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  • posted a message on Need finisher in U/B for the Scarab God
    I think one card you could consider for a finisher is Tidespout Tyrant. An absolute terror in the early days of EDH, it doesn't see much play anymore, but is a very effective way to finish out games. The only issue is that it's contingent on being able to cast enough spells to make it work, but that's not usually a problem in UB.
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  • posted a message on [MTGO] Tymna and Bruse's Hatestravaganza! [Primer]
    Not a budget option, actually. One of the big things with Tymna is that your 2-drops need to be able to get in for damage. In that regard, a 2/2 that can turn into a 3/3 is somewhat more valuable than a 1/2, even though Stoneforge is obviously better as a tutor. At least, that was my reasoning when I started trying it out. For sure, I don't know that this is correct, but Stoneforge had been in the deck, and it was often a liability, so I made this switch, and I feel reasonably happy with it.
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  • posted a message on [MTGO] Tymna and Bruse's Hatestravaganza! [Primer]
    Quote from KriggY »
    Nice dekc, I wonder about the MW matchup because all the versions I saw play some boardclear. Also, Im not sure how many games did you play vs oloro to call the matchup favorable? Because from my experience (when he was DC legal) he pretty much crushed all creture based decks. Especialy when most of your guys are just 2/x

    I've played a pretty good number against Oloro. I the reason the matchup feels favorable is mostly specific to the current mtgo meta. With control and combo decks dominating the meta for the most part, the Oloro decks aren't built around beating this kind of creature deck. That could absolutely change if the meta shifted more towards aggressive or midrange creature decks.
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  • posted a message on [MTGO] Tymna and Bruse's Hatestravaganza! [Primer]
    [[Reserved for Changelog]]
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  • posted a message on [MTGO] Tymna and Bruse's Hatestravaganza! [Primer]
    So, I wanted to make a post about the Tymna and Bruse list that I've been playing in 1v1 League on MTGO, and this seems like as good a place to put it as any.

    DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    Creatures 32 Total
    1 Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
    1 Angel of Sanctions
    1 Aven Mindcensor
    1 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
    1 Bearer of Silence
    1 Bloodghast
    1 Bloodsoaked Champion
    1 Containment Priest
    1 Dark Confidant
    1 Drana, Liberator of Malakir
    1 Falkenrath Aristocrat
    1 Flametongue Kavu
    1 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner
    1 Grand Abolisher
    1 Harsh Mentor
    1 Hypnotic Specter
    1 Kambal, Consul of Allocation
    1 Kytheon, Hero of Akros
    1 Leonin Arbiter
    1 Merciless Executioner
    1 Mother of Runes
    1 Palace Jailer
    1 Relic Seeker
    1 Scab-Clan Berserker
    1 Scrapheap Scrounger
    1 Selfless Spirit
    1 Sin Collector
    1 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    1 Thalia, Heretic Cathar
    1 Tidehollow Sculler
    1 Veteran Motorist
    1 Vial Smasher the Fierce

    Planeswalkers 3 Total
    1 Ajani Vengeant
    1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance
    1 Liliana of the Veil

    Sorceries 8 Total
    1 Armageddon
    1 Council's Judgment
    1 Demonic Turor
    1 Duress
    1 Inquisition of Kozilek
    1 Lingering Souls
    1 Ravages of War
    1 Thoughtseize

    Instants 11 Total
    1 Hide/Seek
    1 Crackling Doom
    1 Fatal Push
    1 Go for the Throat
    1 Kolaghan's Command
    1 Lightning Bolt
    1 Lightning Helix
    1 Path to Exile
    1 Swords to Plowshares
    1 Terminate
    1 Vampiric Tutor

    Artifacts 6 Total
    1 Aethersphere Harvester
    1 Chrone Mox
    1 Mox Diamond
    1 Smuggler's Copter
    1 Sword of Fire and Ice
    1 Umezawa's Jitte

    Lands 38 Total
    1 Ancient Tomb
    1 Arid Mesa
    1 Badlands
    1 Battlefield Forge
    1 Blood Crypt
    1 Bloodstained Mire
    1 Cavern of Souls
    1 City of Brass
    1 Command Tower
    1 Concealed Courtyard
    1 Eiganjo Castle
    1 Fetid Heath
    1 Flooded Strand
    1 Godless Shrine
    1 Graven Cairns
    1 Inspiring Vantage
    1 Lavaclaw Reaches
    1 Mana Confluence
    1 Marsh Flats
    1 Plateau
    1 Polluted Delta
    1 Sacred Foundry
    1 Scalding Tarn
    1 Scrubland
    1 Shambling Vent
    1 Slayer's Stronghold
    1 Temple of Triumph
    1 Verdant Catacombs
    1 Wasteland
    1 Windswept Heath
    1 Wooded Foothils
    2 Mountain
    2 Plain
    2 Swamp

