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  • posted a message on [WAR Spoilers] Keanu Reeves, Dinosaur Cowboy
    I experienced bad luck with the deck then ! No Rider in the top 14 after I landed a Griz feels bad, obviously I have not enough reps to claim the 2nd Rider is harder to find, rather that Incubation helps not fizzling midcombo.
    The card can dig for Reclamation Sage post-SB, but not for a cheap creature "fighter" (I think there's none printed in green yet). The Incongruity part can deal with Mistcaller or other hatebear of any kind though.
    Food for thought.
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  • posted a message on [WAR Spoilers] Keanu Reeves, Dinosaur Cowboy
    I tried the Borborygmos Enraged and Manamorphose + Wild Cantor win con last night. While more green cards and better cantrips pre-combo are pretty nice, I found I need 3 Borbos in order to feel comfortable with my odds that I can cheat out Borbo before all of them disappear from my library, and I found that 1 See Beyond was still good (if pricey) insurance against being unable to cheat out Borbo. The nasty part is that 2 Manamorphose didn't feel like quite enough, as my combo turn got shakier whenever I exiled Manamorphose to Allosaurus Rider or spent Manamorphose pre-combo.

    See Beyond looks cute, I feel like there's still a chance you can kill with Griselbrand. We tend to forget he can attack !

    The London Mulligan Rule really helps to get rid of a Griz or Borbo in the opening hand, and on the other hand I don't feel like Chancellor does anything, it's too hard to go off on turn 1, especially without the right Spirit Guide.
    If we had Elvish Spirit Guide in the format, that would be a whole different deck. As is, Simian Spirit Guide is awkward and in my first reps, I didn't feel like 4 Manamorphoses were even enough. I too like the Wild Cantor as more color conversion, and also Incubation // Incongruity as a way to dig for Rider (especially the second one), and all those cards are pitchable to Rider. It's a bit underwhelming overall.

    I wonder whether Elves is a better home for that combo (with Craterhoof as the kill), as it was tested when Evo was spoiled.

    I'm trying reps with this list :

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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    I don't understand what he said about Ashiok and the interaction with Trap. I assume he claims that despite being counter-intuitive, you can cast Trap for its alternative cost (= :0mana:) with Ashiok on the BF if you force a player to search their library, even if Ashiok eventually prevents them to do so. And he takes Field of Ruin as an example. Is there a source that confirms that ruling ?
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  • posted a message on Signature Spell Book Gideon
    I do not want to be ignorant, but what other art is RKF iconic for? I have never seen any of his drawings.

    He's an old school Magic guy, so if you were not there in Ice Age / Mirage years, you missed most of his contribution.

    Known cards are original Pillage & Price of Progress, Muscle Sliver, Sedge Sliver, and obviously Dakkon Blackblade. It's definitely impossible to get his style confused with someone else's.
    I have a sweet spot for Nebuchadnezzar and Recall. :p

    The signature spell book concept is one I really like !
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    One could also compare it to Dimir Charm. I can see Scorn bring some value in Faeries, where you actually want to bounce your own creatures while you don't have access to...
    Terminate. That combined to Fatal Push makes for the main argument why Scorn won't see play in Grixis.
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  • posted a message on Bant Walls Worship
    Arboreal Grazer G

    When ~ ETB, you may put a land card from your hand on the battlefield tapped.

    They are trying to make a dork ! They are !
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  • posted a message on Narset's Reversal (reddit leak)
    So, stackcaster mage?

    Nice, hopefully they eventually print a creature with that effect, so that name gets even more on point !
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark Previews: Modern Discussion
    Ashiok seems to be interesting in those spicy Processor and UW / Esper Hatebear decks. That's the kind of weird card that gets me to play Tier 3 decks, so even though it ends up being bad, I'll have fun experiencing them !
    Right now the card is well positionned, so the decks that will wanna play it will have a chance to shine.
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  • posted a message on Huatli, Sun's Heart
    Why is the activated ability so bad though ? It should've targeted one of our creatures, let it attack as though it didn't have defender, and gain us life equal to its toughness.
    As is it's worse than Assault Formation and High Alert. You can't dig for it with Commune with the Gods either. Frown
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  • posted a message on I think I just broke Bolas' Citadel (Storm)
    I can actually afford to cast Bolas's Citadel with life points mid-combo pre-large-life-gain (at least once against aggro, at least twice if I start with around 15-20 life) in that deck, while I pretty much have to rip it off the top of my library every time with Citadel Eggs.

