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  • posted a message on Huge sale for iPhone/iPod
    There's a pretty decent sale on games for iPhone/iPod going on over at appstore.

    Here are just some of the games on offer:

    Monkey Island: Special Edition
    Monkey Island 2: Special Edition
    Puzzle Agent
    Deer Hunter: African Safari
    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
    Super Monkey Ball 2
    PAC-MAN Championship Edition
    Spore™ Creatures
    Zombie Infection
    Assassin's Creed II Discovery
    The Expendables Game
    De Blob Revolution
    Need for Speed Shift
    Baseball Superstars® 2010
    9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011
    Soccer Superstars™
    Civilization Revolution
    2K Sports NHL 2K11
    Wooden Labyrinth 3D

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    DOOM Resurrection
    Star Wars: Trench Run
    DOOM Classic
    MLB Power Pros Touch 2010
    ACE COMBAT Xi Skies of Incursion
    Mirror's Edge™
    Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night
    ZENONIA® 2
    HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia
    MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition
    RISK : The Official Game
    Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2
    Real Racing
    NCAA® Football by EA SPORTS
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    Hills and Rivers Remain

    NFL 2011


    Call of Duty: Zombies
    FIFA 10 by EA SPORTS™

    The duration of the sale is unknown, but from what I've read it's been speculated that it'll last ~a week.

    Myself, I've picked up Monkey Island 1 and 2, Zenonia 1 and 2, Puzzle Agent, Bookworm, and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor for a total of $8 Smile

    In addition I strongly recommend getting Peggle, one of the greatest timewasters of all time.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Ced's been right about one thing; there is something missing in my claim. Seeing as no good is likely to come from keeping it hidden...
    In addition to my 1-shot vig, I have a 1-shot NK-protect (triggered), by way of bullet proof vest. It is specified that it only protects against kills made with guns. How significant that last part is, I do not know.
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  • posted a message on I wish I hadn't bought an Xbox 360.
    Quote from LogicX
    So I just bought Halo Reach and I'm actually having a lot of fun with it. Except...

    It turns out that you can't play Firefight without a hard drive. I have plenty of memory with my flash drives, but they decided I should spend more money for no reason to unlock big features of the game. So not only do I have to pay for online, I have to pay more to access online game modes.


    To be fair, Microsoft are supposedly working on a fix for this.
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  • posted a message on Choosing a Person's Very First Video Game
    Had it not been for the "strong narrative" part, I'd go for Little Big Planet.

    Games with strong narratives...
    My first suggestion would probably be Heavy Rain. It has a mature story, and is also a very unique game.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from dropkickdude

    He said that AI was pushing things too far, but the "fundamentals had merit." That's a little fence-sitty to me.

    It was. I felt that AI's initial push was valid, but didn't like where he took the case later.

    My second point about his non-committal attack on Nakamura to start could be explained by his vig claim as trying to not bypass the Town, but 1-shot vig is easy to claim as Mafia and who uses a sniper rifle indoors anyways?

    Quote from ced395

    My new theory on Zchinque is as follows:

    1. He isn't mafia (at the moment, at least). Doesn't necessarily mean he's town, though.

    Okay. I'd like to know how you reached this conclusion, but as you say further down that it involves unrevealed role info, I can wait.
    2. He's withholding important info. Most likely from both his flavor summary and his role mechanic claim. Traitor is a possiblity, but not the main one.
    Nothing in my role pm gives me any reason to believe that I am a traitor.

    Quote from ced395

    One in three is a decent chance. It's the smaller probability, but it is certainly not ignorable. In mafia terms, it is more than enough to allow for reasonable doubt. It isn't in sync with you saying that Zch might just be "convinced" earlier.

    I happen to think that 2/3 is good enough odds to play.

    Also, consider this, RafK: when Zchinque says that Nakamura is "scum or a liability", then what is he assuming Nakamura to be when he says that she is a liability? I think that this is Az's point.
    That there was always a chance that Nak was town? I can't talk on behalf of anyone else, but I'm very rarely 100% certain in my reads.

    Ok, let's start with a summary of Zchinque's argument that caused all of this. How is this for a summary?

    "In the event that Nakamura is town, then we should kill her anyway, because she is a liability and a potential mislynch at lylo."
    Strawman. The way you present it here the determination of alignment comes before the kill.
    What you're saying here can be roughly rephrased to "[implied]If Nakamura is scum, we should kill her[/implied], but if Nakamura is town we should kill her anyway."

