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  • posted a message on Adventure and Soulfire Grandmaster
    Quote from chaikov »
    I was under the impression that Adventure's replacement effect is a self-replacement effect (rule 614.15), and as such would have to be applied first.
    How can one tell what is and what isn't a self-replacement effect?

    614.15. Some replacement effects are not continuous effects. Rather, they are an effect of a resolving spell or ability that replace part or all of that spell or ability's own effect(s). Such effects are called self-replacement effects. The text creating a self-replacement effect is usually part of the ability whose effect is being replaced, but the text can be a separate ability, particularly when preceded by an ability word. When applying replacement effects to an event, self-replacement effects are applied before other replacement effects.

    A self-replacement effect needs to replace part of the spell's own effect. Going to the graveyard as it resolves isn't "that spell's own effect", so replacing it isn't considered a self-replacement effect.

    Brimstone Volley and Burst Lightning have self-replacement effects. They replace their own damage with a higher amount of damage; if applicable, you always start with the higher damage before trying to apply any other damage-changing/-preventing effect.
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  • posted a message on Is this infinite?
    Yes, it does.

    You pay 3, create a token, Mana Echoes triggers and gives you 4 colorless. You use 3 of those to create another token, getting 5 colorless mana out of Echoes, and so on.
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  • posted a message on Targeting question regarding Exhume
    Exhume does not target. You can tell from it not using the word "target" anywhere on its text.

    Each player chooses the creature to be returned as Exhume resolves, not beforehand. You don't know which creature they're "trying to return" until they actually return it.

    The best you can do with Return to Nature is to exile the strongest of the three cards on their graveyard so your opponent only gets the second best, but they still get a creature.
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  • posted a message on Land Types on Cards and Color Identity
    The Oracle Text for Orcish Lumberjack has both the red and green mana symbols; that's the reason its color identity is red and green, not the "forest" word on the cost. You always go with the Oracle text over printed text.

    T, Sacrifice a Forest: Add three mana in any combination of R and/or G.

    EDIT: You have now changed your original post.

    Wand of the Elements has no color identity. You can run it on any Commander deck of any color. Whoever told you it can't go on a monored deck is wrong. You can even run it on deck that isn't red nor blue, for whatever good it would be on it.
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  • posted a message on commander and the new partners
    When you cast one of the commanders, are you allowed to take the other commander into your hand? Or does it stay in the command zone?

    It stays in the command zone. The ability allows you to search only your library for the other partner. Your command zone isn't your library.

    Also, are you allowed to put 1 of the commanders in your main deck and the other in the command zone?

    If you have both as your commanders, they must begin the game in your command zone.

    If you have only one of the partners as your commander, then the other partner doesn't fit the Color Identity of your deck, and therefore it can't be part of the deck (this is true for all the Partner With pairs printed so far).

    Now, IF one of the Partners is somehow put on the library, and you choose to let it go there (rather than putting it back on the command zone instead), then you can use the other Partner to get it to your hand.


    It makes more sense when you realize Partner With isn't a new ability for Commander 2020. It was originally designed for Battlebond (see: Pir, Imaginative Rascal/Toothy, Imaginary Friend), a set focused on the Two-Headed Giant format. There are even some non-legendary creatures with the ability, such as Chakram Slinger/Chakram Retriever. The intention for the "search your library and put it on your hand" effect was that you would draw one from your deck, play it, and then you or your teammate gets to search for the other card.

    The "you can have two commanders" bit was just an additional effect they decided to include, even if it kinda negates the main "search for my partner" main effect. Because otherwise you'd have two potential Commanders with synergy that just couldn't be played together.
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  • posted a message on Playing from Exile
    To cast something means to put it on the stack from its original zone (normally your hand, but in this case from exile).

    So when you cast the exiled Doom Blade, you move it from exile to the stack. Eventually it resolves (or gets countered), and goes to the graveyard.

    It is not in exile anymore, so Nightveil Specter doesn't let you cast it again.
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  • posted a message on agitator ant goading your own creatures
    It is a general Goad ruling for C20, also found in Shiny Impetus and the rest of the Impetus cycle. Because the way it happens in your End Step and ends when your next turn begins, you're never forced to attack with it (unless there's a way to gain an additional combat phase after the end step, I'm unaware of).
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  • posted a message on Killing Kalamax in response to their first instant?
    Quote from Vallhay »
    I still think you're looking at this wrong. Once the Crop rotation is cast, Kalamax ability goes to the stack (since its tapped) and then the other player can respond to it killing Kalamax, but its ability already triggered and its on the stack (Since it was tapped) and will resolve even if its dead.

