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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Cody_X »
    No one here plays scions. Its one of those cards that every so often someone goes "why is no one playing this?" And then they quickly figure out its just not that good.

    In my current list against my local meta it is quite strong. For example this night every time I resolved a Scion, I won the game afterwards (happened in 3 games iirc).

    It might change if you include Snapcaster Mage, because you will remove Faeries for cards like Thoughtseize, Opt, Remand, ... which are strong without Snapcaster, but not as much. I don't own any yet, so my impression might be biased.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    I played 2-2 in my LGS today. I think I finally have a baseline that works in my meta. Here is the breakdown:

    Game 1 (Mono W Heatebears): 2 - 0
    G1: I keep a (greedy) 5 land hand which works out fine. T3 I cast Vendilion Clique seeing Restoration Angel , Blade Splicer , Flickerwisp , 2x Shefet Dunes, Ghost Quarter. I chose Blade Slicer not sure if it was the correct choice. Otherwise the Faerie strategy of trading 1:1 works out, I come out ahead and win on 4 life.


    G2: He misplayed trying to resolve Aether Veil in T2 which got answered by my Spellstutter Sprite. He was stuck on 3 Mana afterwards for long enough for me to come ahead. I win with Batterskull sitting on 6 life.

    Game 2: Mono Red Control (1 - 2)
    This seemed like a homebrew. It felt similar to burn, but was running pre-board Blood Moon and snow covered mountains for an interaction with Skred and Boros Reckoner.

    G1: I mulligan to 6 and make a misplay: I flash SSS as a creature to champion it with Mistbind Clique next turn; however, I don't have another faerie and realize he can bolt SSS in response. I don't make the play, but waste a counter. The rest of the game doesn't look nice and I get beaten down horrably loosing without touching my opponent's life.

    -1 Mistbind Clique, -1 Faerie Miscreant, -2 Pestermite, -2 Mana Leak
    +3 Countersquall, +2 Agony Warp, +1 Echoing Truth

    G2: This goes a lot better. I manage to gain some momentum with a T2 Bitterblossom. T4 I cast Mistbind Clique and he responds by bolting my token. I take him by surprise by championing my Bitterblossom (which he didn't realise I could). I follow up with a Vendilion Clique and answer his spot removal with Scion of Oona. I win on 8 life.

    G3: I misplay horribly which arguably costs me the game. T3 I have Mutavault, Island, Watery Grave in play and decide to cast Faerie Miscreant holding up a Countersquall to prevent Blood Moon. When I pass the turn I realize that Countersquall is UB and Mutavault doesn't tap for color. In his turn Blood Moon hits the board and I loose after.

    Game 3: UR Storm (2 - 1)

    G1: T4 I cast Vendilion Clique seeing 2x Desperate Ritual, Past in Flames, Gifts Ungiven. I choose Gifts and am again not sure if this is the correct choice. When I have an almost safe victory (2 Mana leak in hand, Vendilion Clique in play, op on 4 life) I get greedy and cast Mistbind Clique in his turn which is answered by Remand. I am tapped out and he can combo with a Grapeshot + Remand combo.

    -4 Fatal Push, -1 Faerie Miscreant, -1 Pestermite
    +3 Countersquall, +3 Relic of Progenitus

    G2: Rather straight forward. I resolve a T1 Relic and keep his graveyard empty. He storms with Empty the Warrens for a total of 8 Tokens of which I instantly trade two with a Faerie Miscreant and SSS. I manage to resolve a Batterskull take the game after resolving a Mistbind Clique.

    G3: I cast a Vendilion Clique on T3 finding his Empty the Warrens. I am sitting on a massive amount of counters (2x Mana Leak, SSS, Cryptic) and have a Vendilion Clique in play. An easy round.

    Game 4: Burn (1 - 2)
    G1: My pre-board against burn isn't great. I didn't find anything to really stop him and loose quickly.

