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  • posted a message on Orzhov Knights
    Mardu Knights placed 8th at Mythic Championship. Who would have thought?


    Another placed 33rd.

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  • posted a message on Orzhov Knights

    Sorin should hopefully help stabilize against aggro and Burn. Blacklance will help against most fatties. Blacklance in the list increases the value of Order of Midnight, so one additional copy of the latter has been added. One Reaper has been added and the mana has been tuned ever so slightly. I don't care much for Scoured Barrens, but Tournament Grounds won't produce B under some key circumstances.

    At this point I've half a mind to ditch the W and go mono-B. It would make the investment in those Fabled Passages seem unwise but c'est la vie.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Jund used to be a good match-up but Wrenn and Six may have changed that. Tron is bad but Stony Silence and Damping Sphere go a long way. It's tough to rely on Ghost Quarter and Surgical Extraction like some decks can as it's hard on the mana to run many G.Q.'s unless one eschews Spectral Procession.
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  • posted a message on Orzhov Knights
    Quote from pzbw7z »
    Sorin has been on the radar. I agree that he should be added; probably as a two-of. A four-drop isn't going to help against mono-R so I'll have to think about other sources of life gain. Curry Favor is a pretty cheap way of doing some damage as well as gaining some life and having a creature to boot.

    I think you're underestimating how red decks can crumble before giving your whole team lifelink. Unless your opponent has Tibalt or you have very few creatures, your opponent will likely have to deal with Sorin immediately to not fall behind, buying you plenty of valuable time. If aggro is still a problem, I would recommend Disfigure in the main or side to pick off some early threats.
    Disfigure x4 is already main, plus a few other removal spells.

    Two copies of Sorin are on the way along with four copies of Blacklance. The latter can replace some of the main-deck removal, but he won't help against pumped, double-striking tramplers.

    We'll certainly see if Sorin can get there fast enough to save some games. I appreciate you taking the time to give some advice. It's sad to see this community dying while people are screwing around on Facebook which is an awful format for discussing Magic.
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  • posted a message on Orzhov Knights
    You need Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord in this list. He's probably standard's strongest Orzhov card at the moment because he does so many useful things. He turns the tide against aggro decks. He generates a stream of card advantage against midrange and control. He picks off Teferi, Time Raveler. His sheer lifegain capacity also lets you swap Smitten Swordmaster for something a little more impactful.

    I notice that you're also missing a few great knights in this list. Blacklance Paragon is a 3/1 with flash at worst and is "1B: Destroy target Questing Beast. You gain 3 life." at best. Midnight Reaper is a strong source of value that makes it easier for you to recover from sweepers.

    You might also want some sort of powerful top-end card. Cavalier of Night provides some great value and is a fantastic Sorin target after an uptick. Gruesome Menagerie is a board in a can for a tribe with some powerful low-CMC creatures. Harmonious Archon is a ten-power windmill slam that will sometimes shrink your opponent's board while never weakening your own.
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

    Sorin has been on the radar. I agree that he should be added; probably as a two-of. A four-drop isn't going to help against mono-R so I'll have to think about other sources of life gain. Curry Favor is a pretty cheap way of doing some damage as well as gaining some life and having a creature to boot.

    I haven't come across any copies of Black Lance Paragon yet. As I said, it's still a little on the low-budget side, but I have thought about him, he seems like a good man. I've got a copy of Midnight Reaper and I've considered him; I do love some card-draw. Smile

    I'm leery of five-drops but I agree the decks needs something with some grunt. I've never noticed Gruesome Menagerie. It's potential is strong, but I'd hate to draw that in my opener. Frown

    Sorin is a good bet; I'll definitely round up a copy or two, I had already checked and he's not too expensive. Adding Blacklance probably means a more substantial rework but that's probably what this deck needs. I can work in a single Reaper by cutting more of the junk; I don't really know what I was thinking playing that ridiculous Mace. I actually do know what I was thinking but it was wishful thinking. Smile

    Every decklist I've seen online - all both of them! - for Orzhov Knights doesn't run any main-deck removal. There's no way those decks can compete with Boros or mono-R decks. The removal available for B seems to - what's the word I'm looking for? - oh yeah, SUCK. I suppose Blacklance would shore that up a bit, but it isn't going to help against first- or double-strikers which appear to be a thing in Standard today.

