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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    And now, Esper Faeries is a real deck. Time to go win a GP with it.

    EDIT: Sultai Charm is not playable in BUG. It's too narrow and there isn't a matchup that needs a card like that.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Gifts as a package is bad in modern. So why do you think throwing it into a deck that already fights itself on mana is a good idea, when it makes the deck more inconsistent AND adds to you killing yourself from lifeloss?

    I can't wrap my head around how people can still think that line is in any way, shape, or form competitive. A deck BUILT around Gifts doesn't work in this meta, what makes you think jamming it in a deck suddenly fixes everything?

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Anthreion »
    I played against a buddy's affinity deck for about 4 hours yesterday. Results were downrigt dismal, although it's probably worth saying that I didn't use my board as he hasn't got his yet. Overall, my feeling was that our decks plays a solid control play, but lacks pressure to close games fast enough. Also, 3 Mistbinds seemed like too few, whereas my 3 Vendilion often stuck around in my hand. I will hence cut one Vendilion for a fourth Misty.
    I'm also thinking about Scion again. Either him or some kind of Sword seems like a necessary evil.

    Considering Affinity is the best game 1 deck in the format and you get significant sideboard pieces, seems like a *****ty way to get forced to test.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Extended was a much slower format than modern is. You also had to race things like Great Sable Stag, and the only boardwipe that existed that mattered was Volcanic Fallout, which Nighthawk dodged. In general, Modern is incredibly fast compared to that format, and Nighthawk doesn't make the leap. It's also why the Wurmcoil package that used to be played out of the board is largely bad.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Galerion »
    Quote from adreena »
    Modern Premier from the 3rd August: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/modern-premier-2014-08-04

    2 UB Faeries decks made the top 8. One knocked the other out at the quarter finals and went on to win, beating Splinter Twin and Burn in the semis and final.

    The winning deck was the Remand+Time Warp variant with 4 Vendilions, 4 Mistbind and 3 Spellstutter. Those creature numbers seem to be pretty common with the Time Warp deck.

    The other deck was the more standard version with Mana Leak, Spell Snare and 2 Swords of FaF.

    You mean it's the other way around. The standard version has won and the Time Warp version made 7th place.

    Lol that's card for card my list I wrote an article on a couple weeks ago. Glad to see it does well on MODO as well as in paper.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Finished GP Boston at 11-3-1, drawing final round for prize split and ending 47th. With a win (matchup was in my favor), would've been top 25. Played against U Tron, Burn, Scapeshift, 2 UWR Control, 1 UR Twin, 2 Affinity, 2 RG Tron, 1 Melira Pod, 2 Kiki Pod. Losses came against Burn, Scapeshift, and 1 RG Tron.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Anthreion »
    Quote from RyanDotExe »
    Quote from spellcheck »

    Tectonic Edge is better than Ghost Quarter against Twin game 1 and Scapeshift, while Ghost Quarter is better against Affinity, Green Tron, Merfolks and Hatebears (thank you, Leonin Arbiter).

    Even though Ghost Quarter is better against affinity he still main decks 2 gftt's so I'm a little confused.

    GftT is hands down the best mono-black removal in Modern. Yes, I prefer it to Dismember, at least in this deck. (I play 4 Bitterblossom, 4 Watery Graves and 2 Thoughtseize, so I can't afford any more lifeloss.) Just because it's bad against one type of deck doesn't mean it shouldn't be played. Smother is useless against Tron for example, yet noone questions me playing it in the main.

