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  • posted a message on Merfolk Aggro
    Seems better to just drop the merfolk gimmick and just focus on mono U aggro. I mean Tidebinder is really good if it actually hits something, but if the ability isn't relevant then it's just a bear. I'd go for this as a core:

    4 Cloudfin Raptor
    4 Judge's Familar
    4 Thassa, God of the Sea
    4 Nightveil Specter
    4 Claustrophobia

    4 Counterspells
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Developing] B/R Demon Post
    Quote from jaszuni
    I like where you are going but I think agro will still be tough. I get turn 2 voice into turn 3 lingering souls + 6 removal spells. I just question if it is consistent enough.

    I kinda agree with you on the aggro matchup. 4 Prisms also seem very excessive in this build. The deck doesn't actually need to cycle or draw that many cards since we have so many value stuff already with Voice of Resurgence and Lingering Souls. The mana fixing is nice but not enough to warrant the whole 4. This is the updated list with a few minor change.

    I think 3 post might still be correct because mutiples can be binned by the trading post that you do play. Replaced Abrupt Decay with Tribute because the mana isn't perfect yet, especially with fewer prisms.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Developing] B/R Demon Post
    This is a junk angel post version that I think could be competitive if tweaked and worked on.

    I've been trying to get Trading Post to work ever since coming across the thread. I've tried just about every color combination, usually ending up in 4 color because I always want to put Ral Zarek in because it seems (is) great with Trading Post. I guess my favorite build was the RUG splash black version with Lone Revenant (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-lonely-trader/). and while I do like the black version, I feel that the printing of Angelic Accord makes the white version much better, because you no longer have to rely on stuff like Homicidal Seclusion or Demonic Rising to give Trading Post activations additional use, thus freeing the deck from the one-creature restriction/drawback and allowing it to play more powerful cards.

    One of the main problems with the builds i've tried and tested is that they were particularly weak in the early game against aggressive decks. Yes, we can pack a lot of removal, but those same cards are dead in certain match ups, and the Homicidal Goat tokens aren't even that strong to begin with, if you do reach that point. It wasn't powerful enough for all the hard work you go into setting it up let alone getting there. The junk version seeks to stall the game through resilience, something the black version does kinda poorly depending on how removal light the list is. Here, we can play strong cards like Voice of Resurgence and Lingering Souls to be defensive against the aggressive decks, while at the same time applying good pressure against the slower decks. The end game is a lot more powerful too. Why get just a 5/5 demon when you can get multiple 4/4 angels? Oh, and they stack and don't stop working when certain parameters, like having just 1 creature, are not met. Granted, it does take "more" work. The enablers here are basically just Trading Post and Blood Baron, but these are cards that are hard to remove or even interact with. Scroll of Avacyn starts being an enabler once you get an Angel out, and with Trading Post getting it back every turn. You can gain 4+ life AND draw a card instead of discarding one. Vault does the same thing by giving your Angel lifelink. It's possible that it's just better to play Thragtusk and Resto. The latter seems interesting because it turns on lifegain from the scrolls, but Blood Baron just seems a lot better than Thragtusk to me.

    Note : I can't imagine playing less than 3 Trading Posts like some of the lists that have been posted lately. I guess they aren't really post decks, but just use the card for some little value. This isn't really a post deck either. True post decks ceased to exist when the wellsprings left standard. This too just uses trading post for small incremental values (usually just drawing cards) until we just use it to make 4/4 angels every turn. Either way, Trading Post is the card that I want to be in play the most. One is good, the second one borders on broken mode. It almost reminds me of Birthing Pod. I know that sounds outlandish, but I stand by my opinion.
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  • posted a message on [M14] White Weenie Tempo / White Weenie Aggro
    For a start, Precinct Captain is probably the best 2 drop for any humans list running Ajani. With Imposing Sovereign slowing down blockers it's just a no-brainer. No reason to run mono white, really. I mean I love the decks, but adding red for removal or black for resiliency is probably better.

    If you're playing red and Silverblade Paladins (probably not since this would start looking like a different deck; less tempo more aggression), Restoration Angel is best 4 drop main deck card bar-none. Eot Resto the Paladin, bind it, attack with angel with Stronghold boost, 10 damage. It's a pretty common occurence. Sublime Archangel is only great with Rancor, I say. Angel of Jubilation is good against Aristocrats and i'd put some in the board because you honestly can't win with their Aristocrat active. I've been in so many games where I would have won if they didn't have Aristocrat to activate morbid or sac a million guys to Blood Artist. And a million guys they will have with Xathrid Necromancer looming on the horizon. Imagine it in multiples. This is especially relevant in your case because you don't even have removal to deal with Skirsdag High Priest making demons every turn. If you don't want to change your 4 drops Pithing Needle is an option.

    In other news, Brave the Elements is definitely awesome and is much better than Faith's shield. I'd run 3. 4 maybe too much but I don't know. From being pseudo removal (prot after block), counterspell (prot after target removal), to alpha strike mode... it's really good.
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  • posted a message on otion Thief Flash Combo Control Draw 14 Cards per turn??
    Yeah Tower is a glaring omission even in Conley's deck.
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  • posted a message on Budget G/W Token Populate and Budget B Rat Decks
    Here are some cards to look for in the GW deck. You don't need to play all of them, obviously. The most expensive card in here would probably be Lingering Souls or Advent of the Wurm.