    The irony of someone with a list of Modern decks like mine worrying about the cost of rarely played Standard rares is not lost on me, but circumstances have changed.
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    After the Mardu debacle, I trimmed the R entirely and picked up a few more cards for BW. Obviously, this is still a little low-budget, but it's getting there. Smile

    The most obvious need: Two more copies of Knight of the Ebon Hand. This is a good little man!

    The mana needs some more work; I had to make do a bit as I slapped things together in the store before the tournament. Some more Tournament Grounds will be added, but I don't want to cut off the possibility of casting Swift End on curve. Well, as close as possible. Smile Castle Locthwain is probably a better bet than Ardenvale and I've ordered a copy of the former. Whether I play both or not has not yet been determined.

    Worthy Knight and Corpse Knight do pair reasonably well, but it's slow and it isn't really putting power on the board quickly. I'm still not sure which to cast first! I'm tempted to try more copies of Smitten Swordmaster and Order of Midnight instead as these guys can do some work; the life gain from Swordmaster can really help and reloading is always good.

    Given how badly mono-R thrashed this pile, I'm under no delusions that it's competitive or nearly so. But I did win half of my games. I played Golos, and stole a game with Witch's Vengeance and a miss play on his part allowing me to pump KotEL to get lethal. I played an Artifacts brew and won both games; the first was a grinder but the second was smooth sailing as he never got off two mana despite several cantrips.

    The W one-drop will probably get the old heave-ho as I want to shift the mana a little twoards B to improve the odds of a first turn, untapped B source. Deathtouch is not useless, but I still haven't gotten a card off of Profane Insight, so I don't know if he will stick around or not.

    Kaya is dubious as well; somehow I imagined her -1 was more useful than it is. She might go to the side-board though, as life gain can still be useful.

    Duress came in often as did Witch's Vengeance - there were Field of the Dead in two matches - but the rest of the side-board is subject to change. I'm especially doubtful of Deafening Silence in Standard.

    Any good advice is always welcome; don't play Knights in Standard is probably the best advice, but I'm going to keep at it, at least until the spoiler of the next set proves it hopeless. Smile
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from truth_bomb »

    round 1 vs Ad Nauseam, 1-2.
    SB: +2 Damping Sphere Confused , +2 Stony Silence. -4 Fatal Push.
    game 1, i had an aggro draw:
    -turn 1 Inquisition.
    -turn 2 Bitterblossom.
    -turn 3 Lingering Souls.
    -turn 4 2x Intangible Virtue.
    it got there.
    games 2&3, i kept hands w/multiple Liliana's, hoping to discard his combo pieces. both games, he held onto Ad Nauseam as his last card and went off on 5 mana.
    new SB plan vs Ad Nauseam is:
    +2 Collective Brutality, +2 Stony Silence. -4 Fatal Push.
    wish i could cleanly swap out Path to Exile too but it's virtually painless to Path a token for mana screw.

    It's tough to beat Ad Nauseam fast enough without interacting with their enchantments. Affinity or Infect can sometimes do it; I've managed to win game one with Affinity in my last two match-ups with it. The first time, the kid played Angel's Grace, and then said "oh". Smile Fortunately Affinity can play any color so I have gotten mileage out of Stubborn Denial, Thoughtseize and Ray of Revelation - two Phyrexian Unlife? No problem! I love flashback!

    I've also beaten it with GW Hatebears; Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is a hard card for them to beat.

    BW Tokens best chance is probably either Thoughtseize and Surgical Extraction or maybe something like Lost Legacy. Discard alone won't get there unless you can clock them fast; they will draw their pieces and they will go-off. They can also tune their side-board for the LGS; the jerk had Hurkyll's Recall in his side-board last Friday. I suppose it's fair; Ad Naseam is the main reason I have Ray of Revelation in my side-board. Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    thought I might try something a little different. what do you all think? https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/2366904
    I'm pretty sure four copies of a Legendary Enchantment that can cost six mana is not a great idea. I don't think the card is playable at all, truth be told.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    If Infect is a regular opponent, a copy of Darkblast is a really good idea. You'll need more that one more low-CMC removal spell to compete, but Darkblast is super against Infect and Affinity and pretty good against Elves and a few other match-ups. Used properly, it can kill X/2's as well. Upkeep, blast, draw, dredge Darkblast, blast again.

