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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Took this list to a small modern FNM yesterday.

    I'd quit modern shortly after the Twin ban, and only recently picked it up. I bought into Lantern Control, but I didn't have the sideboard complete, so I assembled UR delver, a deck I was very familiar with, out of some spare cards.

    The FNM was a short 3 round, 8 player FNM. I went 2-1, beating Jeskai Control and Ponza, and losing to Burn.

    Match 1 against Jeskai control was a close back and forth series. Game 1 I was very lucky that he didn't draw a single Lightning Helix the entire match. Game 2 I opened with a Delver that refused to flip, and it bought him enough time to Helix his way back into the game. Game 3 was a close affair where I had a lot of threats, but my Pyros and Swiftspears were looking pretty anemic without a lot of spells to back them up. I managed to sneak in for exactsies with my singleton post board vapor snag on round 1 of extra turns by bouncing his snapcaster mage when he was tapped out.

    Match two against ponza was a much more one sided affair. Game 1 I simple tempoed him out by deploying a couple of threats, bolting his Tracker and Snagging his stormbreath dragon, while holding remand up Inferno Titan. He did manage to blow up a couple lands, but all I needed were 2 lands for the deck to operate. Game 2 he got stuck on lands, and I just beat him down easily.

    Match 3 was a one sided affair too, but on a different side. He basically beat me down and I had barely any way to stem the bleeding.

    Overall this deck was really fun, and I might continue to tune this over the next couple of months. First changes will probably be to cut the 4th Chart a Course for a 18th land, and replacing the 4 opts with rift bolts. Opt was rather disappointing since it doesn't help to flip delver, and it made the deck a little too full of air. Chart a course was great throughout the night, but dropping 4 opts means 17 lands would probably be too little, and i think 3 charts is plenty enough.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Complain about Legacy Prices & Availability Thread
    Wizards can't actually abolish the reserved list. The implications go far beyond a few potential lawsuits and a couple of unhappy collectors. We're talking about LGS survival and the sustainability of the game's player base in the future. Contrary to popular belief, cheap and accessible cards are not what makes a card game stick around.

    That said, damn do I wish I could afford Legacy. I would actually be game for a format without the reserved list - it's the best way to bypass the reserved list that I've seen, and honestly that's what I think Modern should have been. A non-rotating format without Brainstorm is just meh.
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  • posted a message on Possible solution to reserve list problem: Reserve list buyback program
    I currently don't play Legacy, but I love the format, and follow the tournaments and meta. Hopefully, one day I can finally get into the format. Even then, I don't think the reserve list should be broken in any way.

    The game requires players and value to stay strong. Players give the cards value, value keeps players in the game. YUGIOH was not a good example - its old enough that there is already value in cards, and that will keep people in the game and help it to grow. Look at Force of Will (the card game), Vanguard, GoT, Shadow Era, Netrunner etc. I've played all of them, and like many other players I left after a while. The current flavor of the season at my LGS is the Final Fantasy card game. Just like all the other games I mentioned, there'll be tournament support, a decent playerbase, and in a year no one will remember the game. All of these games are immensely fun, but they are dead or are dying because the cards lacked value, and hence lacked collectibility.

    Think of why Hearthstone and Shadowverse are successful beyond their accessibility. Or Pokemon or YUGIOH for that matter. It's because it takes effort to build a collection, and that keeps people in the game. If every card in magic tanked in value, sure people can play more. But it makes it easier for people to leave and harder to keep people invested.

    This don't affect existing players who love the game that much. But for getting newer players this is a problem. New players can come in, spend a hundred plus, play a couple weeks, and then change to whatever new game is hot. Magic won't die immediately, but it won't grow either, and eventually the game will die. It's a bit of a stretch, but reserved list cards are the carrot on the stick for new players and the older players that spent so much effort getting the carrot arent going to give it up easily.

    Wizards has always been receptive to what the players want. And the players have been very vocal about the reserved list. But I think this is the one thing where I'll admit that Wizards knows better than the Players, and I'm happy about that.
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  • posted a message on Thrasios/Tymna Doomtide Guide
    I just want to point out something - all the top doomsday commanders have a way to generate card advantage. Jeleva grabs free spells, Zur grabs Necro, Thrasios and Tymna draws cards. Leovold does absolutely nothing when you're behind.