    I prefer:
    "We should kill Nakamura. She is likely to be scum. If she is town we're not losing much, and ridding ourselves of a possible liability."

    Now, let's break it down:
    -"In the event that Nakamura is town": Earlier, I did think that he was looking sure that Nakamura was scum from the neutral thing, and my original argument here was that, in which case, why was he exploring this possibility. I'd note that he responded (with the one-in-three thing) to say that, well, actually, he isn't sure so he can make this assumption. Not that people seem to recognise that.
    As mentioned above, I am always willing to doubt my own reads.
    -"then we should kill her anyway": A questionable statement, obviously. But let us look at the reasoning next.
    See above.
    -"because she is a liability": This (and, TBH, much of his reasoning) can be described as fearmongering. He says that, if we leave her alive and she is town, then she is still a danger, a weak link in the chain. That is, of course, where his alternative comes in - kill her now.
    -"and a potential mislynch": As already addressed, this is bad logic. To avoid miskilling later, we miskill now. Doesn't achieve a lot, and doesn't really address the liability problem much more than make it a reality.
    -"at lylo": This ties in some of the fearmongering and bad logic from earlier. A mislynch at lylo is the worst time to mislynch, so let's avoid this specific one by accelerating lylo!
    I'll just do these three together.
    You're arguing as if my stance was that I believed Nakamura to be town. I think I have already stated quite clearly that this is not the case.

    Then there is the question of why he is even thinking about lylo at this stage.
    I still strongly disagree that thinking (far) ahead is scummy. It might be Az' goal to identify all scum day one, and make the rest of the game pro forma. My goal is just to win the game.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Just watches S☺☺☺☺horpe - Manchester United. Marvelous display. A delight to see the home team having a real go at it, despite being up against, on paper, a much better team.
    Now I believe I shall light a cigarette and catch up.

    EWP: Err... S☺☺☺☺horpe is such a nasty word.
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  • posted a message on Hello from Norway and "old school question"
    Silly Norwegians with their free health care and strange vowels...
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from AsianInvasion

    While I'm not familiar with Zchinque's scum meta, his play here doesn't seem too different from how I've seen town-Zchinque act.

    My scum meta consists of only one game so far, Newb 11 from well over three years ago. Ended in a perfect scum win. And I must say I was quite pleased with myself when I on the final night managed to draw the doc protect from LookingforReality, while picking off Sjelfrost, the cop. Smile

    Quote from ced395
    Don't forget the flavor detail. I'm very interested in that (also, your expenses record). But don't do a Nakamura, obviously.

    There really isn't much to it other than what I've said already.

    First it mentions that it's not uncommon for British politicians to have served in the armed forces. Then that I have, as I mentioned, never served in any of the regular armed forces, everything was completely off records. Following it mentions that I performed secret assassinations for the MI6. Lurking in the dark, never found, never caught. After my time with the MI6, I made career in diplomacy, much thanks to my quick instincts.
    Sprinkled throughout all of this is flavour of me assembling and loading my rifle, before taking it apart again.

    If you need anything more than that, I will have to run it by desCoures.

    As for my duck house, that was a completely legitimate business expense. I use it in my office as a paper weight.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to call someone to install my new gold toilet.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from RafaelK

    Speaking of claims though, Zchinque: so why is that, if you have the power to shoot Nakamura yourself, that you were agitating for a vig to shoot Nakamura? Why not just STFU about and then do it yourself?

    A fine question, and one I thought would have been brought up earlier.

    I wanted some discussion on it, as to not bypass the town, as Az is accusing me of trying to do.

    Quote from Azrael

    3. His emotions sync up with a scum mindset: he has no passion, and no heart, behind any of his stances. He's consistently artificial. (Emotions: check).

    I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, and I don't show much emotions. It's a character trait. If my real life personae makes me scummy, then so be it.
    The only time in this game where I feel I have shown any particular emotion is with Nakamura earlier. He got under my skin.
    Of course, these are the same emotions that you find artificial and lacking passion.

    Quote from Azrael
    And everywhere I turn I see another sign that says he kills in the night.

    Yes, yes I do. Looking through the scope of my sniper rifle.
    Only once per game though. Slant

    As previously mentioned I'm gone for a while starting tomorrow. Will be at least until Saturday night, maybe as long as until Monday, but hopefully not.
    I'll stop by later tonight, though.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from Azrael

    That's nice. And as irrelevant as everyone else's claim.

