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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Has anyone ever even seen this card before? Sudden Spoiling

    It looks as if it might be good for a laugh at least. It might just blow something like Spirits out.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from tarotplz »
    Quote from TibaltTown »
    how do we beat amulet or is it like tron. autoloss

    It's definitly not a good matchup, but we can win if we play it well and know how to disrupt the deck. I play against it a lot and like to think I understand the matchup pretty well, so let me see if I can help a little.

    Amulet Titan is really complicated, that goes both for the player and the opponent. If one only faces it once in a while (even though it has gotten more popular recently) chances are one might not even know everything the deck is capable of.
    The main things to understand here are firstly, how their landbase works (and how much slower it gets without Amulet of Vigor and Azusa, Lost but Seeking) and secondly, that dealing with one Primeval Titan is almost never enough since the usual lands an experienced Amulet player will get are a Simic Growth Chamber and Tolaria West to tutor up Summoner's Pact and get another Titan (rinse and repeat).
    A good Amulet player will only go for the burst damage option of Slayers' Stronghold and Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion if they know there is very little chance of it not killing you.

    The first thing you need to do in order to win this matchup is disrupt their gameplan by slowing down their mana production. This can best be done through our discard spells. Your main targets early on are Amulet of Vigor if you can catch it on t1 (always go for this if you can) and Azusa, Lost but Seeking. This changes slightly once they have the mana down to cast their big guys, or already have an established Amulet or Azusa on the board. In that case go for Primeval Titan, Engineered Explosives and Summoner's Pact(before they have the mana to pay for it, since it's an instant) and potentially Walking Ballista (if they have a lot of mana to cast a big one).

    The second thing that's necesary to win is to disrupt the decks combo engine. This is to slow them down enough to where a durdly deck like ours can actually kill them before they kill us. The unfortunate thing is, that we can't really do this in game one, as we need sideboard cards for it. Bring in Surgical Extractionesque effects. Your main targets in order of priority are Summoner's Pact, Primeval Titan and Tolaria West. Engineered Explosives is on that list too, IF you know that they're playing more than 1.
    This part of the gameplan is extremely important, just discard is not enough to disrupt them, as they can very easily tutor up the things they need on a whim. You will not win a topdeck war unless the Amulet player gets VERY VERY unlucky.

    As far as sideboard cards are concerned, here are some that have served me well:

    Damping Sphere: It's another way to slow down their mana production. It will buy you time (usually a few turns) but won't win you the game, you need to combine this with a clock.

    Aven Mindcensor: Arguably the best card vs them, as it disrupts their combo engine all by itself. Amulet also plays very little interaction, so they'll struggle to get rid of the bird.

    Surgical Extraction: Or really any effect like it. These help to disrupt the combo engine. Very important!

    Anguished Unmaking: or really any insant speed removal that can save you from a charging Primeval Titan is very nice to have.

    login suggested Runed Halo, which I don't love in the matchup, but it can work. The thing is, that even if their Titans can't damage you, they'll still attack and tutor up all the lands they need to find what they need to kill you through the Halo.

    Also he mentioned Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle , which is not a card Amulet Titan plays, that one belongs to Titanshift, which is a very different deck.
    This certainly sounds very well thought-out.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Quote from jokerstyle00 »
    Oooooo do you have a link to the Delirium list? I've been wanting to try out a Traverse build but keep finding Abzan lists.
    Try this.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    There is a Delirium Rock build floating around; perhaps you've seen it. It contains one Walking Ballista. Which I gather is mostly for helping achieve Delirium. I could be wrong about that.

    The thing is though, it started me thinking that it would be a good tool in some match-ups. It is a pretty good way to take out a Mirran Crusader, for instance.

    Has this ever occurred to anyone or is there something painfully obvious I'm missing that make this an asinine idea?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    The problem is that we don't have a good ratio of sorceries and instants. We play exactly 1 instant and exactly 1 sorcery that satisfy this for x=1. At x=2, we open up the instants but we still only have 1 sorcery, but I don't want to be casting jack for 4 mana. Only at x=3 do you open up more sorceries, and I definitely don't want to be casting it for 5. Frankly, I think this is on par with (and equally as unplayable as) Thunderous Wrath.