    I've played with and against Leovold, and the biggest problem everytime is that once you ramp and lose the counter war over the first wheel, you're often left to the mercy of your top decks. By the time you find that second wheel, Leovold would have been dealt with, or other players would have already won. Remember, Leovold stops wheels, but doesn't do anything against Necro or Ad Nauseam. And the player resolving Necro or Ad Nauseam will most likely find a way to deal with leovold too

    Leovold is definitely not a deck I'd bring to a competitive table - for its colors, the commander simply does too little to assist your own game plan. Stalling your opponents doesn't matter if you can't capitalise on it.
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  • posted a message on The Gitrog Monster - TurboFroggy (Now with Doomsday!)
    Quote from Perplex11 »
    Nevermind, you use oblivion crown on gitrog.

    Or, you could use praetor's grasp on your opponent's library, discard kozilek, shuffle both back in, then reset to the orignal "whole deck in hand" state and repeat until your opponents have no libraries left.

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  • posted a message on Midrange Druid - 5 Color Dragon Combo Edition
    they can still kill the druid in response to lightning mauler's soulbond trigger. I don't think it's going to be worth it taking an extra turn just to set up a hasty hermit druid. espcially since those haste enablers don't contribute outside of a hermit druid plan.

    Postmortem lunge is largely inferior to shallow grave and corpse dance, because reanimating necrotic ooze with those is a very common backup play, and postmortem lunge sucks at that. If you play all in hermit druid, then post mortem is better. but since this wants to have a midrange option, then postmortem is strictly inferior as it is the card that is least able to transition into a midgame strategy.

    EDIT: on the deck itself, i kinda prefer ertai's meddling to delay, because of the fringe case where you can counter uncounterable spells. for the same cost, one turn is not that much different from three turns when it really matters

    key to the city over lotleth troll?
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  • posted a message on Scion of the Ur-Dragon
    Pretty sure dragon tyrant doesn't have haste? It can't grant haste either.
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  • posted a message on Midrange Druid - 5 Color Dragon Combo Edition
    Keen sense may be better than curiosity since its easier to set up G + UU for, say, keen sense with mana drain back up than UUU for curiosity with mana drain backup.

    A slight upgrade I think. Foil keen sense also contributes more to the money tribal theme.
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  • posted a message on Zur the Enchanter, competitive EDH
    Considered going the doomsday combo route? it requires slightly more deck commitment, and significantly more financial commitment.

    This is my list, the original list is attached, mine is slightly slower, but more resilient.

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  • posted a message on Doomsday Zur
    Current thoughts:

    I want to pull the deck focus away from a all in fast combo deck, to a midrange deck with the potential for fast combo.

    Rip Helm is a step towards this direction.

    I want to try adding a Solitary Confinement. While it doesn't contribute to the combo plan, against aggressive tables, it preserves your life total for Necropotence and Ad Nauseam.

    Power Artifact is promising as an infinite mana combo, but we don't have anything to do with that mana. Exsanguinate might make the cut as a way to pad our life total to enable stronger Ad Nauseams, and also as a way to channel this infinite mana. I'm not sure if there are alternatively to this as an outlet for infinite mana. If those 2 cards go through, I could foresee cutting pull from eternity and tormod's crypt.

    Cards that are on the chopping board for now:

    Pull from Eternity
    Merchant Scroll
    Tormod's Crypt
    Fellwar Stone

    As much as I want to change the deck, I still want to maintain its average CMC below 2 at all times. This means any changes can only increase the total CMC of the deck by 7.
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  • posted a message on Doomsday Zur
    I'll be updating and editing this thread on this forums, not to claim credit for this list, but mainly to track my own thought process as I tune this list to my meta, and to gather feedback. The credit for this list goes to Skuloth from the competitiveEDH subreddit and tappedout, although I have made a few personal tweaks, the bulk of the deck was built by him. For reference, his list can be found here:

    The reason why I'm leaving this on the forums is for two reasons:

    1) I'm not the best deck builder out there, and I appreciate any feedback I can get.
    2) My thought process behind card choices may be flawed, and putting this on a forums allows other people to point out these flaws that I wouldn't notice myself.

    Without further ado, this is the list.

    Link to deck @ TappedOut.net

    Average CMC: 1.93

    This deck has a few routes to victory. The primary route is to resolve Ad Nauseam, drawing a bunch of cards and facilitating a Doomsday win.

