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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from Vault756 »
    Quote from PimpDonny »
    Looks like Ben nikolich is in top 8 with his jeskai draw go list, I seen he was on nahri over ajani which is interesting.
    List is here. I actually greatly prefer this version to the Queller versions that have been springing up lately. I wish I could talk to the guy to get some insight on it. Particularly Search for Azcanta. I know a lot of pros have their eyes on it, I saw Ali Antrazi playing it at the team constructed open in Baltimore and Shaun put out some videos on it over on SCG. I'm just still not entirely sold though. Everyone thought Nahiri+Emrakul was amazing until the metagame got smart to it and then we heard similar things about how As Foretold was going to revolutionize control. Admittedly Search looks way better than either of those but I haven't played enough games to be sure of it myself.

    Search for ascanta is pretty much a planeswalker that cannot be attacked. It is probably the best card to have in any fair matchup in modern but it is a turn 2 do nothing vs anything aggressive. 2 is probably the right number for this card because you do not want too many cards that do not affect the board early on but it essentially breaks grindfests.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    I believe people forget the closing speed of this deck when evaluating it vs other jeskai lists. The most important part that made Twin strong was not that half the combo was instant speed (which is a weakness sometimes due to needing that half first) but because it was a turn 4 kill sometimes. This deck has that thing going for it all though a bit more vulnerable. That is a HUGE boon over Nahiri, and kiki/resto lists or just plain jeskai control. This deck steals games against the slow resilient combo or ramp decks that all other controlling list get crushed by.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    I believe opt is going to be pretty huge for snapcaster decks. Snapcaster decks lacked a way to use mana when reacting was not necessary outside of clique. Now with Opt blue decks can leave up mana for reactive cards and if your opponent does not make a threatening play you can eot snap-opt. With those lines of play available I would suggest this deck going on a more tempo plan even if that does not syrgenize well with the combo. I would suggest going down to 21 lands for those who play 23 like myself or 20 for those riskier folk who played to 22 to make room for opt.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from Hardened »
    Hey, all! I'm new to the deck, but have found myself a number of times with a large Saheeli against an opponent with plenty of creature removal; how do we feel about a single artifact wincon in the SB for control matchups, like Battleball or something?

    If you got to pin your opponent with saheeli that much you can just end tge game with burn or vendilion clique. No need to put an exspensive card that is a blank early game just to ult saheeli.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from Davidalb »
    How are you guys fairing against burn? Anyway to deal with it? This seems like a very hard matchup.

    Burn was a bad matchup for twin and it is more difficult for this deck. You really just have to sideboard things like lightning Helix if burn is really big in your meta.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from Prosim »
    At the end of the day I think it depends on how you want to play the deck. If you want to go the control route, then cryptic commands and snare might be fine. As for me, I have had success playing it sorcery speed. P&K are three blockers (potentially more) that allow me to have Saheeli in play without much problem. The card is extraordinary against GS since they don't have that many creatures, and they can be potentially killed by it.

    I know you hate Wall of Omens, but today it gave me the match against tron eldrazi. It blocks reshapers without issue and can be copied to draw one extra card.

    Walls are underrated. They allow you ignore things you never want to waste removal on while digging for answers against the stuff that does. Even against shadow it makes you not have to consider snapcaster beats.
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  • posted a message on Modern Esper Draw-Go
    Quote from ecfIII »
    Edit: Figured it out! I present to you...

    Esper Thopter Control

    This list is something I've been working on for about a month solidly, I was playing the "Stock" Esper Control list about a year ago, before switching to USA to fight Eldrazi Winter, Then after the banning went back to Esper Control this time adding in Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek as well as support pieces like, Engineered Explosives and Academy Ruins to the main as well as another copy of EE in the board. With Thopter Sword in the deck my win-rate with the deck increased so much so as winning a GPT beating Infect in the finals, Coming in second at a following GPT losing to the mirror that also had Tron Lands and Crucible Of Worlds and proceeded to lock me out with Ghost Quarter. I then played in PA State Championship and finished top 16 of 82... Later that year I took it to GP Charlotte 2016 and finished Day 1 5-4, not bad for a "bad deck" and my very first GP experience. After this, what I felt was a failed deck, I switched to Grixis Control. Then I left Magic earlier this year and am now coming back. With my first love Esper Control W/Thopter Sword combo included. I would like to hear the feedback on this deck. And if any of you fine gentlemen/ladies would make any changes. So far in my online testing I have yet to lose to DS of any flavor, UW Control, Tron, Company.dec, or Eldrazi of any flavor. Of course I take this with a grain of salt as most pilots online aren't top level and also this deck isn't a known quantity as most people forgot Thopter Sword was even a combo... I'd love to hear questions and ideas about my deck... Please please Drill me and tear this list apart! I want to make it as best as I can and would love it if you guys even tested it out to see how it feels to play and give me some feedback. Thanks!