    You must know something I don't. Yes, I am aware that this is a self-proclaimed bastard mod game, but I do not believe that means that all role analysis should be thrown out the window.

    Why did you possibly figure that this would help "have this dealt with before then"?
    One less formality to go through.

    And what's this "never caught while in MI6" business? *eyebrow* Were you caught afterwards?
    Yes, I was caught afterwards. First I was in the MI6, and afterwards I was caught up in diplomacy and politics.

    Quote from Azrael

    Usually, when a townie is really and truly PO'd at someone, they don't spell out what was done to make sure that everyone else thinks they're bad too. Usually, they talk about how terrible what was done was, and why it was so terrible. And they're usually much more direct with expressing their own displeasure.

    I really can't say how your average townie would or would not behave.

    I think you need to put the kitchen sink back where it was. Claiming to be town? Not so much of a valid scum tell, generally speaking...
    Yes, I agree. That makes no sense...
    ...when you cut it off from the rest of the sentence.

    I remember Nai once telling me, in the midst of skewering me as scum, that townies always leave open the possibility of new information changing their mind.
    You're right, and I was a bit too harsh in my statement.
    Can I be swayed, if new information come to light? Sure. Do I think it likely this will happen? No.

    Really. Would it, or are you just trying to dissuade the cop from saving the mislynch you were supposed to be afraid of?
    No, I just think it would be a waste.

    So you're disgusted, and you won't change your mind on killing her, but you want her to start posting more. Right.
    I don't see the problem.

    What a useful distinction.
    I believe so. But seeing as no one seems to give any mind to the difference between lynching and vigging, I might be the only one with that belief.

    You start your discussion of why you want her dead with two sentences that assume she's town as a premise. *Az bloodlust*
    Well, yes. I would think it obvious that I thought Nakamura was scum. I'm arguing that in the off-chance he is town a vigging wouldn't be that bad. For that argument I have to assume town-alignment as a premise.

    Again, responding to a technicality instead of the substance. Her direct point is, you're chomping at the bit to get her killed. There's some meat and substance to that critique, but you take the cheap route to reply to it.
    Quote from Nakamura

    -Why would a true, honest Townie be so eager to lynch a Townie who just claimed? Well, because that "true, honest Townie" isn't actually a Townie, they're Scum trying to push other players to lynch that Townie. Why? It would be a very, very easy kill for the Scum to make.

    Ironic, given that you seemed to think your own claim would help you out.
    I didn't.
    And even if I did, I'm sure you see the difference between these two statements:
    "I believe I should not be lynched because of my claim."
    "I believe I should not be lynched because I have just claimed."

    Someone you think is either scum or terrible says she's going to PBPA you, and your response is that it could be fun?

    You sound awfully passionate about it.
    I was pretty worked up, or passionate, about Nakamura's play earlier.

    You believe?
    Yes, believe. The first one due to me not knowing how I am interpreted by others, the second is repetition as a rhetorical device.

    Might? You sound awfully convinced by your own argument.
    Which argument? That his vote hopping earlier in the game might have been playing to his pretended role? I wouldn't say I'm convinced by it, but I consider it a likely possibility, and won't keep it against him if his vote is used in a more conventional way from here on out.

    Not a fan of the smile, or the repetitive dodging out statements: that he's leaving the thread, going to sleep, going to be busy at work.
    Do explain why it is scummy to inform the rest of the players that I will be leaving for some hours when I am at the focal point of discussion.

    Anyways, here is me doing the same thing in Goo Mafia, where I'm dead town:
    Quote from Zchinque
    I agree we should leave the neutrals for now, but we should come back to them before the day ends. What to do with their abilities and all.

    /barn AI on that the low-posters should POST MOAR!

    Now I shall sleep. See you in the morning, gentlemen.

    Though there I was not a particular topic of discussion at the time, if that matters any.

    Quote from Azrael
    So is a one-shot vig. So is a roleblocker. Everybody's scum, if you're looking at abilities.

    So is a votestealer.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    I'm busy from Thursday until probably sometime next week, so I'd like to have this dealt with before then.

    As such, since it's headed that way anywho, in particular with Az throwing all his weight at it, mise well claim.

    British Delegate. Trained as a sniper in the MI6, now in diplomacy.
    That actually sums up the flavour pretty well. It mentions that I was never in any of the regular armed forces, and that I was never caught by the enemy while in MI6.

    1-shot vig (ironic, I know), covert ability.