    -4 Bitterblossom, -2 Faerie Miscreant -1 Mistbind Clique
    +3 Countersquall, +2 Damnation, +2 Agony Warp

    G2: I take it slow and survive him throwing his burns at me. Sitting on 2 life I manage to resolve a Batterskull which causes him to scoop
    G3: I should have won this round, but missplayed miserably. He didn't find a 1 drop creature and cast T2 Eidolon followed by a T3 Eidolon. I responded to the second one, removing the first. However, I should have let it resolve because it makes his burns work against him (paying 4 life for every spell). I was sitting on 2 Cryptic and a Batterskull, so all I would have had to do is tap/draw or counter/tap and then win with Batterskull. Instead I screwed it up and lost this round.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from FaeKeeler »
    Personally, I'd blame the misplay, not the manabase. I think that's the point: that regardless of "unluck" or deckbuilding decisions, playing to your outs and minimizing your opponent's opportunities to close you out will pay off.

    Which misplay?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    In my experience, loosing comes down to an accumulation of mistakes that cost you momentum and your opponent outpacing you. You said yourself it's often hard to find the single "mistake".

    In the scenario you presented above I would probably blame CTP if I had lost. It's the one draw that changes a "safe" (knowing both draws) win into a defeat. So in this particular situation, it's either RNJesus or the decklist, because it could have been a different land. I can't influence probability [legally], so I would blame it on my decklist. It's the only thing I can improve.

    However, this is not to say that there are many other situations where CTP is actually a very good draw and its just an odd match-up. Again one can blame it on the decklist, choosing Faerie in the first place, but it gets philosophical here.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from spellcheck »

    1: I misplayed this one the first turn and ended up trading Vendilion Clique with the first Swiftspear, which left me with nothing to press my opponent on board and without a second faerie to counter a Boros Charm/Lightning Helix/Eidolon with Spellstutter Sprite. Luckily, he drew a second Swiftspear and I managed to see the right lines of not trading with the second Vendilion, then countering Bolt with Sprite and pushing the Swiftspear, upkeep Mistbind Clique and deal exactly lethal the next turn. Had I done the right plays from the beginning I would have been exposed to just one turn of potentially being dead instead of 2. Sometimes Faeries is forgiving.

    And your opponent is forgiving, too. He could have saved the LB for when you tap out for MBC or can cast two spells :p But then again Faerie isn't too popular, he might not know how to counter our stuff.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from spellcheck »

    Challenge 1:
    You're at 2 life against a Burn opponent, who's finally run out of cards. It's your main phase turn 5 and you only have Creeping Tar Pit, Island and Darkslick Shores into play, and 2 Vendilion Clique, Spellstutter Sprite, Fatal Push, Bitterblossom and Mistbind Clique in hand. He's dealt 6 damage himself through the game. Choose your play. Is it still possible to win?

    Could you win the game if I told you the top 4 cards in your library are (in this order) Bitterblossom, Creeping Tar Pit, Thoughtseize and Watery Grave and your opponent has Monastery Swiftspear, Monastery Swiftspear, Lightning Bolt and Boros Charm?

    This is how I imagine it will play out. Unfortunately, we will loose.

    Our T5: pass
    Their T5: respond to draw with VC targeting them. If it is anything but a creature or a land cycle it (! you may choose not to find a card !), we would die to another burn spell. They could respond if its instant speed, but many actually forget (lucky for us the topdeck gods are in our favor). See MS, don't choose it. Let it resolve
    Our T6: Draw BB. Swing for 3, OP on 11. Pass.
    Their T6: same as T5. respond with VC see another MS, dont choose it. Combat we go down to 1, they castanother MS.
    Our T7: Draw CTP. Swing for 3, Op on 8. Play CTP, pass.
    Their T7: Draw LB. Combat, trade VC with Spear and FP the other. U,U/B floating. (If they would cast LB M2 we play SSS and win. time walk with MC before draw. Similarly for LB M1, just with a bigger margin trading with SS instead of VC)
    Our T8: Draw Thoughtseize (what's the common abrev.?). Pass (we don't have any option at this point)
    Their T8: Draw BC, combat: trade MS with VC, cast BC (which we can't counter) and maybe follow up with LB if necessary. They win.

    Edit: Note: If we had a different land then CTP (something that enters untapped) it would change the situation and we would have won. That said I've always been on the edge with CTP, I rarely use it until late and it entering tapped T2 to T6 hurts.

