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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    - Dead Weight vs Disfigure
    - Mire's Grasp vs Last Gasp

    What are your thoughts on these? I tend to favor Dead Weight in the 1 CMC slot since it can permanently shrink a bigger critter and has enchantment synergy, but Last Gasp seems the better card in the 2 CMC section due to its instant speed.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria Spoiler Discussion
    Iunno, cubecobra sometimes gives me "Undefined" error when I try to edit a card's CMC, type or color and can only fix it by refreshing the page. I'm giving it the benefit of doubt since it's a relatively new open source project, so it should get better as time passes. You've sold me on Fledgling Djinn vs Gluttonous Slug with the Pacifism argument for the time being, although Djinn will always be the better topdeck when you need to keep up the pressure or sneak in the last points of damage

    On the new cards, finally made some cuts:

    - Faceless Butcher -> Bushmeat Poacher: Not a cut I'm happy making, and I'll try to find something to cut to get Butcher back in, but this will have to do for now.
    - Makeshift Mauler -> Dreamtail Heron: I've moved the graveyard theme away from UB to GB, and a 3/4 flier is better than a 4/5 ground attacker most of the time. It's Mutate trigger also negates the ability's card disadvantage by replacing whatever irrelevant creature you just mutated into.
    - Attended Knight -> Vulpikeet: I hate cutting the ever-diminishing White blink targets, but Knight's rate is a bit poor and is also a Human, which Vulpikeet doesn't like. It's also the worst of my current White threes, where you would always play it if you got it, but you wouldn't actively go hunting for it.
    - Martyr of Ashes -> Lava Serpent: Strictly better Tenement Crasher, which I've seen some people run and is classified as Cubeable. Great top end for midrange Red decks that can also cycle for value early game. Martyr is just a provisional cut, but since it's super clunky late game and Red has tons of divisible burn for board control in the midrange/control red decks, I don't see it as a big loss.

    Furthermore, although Ram Through's Trample rider is certainly cherry on top and not the main attraction of the card, it has made me reconsider some Trample dudes that are always in and out of my cube:

    - Goblin War Party -> Ill-Tempered Cyclops: War Party was a cog for both RW tokens and RB sac, but it's overcosted in both modes and the Entwine mode basically never happened. I believe Cyclops was the card I cut for it back in the day, and it's an overall solid creature at base rate and a good mana sink later, so back into the cube he goes.
    - Entourage of Trest -> Tajuru Pathwarden: Losing one of the almost non-existent Green card advantage engines hurts, but a 4/4 for 5 is not where I want to be, and there's always the possibility of a Flier or Shadow creature stealing the crown from you. Pathwarden is an overall solid creature being able to play both offense and defense at the same time, which is where Green wants to be IMO.

    Mosscoat Goriak is the last card from the set that I want to add but I don't find a cut for. Heightened Reflexes and Sudden Spinnerets also look super promising.

    I'm still on the fence about Cavern Whisperer. My Black fours are stacked and I'm already trying to bring Faceless Butcher back in, and Mutate seems like it could play clunky and open you up to 2-for-1s, but discarding a card and being a beefy evasion dude could make up for it. What are your thoughts on this one?

    On a different note, I still think Spelleater Wolverine is worth a look. A 3/2 for 3 as base rate isn't terrible, and double strike is both really powerful and a rare ocurrence at common rarity. You don't even have to jump through hoops, all it asks of you is that you play a regular game of Magic (and for you to not Delve your spells away I suppose).

    Overall I feel this set has been pretty decent for us, lots of great solid cards all around. The power level seems to be higher than the previous Standard set.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria Spoiler Discussion
    I don't run Dross Golem (nor any of the golems for that matter), and Underworld Charger is a recent addition which I haven't been able to test properly due to corona, so there's that. Might cut Fledgling Djinn instead to give Slug another chance, but a flat 2/2 flyer for 2 seems too good IMO.