    Holy Day or Darkness are fun side-board cards for Infect but I haven't actually tried them. It just wastes their pump spells.

    Throne of Eldraine is a huge disappointment as far as Tribal Knight; I don't think it's even good enough for Standard. Maybe the next set will have some more help.

    Smitten Swordmaster and his buddy Order of Midnight can probably do some work, but it's not likely good enough for Modern, Stormfist Crusader might be the guy that changes things a little. Fervent Champion needs an equipment build and that probably means Stoneforge Mystic or maybe Steelshaper's Gift. I almost forgot Sigarda's Aid!

    There was a list that posted a result somewhere, it was called 8-Knight Naya. It had sets of Knight of the Reliquary and Knight of Autumn. I half-joked about adding one more set and building Twelve-Knight. Murderous Rider might just be third set. Junk with 1BB is do-able but KotR likes Retreat to Coralhelm so it's probably a bad idea. I posted the 8-Knight list here.

    Curiously, Syr Faren, the Hedgehammer is one of the best of the new Knights - there's just no other decent G knights in Standard - are there? The double-pump ability could easily be abused and there might be a spot for him in a Junk - that's Abzan for you young folk Smile - build.

    Obviously, MtGSalvation bungled Syr Faren's name; it's Syr Faren the Hengehammer, but I wanted to make the link work. Smile Now watch them chnage it on me. Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights

    this will be my first version of knights in modern and I will be testing them Tuesday night. I will let you guys know about how it went after that
    Good luck!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    I have beaten people to death with exalted Smiter's a few times. Resto with exalted will also be good.

    Pridemage is a good man; in most applications KoA outclasses him but the exalted can be good and there are Enters-the-Battlefield hate cards, e.g. Tocatli Honor Guard and Torpor Orb. These don't seem very popular but they exist.

    Dromoka's Command doesn't seem particularly well suited to deal with Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror. A Scryb Ranger or a Skylasher would be much more fun. Smile Okay, that last bit wasn't entirely serious. Flickerwisp can reset Thing. I've used Runed Halo to name Awoken Horror. Things such as Blessed Alliance can be used to tackle fatties such as the horror.

    I've been playing with one Big Thalia, but I haven't played many games. I don't currently have Pridemages - they've been replaced by KoA - or W-Wit but both are respectable cards.

    You might try a split of Wrath of God and Settle the Wreckage. They'll catch on to the Settle pretty quickly, although then you can bluff them by holding up four mana - make a show of counting it for them when you do this. Smile They'll be mindful of it after they've been blown out once.

    This is one of my favorite decks but it's mainly due to Flickwisp and Vial; they are so much fun together. I just wouldn't play it without Flickerwisp.

    Eldrazi and Taxes is more popular and actually played some, or so I'm led to believe. There is a Facebook group for Modern Death and Taxes/Hate Bears Competitive Magic.

    Facebook posts are a lousy way to discuss cards, but there are more people active there.

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  • posted a message on Mar-don't Knights :)
    FWIW, in an trivial attempt to polish this turd, I've swapped the Dead Weights and the Colossus Hammer for three more Disfigures. I also swapped the side-board Single Combat for another Mortify.

    If I decide to actually play again, I think I'll dump all of the WX casting-cost stuff, shift the mana around and add some burn and maybe some R creatures. Inspiring Veteran may get a pass on this treatment; I'll have to work on the mana-base and see.

    Joust is actually mildly interesting with one-drop deathtouch creatures, but that may be too cute. Joust would also work with fatties, but I've got only one currently.

    Redcap Melee might be worth some side-board space; I know I will be seeing Elementals and Boros again.

    It feels bad to be considering Shock, but that's what MtG has reduced me to. Frown

    Noxious Grasp looks to be worthy of a side-board slot.

    Justice Strike might be groovy if I wasn't all-in on Murderous Rider and Swift End (1BB).

    Scorching Dragonfire seems to be perhaps the most likely burn spell for the main-deck.

