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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Quote from MikePemulis »
    Modern attendance has been way, way down in Gainesville lately. It's a college town, and students just had finals and graduation, but we couldn't even get 6 to fire for the last few weeks. Last July to January or so, we had a pretty reliable 12-16. Lots of the losses are younger kids who are in on one deck that's fallen out of favor, and I think they get discouraged and bail. It sucks. I have the money and ability to swap cards and even decks if I want to, but these 8th graders, many of them very good players, are all-in on stuff like Abzan Company and UR Wizards, both of which are pretty out of favor.

    Where do you play in Gainesville? I used to play there all the time a couple of years ago, mostly at Mega Gaming and Comics.
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  • posted a message on Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi - @mtg_youngmage spoiler
    You might want to think of it as 6 mana if you are considering the haste and "flash" aspects. Otherwise, the land you play it on has to be tapped to play the spell, making haste irrelevant and "flash" to block irrelevant. It is still a cool end of opponent's turn play to make a big guy to swing on your next one. Just remember you need 6 mana up to use it immediately.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 4/5 - Massacre Girl and Tomik
    Lol, Massacre Girl's ability is like defile from Hearthstone.
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  • posted a message on 4 Lords of Limited preview cards
    I'm a little sad that Rescuer Sphinx doesn't have flash for flavor and ability, but it probably would have been extremely pushed then.
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  • posted a message on Consuming Hellion
    No trample is a little sad.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from Ratrek »


    Can you imagine the firestorm if Twin was unbanned long enough that new and old people picked up the deck and foiled it out only to have a "oops, this needs to go away again" 6 months or a year later? Ick.

    Well, they could put it on "probation", letting the player base know upfront that it is only un-banned for the next however many months and it will be specifically re-evaluated then as to whether it will remain un-banned (still on probation or not) or be moved back to the ban list. That might help against the rush and temper expectations.
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  • posted a message on English paper
    They can raise or lower excitement for a the new set or even other sets(which can potentially affect sales of previous sets either positively or negatively) depending on what is spoiled.
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  • posted a message on GRN Prerelease Experiences?
    Went Selesnya and then 4-0. The pool didn't feel overwhelming but was just so efficient, solid creatures + boosts + removal, that I rolled through, not even losing a game. The lifegain was real, as I ended 3 or 4 games with over 30 life (1 mana 1/1 birds with lifelink are fun and every 1/1 token gains life.). I had a good time of course. It reminded me of M19 in that there didn't feel like there were tons of bombs that finished games, but that synergy and efficiency pulled through over flashy.
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  • posted a message on Overcosted CMC?
    Quote from Lithl »
    Smaller blue creatures (Merfolk, Wizards) just aren't good enough to compete given their abilities and CMC - it seems like blue needs better 1 CMC drops - in order to be viable in Modern or Legacy. Perhaps this is why Blue is generally regulated to a support or splash color for card draw for the most part?
    I suggest looking at some Modern and Legacy blue decks, to see what creatures are considered 'viable' in those formats. While blue rarely gets efficient, large creatures, they do occasionally get efficient creatures, and small does not mean the creature can't compete.

    I agree, but creatures like Snapcaster (which I love), Phantasmal Image (like it too), Delver of Secrets (Also like) are very situational and require the right spell to be in your graveyard already (Snapcaster), for you to have lots of spells in your deck (Delver) or to have a significantly impactful creature already on the board. These are impactful and can compete in the right situations, but I'm not sure about their efficiency otherwise.

    To me this is like saying that Tarmogoyf isn't strong because you need specific things to be in graveyards, or Dark Confidant isn't strong because you need to be able to draw lower costed cards not to kill yourself, or Arcbound Ravager and Steel Overseer aren't strong because because you need to have artifacts/artifact creatures on the board, or Thalia's Lieutenant is not strong because you need to have other humans on board or to play them afterwards.

    Most of the time strength is relative to deck building, cards available, and match up. There are tons of strong cards that are not "strong" in and of themselves. How efficient are the above mentioned cards on their own? But in the right decks they are great. The blue creatures talked about are just in that category.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Interesting card spoiled for the White splash builds Knight of Autumn. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    So, with the new B/G cards spoiled so far, people are thinking Jund and such are on their way back. How would that set us in the meta? Seems like it would be good for us.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from DHamlin »
    Haven't posted in a while so decided I probably should. I went 34-22-1 between June 1st and September 1st for an average win rate of 60.7%.

    This is my current list which hasn't changed much in the last 3-4mo.

    Link to deck @ TappedOut.net

    Also for anyone who might be interested there is a rather large (270+) Facebook group for BW Tokens that I know at least a handful of people from here are active in.

    How have the 1x Cast Down and 1x Secure the Wastes felt to you?
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from Wolsom »
    Hello People
    I've been playing a bit with a more aggressive RTA version of the deck.
    Went 3-1 with one bye at FNM. Lost to Bant spirits - seems like an aweful matchup, won against Humans and Mardu Pyromancer.

    The deck always ends up grinding it out. The aggressive slant of the deck doesn't seem to bring much of a payoff really.
    So i thought about how to make a grindy RTA version; one reason is so i dont have to buy bitterblossom or Liliana, the other is to see if it works.
    I've come up with this list.

