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  • posted a message on "Silent Submarine"
    I assume it belongs to either the Izzet or the Simic guild, more importantly why is it so bad? Yes its 2 mana for a 2/3 that gives card draw except you need to tape a 2 power creature to activate it! Smuggler's Copter was much better and in my eyes this is worse than Jhessian Thief as it doesn't have prowess. Actually this Submarine doesn't have any evasion which defeats the whole purpose of a sub. If it had islandwalk, skulk or even prowess I would have been fine with it. Instead it is a god awful rare. Also crew 2 for a 2/3 vehicle is over costed should have been crew 1.
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  • posted a message on Alternate Art Fnm Promos Gone?
    Quote from doc.brown »
    stores are getting more promos and are able to use them as they want. I really don't understand what are people complaining about.
    This move has received universal praise everywhere, even from people that are know for not going soft with their complains.

    I remember talking to the owner of my FLGS few months ago about promos and this is exactly what he was saying, that he wanted to be able to use the promos he was given for anything. now they can do it. for any event they put up they can give away promos and guess what? the more events they do, the more promos they'll get.

    what's not to like?

    Stores could hand out promos as they see anyway. Many stores in the UK already do, its just the showdown packs they could only hand out to standard players.

    I am upset because we won't get alternate art for fnm promos anymore and they did not say they would give out the same number of packs as stores got promos. If you got 80 promos per month, there is no guarentee you will get 80 promo packs, for all you know you could get 20 which is still 80 foil cards in packs but still only 20 fnm promo cards.

    I for one loved the alternate art for promos, such as Cloudpost, Fatal Push, Elvish Visionary or even Go for the Throat have amazing alternate art. The fact we don't get alternate art is depressing.
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  • posted a message on Alternate Art Fnm Promos Gone?
    New article from Wizards;

    I noticed while reading it, it says that promos will be given out in packs of four? I assume they mean like 4 card showdown packs. I am worried that means less promos given to each store as they aren't giving out promos but bunching them together in a pack.

    I also noticed while reading it that slots 1&2 will be standard rare/mythic, slot 3 is a foil basic land and slot 4 is a chosen card in the same vein as fnm promos but they will have alternate frames. I did not read anything about alternate art, they did mention a curveball but that could mean anything and not alternate art.

    I preferred it before where we got alternate art and they looked cool. Don't get me wrong full art Opt looks amazing but its murder counterpart is unwanted. I hopeful they will learn from Aether Revolt and make good fnm promos like fatal push.
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  • posted a message on Pro's and Con's of banning Aether Vial and Mox Opal?
    Everyone I know has heard of or runs either Aether Vial and/or Mox Opal. They are extremely powerful cards each costing $32/$90, they see lots of play and seem to be intregrel in many decks. That being said they allow decks to be extremely aggressive, more aggressive than Burn or even Elves. Elves is too slow to see play these days and in some ways so is merfolk. Many players now opt for the faster deck Humans. I do feel modern may be a bit too fast at the moment and certainly shouldn't be any faster than legacy matches. So I am writing this thread to see what your views are, should they be banned? Should they be restricted to one card copy in a deck? Or should they be left alone?

    My views are;
    Pros to banning both,
    1. Decks like humans will be much slower and cannot respond to draw steps to throw down freebooters or meddling mages.
    2. Decks like lantern control and affinity won't have an easy quick mana source and will become obviously slower.

    Cons to banning both,
    1. Decks like humans or merfolk will have to run more control to prevent people from wrathing their field so they can maintain board presence.
    2. Decks like lantern control and affinity will have trouble dealing with fast decks as they are 1 mana short.
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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in modern)
    You've only unlocked my 2nd Form! BB
    Choose a colour, return a card from your graveyard of that colour to your hand and then discard a card of that colour.
    Fateful Hour - If you have 5 or less life, remove all counters from all players. You can't lose the game this turn and you opponents can't win the game this turn. At the beginning of the next end step your life becomes 5.

    Be pretty sweet for Death's Shadow and just fun in general. Also reminds me of all those Final Fantasy games where the final boss is like "Not today!"
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  • posted a message on Help building with Paladin of Atonement
    I wondered if it was possible to use Paladin of Atonement in modern and figured it should slot in with Death's Shadow?
    Problem is it was white so only death shadow deck I thought of was Esper Death's Shadow, but it just felt wrong in that deck. So I started toying around with Abzan Death's Shadow, using cards like Noxious Revival and Tarmogoyf. I figured if I was going to use the goyf, I should prolly use Mishra's Bauble and Warren Weirding to pump him/her.

    Has anyone had any success using Paladin?
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