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  • posted a message on free for all Realm Razer modern deck that needs help!
    Quote from Prid3 »
    Exotic Orchard is one of the best multiplayer lands and I'll almost always play 4.

    Knotvine Mystic is a weak card and you don't need that many mana dorks. I would cut it.

    Good burn cards include things like Zo-Zu the Punisher, Scab-Clan Berserker and Kambal, Consul of Allocation which are significantly better 3 drops than Woolly Thoctar. Kambal isn't even hard to splash assuming that you add 4x Exotic Orchard and 1x Swamp considering that you already have Wilds, BoP and Caryatid. That's already 17 sources of Black which is way more than enough and a turn 2 Kambal off a BoP is a ridiculous Start in multiplayer.

    The best card to play in Ghostly Prison decks, IMO, is Luminarch Ascension. It will often trigger immediately at which point you have an oppressive token engine. Moreover, sometimes you'll run it out on turn 2, no one will have creatures and it'll trigger on its own. From there you can cast a couple of mana dorks, get to 4/6 mana and spend the rest of the game churning our Angels. I would replace Myr Superion with these.

    Where you play Wall of Reverence I would play Tendershoot Dryad. It creates 12+ power per turn and assuming that you curve Dryad into Realm Razer you'll kill everyone before they can even recover. People can't even frantically try to swarm past it because Ghostly Prison largely prevents alpha-strikes, especially if people are trying to use Craterhoof Behemoth style kill cards in their creature-based decks. Card is busted in multiplayer.

    i really like what you suggested, i will most defenetly get some more exotic orchard because right now i think i only own one and its in my commander deck and i didnt really like the fastland and the manlands, i will also include one basic swamp as you suggested and include both my copies of kambal, consul of allocation, kambal is just a better card than scab-clan berserker so ill use him instead.

    i will try the deck without knotvine mystic to see if its viable because he helps alot with his mana-fix for realm razer

    i need to get my hands on at least 2 zo-zu the punisher because the cards is just so perfect for what this deck is trying to do, i might even try 4 and go from there and tune it down or something.

    my deck is already not fun to play against so if i do put 4 luminarch ascension in there, my friends just wont wanna play vs this deck anymore or they will pick top tier deck to kill me before turn 4 lol

    i added wall of reverence and myr superion before i added ghostly prison because i defenetly needed some blockers and a way to gain some life but with zo-zu in there i might wanna switch them for grazing gladehart to negate the tons of damage zo-zu will deal once realm razer gets killed and i love your dryad idea but they are 5$ each right now so im gonna wait until they get out of standard before buying them (lets be honest its not worth over 1$ on its own).....since im now splashing black, unburial rites sounds really good to keep realm razer on the field.

    thanks alot for your suggestion, i really appreciate it and will tune the deck and report back in a little while Smile

    Quote from Thijs1301 »
    In most casual playgroups this deck will be frowned upon because of the grief / lock / land destruction type of play.
    But your mileage may vary...

    yeah lol its not our case considering we have to deal with decks like krark-clan ironworks or infinite time warp or scrambleverse and things like that, i even stopped playin my waste not + dark deal and exsanguinate deck because i was tired of always wining on turn 3 XD
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  • posted a message on free for all Realm Razer modern deck that needs help!
    the goal of this deck is to cast realm razer and with mana dorks cast manabarbs and only use manadorks to produce mana from then on and watch your friends agonize while they are eating big damage trying to rebuild there mana base thanks to manabarbs and zhur-taa druid.

    so i play magic for about 10 years (i have a big card pool and i probably already own what you might suggest me) and my friends and i like to do massive kitchen table free for all games (4 players and +). only modern cards are legal here so plz dont suggest anything that wouldnt be legal in the modern format.

    Keep in mind that if you play this deck, all your oponents will wanna kill you first and only you, remember that this is kitchen table magic so im not going to pay hundred of dollars for new cards, escpecially lands, they are ok as is and im not looking to change that. Anyway i have been messing around with this deck for quite a while and have been so successfull that i had to put 4 ghostly prison because all my friends would target me as soon as they see a mana dork. i would like to see what you guys would come up with for the 4 cards i want to change or just your version of this deck.

    i dont really like woolly thoctar i think he is too expensive for what it does wich is either just a blocker or a way to gain some life with wall of reverence and its the main card i wanted to change, in the near future im going with 3 wooly and a single Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner. A friend of mine suggested i should take them out and replace them with brave the elements to keep the realm razer alive but i dont really need him alive once manabarbs is online.

    zhur-taa druid is by far the mvp of the deck after manabarbs and since hes performing so well, i thought about maybe switching the thoctar for some lobber crew.....but this cards sucks bad and i was wondering if you guys know any other cards who does a similar job (ping all oponents or players for 1)

    im open to other suggestion as well, what would you change and why......i think thats all for today, thank you in advance for your help!
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  • posted a message on Turn 2 gigantosaurus cast
    well its alot of cards and alot of work for a 10/10 that can be path to exile for one mana.... and giga aint even trample

    it sure is fun in kitchen table magic but its far too weak for competitive modern

    edit: for 6 mana you could primeval titan wich is a much better card than gigantosaurus
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  • posted a message on Masters 25
    all i want is a new art for lord of atlantis, ive been waiting forever to get these because they are so ugly.....ive been wishing this since modern was introduced...
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  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the February 12, 2018 announcement?
    Quote from Pokken »
    Nobody GSZ's for tarmogoyf in legacy and no one would in modern either. GSZ not putting a sorcery in the bin makes it really poor. Enjoy your 1/2 goyfs.

