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  • posted a message on Lotus Field - Weekly MTG
    Stop saying 'strictly better', this thing enters tapped.
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  • posted a message on MYTHIC CHAMPIONSHIP London new mulligan rule test in Modern & Limited
    After testing it a bit, I'm not sure if dredge is busted because it mulls so well or unplayable because everyone will be packing Leyline of the Void now.

    Either way get your Leylines before they spike.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from headminerve »
    Some very nice expectations there, but a few seem just 100% impossible :

    Stifle is a very dangerous card, too risky. And it's already very miserable to play against in Legacy, I don't see reprints that make games frustrating enter the Modern Pool. If the blue card they talked about is very strong as they teased, I'd rather have Daze, which seems to be the only reasonable blue powerhouse of Legacy. TNN, FoW, Stifle, S&T, those cards create more issues than they open gates. I highly doubt Daze would be in because Counterspell is right in that slot and so freaking likely to be in, but who knows.

    I'd say Stifle is alright without Wasteland. Stifling a fetch isn't backbreaking without the extra landkill, and Delver, the deck usually associated with Stifle, could use some help in modern. I'd welcome a playable ability counter.
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  • posted a message on Infernal Judgment
    Way too narrow to be played in modern. Why slot this in over the sphere? Doesn't hit noncreature permanents. You'll still die to Chalice of the Void, Karn Liberated, and Cranial Plating when playing this.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria spoiler discussion for Modern
    I think Damping Sphere will kill off the G/x, U/x big mana versions of Tron. Now with everyone having go to 2 mana hate for Tron, relying on getting to tap lands for alot is bad. Eldrazi Tron can kinda of play through it, but the Sphere stops Eldrazi Temple too.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria spoiler discussion for Modern
    Quote from Colt47 »
    I actually like the looks of Teferi, Hero of Dominaria as well. He may be 5 mana, but when he gets played you untap two lands and basically get a card back, so it lets someone keep up counter magic. He looks ages better than any 5 drop walker I've seen since maybe Tamiyo, the Moon sage?

    Teferi doesn't seem impactful enough to play. Just getting to 5 mana is a big ask, and U/W just plays Jace, the Mind Sculptor now I'd think.
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  • posted a message on Jace The Mind Sculptor
    Jace, The Mind Sculptor

    Interested in modern format experiences with the card. What deck are you trying him in? Has Jace made common matchups better? Worse?
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Still not playing Jace in Death Shadow. 4 mana spells in modern? yuck.
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  • posted a message on Tormod's Crypt
    Tormod's Crypt

    You should test this card. It's terribly underplayed. I see a lot of decks running Relic of Progenitus when it should be this card. Think of the decks you bring grave hate in. Storm, Dredge, fast decks. Against these decks you want speed more than card advantage. Do you agree?

    As a side note, in eldrazi, 0 cost works alot better than 1 with Chalice of the Void.
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  • posted a message on Blood Sun
    Blood Moon is too narrow to get banned in Modern. It's like Chalice of the Void, sometimes it wins the game on the spot, other times it does nothing. Just a high variance card.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Thoughts on Simian Spirit Guide? I've been running 4 in the main ever since I picked up this deck, on the idea that this deck is basically about cheating out bombs with fast mana sources. Cheating out turn 1 chalices and more turn 2 Thought Knots win games.
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  • posted a message on One with Nothing in Modern
    If you had a deck that really wanted another 1 mana self discard spell, I could see it as Faithless Looting 5-8, but I doubt it.
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  • posted a message on Can I fail to find with my own thoughtseize targeting myself
    Had a game with my opponent having a Leyline of Sanctity and me with Thoughtseize and Gurmag Angler stuck in my hand along with some other castables. My Question is, can Thoughtseize fail to find when targeting yourself? I want Thoughtseize in the graveyard for Delve, but not have it take another card to get there.

    I found this rule, but is the hand a hidden zone during Thoughtseize?

    701.15b If a player is searching a hidden zone for cards with a stated quality, such as a card with a certain card type or color, that player isn’t required to find some or all of those cards even if they’re present in that zone.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Would you really rather cast the Cradle card compared to Lead the Stampede. Cradle doesn't help Elves weakness to spot removal. It doesn't improve your velocity. We already typically only plays a max of 8 noncreature spells to not miss on Collected Company. It also doesn't flip until end step, meaning you have to wait at least 1 turn to do anything. The typical elf games play out too fast for this card to be relevant.

    In short, its win more. More mana when you should already be winning.
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