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  • posted a message on Racism in the NFL?
    Quote from LordOfTexas
    If you think racism is dead or even close to it, not just in football but in the world at large, you are probably not a minority.

    I agree. I mean you are forced to hire "minorities" forced to interview them for coaching jobs. If anything it is working against itself. I watched an espn show some years ago when blake griffen was drafted.(i think it was the same year) and they were talking about him being the "great white hope" even though he is by racial. believe it or not the minorities and really not such these days. sure only x amount of our population is black, and y hispanic, and z asian. x+y+z > w

    People say there is racism when comparing "dual-threat" quarterbacks because these tend to be black. Why do we compare cam newton to mike vic or other black quarterbacks? Because we don't have another comparison. Historically mobile Qbs have been black it is a simple fact. People are meshing racism with facts. If something is true it doesn't make racism IMO.
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  • posted a message on Anonymous responds to Obama's proposed gun bans
    First things first video does not actually have anything to do with Anonymous you are all being trolled by the someone similar to the OP. Further more Anon does have loose ties to one another and several high ranking members have ways to communicate without getting caught. I support Anon for the most part and I am somewhat close to several people who are tied in with them. Again I won't explain exactly how things work as not to out them.

    Anonymous sees the gun laws in more of a neutral way. Some members will be happy, some might not be. Others(most) won't largely care because they don't live in the United States. Mostly Anon stands for the right of free speech, and free press as related to the internet. They also stand against corporate powers who use and abuse private citizens and who try to control governments with money and power.
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  • posted a message on Vouchers for Religious schools
    Pretty sure my mother is an atheist. She sent me to a Christian school and attended it till the end of 5th grade. When I started attending public school in 6th grade, I was 2 years ahead of everyone education wise and essentially wasted a year of school since there was no gifted program at the time.

    Having said that, I think I'd be in favor of vouchers. I don't think they taught evolution in my Christian school, but I seeing as I was top 1% in state testing constantly and eventually was taught evolution, I don't think it mattered. For what it's worth, while I do believe in evolution over creationism, I don't think it's THAT relevant a topic in schools. One, it's really easy to teach your children what you believe, even if it's contrary to what the school is teaching. Two, evolution is basically knowledge for knowledge sake. While information is obviously 100% better then disinformation, it's functionally useless information to 99% of people. Like astronomy. Unless you're going in to the field or trying to prove you're smarter then a 5th grader, who the **** cares about mercury being closest to the sun or whether pluto is or isn't a planet?

    Except creationism is a mystical belief out of a fiction book, and evolution has all but been scientifically proven as a law.

    If we took the money we spend in these dumb voucher programs, and added a bit more we could fix our public schools. Education is the foundation of life, and the reason we are struggling is because our education(as well as healthcare, ect) absolutely blow in this country. The rest of the world advances socially and we still sit here like its the damn 19th century.

    @ Homeschooling

    As far as I know you actually have to get a GED or take one of those High school diploma courses at a college after taking home-school. It is also not a valid option for most people outside of the upper class because most families have both adults working just to keep up these days. Then a large amount of parents even parents of recent generations(30+) were not taught as well as people are today. I know several 30+ people who went through at least 2yrs of college and don't know calc or other "advanced" stuff. Then you also have to be a good teacher on top of being knowledgeable. Home-schooling is just so limited.
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  • posted a message on Are we heading towards Martial Law/Civil War?
    I doubt this will ever happen, but why not. I am all for it. Give me a gun and let me start knocking off the dissenters. Our average IQ would increase by 10-20% if we just starting whacking those neo-natiz paramilitary idiots.

    I for one stand for my country unlike those who say they do until the government needs to fix a problem that will slightly effect them. These same idiots cry about their second amendment rights while attempting to infringe on the first amendment by putting prayer in schools and knocking on my door at 7 in the morning telling me I am going to hell. Let me blast them away please, please.

    Ok now that this bit of crazy is out long day.....

    We as a country are on the cusp of change from the old mystical ways of the past into a second enlightenment period. There will be those few that still try to cling onto the ways of the past, and maybe even try to murder others to get what they want. Even if something like this did break out we would be better for it, and hopefully end up more united than we currently are.
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  • posted a message on Hobby Lobby and Obamacare

    Most of us have heard the story. If not link above is an article on it.

    My question is why is the cooperation allowed to deny its employees certain types of healthcare? Should it not be the employee that makes the decision of whether or not they contraception goes against their personal beliefs?

    One person who I spoke with personally dropped this nugget. It is slightly off topic, but us discussing this topic led to it.

    (about universal healthcare)
    THEM: "why would I let the government tell me what I can and can't do to my body?"

