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  • posted a message on Possibility Storm
    Quote from Boyachi »
    Quote from sainthyacinth »
    This Thread is to explore the Possibility Storm Combo.

    The Combo plays out as follows:
    [*]Play Possibility Storm.
    [*]Cast any Adventure sorcery. Possibility Storm finds the only actual sorcery in your deck: Enter the Infinite.
    [*]Resolve enter the infinite, putting Borborygmos on top of your deck.
    [*]Cast a 0-mana Walking Ballista, which possibilty storm makes into a Borborygmos (or if you have a legendary card in play cast a Mox Amber (exile and then return Borborygmos to the top of your library) and then cast a mana dork.
    [*]Discard all of the lands that you drew with Enter the Infinte, bolting your opponent repeatedly until they are dead.

    Question about number 4:
    How do you use possibility storm to free cast Borborygmos if Enter the Infinite has put your entire library into your hand thus leaving nothing left in your library for possibility storm?

    Wouldn’t you have to attempt to cast Borborygmos first and then 0 cast Ballista to actually get Borborygmos out, or am I missing something?

    Enter the Infinite puts one card from your hand into the deck on resolution so you put Borborygmos on top.
    List tags are malformed.
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  • posted a message on Looking for card
    If you go to https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx under the advanced tab you can choose specific rules text you'd like. For example
    https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&text= [sacrifice]+[creature]+[damage]&color=|[B]|[U]|[G]
    Has the words sacrifice, creature, and damage plus it only includes cards that are either blue, black, or green. You can adjust colors, if you only want enchantments, etc.

    I will tell you that most of the sacrifice a creature to deal damage effects are in red with black having the second most (other colors have basically none) but black has more varied effects or relieves on life loss rather than damage.Blood-Chin Fanatic or Bontu the Glorified for example.
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  • posted a message on Concerning Face-Down Permanents
    Quote from NightWatch »
    Duly noted. I'm literally learning these mechanics for the first time for an EDH deck I'm building. On a similar note, in reference to turning over manifested cards which happen to have the morph ability, it is stated,

    "701.33c If a card with morph is manifested, its controller may turn that card face up using either the
    procedure described in rule 702.36e to turn a face-down permanent with morph face up or the
    procedure described above to turn a manifested permanent face up."

    Am I correct in assuming that turning the card over for its CMC rather than its Morph cost (For cards such as Skinthinner this would be extremely advantageous.) is only an option if the card is manifested, or played face down using a rule other than Morph?

    Correct. Normally a card can only be turned face up for its morph cost. As part of the manifest ability the game allows that specific card to be turned face up for its CMC.
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  • posted a message on Dark deal vs Instant
    They can. Dark Deal is a normal card and can be responded to as anything else can most notably a counterspell to counter the dark deal. The number of cards drawn is based on the number of cards actually discarded though.
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  • posted a message on Vial smasher vs Defense Grid
    3. The ability will always deal deamage equal to the converted mana cost and doesn't care about how much mana is actually paid. Cards like Dig Through Time for example will deal 8 damage even though someone might have only paid two mana for it.
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  • posted a message on LF Advice on selling my collection
    1) The low is generally accurate, but particularly for older or more valuable cards the prices can be way off. The general best way to price a card is to find someone actually selling it. Ebay will show you what other people are selling and at what prices in what conditions. Your local shop will generally give you about 30% of what you might expect to get for it if you sold it directly to another player. This accounts for shop costs, transaction fees, storage, handling etc.
    2)Organizing by set is the generally preferred way I've seen, but commons and uncommons tend to go for a bulk rate the same as bulk rares. If you have any particularly valuable ones you'd want to pull them out separately.

    People have had good luck selling via facebook or craigslist which comes with the most money per effort, but face to face meetings have some issues. Ebay is probably the next best option, but with the cost of mailing your bulk commons/uncommons probably aren't worth it. Channelfireball and Starcity also buy cards at a better rate than local stores and the least cost effective option is your local game store.
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  • posted a message on Fractured Identity and Abyssal Persecutor
    Quote from Kamonohashi »
    I very much appreciate your efforts to answer the question, but I just can't accept the answer that you've given.

    Winning with Laboratory Maniac WOULD cause the other players to lose the game. One player can't win the game without the other players LOSING the game. The critical question for me is how Magic rules deal with contradictory factors. A card with a +1/+1 counter on it that also gets a -1/-1 counter will eventually have no counters when those two cancel each other out. We don't say that the creature is both a 4/4 and a 2/2 at the same time: we say that it's a 3/3.

