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    posted a message on [Primer] Zoo [Video Primer]
    I am 100% in favor of the 5th mana dude.

    Treetop Village and/or Raging Ravine are great utility lands to consider.

    Can't help you on the dragons. I figure that with combo and Anger of the Gods reigning, Lingering Souls is a lot less relevant. This makes Thundermaw a lot less impactful
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    posted a message on [[Official]] A History Lesson on Zoo. Primer of the archetype past/present
    Quote from Lantern
    Edit: my list is a few pages back. the only difference is Im running rest in peace or relic over cage right now.

    RIP in a Goyf and Grim build? WTF? Please explain!

    I've noticed that almost every build posted here is some brew that results in a subpar version of Lantern's build. His list is consistent, efficient, and fairly high power. Given how Zoo has always been efficient, often your brewing trade off is power vs consistency. Is 5 color or Experiment One or Silverblade worth the decrease in consistency, especially for an already high power deck?

    Lantern, did you come to a conclusion on what to put in those two 4-drop slots?
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    posted a message on [Deck] The Rock
    @ Paranoid_Android:

    I think I've described this situation elsewhere, but I'll share it again here.

    In matchups where your opponent is a tempo/aggro deck with counterspell backup, your entire match revolves around Batterskull. Here's how my games usually go (in no particular order):
    + Use Stoneforge early, which forces them to waste counterspells, allowing the other excellent threats in your hand to win the game.
    + Use Stoneforge early. If they don't counter it, get Batterskull. They have an "Oh **** oh **** oh ****" moment, and SMASH Stoneforge with removal as fast as they can. Proceed to win (or at least stall) with other excellent creatures. End game with Batterskull (if even necessary). Theory provides many many counter arguments to this plan. People say it seems silly, unreliable, slow, stupid, take your pick of negative expressions. But real life experience speaks for itself: I hard cast Batterskull late in the game, FOR THE WIN, so many times. They scoop like clockwork Smile
    + Use other awesome cards to bait all the counterspells and removal. Then play Stoneforge for Batterskull and win.
    + For each of these methods, by the point you're about mid-way through the second strategy (the post-bait option), you've drawn into more hot stuff. Save that for if they deal with your second round of threats. Then rinse and repeat.
    + Not directly addressed in these directions is casting discard. The right time to cast discard varies GREATLY depending on what you're playing against, the current board state, what they have in hand (both the number of cards in their hand and your knowledge of what they're holding), and what you have in hand. I'm not going to give ANY advice on the subject because it's such a complex subject.

    My win record against RUG is absurdly high (low estimate, 70%), following just these steps with Stoneforge.

    I know Merfolk is a very different deck. But I'm honestly not worried about it: they can't Islandwalk me, they apply less pressure than RUG (short of a god hand), they play no removal, and a good Stoneforge package invalidates their creature swarms (have you ever had Batterskull and Jitte equipped to a large KotR vs a tribal creature deck? I have. Me gusta face)

    Also, you mentioned your Stoneforge package. Your package sounds like a very Maverick package (when they really played much Stoneforge). That brand of Stoneforge package is designed to get you more power out of less powerful creatures (ie: Maverick's team of hate bears and utility dudes). Our Stoneforge package should center around getting more mileage and utility, to support our already powerful creature base (Goyf, Confidant, KotR). That is why I run Batterskull, Sword of Light and Shadow, and Umezawa's Jitte as my Stoneforge package.
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