    My experience with the former RTA version was:
    Flipping LL is nice if you have something to spend the mana on.
    Ramping with PtE is a very real thing.
    Winbrisk needs some big payoffs.
    There's a lot of creature heavy decks running around, so instant blockers - RTA - are nice and so are maindeck sweepers - Settle.

    I would love som feedback, so please comment Smile

    Hey, there!

    I think the general consensus has been that we usually want to avoid having more than 2-3 lands that unconditionally enter the battlefield tapped and then the next part of that is that Windbrisk Heights has generally been considered not worth it, these days. That may have been a reason for adding the Ethspeths but a 6 drop can be a hard pill to drop in modern if you don't have real ramp (LL is not always there). Now, you may have already practiced a ton with it and love it, but I would suggest dropping the elspeths as too expensive in most capacities. If you want the walkers I would up the 4 drops, maybe a Sorin, lord of innistrad.

    Then, without Eslpeth, you can go down to 24 lands very safely and drop the 2x Windbrisk Heights and throw in another fetch.

    You probably want to get up to the 4th Intangible Virtue, as it is one of the strongest cards in our deck.

    Also, without the double black count of liliana or the value of bitterblossom, if you want to be grindier, good ol' spectral procession is one of the best value-per-cost token producers we can run.

    So, if I gave you suggestions for direct changes it would be:
    - 2x Elspeth, Sun's Champion
    - 2x Windbrisk Heights
    + 1x Windswept Heath
    + 1x Intangible Virtue
    + 2x Spectral Procession

    You may feel that losing Elspeth and Heights makes you weaker in the late game, but there are many times where in the mid to late game we still don't have 6 mana and just need something usable or an untapped land. I think you can still be grindy enough while also being more consistent.

    Good luck!
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens

    Round 2: 0-2 against B/R burn running vexing devil, bump in the night, and claim // fame
    Game 1 came down to if he had Skullcrack in hand or not and he did.
    Game 2 I dumbly played into Blood Moon and got to spend some turns looking at mountains.
    In: 2x Auriok Champion, 2x Blessed Alliance
    Out: 2x Bitterblossom, 2x Thoughtseize
    That's quite a reckless burn list. I can tell you I'd never run Blood moon or claim // fame as it's heavily discouraged in a "true" burn list. what you describe sounds a lot more like a rakdos aggro, which is kinda like burn with a bigger focus on creatures. Nitpicking aside, nice job on th rematch

    also, most bogles mainboard the leyline now. They know discard and sacrifice are their big weakness. The last thing they want is getting their bogle thoughseized. I usually deal with them with Runed halo.

    Yeah, it could have been closer to a Rakdos aggro, but other than the mentioned cards, everything else seemed normal stock burn. I am glad teh luck was on my side in the rematch (at least in 1 extra game).

    That would be a perfect answer to them for sure. I may see about fitting that in the side again. All I would have had against them this time would have been the 2 board wipes (with wrath being weak against totem armor), the disenchants, and the blessed alliances (Hoping they didn't draw a leyline.). I am rather glad that I didn't have to actually play him for prizes. :p I had also had an anguished unmaking in the side for a while that I had taken out but may bring back with all of the enchantment and artifacts running around.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from MagicYio »
    How do you feel about the card choices? (6 planeswalkers, of which 2 Liliana of the Veil, no Spectral Procession, Start // Finish, 3 Bitterblossom instead of 4, Ghost Quarter/Field of Ruin, how did the sideboard work?)

    I didn't use Liliana enough to get much of a feel for her. I have generally run the 2/2 Sorin/Gideon split and liked that, but this was the first time running Liliana.

    No Spectrals was interesting but not a big issue on token generating, generally. I was actually happy not to have them that day as I faced Blood Moon or Land Destruction in 4 out of 6 real matches, and it would have been hard to cast it.

    Didn't really see much of Start // Finish either, so not much to write home about. I do love the instant speed of it though against decks that I may need to remove a creature on their turn but also need to create a board presence if I don't.

    The Bitterblossoms seemed fine. I saw them a decent bit still, but I faced enough aggro/combo decks that they didn't matter much in most matches and I sided them out a decent bit. If it was a heavy control/midrange meta, I would probably go up to 4.

    I didn't blow up any lands all night with my lands as none of the decks I played against really cared about it, except Ponza and we didn't draw destruction lands and mana enchantments at the same time. I dodged the Tron player and saw no one with man lands. They were more useful as mana for me and the colorless didn't seem to hurt (and they made just as good mountains as any of my other non basics. :p ) So, they seemed fine. Better to have and not need, I suppose.

    The sideboard seemed solid for what I faced. My friends had told me beforehand that there was all kinds of things running around at the LGS but a lot of aggro and combo stuff, so I adjusted accordingly. I dropped 3x stony silence for the 3x damping sphere (and it paid off) and I think I switched out 2x Pithing needle for the 2x blessed alliance (which seemed a solid choice for the night). I felt like I usually had the cards I needed in the sideboard, it was just a matter of drawing them, like usual. As MisterMuffin21 mentioned above, it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring back a runed halo or 2 with some of those decks running around.
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