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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    FNM - 28 Players // 3-1

    Round 1: 5C Humans || Game 1 - I ritual out a Magus of the Moon. He drops a non-basic and an aether vial. I drop a 2nd land and a phyrexian revoker naming the vial. Game Over. He never draws a basic land and I have 4 damage 'on a stick'. Game 2 - I've brought in my 4th gemstone cavern, and see one of them in my opening hand. It hits the board before the game starts. He plays a nonbasic and passes. I drop another land, ritual and a blood moon. I win with a couple SSG beats and he can only manage to cast an aether vial and a thalia's lieutenant over the course of 2 games.

    The takeaway: It's a popular deck and we're fantastically matched up against it. Blood moon polices greed. (2) critical plays: the phyrexian revoker in G1 and the ripped 4th gemstone in G2.

    Round 2: Blood-braid elf JUND || There is so much interaction that occurs in this matchup that it's hard to recall much. This build seemed a little more creature based, or maybe i got lucky on dodging abrupt decay, maelstrom pulse, liliana of the veil. I did see all of those cards in the matchup, but not enough of them for him to break through. I won 2 in a row.

    The takeaway: my inclusion of a 2nd spellskite helped and there was a neat bonfire of the damned miracle rip that leveled 3 elves and a scooze. I will continue to use them. I get that BBE-Jund is not a favorable matchup, but it's far from hopeless. A friend is coming over later, and will playtest some more.

    Round 3: Mardu Tokens || Hazoret damn this unholy creation to hell! In game 1, I had a monster start with 2 goblin rabblemasters on turn 2 and then turn 3. It did not matter. I tried to shield up in game 2, and it did not matter. Yes, this was my one loss for the night.

    Round 4: Todd Steven's 'Value Town' || This is a unique G/W deck that avoids combo loops of life/damage and uses simple synergies to overwhelm the opponent. Like Jund, it's a terrifically entertaining bout. I dismantled this deck both games. It wasn't even close. Look at the board state at the end of game 2 in the pic below.

    So, it's a small sample size (on top of the cockatrice testing), but I like where this is going. We all know that (53) cards are predetermined for building a Pyro Prison deck. The top of the Official Primer has had a box of unchanged, listed-off Core cards for well over a year. The only card not listed is the 1 Pyretic Ritual, but I think we all agree that is a must have. [[note: if mountainfolk want to introduce a deck that doesn't have the stock 53 cards, that's perfectly cool]].

    My (7) swing slots echo builds from over a year ago. Spellskite used to be a main deck staple. Sometimes in multiples. Phyrexian Revoker was maindeck too. These are anticipatory spells. Today's meta has me expecting their need in game 1. I am doubling down on both of them with 2 more in the sideboard.

    My sideboard operates on a theme of totality. No narrow cards. No responsive cards. I draw it - I play it. No sandbagging. Since I'm expecting a bull rush from my opponent, my job is to set the traps as fast as I can: Grafdigger's Cage, Torpor Orb, Witchbane Orb, Phyrexian Revoker, Spellskite, Ratchet Bomb, and Damping Matrix. Otherwise, I'm coming right back at him just as fast as I can: Eidolon, Scab-Clan, Bonfire, and Shattering Spree.

    Remember, nobody walks into a tournament with a game plan to take down mono-red prison. They do not have the right tools in their deck. They do not have the right tools in their sideboard. So, steer hard into their waves. Use spells that ruin with totality. That requires the discipline to get hurt by your own spells - like Damping Matrix. Damping matrix obliterated Todd Steven's deck last night, but it also harshed my Pia and Kiran Nalaar. That's the cost.

    I guess what I'm trying to say, in a single word, is 'earthquake'. I distinctly remember the moment I first saw that card. It's power laid bare as a wrath of god and fireball and doomsday device of mutual annihilation. But, shrewdly deployed, earthquake is a game winner. That card. Its mechanic - Its cost - Its damage. It's our battle flag!
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    No holds-barred, everything is legal Modern? What is this madness, Stickballruss! The only thing more goofy was "Iron Man Magic" tournaments (I know you were playing at the time). For the benefits of others, this format existed back in the day: if you cast a spell which killed your opponents permanents (or any permanents for that matter), then you had to physically destroy the card. Gaping Yup. Pick up his Shivan Dragon and shred it into confetti. Laughing was optional...but encouraged.