    UR spells has a lot of incidental things you could be running already that are strong on their own like Ingenious Skaab, Thermo-Alchemist, Burning Prophet and Salvager of Secrets. In fact the only concessions I've made for the archetype are Flurry of Horns as a way to cheat the Instant/Sorcery count while still playing creatures, and Spellgorger Weird as an ever-growing payoff and finisher.

    Also finally made the switch with cubecobra. I don't know how you guys like it, it's so buggy and unintuitive I almost gave up. The only upside it has over cubetutor is that since the site is using scryfall's database, the new sets are updated immediately.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria Spoiler Discussion
    These are the changes I'm doing, effective immediately:

    - Boot Nipper -> Gluttonous Slug: Slug looked good enough, but it has performed slow in my testing with it. It's also difficult to grow it larger than a 2/5 in an aggro deck, which is precisely the kind of deck that wants it in the first place.
    - Springbloom Druid -> Excavation Mole: I wanted to beef up my 3 CMC section and was looking at Nessian Courser et all, but felt to vanilla. Mole is a trampling courser that also happens to have GY synergy, which is GB's archetype.
    - Ram Through -> Ambuscade: 1 CMC cheaper would be enough to trump Ambuscade's +1/+0, but the fact that it also makes the leftover damage pass through if the creature has Trample is just gravy.
    - Greater Sandwurm -> Honey Mammoth: Sandwurm is a flexible Ramp target due to it's cycling, and has solid evasion, but I've wanted a lifegain fatty for so long I'm going to test Mammoth for a while. It's also 1 cheaper, and the difference between 6 and 7 CMC is huge even in ramp decks.

    I'm also including Mosscoat Goriak, Bushmeat Poacher, Vulpikeet, Dreamtail Heron and Migratory Greathorn for sure, just don't know what to cut for them at the moment. Greathorn is probably cutting Tishana's Wayfinder, but what little selection Wayfinder has is premium for green so not sure yet.

    Sudden Spinnerets and Heightened Reflexes look like great combat tricks. They cost 1, which is the basis for them being playable, but they also leave a permanent keyword on their target. Spelleater Wolverine also looks pretty strong for the UR spells deck, which should be an archetype in everyone's cube by now even if you weren't forcing archetypes. Lava Serpent is an interesting Red fatty, which is something we lack. A 5/5 haste for 6 is fine, and it also has the added flexibility of Cycling. Reminds me of the longtime staple Chartooth Cougar. Ferocious Tigorilla and Forbidden Friendship look interesting, but probably don't make the cut.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant MCD]] Snow Cards
    I loved the UG snow archetype in Modern Horizons (the only one I liked more was UB Ninjas) and have been debating ever since to add it to my peasant cube as my UG pair is a bit directionless at the moment, but the problem was that I needed snow support. So since money isn't a problem for me I've been going back and forth between swapping all basics for Snow or seeding snow-covered islands and forests in one of each 3-4 packs, and was ultimately deciding in favor of the latter since Snow cards are powerful and their suppossed downside is that you have to draft snow basics to make them worth it as oppossed to them being free full value spells. Since Saltmaster has decided to default everything to Snow instead of making people earn their synergies, I guess I can confirm that seeding basics was the good idea.
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  • posted a message on Magic Core 20 Spoilers
    Quote from Izor »
    Why are people so hyped up about Audacious Thief? Stealer of Secrets was never anything more than Borderline, and while this doesn't have to connect, it's still a 2/2 for 3 in a world full of efficient removal at 1 and 2 CMC. The only straight up Staples I see are Cloudkin Seer and Silverback Shaman, and maybe Winged Words. I wanna low-key try Boneclad Necromancer though, since a floor case of 5/5 worth of stats spread across two bodies isn't that bad, and it can disrupt Flashback cards and incidental graveyard synergies in my cube.

    Boneclad Necromancer's floor case is a 3/3 vanilla for 5. So that's an absolutely abysmal floor case paired with a ceiling that's just on par for a 5 drop in black. It's unplayable.

