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  • posted a message on Morophon Human tribal questions

    It is almost combo, actually, in that when you cast Morophon you should be able to cast all the creatures in your hand for free. The only exceptions should be the disruptive cards like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

    If I were making the deck I would do the following:
    - All hatebear humans
    - All humans who draw cards at a good rate
    - aggressive humans that are free with Morophon

    Rest of the deck can be a few good draw effects, protection against wraths and spot removal.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Let me just grab this Interplanar being from my little bag here.

    Makes me think of Mappo Runt.
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  • posted a message on An Orzhov defensive deck
    Archetype of courage is good with deathtouch.
    Gifted Aetherborn is good
    you missed Ruthless ripper

    Blind Obedience is great

    Maybe Vengeful Pharaoh?
    You are low on lands. I think you need at least 36.

    You can win with a big debt to the deathless. You can also throw in Kokusho, the Evening Star or Gray Merchant of Asphodel... not bad with the recursion you have in the deck.
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  • posted a message on Gods Willing and Apostle of Purifying light (Card Kingdom preview)
    Colour hosers and protection would definitely help against monocolour devotion decks. Think of Mistcutter Hydra against Monoblue Devotion.
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  • posted a message on Grafdigger's Cage Reprint (Impulso Geek Preview)
    Quote from Trov »
    I must say that since the return of the core sets they have been spot on. Haven't been this interested in a core set since magic origins.
    Good mix of interesting new cards and good reprints for eternal formats. Hope they keep this up Smile

    I don't disagree with your comments but I think it is funny to say that you haven't been this interested in a core set since Origins... Core 2019 being the only set since Origins.

    Leyline + Cage could be reprinted now maybe because there is a lack of graveyard decks in the next year. Think of Crucible of Worlds and Scapeshift. They were not played in Standard at all. Leyline and Cage are very strong cards and I am guessing that if they had a graveyard theme they would not want to squash it with such powerful hate.

    It also helps to sell packs of Core Sets.
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  • posted a message on Yuriko Combos?
    Time Warp + Archeomancer + Sunken Hope or Yuriko's ninjitsu could do the trick
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  • posted a message on Paradox Engine
    Quote from Pokken »
    I think the power creep is a huge problem. Wizards just keeps making 6+ mana spells do more and more and more until you can have an entire deck full of ramp, draw and cantrips, and nonsense that does way too much for its mana in a format where you can your backup card advantage in the command zone.

    Re: Paradox engine and sensationalism

    The case against PE is reasonably strong compared to the casual banmania stuff:

    • The detailed numbers I have run suggest that PE is fairly high on the "too much mana too quickly" spectrum independently of casual appeal or whatever. So I think that alone allows a case for the card to be considered.
    • Has many scenarios in which it creates game ending loops that take a long time to execute
    • As far as prevalence goes in just 5 months it went from in 5% or so of possible decks to 6%

    Take that prevalence number on edhrec and that is still one of the interesting cases for banning to me. This is a colorless card that is in 1 in 18 decks, despite its admittedly serious deckbuilding consequences -- you really cannot be on a ramp package other than dorks or rocks.

    It sees play in a fairly diverse array of commanders, and takes up a huge share of the builds of many of them

    ~ 70% of urza, arcum decks
    ~ 60% of Azami, seton, rishkar, dralnu
    ~ 50% of new jhoira, sisay, karn, several partner pairs, mono g selvala
    ~ 40% of selvala, kydele, muzzio decks

    Wizards seems to print a new PE general basically every set or two.

    Comparing this card to banmania like Simic Ascendancy is completely unfair. There're many argments for this thing being a problem that are legitimate and should not be thrown out with the "Well it's been around for 3 years and not everyone sees it frequently" stuff.

    I have surely shared my anecdotes, because ultimately that is something people think about. How does the card affect actual games of magic?

    That's why Prophet got banned - its prevalence was partially the issue, but it had many things in common

    1) It warped many UG decks to a be a prophet deck - check, PE strongly encourages artifact and dork decks to play it
    2) It dominated the table both of playing time and of focus when it dropped - PE Checks this box although significantly less so than Prophet
    3) It was a target for theft, cloning and so on - this is much less of an issue though I have seen cloned and acquired PEs win games infrequently

    I think Prophet is probably the best ban comparison we can make other than possibly Metalworker - which compares very interestingly on the mana spectrum.

    *Says PE should be banned for prevalence in EDH
    *Also points out that maybe 1 in 18 decks plays it

    Were you playing when PoK was legal? It was in 2-3 decks in every single game of magic I played, and I played a lot in those days. Of UGx decks, I would say it was in more than half of the decks, and that it warped gameplay completely. I would not tap out once the UG player had 4 mana because I didn't want to lose to PoK the next turn. By itself, it could win you the game.

    PE is not the same at all. Not as prevalent by a longshot, despite being legal in 100% of decks.

    I understand that it can make for long turns, but you know what - so does Top, Sylvan Library, and so many other cards.

    You are comparing to PoK but I would compare to Food Chain. Food Chain is deplorable when it is played because it almost always marks the end of the game. What a bad card for EDH where you always have access to a creature to exile and a creature to cast. But you know what, Food Chain only fits in certain specific decks. Of my 17 decks, only MW and Karador could benefit from 'cloning' a food chain. None of my other decks would benefit in any way I can think of. PE is similar - if I am playing MW or a Gx deck with lots of dorks, sure, PE cloning could benefit me... but most of my other decks would prefer to clone a sol ring.