    Yeah, I don't know enough on that format (new no-banned format) to hazard any advice. As for mutual affections on the cards you listed, hells yeah. I was in NYC for the Urza's Saga pre-release tourney. I pulled a Smokestack and fell in love. It went into nearly all my Type 2 tourney decks later, including a wacked-out homebrew black deck with skittering skirge and splashed blue for miscalculation -- which did really well by beating out the time spiral/mind over matter/tolarian academy decks of the day. Nothing beat those decks back then, thus the emergency ban hammer on academy.

    I gotta find time to watch the 5-0, fluffy. Meantime, I have put the last premier event's (Classics) decks under the microscope. I suspect there will be a shift in our 'pre-sideboard' deck in response. We had a 400 person event a couple weeks ago down the road from DevtheRevRyan and me, but the winning decks were only testing the waters. It'll be the upcoming 3rd major tourney where we will start to see what is really happening in the meta. Let's be ready.

    This test proto-type has 100% of the signature locks and 100% of the typical mana acceleration. The difference: I am trying to get out in front of the opponent - Go over them. It's has more threat density, and yet more 'answer' cards in the main deck. Spellskite, Phyrexian Revoker and Hazoret the Fervent are sideboard style cards which are now in the mainboard. The swap out comes at the hands of dedicated removal cards. So, this has a lot of X-for-1 card advantage synergies and less 1-for-1 spells like Abrade orrr creature sweepers like Anger/Pyroclasm/Sweltering.

    Rather than sweep away the board at the cost of losing our own creatures, just use Ratchet Bomb or Bonfire of the Damned. Also, go creature-strong, so there's something to charge through: Eidolon/Berserker/Revoker. This is twice the number of ground pounders usually seen.

    PURPOSE: reduce the 'lull'. Rather than my fallback on the mechanic of loot/draw, overwhelm in game 2 - attack & press with 2-point ping triggers. Plus, the use of selected toolbox artifact spells in this iteration spreads soooo wide for applications - some of them even attack and block. I think I like the diversity, and will run it tonight.

    Another evolution: 'Living Locks' or 'Locks on a Stick' provide pressure. Compare a developed game state of Blood Moon / Sorcerous Spyglass / Ensnaring Bridge (0 damage) versus Magus of the Moon / Phyrexian Revoker / Hazoret the Fervent (recurring damage). Then, with a couple creatures on our side of the board, compare Anger of the Gods to a Bonfire of the Damned (0 damage versus win-con development). Well, we'll see...

    Good luck to all at tonight's FNM!
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion
    What a neat construction -- I really like it!

    Grafted Wargear - Inspired decision Coco_Wanderer. I used to use that in my The Gate deck of Modern. And, later had some success with a zombie deck. Both capitalize on the narrow function of winning through attack. I'll definitely try one in my swing slots.

    So, I see some alterations from the stock list:

    -1 Burning Inquiry and a full 4 of Goblin Lore. I have been testing the other way around. Is it the primary card disadvantage of Inquiry that tilted you? Have you noticed that the extra mana for Lore has been available? Do you not find the disruption to the opponent with B.I. to be a sufficient mediator? I agree that, alongside a 4-of on faithless looting, (11) Roulette spins on the wheel seems about right.

    Just (3) Delve fatties and that's with a Tasigur/2Fish. Huh. Also, I think (3) is the right number. Any thoughts that the Ladyboy, the hidden wang might be better swapped to Tombstalker? Especially since you're delving that much less often?

    Dismember in the main is also a new inclusion. I'm curious on why that isn't a Lightning Axe. I would feel that much less bad about bolting the bird when I can ditch a bloodghast or flaming chicken to the bin. Indeed, you're smart to identify the need to knock down 5-toughness creatures - are you firm on your dismember?

    Squee, Goblin that your 1-of/fun-of? Does he help the engine that much? Constant blocking while you set to the air for wargeared rooster attack?

    As for lands, sure - I like the design.

    Darkness is for Infect, I guess and mirror and lots of matchups - cool. Pithing Needle? I've seen it around, but wonder if it's just too slow? Wouldn't we rather be enhancing our rush attack? Lastly, Liliana, the Last Hope. Undoubtedly a badass lady, but when do you bring her in? In general for sideboarding, do you ever take out any of the creatures or is it utility spells out only?? I definitely note that there are a lot of singletons which leads me to believe you don't 'package' in/out your adjustments for game 2.

    Thanks in advance and again - cool deck!