    Quote from spellcheck »

    Challenge 2:
    Now against Tron, it's turn 3 and you feel safe on the play after playing Spreading Seas on your opponent's first Tron land and then him playing Blooming Marsh. He also has a Expedition Map into play. You have Creeping Tar Pit, Polluted Delta, Island, Liliana of the Veil, Mana Leak, Cryptic Command and Mistbind Clique in hand and Mutavault and Darkslick Shores into play. How do you sequence your next turns? I think this one needs no clues.

    T3: PD->WG (-3 life) Lilly, +1 discard island. They have 0 tron lands so no threats next turn
    T4+ I'll aim for a MC targeting MV in T5 unless I draw something more efficient. The cryptic is nice to guard T4 (just in case), I'd aim for discarding ML with Lilli unless I drew something less useful.
    T6ish : MC targetting MV
    T7: Probably CC ideally bouncing my MC to recast it and time walk him again unless something happens
    Though I have to admit I'm not to good at solving these fuzzy games.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Ym1r »
    This list definitely not plays an aggressive plan at all. If anything, I would describe it as a much more midrange plan.

    Interesting. I would have expected it to be quicker given that it is running a fairly low curve. Also discard is cheaper then counters so I thought that you would get more mana to cast creatures. Then again the plan seems to revolve around Jace or BB becoming big so I guess that is enough to give it more of a midrange feel?

    Quote from Ym1r »

    Personally, I always disliked Remand in Faeries, especially when you are not heavy on Mistbind Cliques. With MC, you can actually execute (sometimes) a proper tempo plan. But in other cases, it is just too hard. I always preferred hard answers, because if you can't answer the remanded thing, you are likely not winning any way.

    Yes, I agree that this is a weakness of Remand if you don't have a fast clock. The cycle is really nice though and the fact that you run a lot of discard might be enough to deal with it more permanently in your next turn.

    May I ask why you chose to not run Duress in your sideboard? It's obviously no main deck material, but it is a better Thoughtsieze in control and combo matchups and its better then Inquisition in Tron matchups.

    I will experiment with Peppersmoke as a removal, because I've noticed a lot of small body creatures in my meta. Thinks like Steel Overseer, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or even Vendilion Clique in some control decks. Not sure if that is something that would be applicable to you as well.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries

    This reads like a very aggressive list to me. I'm curious why you removed all the counters though. I understand the logic behind Cryptic and Mana Leak, but Remand just seems very nice in this kind of aggro / tempo plan.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Yesterday was Modern day again in my LGS. I feel a lot better about my list now, though it is not where I'd like it to be. We were 36 people. Here is my list:

    Round 1: Eldrazi Tax (0-2)
    G1: I win the roll and start, but I've never played Eldrazi Taxes before. He takes mulligan to 5 and I'm confident that I should have won G1, yet I made a few bad mistakes on both mechanics and strategy: (1) I kept a hand without a black source (2 Island 1 Mutavault) as I was confident to find one of my 14 ... I didn't. (2) I blocked a Thalia which has First Strike (I foregot) killing my dude and leaving me off worse then taking 2. (3) I didn't use my opportunity to attack him while he had all creatures tapped out. The game ended without me touching his life.

    Sideboard: -2 Bitterblossom -1 Cryptic +1 Deathmark +1 Fatal Push +1 Inquisition of Kozilek

    G2: I mulligan to 6 and keep a hand with 5 lands (which I probably shouldn't have). He resolves a Aether Vial turn 2 which allows him to completely outmaneuver my counters. I tried to Agony Warp a dude which he flickered with Eldrazi Displacer and I've been stripped of a Mutavault and an attacking Vendilion Clique by the Flicker Wisp + Wasteland Strangler combo.

    Overall I made stupid misplays which I blame on not knowing my opponent's deck. Further, I think my sideboarding was suboptimal. I should have reduced the number of counters and kept Bitterblossom. Perhaps bring in Ceremonius Rejection. His Aether Vial was very happy on 3 coutners so I shoul have cut out Spell Snare. At this point I made the decision to mulligan everything that doesn't have a blue and black source with at least 2 lands.

    Round 2: Homebrew around Ensoul Artifact
    G1: He ensouls on T2 and starts hitting me with a 5/5 which connects 3 times. I was stuck on 3 mana and couldn't find a removal although I resolved a Bitterblossom to delay him it simply wasn't enough. It ends up killing me.