    Just a brief word about where the deck started out will probably give you an idea of how the deck got to this point. It came into being because I looked around the MTGO 1v1 meta and figured that a hate bear list was well positioned. With that said, I didn't fall in love with any of the lists that I saw, and in particular, didn't care for any of the commander options that I was seeing. The closest was probably Abzan Anafenza, but her abilities aren't super relevant. Then a looked at the partner commanders, and Tymna had been one that I'd had my eye on for a while. "Free" card advantage on a commander is a very rare thing, so I started there. Then I was looking for another Partner that would help to activate Tymna's ability, and Bruse leaped right out at me.

    Initially, I had in mind a deck that would play hate bears early, then close the game out with one of a series of combos, somewhat like a Thrasios/Bruse, or a Karador deck might. I had a real combo platter of combos in there. Kiki-Resto-Conscripts, Sac-Red Cap-Anafenza/Vizier, Sac-Blood Artist/Zulaport-Karmic-Reveillark. This didn't turn out particularly well. Even with all the tutors I was running, this turned out to be unreliable without the ability to support the combo with counters. Also, I realized that with the clunky top end, I really wasn't taking advantage of Tymna. Tymna really wants you to play a one or two drop on turns 1-2, come down pre-combat and draw you a card on turn 3 (2 with Mox). So, the second build of the deck was much more aggressive than the current one, playing ~6-8 one drops, and ~10 two drops. This didn't work for all of the reasons that hyper-aggressive decks tend not to work in this format. The creatures I was playing didn't have enough impact on the game outside of combat, and you run out of gas before you can get the opponent dead. That lead to the version that I'm playing now, which eschews most 1 drops, plays only two drops that have a significant impact on the game outside of combat, and plays fewer creatures overall in favor of playing more interactive cards. This third phase of the deck is also where I hit on the idea of playing the two Vehicle, which turn out to be really really good in the deck.

    Play and matchups

    The game plan of the deck is fairly straight-forward in theory. Turn one you want, ideally, to have some form of disruption. Turn two, you really want to play a two-drop creature. Turn three, you want to Play Tymna. Turn four, you want to play Bruse. In practice, it's a lot more complicated, and what you actually want to do will vary a lot depending on what you're up against. In particular, how you prioritize your non-commander creatures depends a lot on what you're up against. Finally, when you have a decent advantage, you want to just end the game with Armageddon or Ravages.


    Baral is the deck this deck was primarily built against, and it might be the deck's best matchup. You have a ton of cards designed to mess up every aspect of their game plan, and the most important thing is to setup your opponent up to play into your answers. Resolving Hide/Seek is virtually game-ending against these decks, since their backup plans without Emrakul are pretty bad. Remove Baral as often as possible, and don't feel like you need to rush too much. As long as you play a safe game, preserving your key cards, you'll win eventually. One thing to be really look out for is whether your opponent is playing a Baral variation, rather than the typical Baral deck (420Dragons, you monster, I'm looking at you). If your opponent is on the High Tide plan, you'll need to kick it into high gear, because you have few tools for beating that deck other than getting them dead.


    There are many flavors of this, but your plan is going to be broadly similar in all cases. This is where you're going to be most aggressive. They have no board wipes, little removal, and if you let the game go on too long, you'll just lose. There are differences among the various ramp decks that will make your approach slightly different, but basically your approach will be the same regardless of whether it's Selvala, Nissa, or Wanderer.

    [[Delver decks]]

    This is how I refer, collectively, to Vial Smasher/Kraum, Tasigur, Leovold and similar primarily blue decks. I call them Delver decks because they basically play out in the same tempo/control way that your classic Delver decks do. Some of them even actually play Delver. Because they're all about interaction, they're all very skill-testing to play, and play against. The main trick is to not put yourself into positions where you're getting blown out. Try to take the initiative, but don't play into situations where you can get 2 for 1'd, or blown out by a big tempo play. Don't play into Daze/Spike/Pierce/Snare if you can reasonably avoid it. If you get a chance to use hand disruption, take card draw spells before anything else. It might seem counter-intuitive, but I think you're actually favored in a long game against a lot of these types of decks, because Tymna gives you some excellent card advantage, and Bruse keeps you from getting burned out by Vial Smasher.