    Alternative routes include:

    Notion Thief + Wheel effect to effectively draw 7 for each player in the game and empty everyone else's hand.
    Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace to draw your deck and set up Laboratory Maniac
    Rest in Peace + Helm of Obedience to exile a player's library.

    • Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Lotus Petal, Lion's Eye Diamond, Cabal Ritual, Dark Ritual, Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Grim Monolith
    • These are the mana positive rocks in the deck, i.e they generate more mana than they cost. They are crucial to the operation of the deck as they not only ramp you into Ad Nauseam, they help to generate mana post Ad Nauseam for you to continue casting spells. Some of these rocks such as the moxes, and the Lotus Petal generate card disadvantage for you, which necessitates the inclusion of wheel effects to balance the card disadvantage in the deck.

    • Azorius Signet, Dimir Signet, Orzhov Signet, Talisman of Dominance, Talisman of Progress, Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone
    • These are the mana negative rocks, i.e they cost more mana than they produce. They are mainly to ramp you into Ad Nauseam, but post Ad Nauseam or wheel, they also, with the exception of Mind Stone, filter colorless mana into colored mana. These are important, but not as important as the mana positive rocks. In order of importance:
      1. Dimir Signet This filters 3 into UB, the 2 most important colors in the deck.
      2. Azorius Signet, Orzhov Signet These filters 3 into UW and BW respectively. While white is not as important, filtering for 2 colors still puts them above the other options.
      3. Talisman of Dominance This filters 2 into U/B, at the cost of 1 life.
      4. Talisman of Progress This filters 2 into U/W, at the cost of 1 life. Producing W over B puts it a tier below Talisman of Dominance
      5. Mind Stone While this doesn't filter for mana, it cycles, meaning it's rarely a dead draw. The draw has multiple advantages: it can trigger Laboratory Maniac at instant speed and is very hard to counter, and can be done in response to removal as well. It also can help to kick start Doomsday piles
      6. Fellwar StoneWhile this filters for mana, it is unreliable to rely on this for colored mana, making it the weakest of the lot. At least it enters the battlefield untapped.

    • Helm of Awakening This deserves special mention, because it is either the best or worst mana rock in the deck, depending on how many spells you cast per turn compared to each opponent. Usually, you cast this on the turn you want to combo, making it more often than not the former over the latter. It also turns all your mana negative rocks into mana neutral rocks.

    • High Tide Another card that deserves special mention, This scales according to the number of untap effects you have, and the number of islands you have. Potentially the most busted ramp spell in the deck.

    • Sensei's Divining Top
    • This is the best card in this category. It becomes even better given that this deck has a lot of ways to shuffle the library. The card draw also helps trigger Laboratory Maniac and kick start Doomsday piles, but for the latter, some additional thought has to go into setting up the pile.

    • Impulse, Brainstorm, Preordain, Ponder
    • The best cheap filtering that blue has to offer, allowing us to skimp on lands, and helping us dig to our combo.

    • Frantic Search
    • This is basically free card filtering, but with a High Tide active, this becomes another ritual. Also helps enables some very efficient Doomsday piles

    • Night's Whisper, Thirst for Knowledge, Gush
    • In terms of card advantage, these are usually +1. They are basically the beast options available in these colors, and the cheapest as well, with Gush often costing no mana.

    • Ad Nauseam
    • The single card that this deck is built to abuse. With an average CMC of 1.93, we can draw an average of 15-20 cards off this alone, which is often enough to win the game. There's a reason why this deck tries to find and cast this ASAP.

    • Necropotence
    • Another card that generates insane amount of card advantage, it does so over a period of time. Hence, it serves as a viable backup plan if the Ad Nauseam plan falls through. This is almost always the first Zur target.

    • Timetwister, Time Spiral, Windfall
    • This deck empties it's hand rather quickly, meaning that these wheels often draw you more cards than it does your opponents. With Notion Thief out, these basically win you the game on their own, leaving opponents with no hand and you with 28 cards in hand.

    • Predict
    • This remains in the deck to enable the most efficient Doomsday pile. Since Doomsday searches through your graveyard too, it can just cycle pre Doomsday.

    • Gitaxian Probe
    • This can give you information the turn you go off. More importantly, this enables efficient Doomsday pile allowing you to draw a card for no mana. As with above, you can easily just cycle this pre Doomsday.