    Oh, and a card that I've been testing out lately is lost legacy. Similar to Blood Moon, it can be an 'i win' play. A lot of combo decks will fold to it, and it's also a good solution to stop cards that will come in against from sideboards like ensnaring bridge.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    I think Revenged was championing the scab-clan berserker. I picked up a playset on his recommendation, but I don't know if I want these....berserkers playing in the sandbox with my other childrens. Seems like a very bad influence. Again, what do we even know about this scab-clan, let alone their berserkers!? Kekeke

    There is a logic to running them, just a case of a crowded slot: 3-cmc.

    Flame of Keld would be our first 'SAGA' option. I think it's a neat mechanic, and that card could do work Zayl - maybe better for Burn, though? My ability to assess cards is a bit skewed today, as I spent yesterday afternoon building 4 Unstable decks....yeah, Unstable constructed. Gaping

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    The video was spotlighting decks which have a lot of cards appearing in Master 25. It's neat to us on the big screen: Looking sharp! And, indeed, soooooo many reprints, as Saffron Olive points out. The price of entry into the mountain cave has drastically dropped. Fitting. We are a deck for the people! By that, I mean to say that we are the people who oppress other people. Evil Lol
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion
    interesting thought by thatmarkguy on soulflayer. Li'l testing revealed that the 2 Black mana to fire it off is actually really rough compared to The zombie fish. I know that the winning list had a tussledfur, the hidden wang in it, but have folks found that to be necessary? If I run a 1-off from the fish, I probably prefer a tombstalker. Yes - Yes, I know I just complained about double-black, but at least this time it's coming out as a bigger beastie with evasion.

    Korkruxion references a couple good questions on SB cards, and how their inclusion can muck up the works. Agree that it feels like an eternity to deploy a blood moon, and I fear the unintentional discard along the way. Also, the need to dump out removal spells before they also get binned is a necessary evil in our discipline. No real answers. But, I think it does help to accentuate a need to keep our curve low. I'm considering adding a grim lavamancer and blood moon and bomat courier in the main while taking out a goblin lore and flamewake phoenix and tasigur.

    Since 'the cat is out of the bag' on this build -- people know what to expect and how to pivot against it (even in game 1) -- I believe it might be right seek alternate win-cons. The grim lavamancer moved to the main seems intuitive. It frees up a SB slot and offers a win-con not completely foiled by something like ensnaring bridge.

    I was the one that suggested Tebow! earlier {laughable, i know}, but what about -- for the Roulette variant -- Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring Flame? The attack counts towards the 3 damage for a qualifying flip. Obviously, we run a lot of low-cost red mana spells. Again, diversified.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Revenged does not disappoint. It's boss to have so many talents here in the thread. As for tricksy lands, I continually come back to Gemstone Caverns and Mutavault aaaaand that's about it.

    I'm ready to endorse the 'back pocket' play of a 4th gemstone caverns in the sideboard for games that start on the DRAW and the need for speed calls for an extra turbo arrow on the track. I'm sure Revenged could statistically understand this 'punch it, margaret' play better than us. But, I'm already sold.

    And, I've enjoyed the use of a single Tormenting Voice in the main deck. Too often, it's "we need X, and we're in good shape". Routinely, T. Voice will save a sub-par starting 7-cards, and it regularly gets targeted by thoughtseize or inquisition of kozilek, because an opponent wisely recognizes it as a near thoughtcast for 2-cmc. Trust me that once you 'dance with the devil' with this unorthodox pact, you'll soon realize that pitching the worst card in your hand for the ability to dig 2 cards deep? Well, that's a bargain worth its cost. Another couple Pyro Prison mages at my LGS are also resolute in their usage of Tormenting Voice - for what it's worth.

    Tormenting Voice Unmasked. When it's needed as a Turn-2 play [i.e. mana drought/flood]: boom, it is there. Otherwise, cast this when it's either applicable or the very last card in your hand which pairs with an unfavorable draw. In other words, it's extraordinarily scale-able. What I've learned is not to indulge with too many copies, so for today's meta: just the (1).

    Once the meta has settled just a little bit more, I'll re-post my new tournament deck with a sideboard guide. Post #1533.

    And, I'd like to extend a hearty, mountain backslap to Stickballruss. I was able to catch his last two streams. I didn't know what to expect he'd be like in real life, but I was very impressed. A fellow 20-year+ player, I knew I was watching a natural talent. Each line of play was evolving to parry the actions and probability of upcoming actions of an opponent. His patience was exemplary, and explanations of strategy were succinct and engaging. Given his recent premier tournament record of wins, this all comes as no surprise. Still, brotha had me laughing and cheering along with his one-liners and commentary. Well done!