    [[Board Control]]

    Probably the two main commanders that fall in this category right now are Breya and Oloro. I think the deck's matchup here is actually really favorable. Breya is substantially more challenging than Oloro, because she can clog the board up effectively (she's one of the few decks in the entire meta that puts any number of fliers on the board). In general though, this matchup is where Tymna most resembles a straight-up Phyrexian Arena, and there is a very real chance that you will out draw these control decks up to the point where they hit enough mana to resolve a big Revelation, Blue Sun or similar. They main thing is to just not overplay your hand. These decks will all run 3-5 board wipes, so hold as much in reserve as you can afford to.
    Don't get suckered in by Oloro's life gain too much.

    [[Specific Card Discussion]]

    I think most of the stuff in the deck is fairly self-explanatory. If anyone is curious about why a given card is/isn't in the deck, I'd be happy to reply. Likewise, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them. I've played a lot of EDH in my life, but I'm sure I haven't thought of every card that could be slotted into the deck.
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  • posted a message on An impassioned plea for the reinstatement of the Tuck Rule
    I agree that the tuck rule favors the colors that have access to tuck cards tuck (predominantly blue and white, with a smidge of red), but unless you're playing a black/green deck, that still means that most competitive decks would have access to these cards. People seem to be responding to my point as though my goal is to improve certain colors against other colors, or certain commanders against other commanders, to bring down Tier 1 decks, or something like that. That isn't it at all. The point of bringing back the tuck rules is to make it less viable (not completely unviable, but less reliable) to play a minimal numbers of creatures and 50+ reactive spells.

    If tuck were a real threat, decks would be forced to build threat redundancy in their decks. If this reduced the number of counters/hand disruption/removal spells players could play just from 50 to 40, that would make a HUGE difference in the format. Again, the point here isn't to make, Tier 2 decks stack up better against Tier 1 decks, or to make non-blue decks more viable (clearly), it's to make the format more fun by forcing some more honest deckbuilding restrictions.
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  • posted a message on An impassioned plea for the reinstatement of the Tuck Rule
    Guys, I appreciate, and expect people to disagree with me, but you're not really engaged with the substance of the argument. Do you guys disagree with my assessment that by being too secure in relying on their commanders, 1v1 decks are able to build-in excessive redundancy in other areas? If you agree with that, but disagree about the tuck rule, what do you think can be done to improve the situation?
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  • posted a message on An impassioned plea for the reinstatement of the Tuck Rule
    Quote from KriggY »
    I dont think tuck rule will solve it. There arent that many spells that tuck commanders unconditionaly. Also, I dont realy think it would change the deckbuilding of the decks you think.

    So, first off, I actually tend to agree with what you're saying. There are not a ton of these cards, and I'm really not at all sure what effect re-instituting the tuck rule would have.

    That said, while there aren't a ton of "tuck" cards (Hinder, Spell Crumple, Condemn, Chaos Warp, even Spin Into Myth to name the most prominent), the tuck cards that do exist are powerful and efficient enough that they do represent legitimate answers. I don't think that reinstating the tuck rule would "fix" the problem of these control decks that dominate the format right now, but if it made a difference at the margins, I think it might be worth doing.
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  • posted a message on An impassioned plea for the reinstatement of the Tuck Rule
    I've loved edh since I started playing magic again around six years ago, and as a mtgo-only player, I've naturally had more of affinity for 1v1 than the average edh player. So, ever since the 1v1 Commander leagues went live on mtgo, I've been playing a ton of them. That experience has been, let's say, mixed. I've struggled with several aspects of the implementation of the leagues that I think (hope) will get ironed out, of which 1-game matches is probably the largest problem right now. However, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

    What I'm here to talk about, is the perverse effect that the inability to tuck commanders has on deck-building on the format. In short, it has allowed decks to flourish in the format that are completely unbalanced, because they don't need to build in redundancy in one area of deckbuilding, creatures. For reference, I want to point you all to the current "meta" of 1v1 Commander online: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/commander_1v1#online. Go ahead and take a gander through these top decks in the format. With a few notable exceptions (mostly various flavors of ramp-based mono-green commanders), you'll notice one shared factor. They play very few creatures. Being able to skimp on creatures allows them to build in massive amounts of redundancy in other areas, but mostly in playing a comically large number of counters. I'm looking in particular at the two "best decks" in the format right now, Tasigur and Baral. They play 7 and 3 spells that aren't instants or sorceries, respectively. Imagine a 60/4 constructed control deck that had the luxury of playing 1 win condition without losing out on any consistency. It would make for a nightmare of a format, and I think that's where we are right now with 1v1 Commander.

