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    posted a message on Eternal Command
    Hey Mad, nice to have you hear!
    There's not a lot of buzz around Eternal Command anymore since it hasn't put up any big results in a while and also didn't really receive substantial upgrades in a long time.
    IMO it's still a solid deck, especially for FNM level where you can plan your metagame a little better. More importantly though, it's a blast to play!

    The traditional version is RUG, although people have been brewing with BUG quite a bit as well recently. I personally still prefer the RUG version, thanks to Bolt it has a way better tempo game, BUG offers actual hard removal for big creatures though.

    I suggest you just read over the primer and like last 2 pages of this thread and then feel welcome to ask any further questions you might have!
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from LEH »
    Ugh, I'm a Jund player and even I hated the DRS era, DRS was so obviously broken - I swear, when WotC was designing DRS they must have had a discussion like:

    Head Designer: "what are the best 1 drops in every format?"

    Rest of Designers: ... "Noble Hierarch"... "Grim Lavamancer" and... "Birds of Paradise".

    Head Designer: "Great!, now lets make it have all of those abilities toned down!"

    Rest of Designers: "HUH?!"

    Head Designer: ... "also, lets make it easier to cast by making it Black or Green... and hate on graveyards like a slightly better first ability of Relic of Progenitus."

    Anyway, I agree with you that I'd like to see more than BBE unbanned too. The way I see it that if they don't unban BBE, there is little chance of anything else coming off the list as I'd argue BBE is significantly less risk than any of other cards on the list.

    If I remember correctly, DRS was originally intended to only be able to use your graveyard (which would have created a solid, but a lot less overpowered card). They changed it last minute before the cards went to print.
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    posted a message on Grand Prix Oklahoma City discussion
    Quote from GoutPatrol »
    Quote from JovianHomarid »
    I think it's funny that they have an Exhibition Lantern-mirror best of 5 match played at 1/3rd of the speed. If I was that kind of person, I'd probably type "LOL" onto the internet.

    A good display of "getting it" from the coverage team.

    I also really liked the "Eternal Command" deck that was shown in round 2. I mean, it is a pile, but what a pile! Pulse of Murasa, Savage Knuckleblade, Surrak Dragonclaw and Thing in the Ice? Sign me up!

    Yeah that was sweet!
    Does anybody know the record of the guy?
    I would love to see the decklist!
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    posted a message on Three More Reprints - Tolarian Community College Spoiler
    Title says it all, here's the source. All three to see at around 4:27.
    Opt in the Modern cardpool guys! A real 1cmc blue cantrip in Standard again! What do you think?
    Edit: Duress, Slice in Twain, Opt
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    posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    Ladies and Gentleman, Opt just got spoiled!!
    Not sure if linking stuff is allowed here, but in case people don't believe me:
    Here at around 4:05 or here for just the image
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    posted a message on Temporary State of the Meta Thread (Rules Update 7/17/17)
    I don't know if it's been posted here yet, but this line out of their article regarding the leak (source) caught my attention:
    and we've got some amazing commons and uncommons coming your way—including some fantastic reprints you probably didn't see coming.
    (I don't really want to believe it but...) Counterspell hype?!
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    posted a message on Temporary State of the Meta Thread (Rules Update 7/17/17)
    People need to stop comparing GSZ to Chord of Calling.
    GSZ is one of the best things green can and could do on turn since pretty much forever: play a mana dork, while not having any of the downsides mana dorks usually have. It does not get worse as the game goes on. You shouldn't ask the question if desks playing tutors will replace them with GSZ, you need to ask if decks that play mana dorks have a reason not to replace them with GSZ.

    And I'm not saying there aren't any reasons not to continue to play Noble Hierarchs and Birds. They also fix your mana, CoCO wants a high creature count, exalted is way to good for Indect to pass up on etc.
    Reading the last page here just made me feel like people are hugely underselling GSZ. I would like to play with, but I don't think it's time yet. We have a really nice meta right now, several blue decks and strategies are finally viable again. Wizards won't put that on the line with a risky unban like GSZ (and I agree with them here). BBE and SM stay the most likely cards be unbanned and seeing how they have handled unbans in Modern until now, the chances are slim.
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    posted a message on Settle the Wreckage
    So this is in the Ixalan spoiler right now:

    Settle the Wreckage 2WW
    Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search his or her library for that many basic land cards and put those on the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

    This can't possibly be happening right? MASS Path to Exile? Isn't this hideously OP? I mean, if it's real it's going straight into my O-Kagachi vengeance deck but man... Angel of the Dire Hour is usually already a blowout, yes I'll have one at over 40% discount...

    Has the card been confirmed somewhere or was this just posted because MTGS includes it in the spoilers now?
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    posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    If I recall correctly at least the users here on MTGS were largely divided in how deal with Treasure Cruise.
    Here and here you can find the Bans and Unbans Polls.
    Only 10% for banning DTT, 61% wanting to unban BBE and 43% for banning TC while 40% wanted no bans. It was kind of a either Modern powers up from here with some unbans or come back to more traditional modern forces by a ban situation.
    The metagame was definitely not healthy 20% UR Delver, 20% Pod and decks like Merfolk and RG Valakut packing mainboard Chalices Relics to fight Delver.
    In hindsight I definitely agree with the TC ban, I wish they would have let us have DTT a little longer (like in legacy). Yes it would have just fitted into Delver but it was arguably stronger on Scapeshift and Twin decks which would have created an interesting dynamic between the 3.
    But that ship has sailed as I preeeeeetty sure DTT is gone for good. What I wanted to make clear with this post is just that the playerbase was polarized a lot more during TC era, with lots of players thinking the card was fine (which we tend to blend out nowadays because the card was banned out of every competitive eternal format) while Eldrazi Winter was a completely different beast where the only question of discussion ended up being what to ban and not if.
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    posted a message on Grand Grix Las Vegas Modern discussion
    Quote from meekrabkabob »
    11 people missed top 8 at 13-2. Huge tourneys are rough.

    Even more reason to not only look at the top 8 but better top 16/32 of such a big tournament if you wanna judge format health.

    Since nobody posted them yet here you can find the top 8 decklists and here place 9 to 32.

    -No Grixis Shadow in the top 8 really surprised me (and probably pretty much everyone)
    -6 Grixis Death Shadow and 6 Affinity decks in the top 32. Besides that 18 different archetypes.
    -Notably Taking Turns in top 8! BW Smallpox, Jeskai Control, 'Faeries' (playing only BB and SSS main), and the GW Humans deck in top 32. No Storm to be seen.

    I think this is really good news for modern overall. The 'best deck' Grixis Shadow is a new force to be prepared for, but you can beat it if you are prepared for it. Affinity seems to profit from the fact that people finally run more gravehate in the SB.
    Modern is still the format where you can take some 'bad' Tier 3 deck and Top 8 a huge tournament with it (Taking Turns) and it's still worth it to play the deck you know and love instead of just hopping onto the next 'best' deck (see Wescoe and his Hatebears).
    The format seems to be in pretty decent shape right now.
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