    Before someone brings up Shard Volley, you can't play this on T3 after playing a Shard Volley and therefore need 4 lands. You're also going to lose one of them when you re-cast Shard Volley because you have to pay mandatory additional costs even when you cast something "without paying its mana cost".

    "We" play two one - CMC sorceries but I should have looked at the casting costs of the Instants before commenting. Finale of Promise is not likely to be played on curve and isn't significantly better than the other "good top-decks" that get bandied about from time to time.

    I didn't realize that so many of the cards that are usually cast for one-mana aren't actually one-CMC. Lessons learned.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from B3dl4 »
    Surprised this one hasn't been talked about here yet?!

    Finale of Promise
    You may cast up to one target instant card and/or up to one target sorcery card from your graveyard each with converted mana cost X or less without paying their mana costs. If a card cast this way would be put into your graveyard this turn, exile it instead. If X is 10 or more, copy each of those spells twice. You may choose new targets for the copies.

    T1: Swiftspear -> 19
    T2: Bolt + Spike, pumping Swiftspear +2/+2 -> 10
    T3: Finale X=1, targeting Bolt and Spike, pumping Swiftspear +3/+3 -> 0

    Is this not at the very least testable? Possibly in spell-heavy Mono R build?
    A copy - maybe even two - wouldn't be the worst thing anyone has ever tried as long as one has a reasonably good ration of sorceries and instants. It's not something one would want to see multiples of and the X=10 thing is never happening.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from Tempest753 »
    I don’t think lili’s triumph is gonna be all that great tbh. Many, many decks in modern go wide rather than tall and edicts just aren’t effective against that style. As is most BGx decks play 4, or sometimes fewer, LotV. Adding diabolical edict is largely unneeded redundancy.

    I think the card is very playable, but people seem to be overreacting big time. I don’t see this card making it out of the sideboard, and even then it’s probably only to be included when you’re fearing specifically bogles.
    This sounds about right. There are probably a few other corner cases, Through the Breach, maybe?
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from login »
    Do you would use vindicate vs tron lands?

    Because currently we have anguished unmaking and while it is very versatile it doesn't make the match much better
    Vindicate is a little slow to combat Tron, but you could do it on the play. One would need a little luck when on the draw.

    Vindicate one Tron land and then extract it and Voila! No Tron for you!

    This is of course even easier with a Ghost Quarter, but having an extra card or two that can get the job done is a good thing. Vindicate can also take care of Ugin, and Karn and can make Wurmcoil into Push-able bits. That last is sort of a desperate measure but one does what he must.

    The ability to run Field of Ruin or Ghost Quarter along with Assassin's Trophy makes Rock about 40%-60% against Tron whereas Jund is nearly an auto-loss.

    Vindicate is a turn slower than Trophy, but it doesn't replace the land. BW tokens is even slower than Rock or especially Jund, so it's an even worse match-up with Tron, but Vindicate would move the needle a very small amount in the positive direction. Moreover, Vindicate just has a great deal of other uses and it doesn't cost three life.

    A short list of targets include:

    any other obnoxious enchantment or artifact, and any creature even if the CMC is over four without provided a compensatory land.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Bilbao results
    Affinity apparently posted the third best results in GP Bilbao. Who knew Affinity was still a thing?
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Stony Silence and Damping Sphere are very hard on Tron, especially together. A little land destruction, Surgical Extraction and some luck is another strategy. Smile

    Vindicate would be a nice addition. One could certainly justify a copy of two in the 75.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    Knight of the Reliquary is probably the best knight but she has no real synergy with other knights. She's usually a build-around for combo or Landfall decks. Mutavault is really good in mono-W knights, but I don't know about a three-color deck.

    One usually sees Haakon with Liliana of the Veil, Smallpox and that sort of thing for support. Collective Brutality is another card that might fit.

