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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Thassa's Rebuff
    I don't think the card is good at all, especially in mono-U.
    Mono-U is a tempo deck, not a control deck. Are you really going to hold up 2 mana just in case they cast something? You want to slam as much devotion cards on the table as you can so you can cast Master of Waves etc.

    It might be a SB option at best, but I don't think it will see much play.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Karametra, God of Harvests
    Quote from Illinest
    I should've known better. I got my hopes up for a constructed-worthy card and instead it got the dreaded "good in EDH" treatment.

    I wish they wouldn't do crap like this. There shouldn't be any cards that have no place in constructed. If it's not useful in the core game then why bother? EDH players will take whatever they're offered either way - they always have. You don't need to cater to them. Might as well print Pikachu.

    You actually got it backwards.
    (Good) Standard players will play anything. The balance of power is always shifting in Standard, so if you like a specific color pair and are waiting for its moment to shine, don't hold your breath.
    I know because I am the same; I like Izzet, but I haven't been able to play competative Izzet for a while now. And I am not counting on it being awesome in JIN all of the sudden.

    So again, Good Standard people will play whatever, but to actually have an appealing general for EDH, that's very narrow.
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  • posted a message on Announcing: Modern Event Deck
    It sounds rather weird that they would only make 1 event deck... That will skew the market since the cards for that deck would be a lot cheaper afterwards (even if the cards cost the same as MSRP, there will simply be more availability so people who now have some of those singles will see the prices drop).

    Also, if you don't like the deck type, you're basically out of luck. If it is aimed at new Modern players, it's probably something like Burn or Robots.

    I would have liked 5 event decks or something like that;
    Robots - aggro
    Splintertwin - pure combo
    Pod - combo/control
    Burn - aggro
    UWR control - control
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] New Card frame and M15 Preview
    Actually, I'm with Seamlesstransition on this one. The curved transition from color to border at the bottom is just ugly. It actually makes it feel like the bottom black part is even bigger than it normally is!
    Seamlesstransition made exactly what I would have chosen as well; at the very least the colored part should go until the collectors part and not curve out that much.

    On a sidenote, the 'designed by' line and the reveal that more cards use them in M15, makes me believe we will see a couple of the Invitational cards in the core set again.
    Solemn Simulacrum is a reasonable bet as it's a good staple, but perhaps there will be more...
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Kiora is up!
    I remember people underrating Ashiok when she first came out, and she turned out pretty decent.
    Same with Kiora. At first glance the 2 loyalty is really low for the mana cost, but perhaps she will play out well once everything is revealed?
    At least she's bonkers in limited (like any other planeswalker)
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Oracle of Salvation, Surprise Edition
    Quote from Rakath
    If it's Kiora, like many believe, then the mythic layout for the next two sets can be guessed at. At least with more education than normal. The only way it changes is if they do the Minor Gods in cycles not built on their Allied/Enemy color layout (which is possible).

    Born into Gods
    5 Allied Gods
    1 Monocolor
    4 Kiora + Enemy Color Mythics (WR, UR, BG)

    Journey into Nyx
    5 Enemy Gods
    4 Monocolor
    1 Allied Color Planeswalker which everyone expects to be a giant kitty whose name rhymes with jijani.

    This means that by the end of the set we have:
    15 Gods (5, 5, 5)
    10 Monocolor Non-Gods (5, 1, 4)
    10 Two Color Non-Gods (5, 4, 1)

    I don't think this is likely, since I don't think the GR mythic will be a minor god in BNG. We just had Xenegos in the last set, and he is likely to become the minor god for GR.
    Also, since we will get 5 gods in BNG, there will be 5 non-God mythics, of which there are very likely to be 2 or 3 walkers. That leaves 2 or 3 color combinations which will not get a walker nor a god. I believe GR is one of those combinations.

    Here is my prediction:

    W/R -> God (God for Aggro, we've seen art that looks very much like the W/R god)
    R/B -> God (God for Aggro, art that looks like it, plus a Minotaur God would also boost the desire for people to play the 'For the Horde' deck)
    U/B -> God (God for Control, probably not walker as Ashiok was B/U)
    U/R -> God (God for Combo/Johnny players, saving the G/U Johnny God for JIN)
    B/G -> God (God for Midrange. Might be reanimation based to please that playerbase as it isn't strong in Theros/Rav block)

    W/G -> Ajani (Planeswalker)
    U/G -> Kiora Tora (Planeswalker)
    R/G -> Normal Mythic (just had a G/R walker and highly likely Xenegos will become the R/G god and they would probably want to save it for the last set)

    W/U & W/B -> normal Mythics (recent article had the Future Future League decks and they showed WotC knew about Mono U devotion, Mono B devotion and Esper Control decks being good. No need for extra gods in these colors yet. Not giving these 2 combinations uber mythics will shift the metagame a bit, which is good. And allows for some shifting again with JIN)

    Yes, the color combinations are not balanced as in every color doesn't have 2 gods or something, but I do think this provides for a balanced draft environment (they said that they did the same for RTR and GTC; balanced the number of Aggro, Control and Midrange to provide a good environment) and would fit with the Planeswalker rumors & story.

    Then again, this is just an attempt at educated guesses...
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Oracle of Salvation, Surprise Edition
    It sounds like her indeed.
    So we can start make a few guesses about her abilities...

    vaporizing her foes
    So Vaporize eh?

