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  • posted a message on Sol'kanar's Choices
    Hey all,

    This is a deck idea I've had kicking around for awhile. Basically, the idea is that every card creates more choices or rewards opponents for making the correct choices. There are a lot of really fun cards that get everybody interacting with each other and making decisions that affect the board state. Or at least I think that's how it will turn out.

    I knew that most of the cards I'd want to use in a deck like this were red, followed by blue and black. I thought about Nicol Bolas as a Commander, but seeing as his discard ability takes away choices he didn't seem to fit. Enter Sol'kanar! I actually really like his art, and as a legendary demon I think he would take pleasure in creating tempting (and possibly deadly) scenarios for his opponents.

    Here then, is the list:

    The Man Who Gives the Choices
    Sol'kanar the Swamp King

    Moar Choices for Everyone (via card draw or extra/new cards)!

    Who Ya Gonna Hurt?

    Please, Don't Let it Be Me

    Let the Bidding Begin!

    Change Places!

    Pick What You Keep

    Shouldn't Everyone Get to Decide How That's Used?

    Moar Mana Please

    The rest of the deck is lands (39 in total), notable among which are Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (to turn on Swampwalk so I can possibly steal a win with commander damage), Reliquary Tower, Tectonic Edge, and Tolaria West.

    Are there any great opponent choice cards I missed? The point of the deck isn't to slow the game to a halt, but to hopefully actually encourage the speed of play and get people interacting. Will it do it's job? I hope so!
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  • posted a message on Would Like Help With G/U Allies
    I'm not a big fan of Dryad Arbor because it dies to removal too...and I don't have much to do with it outside of that ramping with Green Sun's.

    Is it worth cutting 2 Oran-Rief Survivalist for 2 Lightning Greaves? Or is that too slow of an answer?
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  • posted a message on Looking to improve a mono-blue Ninja deck.
    Quote from Quilt
    6$ for a casual card seems a little high though.

    I agree; I picked one of mine up from a friend while we were trading stuff around and then one when I had store credit. They're mostly just finishers, so the Warclubs you have might be a suitable "extra damage" substitute for now? If you do find some that you can snag though, I'd go for it.

    Especially because nothing beats playing a creature that's a 'Ninja Angel' or whatever crazy type you can gain when you copy something.

    Also, I think Thalakos Seer is just straight up better than the Looter Il-Kor although your mileage may vary. And if you're looking for something to get the Ruse in, I don't think ninjas need Ponder all that much as you draw a bunch of cards later. Although your low land count might merit Ponder.
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  • posted a message on Looking to improve a mono-blue Ninja deck.
    Also, I'd run 4 of Mistblade Shinobi. It's my favorite ninja in the whole deck, and is just boss against any creature based deck that isn't Hexproof/Shroud.
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  • posted a message on Looking to improve a mono-blue Ninja deck.
    This is what my mono-blue Ninjas look like right now, and I'm pretty happy with it.

    An earlier version had more Walker of Secret Ways in it and the full set of Distortion Strikes and Into the Roils. I've found that one Walker is sometimes good to have but more than one is usually never good. So I cut down to 2 and put in Sakashima's Student when I had the chance to pick up a couple.

    Distortion Strike is good but the same thing would happen where I'd have too many in my hand and not enough to do with them. I think 3 is the right number, but it might be 2. The cuts on that and Into the Roil became Familiar's Ruse, which I've just recently been using but has done well so far. I can usually aim it at an Ornithopter or Signal Pest.

    I recommend the Student, as one of the troubles I usually have is that I control the board for a long time but then just can't push through damage at the end. Letting the opponent resolve a big creature and then copying it can usually get me through at the end of a game now. Although if you're playing Ronin's Warclubs you may not be having the same trouble I was having.
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  • posted a message on Would Like Help With G/U Allies
    Hey all,

    I've had a G/U Allies deck that centers around kicking Rite of Replication on a Halimar Excavator to mill the table for awhile, and it's been around long enough now to where people will remove the most offensive allies (Excavator and Harabaz Druid) on sight.

    I'm looking for some help bringing the list to a place where it can survive a couple Lightning Bolts in the early turns. I've had some various 1 cost counters in at times, but they haven't helped too much so I took them out. I've been thinking about turning my Into the Roils into just Unsummons to be able to use them to save my stuff sooner but still potentially have "removal" for opponent's creatures...