    • Silence
    • The ultimate protection spell. If it resolves, you can basically combo off unhindered. In fringe cases, can stall your opponents as well.

    • Yawgmoth's Will
    • This card scales in accordance to the size of your graveyard, it's value ranging from insane, to broken. It enables some of the most mana efficient Doomsday piles, enables you to retry failed Ad Nauseams, and basically does almost everything.

    • Unearth
    • A Doomsday enabler, cycling makes it barely good enough to deserve a slot, again by enabling efficient Doomsday piles while not being entirely useless outside of it.

    • Pull from Eternity
    • Our core strategy relies so much on Laboratory Maniac that we want a way to be able to get it back if an opponents removes it from our deck, hand, or graveyard. As I diversify our win conditions, such as including Helm of Obedience/Rest in Peace, this will get the cut, especially if the meta falls on mill/exile from library effect, i.e Jeleva.

    • Helm of Obedience
    • Exiles a player's library in conjunction with Rest in Peace. Serves as an alternative win condition that's one of the easiest to assemble.

    • Notion Thief
    • While this does nothing on it's own, it makes our wheels so much better that it's inclusion is worth it.

    • Turnabout
    • Whether we untap artifacts or lands, this is usually just an additional ritual. In addition, it scales with High Tide, and with artifact ramp.

    • Angel's Grace
    • Enables a two card combo with Ad Nauseam, which we want to cast anyway. While Phyrexian Unlife and Soul Echo can be fetched by Zur, they leave us open to blowouts by enchantment removal, especially Krosan Grip.

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  • posted a message on Grixis/Tasigur (URB) Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    voldaren is better if you expect a meta with elves, coco, affinity, etc.

    hellkite is better if you expect a meta with more BGx, grixis and UWx. I would argue that hellkite is better against the twin variants as well.

    This does not mean olivia is bad against jund or anything I'm just comparing the two n a vacuum.

    overall in terms of versatility olivia is better i feel because in the bgx/grixis/uwx/twin matchups she still threatens to take over the game even though hellkite is better at closing. hellkite is better against these decks, but a bit narrower.
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  • posted a message on Grixis/Tasigur (URB) Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    if you have anger, run anger. there's nothing in your meta where hitting 4 toughness creatures makes a bigger difference than 3 toughness. the only difference is against tokens when you need the auriok champion to die. if so, a 1/1 split can be considered.

    if your meta lacks BGx and is more control oriented. pact is good enough that i would even consider two - one main and one in the board. it's weaker against fast decks since it's a dead card until turn 5,but after that it's a decent card for you to stabilize behind. against control it wins you the game so easily. If you start to see more BGx/less control, pact would be the first card you drop from the 75.

    if tokens is a big part, spell snare would be preferable over mana leak and thought scours. Izzet charm seems pretty good in your meta - removal for affinity, counter for tokens and burn, and selection against control.

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  • posted a message on Grixis/Tasigur (URB) Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    You should run more lands, 23 is the accepted norm.

    You absolutely need to hit that 4th mana to combo, and if you don't have the combo, then you need the 5 mana for snap-kommands to grind until you get your combo. Also, if you don't go beyond 5 lands, you can't have extra mana to protect your combo as well.

    Postboard, if you are boarding into control, you need to consistently hit 7-8 lands. 22 lands is still a bit risky. I used to run 22 too, but it was too shaky and you leave a lot of games to luck. 21 lands seems unthinkable to me.

    I like the thought scours to augment the aggro plan with tasigur. 2 scours also justifies less lands. but minimum should still be 22, so i would suggest cutting the izzet charm for the 22nd land.

    I've toyed with maindeck pacts before, but ultimately i felt i didn't need it. one copy is fair though. i would replace the mana leak with either the second dispel/pact, or with a single spell snare.

    EDIT: rest of the list looks sweet, languish feels slower but is probably fine, but it would help to let us know the meta so we have more concrete suggestions.
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  • posted a message on Grixis/Tasigur (URB) Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)

    the list i'm running for now. The composition is the same, just a few tweaks to better fit my style and meta.

    how are the two inquisitions main? i've been wanting to run main deck discard but i can't find anything i like over discard. maybe cut 1 dispel for it, but even then i would want a second discard spell. also, I feel that we often just board them out anyway.

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