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  • posted a message on I hate dragon's maze
    Quote from Bigeyes1992
    I am not much of a fan of Cluestone Maze either... I have opened up an over abundance of those darn things.

    Think of them as limited tools. Most cards are designed to be played on limited rather than constructed. And, as far as I heard the feedback, they do a great job.
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  • posted a message on Best Card *Art* By Set - Return to Ravnica: White (READ RULES)
    Descendants' Path.

    Quote from KnickM
    I'm going to say Descendents' Path, which was a pretty risky submission but seems to do the job of conveying a difficult concept. Bonus points to Terese for putting an actual picture of her ancestors in.

    And Obama.
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  • posted a message on Avacyn Vs Dark Ascension
    I guess that most people will agree that, overall, Dark Ascension was a better set, because it made one of the greatest Draft seasons ever (I still prefer DKA-ISD-ISD better than 3x ISD, though), but I have my reasons to love Avacyn Restored more. Because humans (oh, you'll see me posting that a lot). It gave WR Humans many new tools. While it gave the world Griselbrand and Craterhoof, DKA gave Lingering Souls that see much more play in constructed formats, plus insane mythics such as Falkenrath Aristocrat and Huntmaster of the Fells. Other aspects such as lands, I never liked the BG land from DKA, and always found it too weak compared to the Innistrad ones, and I'm a big fan of Slayers' Stronghold - and I approve it more than Vault of the Archangel for some reason. The cycle of gold lords is also awesome and remarkable, and was pretty useful on drafts and such (and, for a tribal lover like me, great tools for decks).

    And Miracles.
    Love Miracles.
    Bonfire of the Damned was a card that I wanted to cry when I first saw it.
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  • posted a message on [[Judge]] Possible New Judge Foils
    Quote from flyingtiger
    He took some better quality pictures here:

    Overwhelming Forces is 2013 Judge 6/8, Vindicate is 7/8, Show and Tell 8/8.

    Personally I have to figure out which kidney I need to sell to get a copy of that Show and Tell...

    Thanks a lot mate, much appreciated.
    Well, but making Vindicate again as Judge promo, sounds weird, but plausible and reasonable, since it was 2007 the first Judge promo, I guess. It's a good card, that could come (and clean up stores) on DD: Sorin vs. Tibalt, and will be a well deserved prize for those who work on events. Wizards surely know how to please a Judge.
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  • posted a message on [[Judge]] Possible New Judge Foils
    Quote from The Phasewalker
    Vindicate GP promo? Otherwise the other 2 seem plausible, one from portal, I forget the name and show and tell. They wouldn't print vindicate as judge twice.

    Wouldn't be nice if the guy took the photos on collector's number? I don't know why this doesn't happen that often. It is the best indicator of promos, and would clear things up more often and quicker, like, people spamming that Render Silent wouldn't be FNM promo, etcetera.
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  • posted a message on The Real Truth About RTR Standard (Get Your Tin Foil Hats On)
    Quote from BVictor
    if aggro is so mindless, then play a control deck.

    usually it is the bad players that complain about how mindless aggro is.

    And we have one more correct answer to finish the complaints of LBS' posts. 19 years of Magic and still complaining about how aggro is mindless, how combo is not being loved by WotC, how control is not being pushed enough because the lack of Counterspell and how Thragtusk is a mistake. I'm still afraid of even seeing where that link on his signature goes.

    Go on mods, ban me, I regret nothing [2].

    Even if you disagree with a user, please do not attack them instead.

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  • posted a message on What's your favorite deck of all time?
    There are so many to list and take note! Well, here comes two.

    ISD Block Constructed WR Humans (since the early Innistrad lists with Instigator Gang, which was a beast against BR Vampires, to the DKA's Hellrider to finish at the nicely planned Ari Lax PTAVR blink list, which was the deck I played the most);
    Pauper UR Delver/Kiln (The deck is so straight forward and the way Wee Dragonauts kill on turn 4/5 makes you love the deck).
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  • posted a message on Control Deck Rage Quit?
    Quote from Illusionist
    It really does boggle my mind to see a control player rage quit.

    It does boggle me how can a player rage quit on Magic.
    It's a competitive game. The biggest part of the players will have to lose. Cope with that fact. Go to your LGS knowing this simple fact.

    I can't understand how can a player with anger during games problems play a competitive game. That's why there are those MMOs and yearly generic videogames on the internet, where you almost can't lose on those, and are designed for you to pay money for the win. And hey, look at me, I'm a guy from a italian family, that rages on basically everything, got a serious disease that happens with those with big illnesses because of stress and I know that I shouldn't rage after a match of Magic, and I don't do it. If I knew the guy, I'd ask him gently to stop playing Magic, because he won't ever fit in a competitive environiment. Word of advice.
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  • posted a message on Wizards needs to print another 4 ability 'walker
    I just read the title and felt like I needed to comment. They don't NEED to do it. The company won't go bankrupt if they don't, therefore, they don't NEED to do it. It's a very heavy term you used and without necessity. inb4, we still have in Standard a 5-ability walker (yep, dat Garruk got 5 activated abilities if you didn't notice the last time it killed your 2/x creature), and, since this argument has no reasoning, I'd approve if they made something with four unplayable or not-impacting abilities to prove further my point.
    This goes along with the "a complete set with [insert card attributes here] only would be broken" and things like it that are taken as absolute truth by a certain part of community because they are biased from early experiences.

    Quote from Bacl
    I disagree. Wizards needs to stop printing Planeswalkers, or seriously nerf them.

    They've nerfed them (Take Liliana out of question), and compare what we have with previous things like Gideon or Elspeth - then look how far they have made them less impacting. It's quite on the right way, if you asked for my opinion, except that I find our current Vraska and Gideon quite weak for what we could have.
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  • posted a message on [DGM] Spike(?) Clown
    It has been spoiled before.
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Skylasher
    Great Sable Stag had spider relatives?
    I loved the card, but I think it is of some sort of despair from Wizards. It's easy to drop, kills many blue menaces and puts them decks in bad positions.
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Notion Thief (Worth Wollpert preview on Twitter)
    Well, I guess there was a thread yesterday complaining about how Dimir was unplayable or something. Many people spammed "Wait until the whole set is released", and there we go! That card is beautiful. Imagine this being played against things like Sphinx's Revelation and Griselbrand!

    Boy, if cipher was a disappointment, this is a compensation.
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  • posted a message on Best Card *Art* By Set - Return to Ravnica: White (READ RULES)
    There's something in Hanweir Lancer that makes me like it very much.
    HMs to Thunderous Wrath and Vigilante Justice.
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  • posted a message on Worst Card *Art* By Set - Return to Ravnica: White (READ RULES)
    Fervent Cathar, yes. The position on the horse, boy, if I keep talking, I'll get a warning.
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  • posted a message on What if the concept of format dissapeared ?
    Quote from cdmagic
    In fact I think that Limited and EDH are a great example of how it can be a success,

    Whoa, and there goes the argument.

    Magic without format would be the ruin of the game. We wouldn't have parameters for playing the game, and, the game would be casual instead of competitive, and the whole strategy, the brain activity Magic is would be gone. The player base would be worse (if not the worst), the economy of the game would disappear and we would move up to another thing.
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