    No one calls you on Smother against Tron because all removal not named Path to Exile is useless against Tron. That doesn't mean that GftT isn't a terrible choice, and it is in any meta where Affinity is even slightly prevalent or in any competitive REL setting.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Weekend results: 1 GPT, 1 PTQ. Final record, 12-3-1. 1st place GPT, 11th place PTQ (30 people/170 people respectively). Thinking about writing up a tournament report, will link it here if I do.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Anthreion »
    We already have a fairly beneficial game plan against twin actually and I don't think you can sell the idea of red to people with matchups that are already okay...especially when the red manabase burns you to death in conjunction with bitterblossom. Most don't find it to be an option

    That is probably very true. On the other hand, I have been wondering to what extent Bitterblossom is actually necessary and, moreover, how good of a card it actually is.
    Faerie decks back in Lorwyn Standard were able to outrace most of their opponents using BB, Scion and their disruption spells. However, Modern is a format that is much, much faster than any Standard environment ever was, and in this very format BB seems too slow to me. It will give us our first creature in turn 3, and the first attack will be due in turn 4 accordingly.
    A much better alternative would be Bob. I'm currently tending towards a kind of Bitterblossom-less UB aggro-control deck including 4 Bobs, 2 Snappies and 2 Swords of FaF.

    Considering that deck really couldn't run Mistbind or SSS effectively, at that point you are UB Tempo and no longer a Faeries deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Tron is 50/50, and both games I was easily on control. Not much you can do if they topdeck god though.

    I have never once in 2+ months of playing Dismember had an issue casting it. Literally the only time I've ever wanted it to be another card was ironically this weekend when I couldn't kill an Inferno Titan with it. Otherwise it has always been playable and always been good.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Figured I would give you all a short tournament report. PTQ in the area yesterday. Took the following:

    Round 1 - Rock

    Originally pegged him on Jund, but red was a splash for Ancient Grudge out of the board. Game 1 was uneventful. Turn 1 Thoughtseize, turn 2 Blossom with counters and Mistbind in hand. Opponent landed Bob into Courser and started to go plus off of the two, with Lili, Tarmo and Scooze as well as lands getting drawn, but he never touches my life total and I end the game at a healthy spot.

    Game 2 he mulls to six, I rip a Thrun from his hand seeing a Slaughter Pact, second Thrun, and Abrupt Decay. Evenetually slams a Thrun while I have 2 Sowers in hand. Use one to bait the Pact, use second one to keep the Tarmo, but he slams double Obliterator after that and I only have 1 Dismember.

    Game 3 he mulligans and I destroy his hand with multiple discards. Game is over when I have the Leak for his Lili on turn 3.

    Round 2 - UWR Control

    Game 1 I mull to 5, keep a no-black 2 lander with a Blossom and 2 Spellstutters. Proceed to never see another land.

    Game 2 I mull to 4, keep a 2 lander, never see another land. Hard to beat even the best matchup when you can't cast spells.

    Round 3 - Scapeshift

    Game 1 we both mull to 6. I get stuck at 3 lands with a grip of 2 Cryptics and a Mistbind, he curves perfectly and Scapeshifts me blindly.

    Game 2 I mull to 5, but ride a blossom and 3 Spellstutters to victory since my opponent doesn't realize Izzet Charm won't counter Spellstutter.

    Game 3 mull to 5 again, opponent has a hand of triple Obstinate Baloth. Actually deal with all 3 Baloths, have him to 7 with lethal on board, and he topdecks the Scapeshift.

    Dropped at this point feeling disgusted, since I lost to two very good matchups due to my deck deciding to be a *****. Go get food and decide to appease the deck by resleeving it with new sleeves (sidenote, turqouise dragon shields are insanely good, and this is coming from someone who hated the old style dragon shields). Resleeve the same 75 and enter the GPT/Super IQ side event.

    Round 1 - KCI Eggs

    Game 1 - Turn 1 Thoughtseize, turn 2 Bitterblossom with Spellstutter and Spell Snare backup. Opponent would've had an OK hand but Thougthtseize crushes his deck. Also played and equipped a Sword on turn 5 and it proceeded to ruin his day even more.

    Game 2 - Turn 1 Thoughseize, turn 2 Mana Leak, turn 3 Snapcaster for Thoughtseize, turn 5 Sword of Feast and Famine. Literally hell for him.

    Overall wasn't something I expected, but it's another combo deck that can't stand up well to hand disruption. Opponent wound up finishing the day x-1 barely missing top 8, which goes to show it isn't a terrible deck.