    It sees play in 70% of Arcum decks? Arcum has a tap ability and does really well with Artifacts. Thousand-Year Elixir sees just as much play.

    I totally agree with Kelzam's post. I am sick and tired of seeing the same points repeated over and over again. We know the RC has kept an eye on it. Clearly they have never felt the need to ban it. It isn't seeing more and more play - just maybe more play in certain new decks.

    To be ubiquitous enough to be banned, it isn't about being prevalent in Arcum decks or Selvala decks. Those decks are toxic, and I have no interest in playing against them. To be ubiquitous enough to be banned, an artifact like this would have to be played in at least 25% of decks before you can even think about it.

    I am willing to bet that Sylvan Primordial was played in more than half of green decks at the time of banning. PoK was probably in close to 75% of UG decks.

    Next time you watch a game of Commander clash, throw in PE on turn 5 and let me know what it does to the game. People play mana rocks but they get blown up. People play dorks but they die. PE relies on having a threshold of the two easiest types of permanents to destroy in magic.

    So, Pokken, I get that you hate the card (and I would too if my meta was full of it), but can we just bury this dead horse?
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  • posted a message on Embodiment of Agonies (Amaz Preview)

    This seems so powerful.
    Faithless looting and tome scour will play well with this.

    I know the card is a literal blank when there is graveyard hate, but this seems so versatile. Leyline of the Void will be huge in standard because of this card.

    Cool design
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  • posted a message on Kyle Hill digs mono green Commander!!!
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  • posted a message on Bloodsoaked Altar (ashlizzle preview)
    Could be a fun build-around uncommon for draft. Maybe Reassembling Skeleton gets a reprint.

    I would be surprised to see it anywhere else ever.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Immobilizer Eldrazi
    I had been running Abrade in a few decks and made the swap. You will always have a target. It is so important to play artifact removal in EDH, and this makes it easy because it will always be a relevant card.
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  • posted a message on Kethis, the Hidden Green Thumb (Let's Brew!)
    I don't feel like it matters if you can get your cards back from exile or not. That being said, karn, the great creator can get your exiled artifacts back.

    I am trying to think of a good win con. Karador's win conditions are not Legendary, excepting maybe recursion loops of Yosei or Kokusho.
    Paradox Engine is promising but then you need a lot of non-legendary mana dorks and mana rocks.. unless you focus on legendary dorks which typically cost 3+ mana.

    I think that Kethis is great for recursion of Urza's Ruinous blast. I would probably play a control deck with a bit of stax and some dredge. You can probably pretty reliably get Brisela, Voice of Nightmares into play. Praetors are strong, and Sheoldred notably lets you loop Yosei. Emrakul, the promised End should not cost a lot.


    I think I would just try to play some control while filling my graveyard, and lean on Ruinous blast to keep my opponents back while deploying 1-2 big threats.
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  • posted a message on Kethis The Hidden Hand Mana Source Preview
    I think the to do this is:
    1. Legendary cards
    2. Self Mill
    3. Exile the two you don't need to cast all the other legendary cards in a big game winning turn.

    It can be Paradox Engine, it can be Urza's Ruinous Blast, it can be Thalia, Guardian of Thraben... whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is not something you are going to do every turn.
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  • posted a message on Sephara, Sky’s Blade - TCC spoiler
    I'm not so sure about this seeing modern play. Needing 4 creatures with flying is rather specific, outside of WB tokens. Given its sweeper protection, it may replace an anthem, but afaik that deck hasn't been competitive for some time now. And Battle Screech does not appear to be that huge an upgrade over what the deck could do so far to change that.

    WB tokens will not be tier 1, but this is an interesting option for the deck. When you have 8 cards that can single-handedly help you cast this for the alternative cost, it is pretty consistent. Just not sure she is impactful enough to warrant a spot. Maybe sideboard?

    If your goal is to cast her on Turn 4, I think Modern is the best shell.
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  • posted a message on Moat Piranhas - MTG Tumblr Spoiler
    Quote from italofoca »
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    Quote from italofoca »
    Holy s***.

    I always wondered when they would try something like this. This thing can shape the entire limited format.

    How? Glade Watcher and Returned Phalanx were much better and were marginal draft cards. Playable but not high picks.

    Those cards are in different colors. Green usually has plenty of larger creatures to clog the board and ramp spells that would dispute slots with a barrier.

    The comparison with Returned Phalanx is fair but Theros was a very unusual format where all the aggro archetypes where "go tall" via monstrous or heroic. A 3/3 body did not block as well as it normally does in Theros.

    I'm not saying this is top pick either as I believe it's not. A format is not shaped by only it's top picks because usually you will play the low picks as well. For example Tolarian Scholar was a low pick in Dominaria but it was played a lot.

    I am not saying it won't be played. I just don't understand your excitement? Murder at common - that's exciting, that will shape the format. I just don't see why this will shape the whole format. Do you mean because aggro decks will have to get around this? White and red have a lot of flyers at lower rarities and red has cards like Fry.

    As much as WAR limited was about bombs this limited is going to be about commons. There is a lot of power and I think a 3/3 defender will usually be a sideboard card.
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