    I've done a lot of thinking about what could improve this situation, and I think the simplest possibility is simply to reinstate the Tuck Rule, specifically for 1v1 competitive Commander. Now, I'm well aware that this would not entirely solve the problem. For one thing, the number of cards that "tuck" cards is pretty limited, so it's never going to be a huge threat in the format, but the mere possibility of really losing their commanders might force some of these decks to build their decks a little more honestly. Even if reinstating the tuck rule brought about marginal improvements in terms of deckbuilding balance, I feel like that would be a big improvement in terms of the balance of the format.

    I'm curious to hear what other people think about this notion, and about the mtgo 1v1 Commander environment in general, so I hope people will think about this and respond, and maybe we can get WotC to take some healthy steps to make the format a little more healthy.
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  • posted a message on Looking for cards the produce multicolored tokens
    Thanks for the suggestions guys! There are definitely some winners in here!
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  • posted a message on Just for Fun: What are your "auto-includes?"
    For me the cards that I find the hardest not to include in almost any deck in the relevant color are the cards that deal with artifacts and enchantments. You know you will always need a few, and there are 4-5 of them that stand out as being much better than the others in almost any deck; Acidic Slime, Return to Dust, Fiery Confluence, Vandalblast, Decimate and Aura Shards in particular, I have a really hard time not putting in any deck that plays those colors.
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  • posted a message on Naya deck wins - Looking for suggestions
    There are so many great ones. Two of my personal favs are Near-death experience and Barren Glory because they reward you for doing specific things that you don't otherwise necessarily want to do. More in line with the other cards you've listed is Celestial Convergence

    Then, I feel like there is a thematic overlap with cards like Last Chance, Final Fortune and the new Amonkhet card Glorious End. I feel like there is a thematic link here, but these also probably fit in well with what you're trying to do. They go especially well with "you can't lose" cards like Platinum Angel, which is fun too.
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  • posted a message on Looking for cards the produce multicolored tokens
    So, I started building a Tana, the Bloodsower and Ravos Soultender partner deck that is build around tokens anthems. One thing I wanted to do to differentiate the deck from my other tokens decks was put in every Liege I could fit in my colors. Now, to make that really make sense, I figured I would also try to hunt down every RWGB card I could find that produces tokens of multiple colors. It's a pretty narrow set of cards, and I haven't had a lot of luck finding them using the usual tools, so I thought I would turn to these here forums to as for suggestions. Here is what is already in the deck in this category

    Then, there is one Wort, the Raidmother, which isn't really a great fit for the deck other than pumping out two creatures.

    Can anyone think of any other multicolored token producers in these colors?
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  • posted a message on Aether Revolt is terrible
    Quote from JZL_Reloaded »
    I know this thread was about bad Sealed beats, but after a few weeks of experience I think the title holds true for draft; Aether Revolt is a terrible format all around.

    Like Kaladesh, there are blazing fast, snowballing aggro curve-outs that make for a higher amount of non-games than your average format. Unlike triple KLD, there's far less hope of drafting the nifty, synergistic, build-arounds that proponents of the format were wont to tout. It's a very CABS-y format without a lot of depth to support it.

    I have to agree. I've done 20+ draft leagues online now and my experience has been extremely bad. Revolt and Improvise aren't inherently bad mechanics, but the actual design of the cards with these keywords, and their respective enablers are just bad. Worse, the exceptions to the rule are mostly vanilla, or french-vanilla cards that don't require much effort and just slide into a boring aggro or midrange deck anyway. Every time that I have tried to build a deck that does anything... anything, but curve out aggressively, I have been punished, and likewise for when my opponents that have tried to build around interesting concepts. Moreover, my sense of the format is that it's not necessarily fast, but it's aggressive, meaning that attacking is much much better than blocking, which tends to lead to races where the opponent who gasses out or stumbles gets run over.

    I was not a huge fan of Kaladesh, but my feeling was that it was basically saved from infamy by the shenanigan-y UGr energy decks and UW blink decks that legitimately worked if you got a good draft. My sense of AeR is that any attempt to build these types of decks is purely a trap. If you're not building a basic curve-out deck, you're at a serious disadvantage, and that's a bummer.
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  • posted a message on Sedris, The Traitor King vs Sidisi Brood Tyrant reanimator
    I have a Sedris deck, and I can't imagine wanting to play reanimator without the madness that is Flayer of the Hatebound.
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