    I kinda agree with you on Thief though. Even when it was spoiled I for some reason thought it would play out worse than it looks, and after playing with it on Arena it has been pretty disappointing indeed. On the surface it looks like the best of both worlds between Phyrexian Rager and Stealer of Secrets, but in practise it's pretty similar to Stealer and worse than Rager. It suffers from the same insurmountable problem that all of those Scroll Thief variants have: they're only good when your opponent can't deal with a mediocre body hitting them every turn on turn 4 or later. Whenever that happens, you were probably winning the game no matter what. However, when the game is close and your opponent is able to stop a vanilla 2/2 from attacking them, which in practise should be in over 80% of games, they are literally Grey Ogres and a full card down on Phyrexian Rager. All Thief had going for it over Stealer is that you can basically cycle it away from play by suiciding it. That's not nothing, and if your opponent actually had to trade for it it's actually good, but still not better than Rager. I'm still suspecting Rager's average will be higher than his.

    Ah, you're right on Necromancer. I thought it exiled any card which could also mean nabbing Flashback things, but now I see why it hasn't been discussed much.
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  • posted a message on Magic Core 20 Spoilers
    Why are people so hyped up about Audacious Thief? Stealer of Secrets was never anything more than Borderline, and while this doesn't have to connect, it's still a 2/2 for 3 in a world full of efficient removal at 1 and 2 CMC. The only straight up Staples I see are Cloudkin Seer and Silverback Shaman, and maybe Winged Words. I wanna low-key try Boneclad Necromancer though, since a floor case of 5/5 worth of stats spread across two bodies isn't that bad, and it can disrupt Flashback cards and incidental graveyard synergies in my cube.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    I don't understand the point of reaching consensus. If you want to min max everything and play the same few dozen cards as everyone else, why not play constructed?

    I get the feeling that none of you guys actually like Pauper, you just can't afford a Vintage cube and don't like looking at proxies. If you want to max out on power just go all the way, why stick with commons?

    Even if you don't want to minmax reaching a consensus is pretty useful, as if you're beginning you can either build a maximum power cube by knowing what are the essentials, or build a depowered cube with crap cards by cutting bombs right away. You also get to know what cards are actually useful and which ones look good in paper but have poor execution, because a curated limited environment is important for cube now matter which 360 you run (you don't want to have a full powered black section but everything else with mediocre power level for example).

    About the second part, I'm not sure if you're trolling or actually serious. I have a Vintage cube with proxies for the most expensive cards (that actually look good, and can pass as the real thing as long as they're sleeved, so looks are a non-issue) and it's a completely different beast from Pauper, both from gameplay perspective and the actual power of the cards. By that logic, why play a tier 1 deck in any format, because if you wanted power you would go play Shops in Vintage, right?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    So with Aria of Flame I take it that Thing in the Ice isn't needed anymore? Sideboard slots are limited, and I never liked the nonbo with Empty the Warrens anyways. Here's the list I'll probably be running in GP Barcelona:

    Currently running just a single Fiery Islet, as the lifeloss vs the option of just adding colorless mana with Shivan Reef has mattered more than the card draw in my testing, but I kinda want you guys to convince me on running two.

    FoF has been stellar over Pieces of the Puzzle and Aria of Flame is insane, specially in the face of graveyard hate. I usually swap both PiF, one Grapeshot and whatever other thing depending on the matchup for the three of them plus one Empty the Warrens and laugh at their dead cards. At that point the only thing I have to worry about (besides removal on a mana bear) is Damping Sphere / Rule of Law, which I can bounce at their EOT before going off. I would like to try 2-of Flusterstorm in the side though, and I feel pretty naked without any Ravenous Trap / Leyline of the Void in this Hogaak meta, although you can always try and outrace it.