    ME: "So you're against the government having some say in your healthcare, but your all for some people who believe in fairy tales telling their employees they can't have birth control?":facepalm:
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  • posted a message on School Programs - How much religion is too much?
    Quote from Jay13x
    The basis for this thread was from here:


    Essentially, a California school district as started a Yoga program for the kids in the morning. As far as results, they are finding that children are more focused and less sleepy during the day because of this program, and are looking to expand them.

    The National Center for Law and Policy, a conservative christian advocacy group, is pressing to get the program removed from the school curriculum. The irony here is that this is the same group that lobbies for in-school prayer.

    My question is this: How much religion or religious influence is too much in schools? It seems ironic to me that the same people who advocate for in-school prayer, abstinence-only education and intelligent design would be against another program with religious roots that has been shown to help children focus in school.

    I should note that Yoga is basically stripped of any real religious significance.

    So, why are programs with obvious religious agendas like intelligent design and abstinence-only education okay while programs with religious roots but no agenda like Yoga is not?

    as far as I'm concerned yoga is an accepted part of society and has nothing to do with any religion. It is just stretchering and such.

    And as far as I am concerned keep religion away from my children. So help the spaghetti lord, may he condemn you. Jokes aside religion is bad and should not be taught or even praised in any form or fashion in schools.
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  • posted a message on Vouchers for Religious schools

    Should our tax dollars pay for religious schools?

    My thoughts(put in a spoiler as not to stifle the conversation)

    I am against this as per the first amendment. I imagine if the money was going for atheist or muslim schools all of the christian zealots would be up in arms. We would have all sort of protest. This is an infringement of our first amendment rights which protect us from Christianity and other religions. I don't want to pay for other peoples kids to be taught illogical lies and hatred.
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  • posted a message on Socialism is Bad
    I think a lot of the problems are the less intelligent believe socialism is communism because that is what the right has been saying for years. As a matter of fact Reagen or Nixon(can't remember which atm) said that smoking pot turns people into communist to sway public opinion about pot.

    This continues with pretty much everything.

    As far as being a socialistic society we are getting close to being at the right spot between a Fascist republic and a socialist democracy. We really need universal healthcare like Canada and other first world progressive countries. We also need to spend more money on education. Be it paying for most to go to college(like several other first world countries) or making some sort training program for certificates, and trade workers.
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  • posted a message on Taking a poll here. If you were to have a son, would you have him Circumcised?
    My question is why? There is no evidence that in first world countries circumcision makes any difference in health. This is an old practice followed by the jews, and it shows why religion was important in our past. Just the same as not eating pork because they didn't understand why it made people sick.

    Logic > Everything else.

    So hell no. I was not, and neither was my father before me. As a parent you need to be responsible and teach your son proper cleaning of his areas just like you would a daughter. Doing anything else is kust the easy way out.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banned List Discussion (Announced)
    DRS is the type of card that gets dropped into a diverse metagame and allows further diversification. If any powerful card gets dropped into a perfect storm type situation its going to be bad for the format. This is the problem with jund. The cogs have all been put into the right places. Sure DRS is one of these cogs, but not all of them. The whole GB shell is honestly to blame. Throw in the power from bolt and BBE and you have a dominant deck. I don't know what you can really hit between goyf, Bob, liliana, thoughtsieze, and DRS, because 2 of them are sacred cows, 1 of them is needed for the format, and the third is a creature that can be used in many decks that can serve to help keep a balanced format balanced. This is the main reason why I believe it will be lily and BBE that take the fall. These 2 cards are notoriously good against control decks while still being game changing most of the other decks in the format.

    About Delver:

    Honestly delver was Notre Dame IMO. We knew it had its weaknesses, but refused to admit them because it was beating up on ju-co teams. Once abrupt decay came out those weaknesses were exaggerated. The deck had a VD the whole time, but no one really cared until the popular prom queen caught it then it was national news.

    This has happened many times in the past in many different formats. Even without new cards being printed. People learn the meta, then they learn how to bust it up. This is typically how it happens although sometimes the meta solution deck ends up becoming the problem itself. such has happened several times in the past most notably Pre-ban standard Caw-blade which was the solution deck to GR/x Valakut decks that were ruling the format at that time.

    Looking at the current meta jund is pre-ban standard caw blade. It was made to compete with the aggro decks of the format while it is more than versatile enough to go toe to toe with combo and control.

    Part of them problem with beating jund with a control deck is the general weaknesses of the decks you could make. For example the counterspells are all bad, the card draw is all bad, and the ways to win without tapping out during your turn and playing some durdle dude who just dies are extremely narrow and bad. Do control decks exist in the format yeah, but they are all a few cards short of tier 1 status.
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  • posted a message on The BCS(NCAAF)
    Last night was the national championship game for Collegiate football(us)

    It is a game mired in tradition, and full of wonderful moments that out live the games themselves. Last night was an atrocity. It was obvious from just about the first play from scrimmage that only 1 team actually belonged.