    Round 2 - Kiki Control

    Game 1 - opponent had never played against Faeries, but found out quickly he doesn't like Bitterblossom or Spellstutter Sprite. he never lands a relevant threat but spends the early game throwing Bolts and Helixes at my face. He eventually folds under the pressure of Blossom and counters, pretty typical of how the matchup plays out.

    Game 2 - He starts the game with a Leyline of Sanctity in play, while I have a godhand of Thoughtseize, Blossom, and double V Clique. Eventually Clique myself to throw back Thoughtseize, while maintaining pressure off of Blossom. He eventually paths the Clique, and after shuffling I get another Thoughtseize. Which is promptly Clique'd away as well. Eventually suit up a token with a sword and go to town on him, he once again never lands a relevant creature and I kill his Colennade when he starts trying to block with it.

    Round 3 - Scapeshift

    Game 1 - He mulls to 6 and I have Inquisition/Thoughtseize for the first two turns, but his hand is literally 4 2 mana ramp spells. He gets to 7 pretty quickly and into topdecking mode, but I eventually drop a Mistbind and get in for beats while sitting on Cryptic and Spell Snare backup.

    Game 2 - I have a great early lead, he has nothing relevant in hand, so I tap 3 mana when I have 6 to land a Jace and say go with Cryptic in hand. Opponent draws and plays an Inferno Titan. Oops. Stare at the Deathmark in my hand and feel silly. Scoop it up next turn.

    Game 3 - Hand disruption and Speading Seas gets there. He has Inferno Titan but I Spreading Seas'd an early red source and he can't cast it for awhile. Thougthseize meanwhile rips a Wurmcoil from his hand (?!) and when he tries to eventually play the Titan I have the counters.

    Round 4 - UWR Control

    Game 1 - Long game where he gets a good mana curve and I spend the game 4/5 mana down. I misplay early knowing he has the Spell Snare and playing Blossom with Spellstutter backup, turns out he has 2 Spell Snares. He double Tec Edges at one point, but I stabilize at one life by bouncing my Bitterblossom with a Cryptic and going to town with Mistbind. He has no card in hand and....topdecks the Electrolyze when I can only counter for 2 with a Spellstutter. Sigh.

    Game 2 - 40 minute game where we both draw 15+ lands. He draws all his Colennades, while I don't see a Blossom or a Creeping Tar Pit for the entire game. Eventually a combination of Vendilion Clique and Mutavault get there.

    Game 3 - We go to turns, but I spend the entire game in control, at one point starting to swing with 4 Mutavaults (this is on turn 10). He draws enough kill spells to answer them, but he never touches my life total, I have him to 8, and would've gotten to play a Bitterblossom into a tapped out board with him having only counters in hand. With time it's an easy win, but unfortunately becomes a draw.

    Round 5 - Burn Zoo

    Game 1 - Had seen the opponent play turn 1 Nacatl the round before, but was a bit confused when he went t1 Goblin Guide, t2 Boros Charm your face, t3 suspend Rift Bolt and play Hellspark Elemental. Turns out he was playing Small Zoo but very burn-oriented. I get out an early Bitterblossom to start chumping out the Guide and Hellspark. Eventually he taps out to play spells pre-combat, and I flash in a Mistbind to eat his Wild Nicatl and stabalize at three. he plays A hellspark, I counter it, he unearths it, trampling over to take me down to 1. I swing, put him to 7 and pass with his only card being a land. Upkeep tap him out with another mistbind, he draws and it's a burnspell he can't cast.

    Game 2 - He mulligans and I have everything I need. Early spellstutters take care of his burn and I start beating him down after landing a t3 Blossom with Spell Snare backup for his burn spells. End the game with a hand full of removal.

    Round 6 - Affinity

    We ID as I'm currently first seed and top 6 are all locks. My UWR opponent gets paired against the Burn Zoo player and forces them to play (was kind of a ****** all day, so wasn't surprising).

