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    posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Find it interesting that this deck is still around, but i am glad alot less people are still playing it.

    so basically, the delver decks and with khans coming out have really done this deck in.
    swiftspear, treasure cruise and a few other cards were exactly what delver needed.

    as someone who had played infect for 6+ months this year prior to khans, i reccomend agaisnt adopting the deck in this fast and powerful meta....infect has no interaction other than apsotle's blessing, or vines of vast wood which is reactive, everything in this deck is reactive which requires you to sand bag damage

    people cite tom ross like there is no tomorrow, but he relies HEAVILY on ponder, daze, beserk, brainstorm, invigorate, and force of will in order to setup his combo kill. many of you also aren't running the noble hierarch the deck is built around. tom also takes no damage from his dual lands....

    so before direct comparisons are made between the decks remember that 90% of your deck is significantly lower on the power spectrum than the tier 1 legacy deck.....

    now that you fully understand that, you adopt a different play style.
    this type of playstyle was great when infect just rotated out of standard and the reactive strategies worked well agaisnt the pro-active JUND lists floating around.....always going to bolt, or thoughtseize you or establishing a liliana-tarmo clock.

    around the time affinity, splinter-twin and kiki-control started taking the meta infect became the list to start leaving behind...

    now, with the delver and khans of tarkir affecting the meta heavily (there are twice as many fetchlands and some nice powerful cards for use to choke on) our slower reactive strategies that were setup to fight stuff like abrupt decay and lightning bolt no longer work.

    i honestly believe it's time to cast these infect decks to the side....and become immense isn't the answer we need for an aggresive meta.

    affinity is too quick of a clock to catch up to when they're on the play....
    delver....is an uphill battle especially when we're mulling alot more than we have been thanks to dead cards in the 7 like mainboarded wild defiance, or become immense and stuff like slyvan scrying which are all just begging for us to be time walked with a simple spell snare, or mana leak
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    posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Quote from Deathsycthx »
    Quote from MrPhysics13 »
    @overlord: Infect lists balance speed vs resiliency. Whenever you cut a creature and add a pump spell, you are increasing the decks speed, but lowering its resiliency.

    Given that, we can ask, what are conventional bad matchups for infect? The answer is decks that prey on its relatively low resilency with cards like path/dismember/bolt i.e. jund/junk/twin.

    This type of deck will improve your 'good' matchups while making your bad ones worse. I have a good win % vs UWR, in part because I avoid cards like distortion strike and assault strobe.

    If you really want to run RUG, Id start by cutting those distortion strikes and a strobe, and add 3 ichorclaw myr, which has good synergy with ghor-clan. if you do that, you want to strongly consider cutting mutagenic growth for rancor, and adding 1-2 more protection effects or gitaxian probes.

    Another option is to try and get clever and run slaughterhorn, with the plan of using regular damage plus assault strobe to kill with ordinary damage a reasonable fraction of the time.

    How do you do regular damage if all your creatures are dealing infect damage? Are you referring to adding non infect creatures like BOP inside for a alternate beatdown plan?

    He's talking about the melira pod decks, creatures lose infect, can't get counters placed on them and no poison counters added.

    But your meta would have to be really really bad at playing magic to win with regular damage

    If a pod player can't beat a few 1/1 vanilla creatures, some sub par pump spells and a 3 drop 3/2 with no other effects he is a very bad player and it's just pathetic
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    posted a message on I am still cocerned about the future of the [MODERN FORMAT]
    Quote from Brentane »
    I've been finding more people enjoying Legacy more than Modern lately because people hate how the ban hammer comes down and wrecks decks. I myself instantly followed over to Legacy with the banning of Bloodbraid Elf in Jund deck, a very stupid banning. I came back with the release of Deathrite Shaman but they had to ban that too so back I went to Legacy. My friends and I have noticed they just ban anything that makes an interesting archetype in Modern these days. I'm still also annoyed Cloudpost is not legal.