    I assume it will be bouncing a creature, and seeing the power, it will probably be her minus ability (it could be her + ability if she is costed high)

    exploring into the deep sea for fascinating creatures
    This is a strange one. She is compared to Thassa, so it would be something like look at the top card of library. "Explore for fascinating creatures" that actually sounds exactly like Domri's + ability; scry, if it's a creature, put it in your hand.
    The "explore the deep sea" could also mean; reveal the top card of your library, if it's an island or forest, put it into play. That sounds like a blue/green ability and is strong enough for a Planeswalker. It sounds like a reasonable + ability.
    Except that the 'fascinating creatures' part then doesn't make sense..

    And I don't know how there could be 3 abilities hidden in the text...

    Anyone have another take?
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  • posted a message on [Speculation] Wizards Reprinting Fetchlands?
    But not at the same time. I believe what he said is that they would support all 10 color combinations. I interpret that as; since enemy fetches are in, but allied are not currently, we need to do something about the allied ones. I don't think he ever mentioned that dual cycles are completed in just 1 block.

    Besides, there is much more to gain in terms of booster sales if the ONS ones are reprinted (Legacy demand + decks in Modern that want ONS ones instead of Zend ones).
    I highly doubt they will print all 10 in the same block, as ZEN proved that even a block where Land matters doesn't need 10 of them at the same time and it allows them to do the other 5 in a few years as well (making that block sell better as well).
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  • posted a message on [Speculation] Wizards Reprinting Fetchlands?
    The most interesting question to discuss I think is *which* fetches will be reprinted.
    Personally, I think they will reprint the ONS ones and not the Zendikar ones (those will be reprinted in the far future).
    The 5 extra fetches will not cause decks to run 20 fetches (since that is really not feasible). So the number of fetches in Modern decks would maybe only slightly increase (if at all).
    If the ONS ones are reprinted, the prices of all fetches might come together (ZEN ones are now more expensive because they are played in more formats), and would create less strain on the availability of the fetches of the most played colors (ie blue fetches are more expensive now, because they are the most played and there are only 2 different ones in Modern. So if you play blue heavy, you need both Tarns and Misties).

    Of course this is all theory (and there are different theories too that say the opposite), but I personally think reprinting ONS ones is better than the ZEN ones.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] A Little Tidbit
    Fixed/Altered Bob is what I think. Seer definately says 'Scry' in my mind.
    Maybe something like:

    When ~ enters the battlefield, scry 2.
    During your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. Draw it and lose life equal to it's casting cost
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Minor gods at mythic Rarity
    Pretty sure next week they will spoil 1 God.
    They said they 'have a surprise' for us, and we are already getting close to spoiler season. The best spoil is a Mythic, and sometimes they spoil a planeswalker, but in this case, I think a minor God (since it gets people speculating on the other 4 Gods) would be best.
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  • posted a message on Thoughtseize hate
    I don't think it needs an answer because of power level, but it needs an answer because of fun;
    Thoughtseize is the epitome of an unfun discard spell, because you lose your most important card right from the start. Some pro (forgot who) said it pretty well when he said 'Casting Thoughtseize is like both players taking a mulligan'.
    Several pro's have also expressed their disdain it is in standard again.

    I do hope it gets an answer (but not a creature, Loxodon Smiter v2.0 would be boring)
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What is this art?
    Well they can always just use some part of the painting or change it a bit.
    Like Legacy Weapon from John Avon originally didn't have colored beams (was just a light grey)
    And if you remember Keeper of the Mind... they cut part of that image due to it not being approiate (and made fun of that on the Unglued card Censorship)
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  • posted a message on Tibalt's Advocate: Grixis
    I've recently tested some Grixis control against some buddies because of the Dutch Nationals which ones of my friends was qualified for and it was a disaster. I could only win from aggro decks consistently

    Both WU control and Esper Control are doing well. The reasons are;
    * Detention Sphere; Catches all. Good against aggro, midrange and control, almost never dead. There is no other removal spell that comes close for control.
    * Divine Verdict; the best swiper. Anger is nice, Mortars is nice, but this just says 'wipe', while the others say 'you may need an extra spell or two to actually clear the board'.
    * Sphinx's Revelation; the one that lets control get ahead and win.

    There are no suitable replacements for these cards and the other decks are strong enough so that you NEED cards of this quality to beat them. Sure, you can make a Grixis control deck that does just as well as WU or Esper against aggro, but you will lose a lot against midrange and control. Or you can make a Grixis deck that does well against control, but it will die against aggro.
    It simply doesn't have all the necessary tools to compete right now. Perhaps next set...
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  • posted a message on Thoughtseize hate
    What about something like Regrowth? But it should be better early game, and less good lategame. So something like:

    Regrowth Mark2
    3G - Sorcery
    Return a card from your graveyard to your hand. If you control 2 or less land, Regrowth Mark2 costs 3 less to cast.

    The only worry I have is that it makes control really good, because getting back a Sphinx's Rev late game is pretty fine for them, but being a Sorcery it should be balanced I think. Perhaps it needs an extra 'pay 2 life to cast' to mimic Thoughtseize even more and have a more relevant drawback.
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