    What you are experiencing is being the one to ask questions rather than only answering those questions. Although I love esper draw go I cannot imagine myself not playing something proactive in an eternal format as diverse as modern. My current go to deck is jeskai copycat for that very reason.

    Anyway thopter/sword is a bit better now that abrupt decay is non existant in tier 1 and barely even in tier 2 decks ever since twin got banned and we got passed the eldrazi, and aggro combo nonsense. I would suggest you take your deck into a bit of a more proactive approach and abuse your artifacts more. Also to take your discussion to another thread because at that point it is a totally different deck but it is better than jamming thopter sword into esper draw go.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Bomby artifacts are not worth it for Saheeli's ult because drawing them naturally is bad. If we had room for ways to use them when drawn like thirst for knowledge it might be worth it but there just is no room for a thirst engine just to make that work when we have to also fit in stuff to syrgenize with saheeli's -2 and felidar guardians effect. Only artifact creature worth the slot if you want something to ult into is gearhulk just because it is a passable creature to play naturally.
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  • posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    Quote from Billiondegree »
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Quote from Billiondegree »
    Modern is in a great place right now.

    I woudn't ban anything and I would unban Mental Misstep and Bloodbraid Elf

    Misstep is only good against a few of the top decks but would help out Ux control immensely, and elf would help revitalize the dying Jund archetype

    You know there's nothing going on in Modern ban/unban land when Misstep is on someone's radar. The card is super duper busted and disproportionately helps unfair strategies. What do all the following Modern regulatory spells have in common: Push, Path, Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Bolt. Yeah, I'll pass on Misstep. I swear, people who suggest this don't seem to have experienced that card in action.

    It's a doubly perplexing suggestion with DS doing so well. Can you even imagine the DS mirror when 50% of the format is playing Misstep DS decks? Dear god. I'd rather we go back to the Twin conversation than entertain Misstep conversation.

    I normally agree with just about everything you say, but in this case I am going to have to respectfully disagree. I think you are overestimating the card.

    DS mirrors with Misstep would play out more or less the same as these mirrors already do with players trading resources via Thoughtseize, Inquisition, Fatal Push, ect. The main difference is that turn 1 Thoughtseize can now be countered on the draw. Is this really that much different?

    Also please tell me which unfair strategies would run Misstep? Here are the decks that would most likely not play it: Burn, Affinity, UR Storm, Counters Company, Goryo's Vengeance, Cheerios, Gx Tron, Eldrazi Tron, Dredge, Ironworks Combo, Infect, RW Prison

    Remember in legacy Misstep actually pushed combo out of the format. The decks that ran it were mostly aggro-control or pure control strategies.

    So please back up your argument that it would "disproportionately helps unfair strategies" when in legacy it actually did the opposite.

    Modern lacks the syrgenies that made misstep great in fair decks. Even though misstep is insanely powerful it is still a situational answer that can be a dead card and control does not need more of that. In legacy you had fow and brainstorm to mitigate the situational nature of card when you did not need it while having it for the situations that you did. In modern the decks that will benefit the most are the decks that win through casting more spells per turn or decks trying to protect something vulnerable to commonly played 1 mana answers. Such decks include grixis death's shadow, infect, cheerios, and jeskai saheeli to name a few. Outside of tempo based strategies like shadow or controling combo decks like copycat mm would just help more unfair decks. Control would just sit there with their mm in hand bbeing great sometimes while completely dead at others with no way to shuffle it away or pitch it for a beneficial effect.
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  • posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »

    If UW Control can dodge the big mana matchups, it looks like a favorable deck choice.

    UW does not lose to the big mana decks except maybe Titanshift, which I haven't played enough to have much of an opinion on. Amulet Titan is also dicey once Cavern is online, but that's barely Tier 3. Ceremonious Rejection has totally changed the Tron matchups though, especially with 4 Seas and your Tec Edge/Quarter split. You really can just counter everything Gx Tron does while simultaneously shutting down their lands. E-Tron is closer but feels around 45-55, with that -5% edge going to E-Tron when they get nutty Temple openers.

    I always forget that UW Control beats up on Eldrazi, especially with supreme verdict

    I imagine the traditional tron matchups are still bad, unless rejection is a huge boon there, too

    Tron has not been that bad for control since the eye ban. The main thing that killed you was the eventual emrakul. Now the worse thing that can happen is if you are caught with your pants down and tgey turn 3 karn you or if they cast newlamog early enough to keep you off cryptic. Now with the combination of rejections, and stony silence for game 2 and 3 the match is pretty even because you have a spell that is both great against the threats or slowing down engine and a pernament that shuts off the decks velocity, consistency, and some of its answers.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from humle9 »
    Hey folks! I used to play a slick W/U blink deck awhile back using Venser, which I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet! When Cat and Saheeli came out, I splashed Red and tweaked it.

    As you can see, its a little unconventional opposed to the agreed upon shell in this thread. I chose a more tap-out approach. The reason being, I can chip my way to a win without the combo. I would like a couple more blink effects and have been giving some consideration to Acrobatic Maneuver.

