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  • posted a message on [ELD] Kenrith's transformation
    I love this - the green Spreading Seas Grin
    This looks like it may be the FNM promo version, no?
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  • posted a message on [ELD] 5 “second card drawn” mechanic cards
    Yeah, this ability made sense in MH1 with cycling... outside of Opt I've yet to see a single card that would make this "second card" mechanic viable in limited in any way.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - r/MagicArena Spoiler -
    The non-special frame art is the most unmythic looking art I've ever seen. Looks like it belongs on a forgettable common card.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] cool stuff inc preview - icencrag pyromancer
    NOTE that it says "draw your second card" NOT "draw more than one card" - This pyromancer, no matter what, can only trigger once per turn.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    Quote from MeraSC »
    Damn! Here I was, very sad, thinking that the only deck I enjoy playing in Modern had completely died...

    Not at all! In fact, it's better situated now than its's been at any time post Gitaxian Probe banning. C'mon down to the discord!
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Mothership spoilers 9/16— Queen Linden and her retinue
    Oh my gosh people - our perceptions of these historical "inaccuracies" are due specifically to...historical inaccuracies!! In the 700s AD Spain was conquered by Muslims - commonly referred to as Moors here. The same goes for Sicily and parts of Italy. Dark skinned individuals were EXTREMELY POPULOUS in Medieval Europe. In Arthurian lore Sir Palamedes was an Arab muslim converted to Christianity. Late 20th century retellings of Robin Hood often has an African Muslim in his troop of merry men - why? To accentuate the historicity of the melding and bleeding of ethnic groups in Europe at the time. If you go to the Met and look at old paintings, you will see that there were numerous individuals of color depicted in court scenes. People of color were not absent from Medieval Europe - Europeans are NOT an Aryan race. Europeans are a diverse group of ethnicities of varying skin colors whose origins stem from both the North AND the South (i.e. Africa and the Middle East).
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Tempting witch
    I really like the flavor and how this spins food into poison - real homerun here. I just wish food was a practical ability outside of limited and possibly standard - would love some of these flavorful cards for my pauper cube!
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  • posted a message on Mothership 9/18 - the great henge (the green legendary artifact)
    This is my favorite of the mythic artifact cycle! I find Green's typical requirements of creatures with high power is always easier to meet than other colors' typical requirements. Going straight into my mono-green Fight Club deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    Quote from Echonance »
    Hey all,
    I’m new to the deck and have just bought in on paper, after having practiced some against friends as well as online. I’m definitely a fan of the (MikePemulis/stubb list) 4 Hexdrinker 2 W6 4 Force of Negation package, and over the next few months I’ll be doing some bouncing around European events playing primarily this in modern.
    Mostly I am interested in what our sideboard should look like considering the hogaak + Phoenix ban. I’ve moved up an Ancient Grudge as a hedge against Whirza.
    The Royal Scions looks interesting but I don’t know if there’s room for a planeswalker on 3 in this list. Also reduces possible delver flips?

    Welcome to the fold! Unfortunately most conversation in this thread has dried but, but the RUG Delver appreciation is alive and well in our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/az5NdDz. Come an join us - there's daily conversation about the deck there and people are very friendly.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] two blue Adamant cards
    We have [c]Phan
    So...I've sorta been having this internal debate. It actually started a couple sets back, but it feels more and more relevant each set. Do you guys feel that, in the modern game of Magic, a 2/2 creature with a +1/+1 counter is just functionally better than a. 3/3? If so, is the difference so relevant that it should be reflected in mana cost? Is it already affecting cost?

    We have Phantom Monster at common. Which, crazily enough, if the only 3/3 French vanilla - flying - creature at common with this casting cost. All other 3/3 creatures with flying for 4cmc (regardless of color) are either not common, have two or more pips in their casting cost, or have flying only situationally. Which makes Phantom Monster appear quite pushed for a common creature, which makes you realize that Vantress Paladin is in the competitive running for efficiency in this category, the difference is that this essentially costs 1UUU. Now within a casual constructed deck, there are many cards like Abzan Battle Priest that can make the Paladin a better card.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Castle Locthwain (stopgame.ru spoiler)
    Quote from pierrebai »
    One thing that bothers me is that this cycle of lands will be a staple forever more in mono-colored decks, yet their names mean they won't ever be reprinted in normal sets. (Unless we return to Eldraine, and even then, Wizards rarely reprints cards that are not shock-lands when we return to a plane.)

    Core set? The Temples from Theros block are in the current one.

    Al things considered, those temples are rather generic in name. Temple of Mystery could be on any plane, plenty of planes have temples. If it was called Kruphix's Temple, that would change things.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Malditos nerd preview - blacklance paragon
    So at worst this is a situational Doom blade that gains you 3 life - Doom Blade has been a common and an uncommon, never a rare.
    At best this allows you to grant another knight deathtouch and lifelink (great if that knight has strong p/t to survive the attack and gain you more than 3 life), and leaves you with an extra aggressive creature on the board.

    I still don't think this should be a rare, but maybe they chose that due to "complexity"? Or they realized in limited it's crazy stupid.

    At the very least it could of had first strike for flavor purposes (IT'S A LANCER!)
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  • posted a message on [ELD] mothership 9/16 - linden (Rowan and wills stepmom) also 2 other cards and all cycles
    It seems like there's also a cycle of uncommon 2 color spells with no thematic/type/mechanics connection- i.e []Drown in the Loch[/c] and Grumfully, the Generous.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] 4 commons from nizzahon magic
    Hope these commons get the alternate frame printing as well - I'd love that unicorn for my Magic Fantasy Land EDH deck.

    Also interesting that the Treefolk here have 4 legs like a horse.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Torbran, Thane of Red Fell— ZiggyD preview
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Weird that this isn't a 4/4 with 'another red source' since that's usually how they deal with team buff effects.

    But there it is. More dwarves in red. Cool.

    If it said "another red source" then he'd never deal more damage with buffs - i.e. if he IS a 4/4, and you give this guy a buff like +2/+0, he'll only deal 6, instead of 8. He's actually better with the current templating.
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