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    The affinity thing with Etched Champion totally happened to me at my tournament. I targeted a beast I ended up making with Beast Within, but having essentially five more ways to get a creature in that situation (with all the Catacombs) is probably not a bad thing.

    This is the list I'm looking at for now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:

    Like I said, I had two Avalanche Riders main, but I think they're too slow and so moved them to the board, replacing them with another Weaver and Raging Ravine for now. Would I be better suited making them into two Architects of Will? I definitely want to have more cyclers than I had. Also, is 4 Beast Within the absolute right number? Sometimes I had multiples when I just wanted to cycle, but when I really needed it I was glad to see it.

    For sideboard, I'm thinking about this:

    I really liked how Ingot Chewer and Damping Matrix did out of the board, but I cut one of each for Krosan Grip because I figure I could use a little extra enchant hate and possibly something unexpected to blow up artifacts that doesn't die to Torpor Orb and drawing two Matrixes isn't great most games. My main substitution from the last tourney is taking out 4 Sudden Death for 3 Ricochet Trap and an extra Brindle Boar, because I really wanted to see that guy in both RedX matchups.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Oh, forgot to mention that I got Grafdigger's Caged in game 2 of the BUG Infect match. I tried my best to look super concerned when my opponent dropped it. I think he kind of expected me to flip out about it, so I tried to play into that.

    Then I just cascaded into End on Turn 3 anyways and we proceeded to read the card together. He was unhappy.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    So I recently sleeved up a version of living end and took it to a PTQ here in Wisconsin (my first PTQ and Modern tourney), and I figured I at least owe this thread some match reports because the discussions helped me out so much. I didn't do very well, going 3-5, but for a first outing with the deck I wasn't completely upset, especially because I hit RedXWins twice early. It could've easily been at least 4-4, possibly 5-3 if I'd played a little better I think.

    I came in with a pretty standard version, choosing to run 2 Avalanche Riders and 3 Faeries mainboard. The riders were maybe a bit slow against a few of my matchups, but the faeries always did work. I'd post the decklist, but I'm not sure how.

    Match 1: RedXWins
    Game 1 I probably shocked myself a little too hard with wraiths and lands looking for my combo, and I'm not sure if I timed my fulminators right to get maximum usage out of them. I think I may have let him cast cards that he wouldn't have been able to, because I was looking to block goblin guide (I think it was guide) and get a land. Too greedy, I think. I got him to 12 before I died.

    Game 2 I played a little bit more conservatively, and I did better. I sided in 3 Brindle Boars, none of which I saw at all throughout the whole dang day much less this game. The only really relevant play I think I did, besides just fetching basics to conserve life, is nabbing a Vexing Devil with a Faerie during a cascade.

    I got him to 4 before Rakdos Charm made me kill myself.


    Match 2: Bant

    Game 1 (which was actually 2 because I took a stupid game loss for forgetting to cross out a card on my deck reg) I ended up having to Living End all three times (why exactly I forget, I think it was because of counters). Nothing too atrocious here, I ended up using Faerie to chump against a Geist angel token. Not being able to deal with Geist via Beast Within is what prompted the 3rd Cascade, I know that for sure. But I won with 5 life.

    Game 2, Avalanche Riders blew up his lands. And blew up his lands some more. And then blew up his lands again. I lost one life from a fetch all game.


    Round 3: RedXWins (Again)

    Game 1 I had crappy hands and mulled down to 5. Nothing exciting here, as I basically just lost.

    Game 2 I was stabilizing off an end and had enough power to kill on board, but got killed by Boros Charm at 4 life. Again, didn't see a single Brindle Boar. Also, the opponent actually did not play a single creature this game, and so Leyline of Sanctity would've turned off every single play he made. Something to consider when I have an extra $40 lying around.


    Round 4: BUG

    This deck started out pretty easy to play against in Game 1. I may have played around one counter, but my opponent basically scooped after I resolved an end.

    He then proceeded to board in about 12 cards.

    Game 2 was super drawn out and one of the most intense games of Magic I've played. He had discard early and took a beast within. I resolved an end only to walk into damnation. Once I resolved an outburst into end, he surgically extracted it (this works into how I eventually lost game 3). Dryad Arbor, of all things, looked like it might win the game until he finally topdecked a Deathrite. I had him at 2, but then couldn't get past Deathrite (where was wolf run!? buried somewhere in my deck). He slowly pinged me to death and when I tried to resolve a Jungle Weaver he remanded it, buying him time to win.