    As for Wizards not supporting Modern, I've been assuming it could crash and burn if not fetchlands are reprinting after this year, 2016 at the latest. Everyone is hoping for fetchlands to come out in KTK since Wizards are trying to make the block make you hurt for multicolour mana. This is what I believe is keeping Modern breathing at the moment. If they reveal the set has no fetchlands, I expect Modern to "flat-line".

    I feel that wizards does nothing to keep legacy players playing.
    Sure they have a banlist on their website, and they have a cash grab grand prix in the legacy format (but that is just because that region has a really strong legacy base they want MONEY)

    but star cityy games picked up the slack, star city games is a business but they don't run it the greedy way hasbro/wotc runs it. better streaming, better anouncers, they are keeping legacy alive on their own and are doing a better job at coverage and running a tighter more effective tournament structure than WOTC/Hasbro can ever dream of.

    the promotional tour for m15 looked like a goddamn joke, the bumbling on camera, the announcers questioning whats going on. you have that dude wearing cargo shorts and sandals with a suit jacket, shirt and tie on

    it just seems like a bad SNL sketch making fun of high school geeks running a tournamet

    SCG has some issues but come off as more professional, more streamlined and aware of how to run an event
    they act like they have been there before

    i notice legacy players have the luxury of ignoring (largely) what wizards does, because that company is so damn mismanaged and mark rosewater doesn't have a clue as to what is going on (he likes the high prices, he thinks lower prices = less players. if you notice the best sets over time are the ones where mark rosewater is not actually the creative director. (seriously go back in time and look)

    maybe the answer is to actually ignore what WOTC wants to do with modern, and switch over to SCG events to play the format.

    it is evident that wizards is in it strictly for the money rather than the health of the game
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    posted a message on I am still cocerned about the future of the [MODERN FORMAT]
    So everyone seems to have forgotten about the close call, nearly all support for modern from the WOTC side being suddenly dropped. It seems wizards adding just 1 (one) single Pro tour and 1 (one) single grand prix has everyone claiming that wizards will never drop support for modern again or ever.

    Hasbro is obviously forcing their hand and getting their 20% revenue dip up with all of the changes (more standard promotional tours, change in standard that should increase sales because they cut their underperforming sets aka third set of block and core sets)and a standard format which cuts an average of exactly one (1) fiscal quarter off of the standard format life of the cards, leading to more sales.

    is the final solution to the hasbro increasing of quarterly profit increase phenomenon a cash out in modern masters 2 then just dropping the format entirely pushing the competitive modern players into standard? knowing that most modern players will go to third party sources to play modern , but generally will not break away from WOTC formatting and tournament scheduling?

    I also want to allude to the fact that WOTC has indeed "promised" at least one regional PTQ as being offered in the modern format, but i feel that these will only be held in nation-states that don't have much of a magic the gathering standard format presence. Russia, brazil and other emrging markets where magic has been fluctuating and where sales have not been high enough to support a nation-wide standard format event.

    I am also assuming that most local game stores will offer their one time per season Prelim. pro-tour qualifier as a standard format event. This is generally the most profitable format to run (sell sealed packs, largest playerbase and sell singles at a much faster rate than modern)

    It's like you were $100 away from being bankrupted, you find $50 on the ground and you go back to spending and the old habits that got you in trouble in the first place.

    I currently have 2 modern decks, and some staples for modern (nothing expensive) and i don't want to be left holding worthless cardboard. when is the optimal time to start selling out of modern? it seems the prices have not budged.

    What do you guys thik?

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    posted a message on What do you need to prove to WOTC that a product is defective?
    Quote from Nakhla »

    "Dear Wizards, despite paying the requisite mana cost and the spell resolving uncountered, Victim of the Night did not destroy my ex wife. It seems this so-called "Magic" is completely ineffective..."

    Dear Nakhla,
    Our records indicate that your ex-wife was a zombie in bed. The cards explicitly state in the terms and conditions that the particular spell you aimed to cast did not affect creatures with the zombie super type. In bed or otherwise.

    Spam Warning; also Inappropriate Content -Cythare
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