    701.4a To cast a spell is to take it from the zone it’s in (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect. A player may cast a spell if they have priority. See rule 601, “Casting Spells.”
    113.7a Once activated or triggered, an ability exists on the stack independently of its source. Destruction or removal of the source after that time won’t affect the ability.

    The point is that the ability's "intervening 'if' clause" needs to be true both when the ability trigger, and when it resolves.

    603.4. A triggered ability may read "When/Whenever/At [trigger event], if [condition], [effect]." When the trigger event occurs, the ability checks whether the stated condition is true. The ability triggers only if it is; otherwise it does nothing. If the ability triggers, it checks the stated condition again as it resolves. If the condition isn't true at that time, the ability is removed from the stack and does nothing. Note that this mirrors the check for legal targets. This rule is referred to as the "intervening 'if' clause" rule. (The word "if" has only its normal English meaning anywhere else in the text of a card; this rule only applies to an "if" that immediately follows a trigger condition.)

    So if an opponent responds to the trigger by untapping Kalamax somehow, then the ability already on the stack fails to resolve.

    And wanting to know what happens if Kalamax is removed is a reasonable question. After all, if Kalamax isn't on the battlefield, it can't be considered tapped. But in this case apparently the Last Known Information concept applies, and the game looks back to see if Kalamax was tapped at the last moment it existed on the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    For the sacred love of Thassa’s divine bosom, if his doesn’t have worldly tutor reprinted I’m storming wotc and peeing on their cars


    Joke's on you, they are all working from home so there's no car there.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    Now, to quell one rumor before it begins, there are no fetch land reprints in this set. We know we told you there was another printing of fetch lands coming this year, and we promise there is, but Double Masters is not that reprint.

    I figured this should be visible on the first page.
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  • posted a message on Warper
    Only one. Kathril will check if you have any creature card with flying in your graveyard, not how many. If you do have any, you get one flying counter. The same goes for the other abilities.
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  • posted a message on Solemnity based loop
    Solemnity, Butcher Ghoul, Heartless Summoning, Shadows of the Past

    You need some other card to stop the loop. You can't just choose to not perform any of the effects, the Ghoul will keep returning and dying again and again.

    If no player has a way to stop the loop, the game is a draw.

    You can Cremate the Ghoul from the graveyard in response to the Undying trigger, or Demystify either Solemnity or Summoning.
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  • posted a message on Theft: Does a Returning Creature Keep Equipment?
    If I steal a creature card from my opponent with a theft card such as Wrangle the attach equipment such as Dead Iron Sledge to said creature.

    At the end of the turn, my opponent gets his creature card back. At this time, what happens to the Dead Iron Sledge (or any other equipment I attached to said creature)? Who control the equipment after the creature is returned?

    The equipment remains attached to the creature. But you still control the equipment.

    You can use its Equip ability to transfer it to a creature you control.
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  • posted a message on Cast a creature with Mutate vs mutate-triggered effect
    When a creature is cast for its Mutate cost, it targets a nonhuman creature on the battlefield owned by the same player.

    When the spell resolves, if its target is still legal, it merges into that creature. The resulting permanent has the characteristics of the top card (or token), plus all abilities from the bottom card(s) (or tokens).

    If the merged permanent has any "whenever this creature mutates" abilities, they trigger at this point. This includes "new" abilities "gained" from the new card.

    However, if the target isn't valid when the Mutated spell resolves, the creature enters the battlefield by itself. It didn't mutate, so its ability doesn't trigger.
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  • posted a message on Illuna apex of wishes Mutating onto a Thassa's Oracle = Instant win?
    I'm not going to watch the video.

    Thassa's Oracle has a single, long ETB triggered ability. As it resolves, if your devotion to blue (X) is equal or greater than the number of cards in your library, it makes you win the game.

    Now, what you can do is to Mutate in response to Oracle's ETB ability. You need something to give Illuna flash for this to work, I don't know if that's included in the video.
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