    After 60 mins a 42-14 blowout(which had bama scoring the first 35 points) many of us were left feeling nauseated. It was so bad that the producers obviously told the cameras to focus on the winning QBs GF(former miss Alabama) and this was just a stark reminder of how ugly the game on the field was.

    The BCS since it's inception(following other terrible systems) in 98 has had some good games. However more times than not we can't say that it was definitely the best 2 teams playing each other. As a famous coach once said "The game is played on the field" I think we need to find some solutions to these problems.

    The NCAA is taking steps including a 4 team playoff, but is this honestly enough? The best solution I can possible think of is limiting the number of teams that can actually play for the title game.

    I think Division 1 is way to broad. We have powerhouse teams in tier 1 universities then we have what amounts to community colleges that the tier 1 teams stomp.

    Cut division 1 down to 4 or 8 conferences then have them seeded in a full on single elimination bracket. Assuming 4 conferences it adds to games, assuming 8 you add 3.(counting the championship game)

    The biggest issue with this system is the fact that these conferences act as individual entities and control their own revenue and finances. It will be really had to kill the Money culture behind the sport atm, but not impossible. As we have seen with conference realignment turmoil exist and turmoil is the single greatest cause of change.

    What are your opioions on these matters? Have other ideas, or do you maybe like the system how it is?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banned List Discussion (Announced)
    Quote from Badd Business
    I've said it for a long time, DRS is the main card that put Jund over the top, with decay playing a smaller role in making Jund very hard to hate out.

    An unchecked shaman will deal upwards of 8-10 damage minimum, while also hating out your opponent's graveyard-based strategies. By nature, it's a 1 drop that HAS to be answered. In Jund, you previously would be using your removal for Goyf and Confidant. Now you have to answer a turn 1 creature as well as their goyfs and confidants, leaving your removal much more tightly constricted. And by the way, you also still have to deal with BBE and Liliana before hoping to stabilize.

    The other problem shaman gives is that it provides mana fixing for Jund while also accelerating into turn 2 Liliana, Lingering Souls, or some other problematic 3 drop. Previously, this wasn't possible since bloodbraid elf didn't want to cascade into crappy cards, but now that there is cascadeable mana dork, it gives jund a crazy powerful curve that's efficient and has card advantage at every step along the way.

    My only issue with this is that DRS in modern is not broken in anything other than jund. Its a good card that several decks can use. If being able to cast turn 2 liliana is a problem ban her. Or ban dark confidant, or goyf, or bloodbraid elf. Destroy the whole jund deck for all I care, but let zoo and traditional rock decks has DRS.

    Quote from Tormod
    Willy Edel won GP with running only 2 copies of bob in his list, choosing to add 2 Lotus Cobra for even more acceleration and mana fixing to be faster than the other Jund decks and to race combo. Jund is totally fine without bobs.

    Edel's version of jund was highly meta gamed to beat spirit jund. Bob is just about the worst creature in the mirror, while lotus cobra may have been unassuming enough to score him a few wins by having 5-6 mana on turn 3.Typically the way to beat jund is to be just as disruptive and go bigger than they do.
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  • posted a message on Democrats propose constitutional amendment to abolish presidential term limits
    Quote from ljossberir

    Oh really? A defacto dictator? Just because you disagree with what FDR did does not mean he is a dictator. I strongly disagree with what W did and said but that doesn't mean hes a dictator. Moron perhaps.

    I see that you quoted approval ratings later.

    Remember that being a dictator does not necessarily mean you are disliked. In fact, it's often quite the opposite. That's how many people become dictators, because they are extremely charismatic.

    FDR was certainly well-liked, but so were many (if not most) dictators throughout history.

    I would not personally call FDR a dictator, but he was about as close to one as the U.S. has ever come, short of Washington and Lincoln. He was an extremely forceful President. Lincoln was reviled by many, though, so I would more compare FDR's career to Washington's.

    Based on his charisma and status, Washington got away with virtually anything he wanted to do, just as FDR did. However, there are three main differences in my mind. First, Washington was not at odds with the balance of power in the U.S. government to the same degree that FDR was. Second, Washington did step down after two terms, creating that default expectation for future Presidents. Third, Washington did not have too much of an agenda compared to FDR.

    You may want to grab a dictionary and look up dictator. FDR was a damn good president in a system even without term limits was still a democratic republic.
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  • posted a message on 2013-2014 NFL Season & Fantasy Football Thread
    Quote from Macius

    All the lines ive seen are 7:2 to give you an idea of where thats at... but that was pre-saturday.

    that's what I saw. Love the ray lewis quote BTW. So sad to see him go. Probably the best Middle linebacker to ever play the game. He played the game right. With honor and an emphasis on giving it all.
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  • posted a message on [GTC] Dimir Charm
    Quote from Stoogeslap
    Just realized that Isochron Scepter has a new best bud...

    I could think of several better cards to put on a stick.
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