    EDIT: Some more trolling through Gatherer reveals Cry of the Carnarium, Legion's End and Witch's Vengeance as possibilities for play somewhere in the 75. Cry gets some Modern play but I didn't realize it was still in Standard. I saw Vengeance in the Spoilers but I must have forgotten about it. Early-onset old-timer's disease. Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Knights
    the only main discount would be the champion. but I did want it to work with my other creatures as well... also what do you guys think of this list
    r/w knights:

    Maindeck (60)
    2 Dauntless Bodyguard
    4 Fervent Champion
    4 Student of Warfare
    3 Venerable Knight
    4 Inspiring Veteran
    4 Worthy Knight
    3 Acclaimed Contender
    4 Knight Exemplar
    3 Path to Exile
    4 Aether Vial
    1 Mace of the Valiant
    1 Sunforger
    2 Ghost Quarter
    4 Inspiring Vantage
    1 Mountain
    4 Plains
    4 Sacred Foundry
    4 Sunbaked Canyon
    4 Windswept Heath

    Sideboard (0)

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    low to the ground knights trying to be aggressive. my other option was some human synergy. like champion of the parish and thalia's lieutenant
    It looks like a slow aggro Knights deck with no real chance to compete in Modern. There's no disruption, every combo deck will beat it and the deck won't out-race any competitive deck.

    If you play in an LGS were people don't play competitively, give it a try.
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  • posted a message on Mar-don't Knights :)
    After some years of refraining from playing Standard at all, I was sucked in by my Knight fetish. So I bought the Brawl deck and slapped in what I had gotten from the prereleases and a few extras I had picked up along the way. After a couple of practice games I settled on this:

    The colors didn't seem to be much of a problem, I was short a B one game and couldn't cast Swift End, but I have plenty of B so that's down to variance and not drawing a fourth land. Not drawing a fourth land in a timely manner was a problem one other game but twenty-four should be plenty to hit the first four land drops reliably, so that seems like bad luck as well.

    The deck was completely noncompetitive, which isn't too surprising since it was slapped together in a slip-shod fashion. I was hoping to get an idea of which direction to go, but I'm was not able to discern one. None of the tools in this deck seem viable. Worthy Knight and Corpse Knight are so slow and vulnerable neither seems worth keeping. Order of Midnight can get in some damage, and I did have two out with an Inspiring Veteran once, but it didn't get there. Swift End is useful, but three-mana is actually on the expensive side for a kill spell and two life is not nothing. I hit this guy with Lucky Clover out once and murdered two fatties which was bitter sweet; it keep me in the game for a while but four life smarts. I did get the four back when I fired off Curry Favor a turn later but that was just luck. Still, the Lucky Clover wasn't lucky enough.

    Every deck I played outclassed me so badly it wasn't funny. One of the practice games was against Elementals; that went badly. The other practice game was against a Planeswalker deck so we won't use that data in our findings. Smile

    The first match was a Boros deck; nearly (?) everything had double strike and he played pump spells. One guy had trample and another created enormous amounts of Goblins. Both games ended very badly.

    The second match was a BG brew with some ramp. He had ways of casting and recurring ridiculous things like Feasting Troll King. I killed the guy and he came right back. I killed him again a turn later but it didn't matter.

    It doesn't seem to me that the Knights are going to cut it on the aggro road. I see the need for much more removal. The enchantment pseudo-removal appeals because Acclaimed Contender can hit it, but that's slow so I'm not sure that's a viable strategy.

    My thought at this point is to drop the W altogether or perhaps reduce it to a splash and make R the secondary color. Play some more B kill spells along with a little burn but the burn seems expensive in this format.

    The big guy is probably not playable in Standard, and goofy things like Colossus Hammer are probably just too cute. The R four-drop that flies is an idea, but living to use it is a problem sometimes.

    Has anyone else tried Knights, Mardu or otherwise? Any better results? I realize that familiarity with the format will help, but damn, it seems bad.

    Am I out of line here?

    EDIT: Removed some stupidity. Smile Replaced it with some trivia. Smile Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    I like Smiter, indeed, I play a full set but he doesn't seem popular so I'm probably wrong. Voice of Resurgence hasn't done much for me. I think I started with four and cut to two and then to zero.

    The side-board is better if you think you need the Leylines. Four KoA is probably not enough life gain for the match-up.

    Side-boards are hard to judge as they depend on what the other kids are playing. You'll ultimately have to make your own determinations
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