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Russ, you named 2 cards without naming the 2 cards. Li'l help?

    Agree that Jund is atrocious for us, Fluffy. This is the first time Pyro Prison has ever had a 'quote/unquote' BAD matchup. Most other competitive decks have had to contend with this phenomena since the inception of the game. It's very humbling. But, I'll say that it's gonna take a lot more than some skunked-out, hippie chick with tomato juice soaked into her braids to scare me back into my cave!!

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Well, yesterday was the day for me. I stopped by for a 4-round Modern Challenge side event (45 people) and went undefeated in rounds and games. Today? I wasn't able to make the Classic. I am going to try to swing by for another side event, and cheer on DevtheRevRyan whom I met yesterday IRL.

    What a super guy - good laughs & so much to chat about, before I got sucked back into more rounds of play. I am excited to talk more about strategies with him later today & root him on.

    Spreaking of strategies, nice investigative work there, Russ, on trying to crack the code of Mardu Tokens. Ambivalent as I was, my inclination was to go for the Ensnaring Bridge/Spellskites approach, but I can certainly see clear to going aggro as you recommend. I agree with your bring-ins except for maybe sorcerous spyglass - but it depends on what else is in folk's (75). It's tough sledding either way.

    Alright, here's my current tournament Pyro Prison deck --- post-unbanning. It adheres to our 'stock list' with a few Main Deck flex positions bending towards more sweep and loot. I really like where it lands, and it did well yesterday [Jace-Jeskai Tempo / Jace-Jeskai Tempo / Primeval Titan / Affinity] and on cockatrice testing. Dev and I talked a lot about cockatrice vs. MTGO, and he had some really good insights/recommendations on switching over - maybe trying Mana Traders.

    The Sideboard sees some new blood. Pyroclasm & Gemstone Caverns. First, the caverns: still in the testing phase, but I think I'm onto something here. Thx for the feedback earlier, and it's interesting to see that MTGthewary uses the same technique in his Eldrazi Stompy deck. I saw that you piloted that to 1st place in an SCG IQ - good on ya! I have also dabbled with that construction & put up some feedback on that MTGsalvation thread - explosive deck.

    As for pyroclasm, here's my logic. If you look at the history of the development of this deck, one of the critical concerns was casting costs. Specifically, 3-CMC spells. We were overloaded with them. The use of ritual could smooth that ramp up, but you still never want to fan open a starting hand with nothing but 3 casting cost spells: E. Bridge and Slagstorm/Sweltering Suns/ Anger of the Gods. Realistically, If we really need to bring in 4 sweepers on top of 4 bridges, then it's safe to say that we're facing a damned fast swarm deck. Pyroclasm fills a cozy 2-cmc slot. It'll miss the 3 toughness, and it doesn't exile. BUT, if you really look at today's meta, it isn't like it once was with things like Kitchen Finks/infinite life tricks. And, don't forget we are already favored against Dredge. Just saying, I'd much rather have a 2-cmc answer to Thalia, guardian of Thraben these days. Don't get me going on my whole anti-white rage again - I don't know if folks got that I was being cheeky on that rant.

    Alright, so give it a gander, and please/please/please let's get some more decklist submissions from people! What are we doing about Jace and Blood Braid Elf?? Dev and I talked about Jace yesterday, and I gave 2 decks a kickin' as well. Dev pointed out that they have 6 hard openings for us: 4 jace casting and 2 azcanta casting. That's all a mountain man needs to lay down some hurt.

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    I've had it in'n'out of lists a whole lot. It's a swing card that fills the gap when my (74) is a little light on sweepers or removal. Principally, I like it against Death's Shadow and Burn creatures.

    The side benefits are also Lantern Control, Bogles, Infect. Buuuut, we are already favored against these, so you gotta be careful in how we're allocating sideboard slots. There is a benefit to bringing it in against Affinity (but, not if it's replacing a shattering spree slot). And, also, I like it against Jund. Lately, Bomb is good against Mardu Tokens, buuuuut not really since it blows up our own chalice.

    I'm finalizing my deck list for Sunday's SCG Worcester, MA Classic when DevtheRevRyan and Raystack sled into Worcester for a tag-team throwdown. Speaking of, you can certainly share your doc on your sideboard guide, regardless of how you based it on my lists. No problem, hombré.