    Token producing spells:
    (slightly expensive, but if you get more money down the line you definitely need to grab a set for the deck)

    Token producing creatures:

    Other cards to consider:


    I'm not sure what the rat decks play, but I imagine Pack Rats and pretty much every cheap costed rat in standard. Maybe Ogre Slumlord. Definitely disruption and removal in the form of Victim of Night, Murder, Tragic Slip, Duress, Appetite for Brains, etc.
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  • posted a message on otion Thief Flash Combo Control Draw 14 Cards per turn??
    You can basically put the combo in any deck that plays the colors. You can play an Esper Delver list that has those 2 cards as the top end, along with stuff like Lingering Souls. Even UB zombies. Conley Woods even made a video series with the esper version.

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  • posted a message on [BUDGET] My first standard deck, Suggestions?
    4 Gruul War Chant might be too much. Advent of the Wurm is definitely very strong for a cheap card, so that's a good angle for it. You could just try a GW tokens route and remove the red. Burning-Tree Emissary doesn't really do a whole lot here.

    A shell like this:
    2 Intangible Virtue
    2 Parallel Lives or Growing Ranks

    4 Call of the Conclave
    4 Selesnya Charm
    4 Advent of the Wurm
    4 Midnight Haunting or Lingering Souls if you want to add a little black.

    4 Avacyn's Pilgrim

    I don't know how expensive Wayfaring Temple is, but that card can be insane with instant speed tokens like the aforementioned Selesnya Charm and Advent of the Wurm. Sometimes the opposing player just takes the attack from the temple if you don't have any tokens to populate. If you can afford a couple of Gavony Township that would help the deck too. I don't even think you need Wake the Reflections in this deck. You'd probably win by just simple casting Advent of the Wurm. It's really good right now.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] DailyMTG Previews 7/4: Imposing Sovereign; Lifebane Zombie; Dismiss into Dream
    Quote from midnight_v
    I guess its about wanting to have an equal chance in the environment...
    which you know its bad enough that it is inevitable that everyone loses its a lot more egregious because there are a lot of us that are SUPER arrogant about the color/archetype they're fond of/using at the moment.

    So yeah everyone wants and should reasonably expect some kind of parity when it comes to general card strength, (though its always till recently been skewed toward certain colors/styles of play when it comes to standard over the years)

    As for your other two "thoughts":
    Look "WHITE" gets some good hate bears but Ash Zealot was the greatest hate bear till Voice.
    Second. White players (such as they are) don't complain about removal because they freaking get removal.
    I mean we started with Stp and we still have oblivion ring, and others. Its seriously even a thing for colors to be all over the place nowdays.
    Color pie is just an odd periodically defined thing.

    Some people just don't want good card throughout all the colors. It seems so silly.

    Nobody really used Ash Zealot as a "hate bear" and anybody who thought it hosed anything (snapcaster) is beyond rescuing. No blue mage out there retired their Snapcasters because of Ash Zealot. I will admit that it does limit flashback use a little bit, but aggro plays Ash Zealot because it is a 2/2 haste with first strike in an environment where there are a lot of 2 toughness creatures.

    The last good white removal spell white had was Path to Exile (maybe Oust?) and that was so long ago. But the point I was trying to make was that it's a bit silly to complain about not getting Swords to Plowshares when wotc decides to reprint Lightning Bolt.

    It just seems like every time the color white gets something new, people are quick to point out that the color is getting too many good stuff while their favorite gets no love. If you ask me, white is actually a pretty underpowered and underrepresented color right now--in Standard. Before anybody mentions the power of Lingering Souls, Sphinx's Revelation, Geist of Saint Traft and Boros Reckoner, I would just like to point out that these cards are played in non-white decks more often than they do appear in decks where white is actually the dominating color. Lingering Souls is a junk card, Sphinx and Geist is a blue card and Boros Reckoner is a red card.

    With that being said, Imposing Sovereign IS a white card. It will likely go in a mainly white humans list (like Boros) being that it's a cheap card that supports an aggressive strategy. So, the white deck finally gets something for them to play with and the general reaction is asking for something similar to be given to the other colors and strategies that are already stacked with good cards.

    Maybe it's unfair to make it seem like white is the only color where this happens. I remember looking through the comments about Kalonian Tusker, and reading how people were upset that green got another nice 2 drop YET AGAIN, as if green got anything other than nice creatures in the past since, I don't know, the year 2000 or something? I mean it really is just obvious that any color other than green wouldn't--and shouldnt--get a 3/3 for 3 with no drawback like a GG creature would. In relation, any other color shouldn't be able to get a 2 mana utility creature as often as white gets it. Call me a color-pie traditionalist, that's fine by me.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] DailyMTG Previews 7/4: Imposing Sovereign; Lifebane Zombie; Dismiss into Dream
    "Why does white get this and my favorite color does not?"

