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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    I'm pretty excited about Dakra Mystic, it feels like exactly the card Modern Merfolk needs right now: a good one-drop that creates card advantage

    With Naya and Affinity out-aggroing us, Merfolk should go more midrange. We've got a ton of cards that create card advantage, and we've got a game-winning 4-drop that is currently incredibly awkward on the curve. So what I've been wanting to try out is run only 22 creatures, together with 21-22 lands and a playset of remand/vial/seas/Vapor Snag (or maybe PtE). Dakra Mystic would be perfect for that

    Plus, don't forget that with targeted mill like this, not only can you draw if they draw dead but you can also deny them a powerful topdeck and increase the chance of a dead draw
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    It's nice to see a Merfolk deck get so far in such a large tournament. My decklist is actually very similar to his list, although I don't mainboard Tidebinder or any counterspells. It's interesting he basically just gave up on the Affinity matchup, though.

    As for Cursecatcher, I think it's an amazing card, it's basically a stackable mini-Thalia. You won't often sac it to counter, but that's because by then it's already done its job; your opponent had to wait a turn so he can have the mana over for his spell to come through. It's not as noticable of a gamestate change as a MoW bombing for 5-6 tokens, but try playing against Merfolk with an instsorc-heavy deck and you'll notice how powerful they actually are.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    Modern Merfolk was the first non-kitchen table deck I built, and while I kind of see it as my "pet-deck", I have a genuine question:

    Do you guys really think that Merfolk has what it takes to be a modern top tier deck?

    The reason why I wonder is that a single merfolk is never good enough; you will always need multiple merfolk on the field before they become worthwhile, and apart from affinity no other modern deck needs that; goyf is fat on its own, kitchen finks is good on its own, Wild Nacatl is good on its own. A single lord however is just a bear. Because of this, creature removal basically becomes a one-and-a-half for one; it both kills one of our guys, and makes the others significantly worse. It's easy to say that merfolks can grow too large to be bolted, but that requires a whopping three lords on the field at the same time. Any clever opponent can easily play around this by bolting in response to a cast or a vial activation. Then of course you could argue that in return a clever merfolk player can play around that, but the fact remains that getting to that magical 4 toughness is prety difficult.

    With the recent additions of MoW and Thassa there has been a huge spike in merfolk decks, but to be honest I think thi is just hype. MoW is a double edged sword; even with just one lord on the field he gives huge value, but it also forces merfolk to play more lands, giving for worse topdecks. Thassa on the other hand fixes topdecks, but is pretty much the personalisation of merfolks' issues in a card; five devotion to get her going is a lot in such a removal-heavy format, and without her being able to attack, scry 1 every turn and unblockability in a deck that already has plenty of that is pretty lousy on turn 3-4; if the deckplan works out you don't want to see much later than turn 6 anyways, giving you a lousy scry 3 for 3 mana.

    Finally, I see Nacatl's unbanning as merfolk's nail in the coffin; why would you play merfolk over naya? Naya's creatures are above curve just like merfolks', but don't require you to have 3 or 4 on the field to still have value. Plus, it has tons of burn and better sideboard options. On top of that, if Naya becomes a thing, sideboard additions to counter it will hit Merfolk in the crossfire.

    I love merfolk as a deck, I've played it a lot, but at the end of the day I think that a deck of which every card relies on other cards to be good can not function in a format with so much creature removal.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UWr Midrange
    Hi guys, I've been lurking this thread for a while and finally decided to sign up myself to give my own two cents.

    This is the deck I'm currently running:

    -Loxodon Smiter has had worked wonders for me, and I board him in in a lot of matchups. Any control and decks that run Lili have a lot of trouble with him, and I like him against Tron over Geist because he can't get pyroclasm'd. I'd really want to run 4, but I don't have space for it and on the (very very) rare occasion that my one green source gets destroyed I wouldn't want to have four completely dead cards.
    -I used to run Hallowed Burial + Pyroclasm instead of Engineered Explosives, as together they give both the speed and the 100% removal I want in wipes. However with the addition of Nacatl and Bitterblossom I've tried switching to Explosives. I do miss tucking Finks and VoRs though.
    -I've been thinking about cutting Cryptic entirely, as generally I don't like drawing it as much as in UWr control and it becomes awkward to cast against the control decks where I actually want my counterspells the most
    -I'm also dubious abour Remand; generally I don't want to get to the gamestate where Leak goes dead anyways and even when it gets that far, Remand becomes much worse as well since they can just recast. In the early game, it basically counters a spell and lets both and your opponent "draw", but with the difference that your opponent always draws something he wants to play while you might draw a land
    -I can't seem to find room for a fourth snapcaster. I don't like having too many of them earlygame and rather would just have a spell. Plus I like to board in RIP, which makes them useless.
    -I'm not too big of a fan of Sowing Salt. I used to run 3 Molten Rains instead, but I don't know what else to cut from SB to make room for it. Salt is only good against Tron while Molten Rain also helps vs control and scapeshift, but I worry running only two Molten Rains wouldn't be enough vs Tron.
    -I've seen the discussion here a lot, so I also wanted to say that I really love Spell Snare, if you ask me it might even be the best counterspell in Modern. You hit so many important cards against so many decks, and even in its worser matchups it's still not a dead draw.
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