    A little bit of Cray-Cray from the Ray-Ray: O.K. so there's been a good deal of talk about the land count for Pyro Prison. I'm very settled on (21) especially when I rock a couple tormenting voice. But, I've seen (22) as Dev is considering. Now, feel free to tell me that I'm crazy, but here's what I'm visualizing at The Classic on Sunday. In game 1, I feel like I should be favored: folks won't know what I'm on, and they're without sideboard answers like artifact kill cards. Alright, so I'm going to assume the win. This puts me on the Draw in game 2. What's the most important card to see in an opening hand in game 2 on the Draw?

    You guessed it: Gemstone Caverns. What if I keep a 4th Gemstone Caverns in the sideboard? I'm a little better insulated against a mana drought and far more likely to land a critical Turn 1 Chalice of the Void or a Blood Moon/Magus of the Moon. And, if I'm facing Humans or related-swarm, I can speed into a sweeper or duck under a bridge that much sooner. Is this idea straight up clown shoes??
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion

    A top-8 deck from a recent IQ. Kind of a hodge-podge of older variants and the newer tech. I would make a lot of changes to it, but did note the addition of a single Bomat Courier to the main deck, and a reduced count of Goblin Lore. I've been thinking about doing the same thing.

    As for my 1-of/fun-of suggestion of Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded, that was just me being cheeky - not a serious consideration.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Agree with Russ. He has a sharp spidey-sense for when an opponent is sandbagging an artifact kill card or searing blaze. Not playing the corresponding target is the same as holding up countermagic or presenting a chalice of the void on the right number.

    As for the Ad Nauseam match, I think we are in agreement on Koth of the Hammer. Keep that bully-titted bastard in, and run hard for the hooch [plus offers sped out spells/2nd win-con]. Also, Ad Nauseam is the 'exception to the rule' when it comes to a time clock. Do not feel rushed to beat this mousetrap. Normally, we hear a ticking clock when it comes to executing a kill against control/combo. Not here. This deck is so linear and narrow - yet explosive (pentad prism/simian spirit guide/lotus bloom) that it's best to direct all of your plays to shutting them down. The win can come later. Even if it's much later.

    LASTLY: For sideboarding assistance, the Official Primer guide is up-to-date/post-unban for tips on piloting the 'stock list'.
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion
    I'm caught up! I've read every post in the thread, and gathered a lot of insights into what has worked and hasn't worked. Some sharp Cookie in this development - hope I can contribute. I do wish that more people would hyperlink their card suggestions for ease of reference. To do so, you type [card] in front of the card and [/card$] after the card -- but, don't use the $ sign...I have to type that erroneous character in to show the code.

    Pyroclasm was in one of my earlier test versions, Jim_Prov - downside is mutual destruction. I also toyed with the idea of bonfire of the damned, but realized electrickery (for all the mana we don't source up with only 18 lands) is a better, however limited option. Barrage of Boulders is a superb option, Depian! Way better than Night of souls' betrayal.

    Thinking about a 1-of/fun-of, and I think I've got one. Perhaps, the best part is his name. He reminds of my favorite atrocious football player who was so fun to root for: Tim Tebow. Shouting out Tebow was exhilarating. And, now I can do it again. Tibalt!!!!!

    Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded -- All of his modulars work to our advantage. He's the only planeswalker that our mana curve allows. And, he's so clown-shoes laughable as a threat that he'll never get attacked! If Roulette won't take in this poor li'l fella, who will? Pweeeeease?
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  • posted a message on Modern Hollow One discussion
    Big Ups for NuBlkAu on the naming of the deck, Roulette. Folks at my LGS have seen this around, and were all impressed with the new moniker. Seriously, you should have seen me going around, and saying, "Hey, have you heard the news.......?"

    Agree, in hindsight that Dreadbore is too clunky/slow. Pithing Needle may work well, but I am also a fan of Damping Matrix - albeit expensive. I like the idea on trading the Leylines for spellbomb...I faced a goryo's grishoalbrand deck on my 1st matchup on Friday, and was beside myself for taking out the leylines. C'mon!!