    So Az, I'm quite capable of doing my own dirty work. Smile
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from Azrael


    I don’t think you’re worried about Naka’s vote derailing the town in lylo. I think you’re gunning for an easy kill, and you want to convince some gullible vigilante to be your cat’s paw and do your dirty work for you, b/c you sure as hell can’t convince the town to lynch and you don’t want that blood on your hands. I don’t see you as legitimately outraged and disgusted by Naka’s play. I don’t read you as a Tilde, you’re not the type to vote your outrage and panic at the thought of some remote, hypothetical danger in the future that Naka’s one loose cannon vote is going to doom us. I think you’re kicking her while she’s down.
    If Nakamura is vigged and turns up town, how would there not be blood on my hands? I'm not really in a position to say "well, it wasn't me who did it", am I? If Nakamura is vigged, I don't see how I can not take responsibility for it, no matter the outcome.

    I am disgusted by Nakamura's play. I don't believe that I am showing "outrage and panic" at a hypothetical LyLo situation, I believe that I am arguing for vigging someone with a decent chance of being scum, and at the least minimizing risk in said hypothetical LyLo situation.

    And it's not so much his vote I'm afraid of in a LyLo situation, as that I see him as a likely mislynch. He has shown a willingness to be a loose cannon with his vote, but that was back when he claimed to have no role, no alignment, no nothing. As such I believe that might be him playing to his fake role.

    I want you dead. Lynched, not vigged.
    That much I have gathered. Smile

    But now it is bedtime.
    Take care, gentlemen.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from Nakamura
    I don't think I am Vanilla (my PM didn't state that I was).

    Vanilla is slang for someone who does not have an ability, other than their vote.
    If you have an ability, you are not vanilla.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)

    Quote from Syrenz

    Did you miss the quotation marks over there on the word "confirm"? It looked pretty clear to me that Zchinque was saying:

    "How is it a good idea to fake confirm two townies?"

    That was exactly my meaning, yes.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Doha Mafia -- The Winds of Change (Game Over)
    Quote from ced395

    1540 (comment at the end) is a fun little one. All those things you mentioned earlier (horrible voting, role retconning, etc)? Do those make her scum? Apparently, you're not that sure after all,

    Have I claimed to be sure? If I were to put numbers on it, I'd say 2/3 scum, 1/3 town. And that is mostly due to the chance that he's a new player that doesn't know how to play the game.

    and it's just that the weird situation that Nakamura put herself in makes her a "liability at LyLo".

    Scum or liability, yes.

    LyLo is a long way away (at least, I hope it is). Townies don't think that far ahead at this stage,

    Why would townies not think that far ahead?
    The thing is, I don't trust Nakamura, and don't see that changing. His play has given me no reason to do so. It's better to get rid of him now than later, simply because a mis-vig gets more and more damaging to the town the closer we are to LyLo.

    and we don't lynch somebody because they might just be a liability later

    I've not argued for a lynch. At first I was undecided between lynch or vigging, and after thinking it over I've come to the conclusion that vigging is the appropriate course of action.

    (and I read liability as "an easy mislynch if not scum" here, which doesn't make much sense anyway, so you'll need to clarify).

    That is what I mean by it, I believe. Why does it not make sense?
    Of course, he's only a liability if town.

    Scum, meanwhile, do think ahead.

    They should. Townies should as well.

    I know that, when I am scum, I try to position as many warm town bodies between me and the noose as possible at an early stage, and I think other people play similarly as scum. I also try to assign mislynches (and misvigs) for each day and night that I suspect the game will last.

    Isn't that what scum are supposed to do? Set up mislynches ad hopefully misvigs? Not sure I get what your point is here.

    I think that you might have Nakamura down on a plan as somebody to kill before LyLo, based on her play so far,

    Can hardly argue with that, I've said so several times already.
    I want Nakamura vigged.
    There, I don't think I can get much clearer than that.

    and this reads like a weak push to make it happen on fear (of the liability) rather than merit.

    By "merit" you mean "based on his play"? If so, I see the two as practically the same. His play makes him either scum or a liability.

    Quote from Nakamura
    Zch is pushing my lynch. Not just a small comment here and there, but a very noticeable push for me to die (which, apparently, I need to do).

    Again, not lynch, vigging.
    Besides that, what do you want with this post? I don't think that myself or anyone has pretended that I've only been making "small comments here and there". I feel I've been pretty clear on the issue.
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