    Another question, how are you guys handling the UW Control matchup? It went from a walk in the park to an absolute nightmare thanks to Teferi, Time Raveler blocking your Gifts / FoF for value at their EoT plan, makes your bounce spells sorcery speed, and doesn't let you respond to removal on a bear when casting rituals, which has mattered a lot more times than you can imagine in my testing. Narset, Parter of Veils also invalidates half the deck while searching for answers and sideboard cards, there's no playing around Dovin's Veto on a Gifts / PiF and they have it open as soon as turn two, and they can even tap out to deploy a turn 3 walker while holding up Force of Negation for Gifts / PiF, which is usually game over. Maybe we should just run 1-2 Force of Negation ourselves in place of some Remand? I'm just kinda waiting to see how the deck evolves in the following weeks, since Aria of Flame has a ton of potential to be even a mainboard card.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    So I'm shifting cards around a bit in my cube and came to the following decisions just before M20 hits the shelves:
    - Stitched Drake vs Wormfang Drake (if any)
    - Goblin Champion vs Grim Initiate
    - Stitched Mangler vs Frost Lynx vs Watertrap Weaver (pick two)
    - Shambling Shell vs Grisly Salvage
    - Kingpin's Pet vs Pillory of the Sleepless vs Tithe Drinker (pick two)
    - Lava Dart vs Forked Bolt (or any other card you think is a better cut than Forked Bolt)
    - Undying Evil vs Supernatural Stamina (same as above).

    Also, what are your White, Red and Black 2s, White Red and Blue 3s and Black 4s picks for the most powerful drops? The staples are pretty much clear both in the Evaluate Everything and by experience, but after that the cubeables are another world entirely with almost everyone running different things, so I was wondering if we could reach a consensus of which of those are the most powerful among the bunch (something like below staple but above cubeable).

    After drafting a few times with the two package deal cards I created (one gives you the 6 artifact lands, another gives you Fountain of Youth, Ornithopter, Shield Sphere, Bone Saw, Phyrexian Walker, and Tormod's Crypt), I've decided to add 6Post as a package deal card too. Three copies of both Glimmer and Cloudpost.

    The cube subreddit told me it was a bad idea, therefore it's a good idea that's worth trying out. Everyone on reddit is an anodyne sophist, so reddit can be used as an inverse springboard for ideas. The artifact land and junk artifact packages worked reasonably well, and getting 6Post seems like an exciting inclusion.

    Other ideas for package deal cards: The kobolds, 3 copies of each Tron land, Squadron Hawk cards, S.N.O.T.

    While I despise reddit and it's posting format, this time they're right though. Getting both 6 Locus lands and the Tron package with just two picks (or even one of the packages on a single pick) leads to all kinds of degenerate things at basically no opportunity cost, since in a regular Draft environment you'd have to "waste" several picks getting as many of those and you can, whereas in your proposed idea you would just pick one of them and not give them a second thought for the rest of the draft, leaving you to just focus on bomby, expensive spells. Squadron Hawk is fine though, I've considered it many times along with other "copies matter" cards for each color, but ultimately decided against it.
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  • posted a message on Magic Core 20 Spoilers
    The 2/1 flier is an absolute bomb and a pretty easy staple, don't know why the sudden doubts about it. I mean, what's better than it? Calcite Snapper? Man-o'-War?
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    I might've gone blind, but I can't for the life of me find the This or That thread, so I'll post this here:

    - Welkin Tern vs Omenspeaker
    - Hypothesizzle vs Razorfin Hunter
    - Goblin War Party vs Ill-Tempered Cyclops (both roleplayers for Swarm/Sacrifice and Ramp, respectively)

    Also, what are your thoughts on Observant Alseid, Moonblade Shinobi, Wight of Precinct Six, Magmatic Sinkhole, Leafcrown Dryad, Yavimaya Enchantress and Winding Way as individual cards, archetypes not withstanding?
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  • posted a message on WAR for Pauper Cubes
    Quote from Humphrey »
    playing the pauper event on arena

    Thunder Drake was pretty strong.

    seems good enough for us as well. adds something to the spells matters

    Yeah I also played the Drake but is it really that good? It's baseline is pretty low, dies to any 3 dmg burn and only gets one counter per turn and for the second spell each turn (creature or otherwise) so not really a spells matter card.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Pauper Spoiler
    Here's the changes I made:

    - Dead Weight > Defile: Easy swap.
    - Justiciar's Portal > Ephemerate: Was between either Portal or Acrobatic Maneuver. Decided to keep the latter because even though it's one more mana, if you use it to save a creature without an ETB from removal it's a 2 for 1.
    - Rotfeaster Maggot > First-Sphere Gargantua: Maggot was just a high curve filler with some lifegain, so this was an easy swap. Gargantua's baseline looks pretty good already, but I also have graveyard shenanigans and blink going around.
    - Welkin Tern > Ninja of the Deep Hours: Had this in mind for a while and Ninjas made me reconsider it.
    - Glint-Sleeve Artisan > Martyr's Soul: Either a vanilla 3/3 or a 2/2 with a 1/1 was nothing to write home about, even with swarm and blink support.
    - Dead Reveler > Gluttonous Slug: While a 3/4 for 3 is beefy, the fact that it can't block makes it a lot worse. Slug has evasion and is extremely easy to get to at least 2/5 while curving out, so by turn 4 it has probably already done the same 3 damage than the Reveler, but easier thanks to Menace and it can also block.
    - Ashmouth Hound > Orcish Hellraiser: This and the functional Goblin are my weakest 2 to cut without harming archetype support, and it's not like they're staples either.
    - Ornery Goblin > Goblin Champion: See above.
    - Fervent Cathar > Bogardan Dragonheart: RB Sacrifice archetype support. Sure it can result in a 2 for 1, but is there any sac outlet that doesn't? Cathar was the cleanest cut as I'm not downgrading the power of the cube for archetype support too much by cutting a staple or anything, and Dragonheart isn't bad on its own.
    - Terrain Elemental > Treetop Ambusher: As it has already been said, Ambusher is a more flexible Elemental with Dash.
    - Keldon Overseer > Spellgorger Weird: A cut that I have been mulling about since WAR. Gorger is good on it's own and Overseer isn't a staple or high pick, so again the cube doesn't lose much power because of this.
    - Soltari Visionary > Rhox Veteran: My 3s are super packed in white, and Veteran is good on it's own and also supports Swarm. Not sure about Visionary being the correct cut for it though, maybe I should look at something else.
    - Predatory Nightstalker > Silumgar Scavenger: Nightstalker looks good on paper, but it usually just ate a 1/1 token, a Pacified creature or a random bear. Scavenger is pretty neat on it's own upgrading a creature into a 3/4 haste flying that can grow from there, and is both a sac enabler and sac payoff.
    - Rampaging Rendhorn > Excavating Anurid: Cantripping 4/4 > Hasty 4/4. It will probably have Threshold active the next turn, so it's 5/5 case is also better than Rendhorn's
    - Wrecking Beast > Trumpeting Herd: Beast was just a GR ramp experiment that got removed without impact one too many times. Herd seems pretty powerful, on the upper echelons of Green cards even, so it was an easy swap.
    - Pegasus Courser > Knight of Cliffhaven: As I said I have a glut of things on White's 3, so Courser gets replaced by an okay 2 drop that helps enable War Falcon.

    I'll also add Pondering Mage once I figure out what to cut as Blue is pretty stacked overall. I'm also looking for ways to include bread and butter things like Kitesail Corsair, Welkin Tern and Waterknot but that's probably for the This or That thread. Is there any obvious inclusions I might have missed?

    Also what are our thoughts on Moonblade Shinobi and Magmatic Sinkhole? They've performed pretty good for me in MH drafts, and a Shinobi connecting on T3 snowballs real quick if you can keep up the tempo by removing blockers. Mother Bear also looks like it has a nice baseline and plays well with the graveyard.

    Overall, these last two sets have been great for RB sac, as the only weak archetype cards I'm running are Bogardan Dragonheart and Hissing Iguanar, the rest are powerful cards that could be run on their own. Here's hoping Simic and Orzhov get the same love in coming sets.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    Quote from Bearscape »
    And I will never forget K0no, for defending Eldrazi winter a month into it being ~50% of the meta, saying people just had to adapt

    A broken clock is right twice a day. The fact that you just had to resort to hyperbole from a period that happened three years ago (because I'm not even sure he defended it) and had no other examples to show off really drives your point home.
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