    Although expensive and a non-bo with Bloodghast, Night of Souls' Betrayal will end decks that seek to defend by swarming tokens / manlands / infect / affinity / lingering souls. As a 1-of, I think it's worth it. The other option, however narrow & jank, is Electrickery.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblin & Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Those are some titanic write-ups, DevtheRevRyan. I love the reprise of your snow-covered mountain vs. mountain pithing needle scenario. Redeemed!!! I'm such a sucker for my favorite mountain art, that I have been hard pressed to go for the snow-covered misdirection --
    might be time to big-boy up, and split up my set. I'll never forgive myself, if I get hosed the way you described in a big tourney.

    Pia and Kiran Nalaar. I get it. It's probably our weakest link. Not because they are necessarily bad at any given ability, just that they aren't great. You'll note that my November SCG event deck in the Primer had (2) Pia and Kiran Nalaar. And, Russ later commented that Pia and Kiran are the worst part of the Stock List when he Top-8 twice in the following months. I'm not going to disagree with him. But, in November, it was a Grixis Death's Shadow meta bonanza. It was everywhere. Piran, like Lingering souls, presents a real problem for them. Thus, the inflated count to (2).

    Today? Should it be 0,1,2? IDK. Just this weekend, I was furiously trying to find a swap out for it as well. I did a careful comparison of how well it matches up against Tier decks - particularly with Liliana-Jund and Jace-Control decks all the rage. Embarrassingly, I was trying to justify a swap to another planeswalker for a game 1 blank on an opponent's typical creature removal: Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh ==> Chandra, Roaring Flame. Fluffy has run tests on this, and it can be deceptively destructive, however frail. I looked back at a Tormenting Voice for the assist on consistency. Like TheRev, I considered a 22nd land - even another mutavault to kind of serve as a 1/2 land?

    For now, I'm sticking with The Parents. But, I don't have to like it!!! The second I get my license to find a better 60th, I'm out of here! You hear me, mom and dad?!

    As for Torpor Orb, that also calls for a careful analysis of what is out there, and what it stops. It's a lot. I don't necessarily bring it in against Snapcaster Mage Decks. IF the deck runs a couple Vendilion Clique, then yes. Spell Queller? Certainly. But, it's too narrow of an answer to just shut down (4) Snappies. Just think that a Chalice on 2 does all the work of a Torpor Orb. Similarly, I don't bring in a Grafdigger's Cage against a deck with (4) Snappies. I do bring in the Relic of Progenitus since it cycles. Sidenote: I also don't bring in Torpor Orb against most Eldrazi construction - if the only thing I anticipate stopping is (4) Thought-Knot Seer.

    Torpor Orb becomes devastating against the "Lord" decks. By that, I mean decks that are tribal and typically feature a lord to lead the swarm attack: Merfolk, Elves, Humans. Also, it's great against Primeval Titan decks. Sure, against primetime, but moreover against their sideboard cards: Obstinate Baloth and Thragtusk and Reclamation Sage (they will summoner's pact for the Sage).

    Now, here's where things get interesting. I just said that I DON'T bring in T. Orb against (2) decks where there is a reasonable application (Snapcaster/Eldrazi). These decks can be problem matchups, so I should be allocating resources in the sideboard to beat them, right? O.K. and then I said that I DO bring in T. Orb against (4) decks where there is certainly a good application. However, these decks are actually already favorable for us. So, I shouldn't be allocating resources in the sideboard to beat them. Huh.

    Well, there are other notable slap downs like Restoration Angel, Spell Queller, Flickerwisp, Thing in the Ice, Kiki-Jiki Mirrorbreaker Combo & wrecks D'n'T decks.

    But, let's stay on track. Overall, the comparison of the (2) decks / unfavorable to the (4) decks / favorable for Torpor Orb bring-ins doesn't add up. Further, the times when we are bringing in Torpor Orb is when we are keeping in the non-bo of Pia and Kiran Nalaar. Weird

    How do we reconcile this contradiction? It's difficult. To Torpor Orb or Not to Torpor Orb? How do we find the solution? Hmmmmmm......Hey, I do know that I hate Death'n'Taxes. Benjamin Franklin, a white male, said that nothing in this world can be certain except Death and Taxes. Now, this may sound crazy, but I'm going to use Torpor Orb to end this patriarchal oppression.

    For me, personally, this is my truth: I detest mono-white. I refuse to lose to it. So, if that means that I have to cram a straight-up kryptonite, golden orb of social justice into the face of Death'n'Taxes, so be it! During these politically correct times, it's not acceptable to be so filled with prejudice. I know that, mountainfolk. I do. But, as a Goblin-American, I identify with my red tribe, and I will not be oppressed by the majority white!


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