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  • posted a message on Resisting Modern: Cards That Could Be Good
    Cosi's Trickster Seems more relevant than both of those for an anti fetch card.
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  • posted a message on What is your LGS's attitude towards modern? Is it de-emphasised compared to other formats?
    I have 3 stores near me I haven't played much since I started working but they all had different days. Monday tuesday and Friday. Interestingly the monday one struggled to fire
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  • posted a message on What does Modern Werewolves need from Eldritch Moon?
    Perhaps a white red green deck. Human themed werewolf subthemed could work?
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  • posted a message on Budget BW Tokens
    For a grand prix I suggest you include hate for
    Company decks
    Blood moon(people will play it perhaps in a prison deck)
    Infect may be one to consider I saw people saying infect is hard but zealous persecution is nuts against them
    You will probably see tron unfortunately this matchup is super hard it may be worth not having a side for them. If you have stony that is good
    Jund/junk is already a good matchup we don't need much here
    Control will show up as well
    Valakut decks

    If you fear valkut and tron over fair decks with big creatures perhaps cut vault and swap some lands to make room for ghost quarters?

    It's not budget but has anyone tried chalice? Good verse infect, storm, livingend, other combo decks
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  • posted a message on B/R control
    I don't know about maining land destruction I feel that it's a bit narrow. Any consideration for blackmail? It's a 1 mana discard but it can be kinda meh.
    Phyrxian arena has dropped. If you want a control list I would look into running it. Perhaps updating the old black devotion deck could be played? Sorry no tags on my phone
    Gatekeeper of malakir
    Geralfs messenger
    Gray merchant
    Phyrxian arena

    Splashing red for bolt, and terminate

    Or we could try running languish with big cards desecration demon and angler. Then it will not kill our own cards and stop them sacking to demon but it's a bit sketchy.

    If your not sold into black red look at black white for ideas. Lingering souls is nuts and cheap
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  • posted a message on Budget Loam Decks?
    Many loam decks run black for lili and other hand hate. Since we are on a budget black isn't that good. We could do naya land destruction but once again it would probably cost to much :/
    Perhaps some sort of bit white green deck could work. Knight of the relequary, sun titan, life, fetches, lots of ghost quarters, emeria the sky ruin. Loam is sweet but many biulds are notcheap can you give us an idea of what you have already andyour preferred play style?
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  • posted a message on Intruder Alarm
    Some friends and brewed up something with this. The idea was to counter every creature they play so they can't untap then win with kiki and any creature or dryad arbor. It's pretty funny idea but I don't know if counters are good enough in the format.
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  • posted a message on Glittering Thopters?
    What about a thoptor wish wargate deck? Wargate can get things like ensnaring bridge to save you or parts of you combo
    Oh somone said wargate
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  • posted a message on No more Modern PTs: Modern guidelines revealed
    I wish they kepted a summer set thats strange such as modern masters and conspiracy and made that amodern protour. Then they may not have to shake up the format to sell the packs since they are packs for modern or other anyways
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  • posted a message on Stupid God Damn Bots
    You need five colors to bring to light for dark dwellers
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  • posted a message on Llanowar Mentor and Greenseeker
    Maddness cards could be fun as well. Not sure what ones are good enough though
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  • posted a message on Budget replacements for Modern staples
    I disagree about granulate. I don't advise using it becuase the no land clause allows players to activate a blinkmoth or inkmoth sac all to ravenger and put the tokens on it. I recommend vandal blast. More flexible and sometimes worse than shatterstorm but sometimes far better.
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  • posted a message on Budget replacements for Modern staples
    Spawning bed I think it's called kinda works for ravenger but only forcreatures and isn't a threat itself
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  • posted a message on Modern Decks in Jund Colors?
    Since it hasn't been mentioned I have seen gristshoulbrand variants that are jund like. It's pretty much black/red budget version as I don't know what green gives you in the main deck.
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  • posted a message on UR twin replacement idea that why no one does it?
    Really cool deck idea I saw before the twin ban and even before blittetblossum unban

    Blue red faeries. Kiki allows you to win with pestermite but even without the combo you can severely hinder the opponent with spellstutter kiki and mistbind kiki interaction. Also lets you main bloodmoon.
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