    What's with the obsession between card equality across the board? Obviously they can't make a cycle out of everything. White gets the most hate bears. That's the designated color. You don't ever hear white mages asking for removal (though we did get one in Celestial Flare, so nyaha!).

    The creature is indeed interesting, but i'm wondering how good it actually is. We have War Priest of Thune legal in standard, but most aggro decks choose other enchantment removal (Ray of Revelation) if they do decide to devote some slots in the sideboard. I understand that flashback is nice, but having a body in the board is also nice. This is sort of similar with Blind Obedience and Imposing Sovereign--but not completely because we are talking about different decks that they will be boarded in.

    This is even a main deckable card because it actually attacks. Blind Obedience is just dead against some (most?) decks.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Garruk, Caller of Beasts
    I don't think i've ever laughed so hard while playing a game of Magic in my entire life. This is so fun. Been tossing this around the ol cockatrice.

    The Zhur-Taa Druid could defenitely be the new mana sliver. It started as an elf version with 12 mana elves, but then I had a little bit of trouble against aggro. I think this way Unexpected Results have more decent targets. If you flip a Thragtusk or a Huntmaster that's not bad at all. It used to also have 4 Worldspine Wurms, but I found that it was only impressive if you were already winning; like if it was against a slow board from the opponent for example. Most of the time I was wishing for a Gruul Ragebeast to kill their creature or a Trostani's Summoner to get some blockers out. What's great is that since these creatures cost 7, you can play them the turn after casting Garruk.

    About Worldspine Wurm: It's actually an interesting pick right now when testing the new cards because i've been playing against Exava-Kalonian Hydra decks a lot, and the Wurm does a good job holding back their Hydra until you can put Ragebeast into play.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Witchstalker (TCGplayer preview)
    Seems okay. It's not better than Dungrove Elder. Not sure if it's even worth any sideboard slots against UBx. Definitely not a main deck card unless you're running some kind of hexproof deck.
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Kalonian Hydra
    Dream scenario is obviously t1 mana dork; t2 Gyre Sage; t3 Increasing Savagery on Gyre Sage--tap it for GGGGG cast Behemoth; t4 flashback Increasing Savagery on Behemoth swing for a million (well, 28. 29 if you attack with the mana dork).

    Bonus points for Burst of Strength shenanigans. If you use the extra mana you get (10 mana on turn 4) to untap Gyre Sage, then you'll swing for 42 total.

    Just a basic idea. There are 20 elves in this deck, and there are other options to harness that mana. I don't think you need 4 Increasing Savagery. I'm thinking 3 Savagery 1 Give // Take is enough. Burst of Strength is probably just too cute but it does give you a lot of mana potential; Vorel of the Hull Clade also likes being untapped.
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  • posted a message on Mutilate or Damnation in M14?
    We get simple cards like Sign in Blood, which is perfect for core sets, very flavorful and exemplifies black very well. Why don't they just print a wrath for BBB that makes you lose life? Either for each creature destroyed or maybe just 3 life; one for each mana.

    I'm actually fine with Infest, but black still needs a kill all. When Mutilate got spoiled in M13, people were saying that Mono Black will probably not be viable until we get something like Corrupt. Well, we are getting Corrupt but losing Mutilate so it's the same thing all over again, probably worse this time around.
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  • posted a message on G/W Aggro

    If you've read Craig Wescoe's article above about Boros and Selesnya Aggro, he says that Selesnya lists that aren't playing cards like Advent of the Wurm are probably just worse versions of Boros lists.

    Smiter and Voice are obviously very good against certain decks, but that's about it for green really, if you're not running some of the other options. For comparison, these are the Boros and Selesnya lists that i've been trying. Not sure which one I like more as of yet.


    Wayfaring Temple is suprisingly prety good. Having it out with Advent of the Wurm mana up is the thing. Your opponent probably won't expect it when you attack with it with no tokens in play, then you just cast Advent before damage. I really just wanted to try Wayfaring Temple after i've been wrecked by large Elemental voice tokens multiple times. I just wanted more of those creatures that get big when you play more creatures. It just really puts the deck over the top when you proliferate your large tokens.

    Reasons to go Selesnya:
    1. Voice of Resurgence
    2. Loxodon Smiter
    3. Rancor
    4. Advent of the Wurm
    5. Green 5 drops like Thragtusk, Acidic Slime and/or Wolfir Silverheart
    6. Garruk Relentless
    7. Rootborn Defenses + tokens


    I think the biggest incentive to go Boros instead of Selesnya are these things:

    1. Slayer's Stronghold. It's just a very impressive card that powers up your mid-late game. Better than Gavony Township against decks with sweepers and the ones who tap out.
    2. Burn.
    3. Zealous Conscripts. Good with Restoration Angel.
    4. Boros Reckoner. Sure, we can play it in Selesnya, but I think Wayfaring Temple is better when you have tokens.
    5. Human tribal synergy, which could equate to playing a card like Precinct Captain which is a superior card to Voice of Resurgence in an aggro strategy when followed by a Silverblade Paladin or Ajani, Caller of the Pride.
    6. Ajani, Caller of the Pride. Great with Precint Captain, allowing it to swing twice in the air, giving you two tokens to protect Ajani.
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