    That's indeed useful. The other way around though, you end up having Reservoirs, Citadels and lands on top of the library when you have Citadel on the BF, which increases the amount of cantrips / fetchlands needed to clear the way.
    When I have a Citadel going and I see another on top, I actually don't want to cast it early in the turn. When I eventually want to, it's when I have digged 2 Lotus Petals (or amassed a ton of mana in my pool) and have a Reward ready, in which case I crack an egg to draw the Citadel on top, then hardcast it.
    I don't have much experience with the pack though, I am not sure how consistent that scenario is. I never reached the bottom of my ibrary though.
    I sometimes wonder if going with a 2-2 Children-Aetherflux split is the best option. (Children is less likely to be dead pre-combo, but everyone kills it pre-combat, and it turns on distressing stuff like Reflector Mage without any pre-combo profit for me.)

    Are you interested in 2 Reservoirs + 2 Spellbombs (0 Children) then ? To be fair, I have the impression Reservoir already gains a ton of life, and Spellbomb has felt sufficient in my list (which is almost the same as AronGomu's post #46), so Children seems unnecessary and less synergistic with the plan, no matter the variant you build.
    I don't think the Citadel Eggs deck can afford silver bullets maindeck that aren't cantrip eggs (Spellbombs, mainly)

    I agree, I tried to add a Bridge and didn't work at all. Aether Spellbomb doesn't cost much though, it can easily replace on of the lifegain eggs.

    Overall, which version gives you the better results, or the most fun ?

    On another note, @AronGomu, I feel like the deck should run more fetchlands and fewer basics (4-5 should be enough, along with 7 fetches). And a Gemstone Caverns should be tested too, I don't think it's too damaging to exile a card in our opener.
    Personnally I found no use in Academy Ruins, I'm now trying Inventors' Fair, but I highly doubt it's gonna gain more than one life per game, or tutor sthg in time. Ghost Quarter is ok (maybe not as a 4-of though), but I'm not confident it should force the manabase to be worse, i.e. playing too many basics. What do you think ?
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  • posted a message on I think I just broke Bolas' Citadel (Storm)
    When I tested with Reservoir, I had those games where I had too many expensive spells on top of the library (Reservoir and Citadel), causing me to lose because, well, not enough life to work with. I think I prefer the Spellbomb + Implement version so far. I also prefer Spellbomb over Children, it's more synergistic with F's Reward and more flexible.

    I understand why Bridge / Aether Spellbomb can be a consideration, this deck has absolutely no interaction main deck and it wins pretty slowly in comparison to other linear decks. I believe the deck needs a couple silver bullets main deck to make sure it doesn't lose G1 to variance too often.
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  • posted a message on Standard Bogles
    The archetype was even arguably better before the previous rotation. Kekeke

    Paradise Druid could be playable here but green doesn't offer enough in terms of auras, combat tricks or creatures.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    For 10 mana, Progenitus is an instant win barring decks with lifegain. It's just quite hard to reach 10 mana in time nowadays. For Craterhoof to be excellent, the deck has to play more aggro dudes I suppose, like BTE and SL Champ.

    About the new Domri, well here the deck must play good dudes to make its fight ability relevant. The ramp potential is less impressive than Kiora's, one must be better than the other in a given variant, so I don't see both of them sharing slots in a single list.

    I think you're right Curdbros, it depends whether the archetype gets Wild Growth, and/or something that helps consistency early game. Like a GG or GGG permanent that draws cards or adds mana (something better than Wistful Selkie).
    I actually quite like the idea of playing Steel Leaf Champion / Leatherback Baloth along with Kiora (since she lets us draw a card off big dudes). The deck feels more comfortable to play when we can favorably block opponent's creatures that pressure our PWs without dying (and wasting all the devotion we're trying to build).
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  • posted a message on Bond of Flourishing
    It's not playable in Modern afaik. Oath of Nissa, Ancient Stirrings and Commune with the Gods all seem better at digging for specific permanents. At 1 mana, it would be played in many green decks in Modern though.
    As is, it reminds me of Board the Weatherlight.
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  • posted a message on Pledge of Unity
    I think it won't be played over the new Ajani in GW Tokens, unless the meta turns into a RDW fest.

    I rather see this card in a Resplendent Angel deck, where we miss huge lifegain cards overall and this fits.
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