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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Electrolyze - is it weaker in the current meta?
    I'm planning to play scapeshift in an upcoming PTQ and I'm considering whether I should play electrolyze vs cards like pyroclasm/izzet charm.

    My question is how strong is electrolyze in the current meta. Did it get stronger or weaker post bannings?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    Someone posted some good PTQ results in another thread. Thought I'd share:

    Quote from Stille_Nacht
    GW aggro (basically hatebears, it runs leonin arbiter and stuff) has been placing pretty well in the in recent ptqs actually



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  • posted a message on [MCD] Knight of Obligation vs Angelic Edict (now with more A vs B)
    Quote from CaffeinePirate
    My first impulse is to pick the Charm too, mainly because Simic has next to zero removal. The bounce target creature ability can straight up save my life. Also, it's nice to have the giant growth and hexproof ability as well.

    This. The charm is solid for simic in all its modes without any help. The krasis is conditionally good - although admittedly it is also a strong card.
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  • posted a message on Streaming, Blogs, Online Play and other Questions - Feedback Requested
    Do you have a MTG related stream or youtube Channel? No, but I watch numerous streams with modern being my favorite content second to drafts.

    Do you have a MTG related blog and or podcast? No.

    Do you participate in the MTGS Modern Tournaments (Lantern or DolZero)? No. I didn't know MTGS hosted tournaments until I read this thread.

    Do you participate in Bippy's PRE's on MTGO. I don't know what PRE's are, but I read Bippy's reports/graphs on the metagame.

    Have you participated in a Modern PTQ? No, but I plan to in paper after I acquire more cards. I have played in a sanctioned 1k modern tournament in my hometown.

    Do you play any form of online MTG, if so what platforms? Yes MTGO - modern, draft, and pauper.

    Any other constructive thoughts you have on this topic. I draft often in paper and I like the thought of modern where you can stick to a particular deck for a long time (as opposed to standard where in a week you have to sell/trade cards). I'm building up my collection via trading to be able to play modern regularly. I'm very excited about the upcoming modern masters set. I think promotion of streams/blogs would be ok if it is somehow restricted so only 5% or less of the threads have such content.
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  • posted a message on Ridiculous Sealed Pool
    What do you guys think about siding in the splash on the draw? A boros deck would be more likely to have longer game in that situation which would increase the value of clan defiance?
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  • posted a message on GP London decks
    I found it interesting that the winner ran 3 counters including 2 Spell Rupture. I had considered that card unplayable, maybe I need to think again. Perhaps it's a solid 1-of in simic?
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  • posted a message on What are the good Blue/Green cards to draft
    Anyhow to answer the original question, I have drafted simic numerous times in paper and the pattern I am seeing is you are swimming in good creatures like Drakewing Krasis, Frilled Oculus, and Shambleshark.

    The green denizen seems to be wheeling, it's a very good card that is undervalued right now so you can pick one up late.

    What you need to pick extremely highly are simic charm and pit fight. Simic has nearly no removal so they are the best you are going to get. To a lesser extent you want one copy of totally lost, but that goes late.
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  • posted a message on What are the good Blue/Green cards to draft
    Forcing a guild is never a good idea

    I don't agree. I read a drafting strategy guide from a pro who favored a particular archetype in draft during alara and he purposefully passed a very high power card p1p1 during a tournament because he wanted to be in specific colors. He made his signal very strong and it worked out for him.

    When I am looking at p1p1 I often think "is there something I can pass here that will send a signal" - if you are forcing something and have no way to communicate it or you are not consistent (e.g. not willing to pass a bomb) then I do agree with NoHeavenNoHell, you can end up with not enough playables.

    This has a lot to do with your hate drafting strategy as well - forcing works better if you avoid hate drafting unless there is absolutely no signaling value left (e.g. pack 3).
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  • posted a message on A generally good cc curve during paper drafts?
    An ideal curve changes by set and even archetype, so for example as Gruul in GTC my ideal curve would be as follows:

    1x 1cc creatures
    5x 2cc creatures
    4x 3cc creatures
    2x 4cc creatures
    1x 5cc creatures
    0x 6cc+ creatures

    I mostly focus on my creature curve at my LGS, so that's why I only listed creatures.

    Also, when doing paper drafts at your LGS, how do you guys keep track of how many creatures vs. removal vs. cc of each vs. whatever?

    As a rule of thumb, I don't play a deck with less than 12 creatures, so I'm often only really keeping track of my creature count. I make my picks based on which card is flat out better unless I am behind on my creature count - I can usually remember if I am behind on 2 drops or 3 drops at the current stage in the draft.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Infect Discussion
    Thanks Sabre - I updated my mana base. I'm still not sure about rancor vs mutagenic growth. The primer seems to favor rancor with mutagenics as optional so I'm going to test it out this way first.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Infect Discussion
    What I learned from Chag's primer is:
    1. he values groundswell over rancor (I replaced mutagentics with groundswells)
    2. chalice of the void is a huge problem (I added a seal to my SB)
    3. his solution to melira is abrupt decay which G/U doesn't have

    The solutions I am thinking about against melira are Dismember, Beast Within, and maybe even Rapid Hybridization/Pongify? Would I rather take 4 life or give them a 3/3 to kill a melira.. hmm.

    I'm almost thinking about adding white since the hierarchs can produce white for path. Bant infect?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Infect Discussion
    Thanks Nuclearsunburn, all your feedback makes a lot of sense. I'll update my list. The serums should allow for less lands anyways.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Infect Discussion
    Hello gods of Infect!

    Now that Jund was nerfed I think Infect could be a lot more fun to play. Prior to Zendikar rotating out of standard, I played G/U Infect with only Glistener Elves, Blighted Agents, and Inkmoth for creatures. It had Ponder so it was actually quite consistent.

    I want to try and apply the same principle to an infect deck in modern with a deck designed around getting out a blighted agent and protecting it.

    EDIT - I have updated this list several times based on feedback

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback - especially on whether Spellskite mainboard is a viable idea and whether I have the right balance of creatures/protection/pump.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    I'm wondering whether Thrun is going to be something to consider in the new meta. It seems there will be a lot of control decks.
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  • posted a message on Infect
    Spellskite nearly shuts down infect and it's a very common sideboard card because it is also effective against bogles, half of twin, and burn. You almost have to assume they are siding in spellskite game 2.
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