    The only real mistake I may have made in this game is cycling a Minotaur because I thought I might have to end again/figured he had removal/a counter anyways. I then proceeded to go into man mode later. Drawing out a counter might've let me win with the weaver.

    Game 3 was just ugly. I drew a Living End and, for some stupid reason, kept the hand. He made me discard it and then surgically extracted it. GG


    Round 5: BUG Infect

    This matchup went way easier than I thought it would, but I recognize that I got lucky in both games. First game my opponent mulled to 4 and dealt 8 infect to me before I ended with 20 power on board (I cycled a whole bunch of street wraiths).

    Second game was a little bit more of a match. The Faeries did a ton of work here, grabbing Rancors in response to their trigger so they couldn't come back. Considering I ended the game at 7 infect, that's a big deal. I also had to beast within an inkmonth nexus. I didn't have as many creatures in the yard, so the kill was slower.

    Getting to three lands on turn three seems to be of the utmost importance. I didn't have Dismembers in my side, choosing instead to play Sudden Death (I didn't see a pod or splinter twin match all day to use them with), so my best outs were Beast Within and just blowing dudes up with a three mana wrath.


    Round 6: American Delver

    Neither of these games went well for me. He ALWAYS had counters and was never tapped out so he could always play them. This is probably the only match I played where I'm not sure how I would've won it at all. I blew up lands, but that wasn't enough. I even tried to end into end. This match may have sold me on putting Ricochet Trap in the board...

    I'm not sure if I sided the sudden deaths in for this matchup, but I probably should've if I didn't. Just buying turns by killing Delvers would've been nice.


    Round 7: Blue-Black Affinity

    Honestly, this was a good deck with a homebrew combo thrown into it, so I'm glad I won this match. I lost the first game, but then sided in Ingot Chewers and Damping Matrices to blow up artifacts and shut down plating. The last game I didn't even get any guys off of my first Living End, but I blew up four of his and that was enough.

    Games 2 and 3 weren't even close.


    Round 8: Robots Affinity

    I again lost game one and then sided in my artifact hate. He had asked me if I had Stony Silence before the match started, and I answered with "Sort of". When he saw Damping in game 2, he knew what I meant.

    I won Game 2 at ten life and feeling pretty decent, but I proceeded to just play awfully in game 3. Wolf Run left me with awkward mana for outburts, and putting my ends at sorcery speed with Dread wasn't good enough. An Ethersworn Canonist shut me down for a turn, but beast withining it actually gave me a legal target for Demonic Dread, as the only other creature out at the time was the "Protection from all colors" guy.

    But using the beast on ethersworn meant I didn't use it on plating, and that thing bashed my head in again. I could've done a second living end if I wasn't stupid and had landcycled like I meant to. I don't really even count this game as a loss, as I should have won if I'd grabbed lands right. So the lesson I learned is be sure you have a separate source for all your colors, as having a Copperline Gorge isn't the same as having both a red and green source.

    Overall thoughts:

    I liked Avalanche Riders against slower decks, but against a lot of faster decks like RedX and Affinity and especially the American Delver with its plethora of super cheap counters it might be better to just be another cycler and/or land. I'm going to experiment with moving my two copies to the side and seeing what happens next time I play. I do like being able to hit Inkmoths and having him for longer games, but he made a couple hands awkward against the fast guys.

    Possible inclusions include 2 copies of Architects of Will or another Jungle Weaver and a Raging Ravine. Ravine might help in situations like Round 4 where my board stalled just because I had no creatures out.

    I would always keep at least 2 Faeries main. They helped me out in so many games, whether grabbing Rancors or the opponent's guys so they couldn't come back from Living Ends. I had 3 main and I'm not sure if that's one too many, but I would never go below 2.

    For my sideboard, I think I want to get the 4th boar in and I'm considering moving to Leyline next time I have money to drop. It would've won me game 2 of both RedX matches if I'd drawn it and gotten even just 4 life. I also didn't use my 4 Sudden Deaths that much and may change them out for 3 Ricochet Traps and a floating card. I'm also keeping in mind though that I didn't play against the decks Sudden death is decent against. I also might cut one ingot chewer and try to sneak a couple Krosan Grips in, because I forgot Torpor Orb is a thing.
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