    really ? 1/2 on turn 3? do you even modern bro?
    if your tarmo is 1/2 on turn 3 you are either really bad or not playing him in the good deck, just an exemple:

    t1 fetch + bolt or/and street wraith or/and Mishra's Bauble or Death's Shadow or thoughtseize

    t2 tarmo would already be a 2/3 or 3/4 or even a 4/5

    t3 zenith and tarmo, how in the world is it 1/2 on turn 3 PLZ ENLIGHT ME unless you are asking to die and go something like this

    t1 basic land pass,
    t2 basic tarmo
    t3 gsz tarmo....gg you lost enjoy your 0/1

    im not even trying to play this to its full potential, im throwing cards in the back of my mind left and right and havent played the game in months but i know pro players would abuse and break modern with this card 100%.

    edit: saying legacy doesnt do that is like saynig modern wouldnt use counterspell because we have mana leak and the double blue hurts to much, fish would play it over unified will any day
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  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the February 12, 2018 announcement?
    Quote from amicdeep »
    Unban bbe sfm and maybe preordain.

    Ban expedition map
    This takes away from the constancy of tron without killing it.

    this is the smartest suggestion ive seen, eldrazi tron would be affected too but not by a big margin, would love to see that happening (im a Etron and scapeshift player)

    id prefer that over the temple ban wich would just kill the deck....honestly i hope tron and Etron perform poorly

    Quote from Kizzel »
    Unbanning Green Sun’s Zenith would be nice. As everyone stated already, green could sure use a boost. Plus it’s sorcery speed. IMO, Chord of Calling is the better option anyway. Convoke makes it easy and it’s an instant.

    Ban Thoughtseize and Ancient Stirrings. Death shadow needs a knock and so does Tron/Eldrazi. Both are 1 mana cards that are overpowered.

    so turn 2 tarmogoyf and every turn 3 of every game would be tarmogoyf, diversity would be at is peak, cant believe for one second that you are serious
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  • posted a message on Dramatic entrance
    love the dinosaur idea but im surprised you didnt includ at least a one of carnage tyrant

    i want to build it for kitchen table magic thanks Smile
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    ive had this deck forever and all i was missing was 4 lord of atlantis and ill use 4 merfolk mistbinder instead

    i also needed 4 silvergill adept because i never could find some but that will change tomorow Smile

    anyone tried a one or two of Kumena, tyrant of orazca? or is he a win more card or does he comes out too late? thoughts?

    edit: oops i thought he cost 4 not 3 lol so why not include him as a one of?
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  • posted a message on RGx Titanshift
    Quote from wtyyy »
    I'm thinking the just-spoiled Ranging Raptors has potential in our sideboard as a way to shore up the aggro matchups AND ramp at the same time. Am I the only one excited by this card? At 3 cmc, it has some inbuilt push resistance and cannot be killed by Collective Brutality, which was a problem I found with Hornet's Nest.

    Or they could attack into it and give you a land...

    i know i will try him instead of wood elves

    the card is great with walking ballista though
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  • posted a message on Most Fun and Awesome Self inflicted Loss
    we played multiplayer and i was playing the good old hive mind deck with the pacts, so i cast hive mind followed by pact of the titan and an intervention pact so my friends had to pay 8 mana to survive at their upkeep, i kill 3 of them and my last friends cast 2 manamorphose giving himself 2 white and a red and he had enough lands to paid the mana. i didnt have white mana so i lost GG
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  • posted a message on Rank and Debate the Best Counterspells in Modern
    What? No Dash Hopes on here. Wink :p

    Or Lapse of Certainty. I mean we get Memory Lapse in Modern. MEMORY LAPSE in Modern guys. Tough crowd :p

    yeah for 3 and in white, trust me ive tried to make this card work too many times and each time the 1 more mana is so painfull i just give up.

    if we ever get memory lapse in modern, ill rearenge my scapeshift deck as a RUG deck thats 100% sure
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  • posted a message on Duel Decks: Merfolk vs Goblins Speculation
    id rather have lord if he gets a new art because its original one is very ugly and because of that my merfolk deck is incomplete since 2007 XD

    id realy love a lord reprint (with new art) for this very reason and every modern master failed me so far so Frown please let it be lord of atlantis

    anyway if he doesnt show up here i guess ill be waiting another 10 years for a bether looking merfolk lord! its not like i havent done it before lol Shocked
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  • posted a message on Discard Outlets 3 CMC or higher
    what cascade spell are you using?

    i know its 2cmc but zombie infestation would have been perfect for what you are trying to do but yeah...

    best 3cmc discard card for what you are trying to do might be dark deal, also disrupts your oponents plans at the same times.

    keep us updated with a list if possible, would be easier for us to make suggestions
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  • posted a message on RGx Titanshift
    Quote from Rekkoha001 »
    Is Mina and Denn, Wildborn playable as a tech card?

    i tried it when it came out and wasnt convinced by it and since creatures got bigger with all the shadows running around i think they would be worst than when i tested it...

    didnt play in a while but i wanna try samut, voice of dissent, using her as a through the breach giving haste to titan sounds good and shes a decent blocker with flash but it might not happen often though, stil want to try her out when i get back to the game
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