    I'll explain some of the more "out there" card choices and why I included them:

    Keldon Marauders: A shock and a possible swing for 3 (five damage total!). A great blink target. And a good blocker for a couple turns, at least.
    Impact Tremors: Aids in the chisel away life plan and secondary win con in Resto + Guardian with a Tremors on the battlefield. With the marauders and a blink effect, things get a little silly.
    Blade Splicer: Speaking of silly. Here we have another blocker/beater and a blink target that gets better with Impact Tremors.
    Omenspeaker: Another way to gum up the board, blink target, and a way to filter our deck.
    Sea Gate Oracle: During the brief discussion of Court Hassar, I'm surprised this little guy wasn't brought up. Blocks, cantrips, and filters. Sure, its one card less than the Hassar, but doesn't die when blinked.
    See Beyond: With all the scrying and filter effects, this cantrips, filters, and shuffles the deck.
    Unsubstantiate: Another "tempo-spell" like Remand that also allows us to save a dude if needed. More often than not it is either played in the early game if I don't have a Remand. Or it rots in hand, and none of us like cards that rot in hand, do we? This may become Acrobatic Maneuver, or perhaps Displace or even Long Road Home.

    The game plan here is to gum up the board while digging for combo pieces. Then, either combo out with one of the TWO infinite ones or peck away at the opponent.

    Feedback, thoughts on Venser,and internet arguments with calls to fight IRL over choices; are not only welcome, but appreciated.

    Seeing as no one has replied to you, I will give you the courtesy of letting you know why.

    Your list is simply so far away from being competitively viable, that there really isn't any appeal to discussing the general idea or individual card choices.

    It's appreciative that you added explanation for individual card choices, but unfortunately most of your arguments are flawed.

    I'm not trying to be mean - just honest with you.

    I tried replying to him/her but it never went through. In general even though it is generally not good to be so reactive with this deck you cannot forgo the few slots for interaction since this is not the fastest deck in the format. If anything the poster should go with something like 4c evolution version because that does what he/she wants in gumming up the board but has better creatures in green and is fast enough due to mana dorks to race other combo decks without needed to stall them with remands.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from Davidalb »
    Hey! I've been following this deck, it looks like a lot of fun to play.
    How does this deck fair against jund and burn decks? My meta is full of those

    Burn is bad just how it was with twin but it is actually worse for this deck and jund is actually easier for this deck than it was for twin especially if you run a lot of tapout threats like p&kiran, jace aot, or other walkers.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from ThisBorzi »
    Congrats on the article Paradox, you did a great job at giving the deck some exposure and performed really well at the SCG tournament! Glad to see the deck climbing up from Deck Creation, even though the 4C Saheeli players keep coming to this thread to complain (Lejoon is the owner of the 4C Saheeli thread, hence why he keeps advocating for people to move there)...

    Friedman makes a very good analysis of the decks main strategy and I like his list as well - but I think that Torrential Gearhulk is pretty bad in this deck. I have been playing this deck for a considerable time and the times where I was able to ultimate was exactly once. Other than that, Gearhulk barely has any good targets without Cyrptic or Glimmer of Genius. I do see his argument against Clique, but I'm not sure if main-deck Dispel is better. What are people's thoughts on Lightning Helix in the maindeck, Paradox was obviously quite successful with it.

    Yea if you are going with a 6 drop it might as well be Sun Titan in my opiniion. Titan does not overlap with snap and titan can just kill the turn it is played or run away with games because it is continous card advantage.
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  • posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, metagame, and more! (3/13 update)
    Quote from idSurge »
    There are no cards to answer a Jace now? Or is BGx just so damn spoiled by Abrupt Decay that anything at 4cmc that isn't in Jund or Azban, is 'unanswerable'.

    It's offensive honestly, as a blue player, to have to hear over and over and over 'no this too good!'


    I am a blue player and I do not find it offensive at all. I would not like jace in the format. Outside of unfair matchups he would be far and away the best thing to do when play normal magic. Blue does not need to be better against other fair decks because it is already advantaged against those decks. Blue just needs a way to close games against combo/big mana.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from VIPowL »
    Just went back to back 4-1s in Modo Competitive Leagues! The 5-0 still escapes me!

    This was my list:

    Managed to beat the Bennyhillz style UW Control list 2-0 in back to back games, with this being my favourite moment:

    I honestly find uw pretty easy to beat you play a card advantage focused list. Uw barely has anyway to get ahead in cards compared to your ability to blink for a bunch of value nor do they have a threatening clock. So it is like fighting a deck with a bunch of 1 for 1s but without a clock. Grixis death's shadow is hard because even though they lack the card advantage to hang with you in the late game their early and midgame is just so brutally efficient and proactive that you sometimes never get to the point where you can cast multople spells per turn while also having more cards to work with unlike uw where you almost always get to the point where you can blink a pernament and play the cards you drew off of it.
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