    End standings as second seed, with the Burn Zoo player getting first from having been forced to play. Top 8 consists of 2 Affinity, 1 Zoo, 1 Tron, 1 UWR control, 1 Scapeshift, 1 Tarmo Twin, and myself. 3 of them were people I had played and beaten/drawn with. I get paired against the Tron player.


    Game 1 - I demolish his hand early. He is left with a pair of Relics and a Sphere, and since he has a relic out, I EOT a Snapcaster with no targets, then next turn play and equip a SoFaF and swing. next turn....second SoFaF. He gets down to 0 cards in hand. Ends up getting Eye and playing a Wurmcoil, I cryptic it. Drop him to 2, say go. He EoTs Eye for Emrakul, then realizes he only has 12 mana. I have 6 lands, 1 being a Tar Pit and 1 a Mutavault, as well as two swords out ( he had played an All is Dust to kill just a Snapcaster.) He draws and it's his only Ghost Quarter in the deck, giving him his 13th mana so he can cast Emrakul AND has it to kill my Mutavault. Must be nice, right?

    Game 2 - He mulls to 6 and I destroy his opening hand with Iok/Thoughtseize/Thoughtseize. Doesn't matter though, because in true Tron player fashion he goes, in order, 3rd Tron land, Wurmcoil, Karn off the top of his deck like a champ. I scoop it up in a bit of salty disgust. I know it isn't his fault, but still felt like utter bull*****.

    Overall record for the day: 6-2-2, one draw being an ID and one a game I would've won if not in time. List was fine, didn't really dislike anything in it. Negates/Glen Elendras would've been nice once or twice during the day, but overall every card except the Hurkyl's were used. Spreading Seas got sided in the most. MVP in the maindeck was Dismember.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from germanturkey »
    too many tapped lands are bad for the deck. you really want untapped mana the first 4 turns. you can get away with playing a tapped turn 1, but more than that is pretty bad. and in terms of playability, tar pit is an overall better card.

    did anyone see that daily list that ran 4 pack rat?

    also, i disagree about ratchet bomb being better than EE. sure, ratchet bomb can get you to higher numbers, but it is glacial and is a huge liability with cards like disenchant and wear//tear floating around.

    If they're Disenchanting your Ratchet Bomb you should be winning the game with Bitterblossom.

    Ratchet Bomb requires no open mana, while EE requires 2 to pop it. That is huge, and WILL cost you games. EE is not bad, but I've tested both against any deck in the format I would care to play them against and Ratchet Bomb performed better.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    To get over Sorrow they need 2 lords, not 1. Requires a much better hand, and requires them to be able to resolve two, neither of which should happen. Ratchet Bomb is also better overall than EE, at least in my experience.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Valanarch »
    Well I also look for other angles that can be profitable with cards in question so it isn't just for affinity, it would be for pod and merfolk aswell. Also I am back to testing runechanter's pike over swords because they seem to help swing damage in games better than swords at 2 mana and a higher impact on the game with first strike and flexible levels of power bonuses. It really helps to have the card that swings the game come down at 2 mana and be a backup and/or threat for bitterblossom

    Engineered Explosives is also better against Merfolk than Drown in Sorrows. Runechanter's Pike seems like a decent idea.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    I don't really post on here anymore (too much arguing around the time I stopped for me to want to keep posting) but I will say the deck will not reward you unless YOU put time into building it YOUR way. One of the major advantages of Faeries is that you only have ~40 cards that are musts in the entire deck, and some of those are just generalized. Build YOUR style. The guy who just went 12-3 at Minneapolis? He and I compared decks at the end of the tournament. We were off by over 25 cards between main and side, and neither of us disliked each others decks. Play YOUR way instead of thinking that there is one "good" way to build/play it.

    If you're having issues with pod, look towards sweepers. I play Drown In Sorrow, have played BSZ. I've noted some people dismissing BSZ because of Melira, but the fact is that Melira really only hits the table if they're comboing off that turn. It's an insane card if they don't have melira out.
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