    Tom's "You can't win the game" + Jane's "Your opponent (ie. Tom) can't lose the game" = Tom can't win the game" + "Tom can't lose the game." Do those cancel each other out? If they don't, we would seem to have a problem. The only conventional game outcome where nobody wins or loses that I know of is a draw. Could no one being able to win and simultaneously no one being able to lose mean that the game ends in a draw. It very well could IF all of the players control an Abyssal Persecutor, but they don't.

    One of the players has no win or lose contraints placed on them. Would this fact prevent a "draw" outcome? A draw can only result if NOBODY can win and NOBODY can lose, yet one of the players IS free to win and to lose. Again we hit the instrinsic mutually-exclusive binary nature of winning/losing. Even though the player who isn't controling a Persecutor is free to win or lose, they can't win without the other players losing, and they can't lose without the other players winning. This would seem to me to mean that NOBODY can win this game and NOBODY can lose it.

    My sense is that there are only two possible outcomes. Either Magic's rules define this situation to be a draw, in which nobody can win and nobody can lose... OR.... Magic's rules don't take this situation into account and the combo SIMPLY BREAKS THE GAME.

    When a player wins the game the game ends immediately (104.1. A game ends immediately when a player wins, when the game is a draw, or when the game is
    restarted.) and as far as the game is concerned that's the end of it. There are no losers just a single winner. The only exception is in a multiplayer game with a range of influence.
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  • posted a message on Looking for ideas for an Omniscience deck
    You are almost certainly going to want white because all the enchantment matters cards are white. Idyllic Tutor Enlightened Tutor Academy Rector and since you are playing based on Omniscience you are going to want to find it every time. Green is the next best color for finding and using enchantments with cards like Commune with the Gods and it has Recycle as you mentioned or black has the best general tutors with Vampiric or the like. If you want a generic enchantment deck subtheme I would go with Bant or if you just want a combo deck Esper.
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  • posted a message on Archangel of Thune and Keranos
    Both are powerful cards, but at the moment lack a proper home. Keranos, God of Storms could easily fit into a URx tempo deck or control strategy as a 1 of top end card, but those decks do not exist in the format just yet. Once more cards are banned he could come into play. Archangel Thune has the problem of being a 5 mana card that dies to removal and without Spike Feeder in the format to go infinite she's just not going to be enough.
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  • posted a message on Cat Sac - Steal and Sacrifice yourself to victory - fun deck ive been toying with
    Is a rakdos version that is seeing success

    Is a jund version that is seeing success.

    Your version is pretty similar to the Rakdos one already though I will say Liliana seems like too much at 6 mana and Priest of Forgotten Gods is a card you'll really want. Particularly if you run chandra since curving Priest into CHandra can be back breaking.
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  • posted a message on Naru Meha, Torrential Gearhulk and sorcery speed return from graveyard effects.
    No. Once you have cast the spell revealed from Unexpected Results the unexpected results will continue to resolve which means it will be put into the GY before the cast spell is able to resolve itself. You can technically target Unexpected Results with a copy spell, but because the target will be gone it will be countered for lack of a target on resolution. The same situation happens with returning Master Wizard from the GY using an instant or sorcery.
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  • posted a message on If a magic game is ended early is there still a way to determine a winner
    From a tournament rules perspective if the game ends without a winner due to time the game is a draw. Since this is just for fun between friends you can make whatever rule you'd like. A common one is whoever has the most life at the time is the winner.
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  • posted a message on Temporal Excision
    Exiling cards is not a big deal even from the library
    Praetor's Grasp
    Sadistic Sacrament
    Jester's Cap
    Slaughter Games

    At 5 mana in a 3 colored card it's not very powerful. You'll almost always want to exile cards from their hand so it's basically a 5 mana double thoughtseize.
    It should also probably just be opponents and not players.
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  • posted a message on Virtus and multiple instances of his ability
    Triggered abilities will always trigger and resolve separately. So if you have multiple 'deal half their life' they will lose 1/2 each time so if they are at 20 it'll be 10 then 5 then 3 etc.
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  • posted a message on October 21, 2019 Ban and Restricted list update.
    Field of Ruin was a great card that they should really have in more formats. I don't know that it would have been enough against field of the dead, but it's the best midground between land destruction being necessary and not feeling bad.
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