was surprised to see two dismember main in our first game. I didn't think it was that weird?
    2. The merfolk player had just returned to magic and didn't realize my shocklands enabled islandwalk.
    3. PWs did work against esper control. Flip Jace and liliana were absolute bombs.

    I honestly couldn't tell you my list, as I was frantically swapping cards from my legacy shadow to get the deck modern legal in time, but I am starting to feel way more comfortable with it.
    1. The removal suite has changed from the Decks inception (maybe I should update the primer). The numbers value around 2 Dismember, 2-4 Push and 0-2 Bolt, to a total of 6/7 removal spells. The discard has changed to 2/4 IoK/TS from 4/4 originally. The number of TBR has been 2 for quite a while as well. If he was surprised to see that he probably doesn't play the deck as often as he should. At least he isn't watching the latest lists.

    3. PWs are great against control in general because they don't have a good way to deal with them. Specially Esper since they aren't typically running Detention Sphere and Push puts creatures in the yard which in turn makes LtLH way better when compared to the UW Miracles that plays Terminus/Oust/Condemn to complement the Paths.
    Quote from LeoTzu »
    One thing I've sort of noticed about GDS, in general, is that a lot of people are behind on the trends of the deck and have a lot of misconceptions… even people playing GDS. Plenty of people still think that most GDS players are maindecking K-Command, but that's been relegated to the sideboard for some time now.
    That as well... Kommand has been great out of the board and never missed it on the main. Funny enough all the HScales players think I play them in the main... Don't know about that either.
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