    Knights has only one disruptive Knight in Knight of Autumn, so the disruption has to come from elsewhere. With B, one has access to discard which helps against combo or helps pitch Haakan in a pinch. Lily is a great way to pitch him. [m]BG[/m] provides access to the best permanent distruction and W was exile effects and some of the best side-board stuff.

    RiP is a major non-bo but Wheel of Sun and Moon is good if one has sufficient GW producers. There's good artifact grave-hate and there's some B gravehate as well.

    The trouble is, all of the disruption and hate one needs isn't stapled to a Knight; there's a reason Humans was and Spirits are so popular. Even Merfolk have better disruption. And all of these cards take away knight slots and ruins vial or CoCo strategies.

    If one wanted the Haakan Inversion combo - and who wouldn't? - Traverse the Ulvenwald might be useful. One could cut down on the copies of Haakan that way. Traverse helps with mana-fixing other things sometimes. It can help get through Blood Moon too.

    I just don't know how to make Knight-tribal really work.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    Quote from user-4406874 »
    Hello everyone

    I will give you update on my Knight Abzan deck. Its not particularly competitive deck, but its fun. Graveyard hate is big weakness tho and people play it even maindeck nowdays...

    But I change the list a lot, especially lands. Basically I need enough mana to cast Haakon + Inversion combo and also ways to put things in graveyard. I like playing 4 Haakons, but then you also get very awkward hands. You need throw-away creatures, Student of Warfare was terrible! Yet you need 1 drops for Vial ans such. Bodyguard is good, you can recast it with Haakon for W to target relevant creature.

    Vial is nice because it lets you put Haakon straight in play, play instant Exemplar and such. There is just no fun in Knight without Vial.

    You can kill things with Haakon or Aryel, get life with Meadowgrain and Bloodline tokens, draw cards (to your graveyard) with Grisly Salvage. That one also helps with land drops. Both Knight of the Reliquary and Stevard of Valeron produce (in a way) mana so you can play those inversions enough.

    Anyone have some idea how to improve this strategy?

    I've wanted to try a Haakan list forever. Abzan strikes me as wildly optimistic but kudos for giving it a try.

    As long as we are talking about optimism, Nameless Inversion is in fact a Treefolk, you could give Murmuring Bosk a try.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Quote from Tempest753 »
    Anyone have any advice on how I could build a manabase with 3 treetop villages and 3 field of ruins (in a 24 land build)? I really wanted to do it and got inspired by Gerry T's deck that he posted a couple weeks ago with this mana:

    The 2 twilight mires help get double black if it happens to be your only black source (since this manabase is light on black lands), but I worry it could be too greedy with only 16 black-producing lands. Thoughts?
    16 is probably enough to reliably have B on turn-one, if I recall corectly, but I don't recall how many are called for to get double-B on turn three, but I'm sure someone will chime in.

    Fetches might be better than Twilight Mires in terms of reliability but I don't mind a copy or two of Mire and there aren't that many cards in this list that don't play nicely with them, namely the Fields. The second Forest is questionable in my mind, but it may be necessary in your build.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Quote from Lilletblanc »

    hmm that makes sense .. btw this is a good spoiler.. do you guys think this will have a slot on the deck?
    it a diabolic edict on steroids

    Maybe not an auto-include, maybe not even main-deck, but certainly playable. I wouldn't quibble with anyone playing it main-deck, but it seems better suited for the side-board. Unless, of course, one's LGS is over-run with Bogles.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from Aodh »
    Been away for a long time. Just built 1 mana burn:

    4 Guide
    4 Swift
    4 Spark
    2 Grim
    4 Bolt
    4 Rift
    4 Spike
    4 Skewer
    4 Bump
    4 Gonti
    4 Volley
    18 lands

    It's super fun! The idea is to kill T3/4 as often as possible.
    I tried out Gonti's Machinations tonight. It's getting the hook ASAP.

    I played Shard Volley back in the day and it can bite you in the ass. The lower the land-count and the more copies of it the more likely the ass-biting becomes. I went down to one or two copies pretty quickly. I don't actually remember how many. I think I am going to try a copy or two in place of the Gonti's along with the second Grim Lavamancer and a card to be named later.

    Is "Spark" Spark Elemental?
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