    Sideboard: -2 Agony Warp -1 Pestermite -1 Mana Leak -1 Botterblossom -1 Cryptic Command +3 Ceremonius Rejection +2 Inquisition of Kozilek +1 Fatal Push

    G2: I start with 2 ceremonious Rejection 1 Remand 1 Spellstutter. Remanding his Ensoul Arttifact in T2 which he later manages to resolve, because I run out of counters. Again I had a Bitterblossom on the field (late due to lack of a black source [again!]) which kills me after he pumps his dude with double strike and trample forcing me to block with my Mistbind Clique to survive.

    Overall I think boarding out Mana Leak and Pestermite was a mistake. I would have much rather have had a Mana Leak then the Remand. Also I should have probably kept the Pestermite and Cryptic cutting out Bitterblossom completely. I am getting a feeling that Blossom just doesn't cut it against Combo. I was really missing permanent solutions against Ensoul Artifact. However, that may just have been bad draws as I (should) have enough answers for a cmc=2 creature that needs to resolve 2 spells. Still I feel that Fae should have played 2-0 or 2-1 against this deck, probably my piloting skills or something off in my list.

    Round 3: Elves (homebrew ?)
    G1: I play first. T3 and T4 she vomits her hand creating 8 dudes, but doesn't have a lord. I manage with Agony Warp, 2x Fatal Push and T2 Bitterblossom. Still she beats me down to 5, which Bitterblossom reduces to 2 brefore I champion it with Mistbind Clique. Sitting on 2 life I start to beat her down from 18 to victory.

    Sideboard: +2 Damnation +1 Deathmark -1 Cryptic Command -1 Fatal Push -1 Remand

    G2: She mulligans to 6 and opens with fetch + shock + Thoughtsize going to 15 and removing my Damnation. T2 she still sits on 1 land and admits to be mana screwed which gets better at T4, still thats more then enough advantage for me to take home the victory.

    Overall: She introduced herself with "I just play to have fun" and that was pretty much the theme. 2 social games with a bit of small talk, but not much competition wise. I think my SB was all right, perhaps keep the Fatal Push and remove Spell Snare.

    Round 4: U/R Control 0-1
    G1: Intense! We essentially have a massive standoff for that lasts for the majority of our time. Op goes first. He resolves T1 Inquisition which finds my Bitterblossom. I miss land drop 4 and 5, which forces me to cast a Spellstutter Sprite to avoid discard (mistake?). However, he isn't fast so I can recover. However, he keeps my manlands in check with Field of Ruin. T7 I resovlve a Vendilion seeing Spell Snare Kolaghan's command 2x Snapcaster Mage Thoughtsize so I remove Kolaghans. He finds an answer and later I resolve another one which finds Cryptic (seeing only cards I already know). In T18 or so we have a massive counter war climax with 9 spells on the stack removing and countering stuff. I come out with a better board state: Pestermite on the field. I make a mistake showing my last card in hand (Fatal Push) to remove a Snapcaster Mage. After a few more turns I am down to topdeck and he still has his Spell Snare. I missplay big time by trying to resolve topdeck Bitterblossom (I knew that he had Spell Snare from the Vendilion in T6, but I forgot in that moment) which of course gets countered. The turn after I draw a Cryptic Command and I wanted to cry. It ends up costing me the game which he wins on 2 life.

    SB: -2 Agony Warp -2 Bitterblossom +2 Relic of Progenitus +2 Inquisition of Kozilek

    G2: T1 I resolve Relic as I notice him playing a lot of GY based dudes. We run into turns in T3 and end up draw. After the end of the tournament we play it out, but my concentration is gone. I resolve Vendilion in T3 seeing Terminate Snapcaster Mage Jace Polluted Delta Creeping Tar Pit Pia und Kiran Nalaar . With a Spellstutter Sprite on the board and in hand I try to resolve Mistbind Clique in T6. Mistbind resolves and he responds to the Champion terminating my Spellstutter Sprite. I counter with my other Spellstutter Sprite which he answers with Logic Knot. I loose all my creatures and can't stop him anymore. Before I was happily chipping at his life with my 1/1, which I should have kept doing until he tried something. He resolves a Search for Azcanta which transforms on his next upkeep. A few turns later he resolves Tasigur, the Golden Fang despite 2 Mana Leak in my hand (he had 6 open). I loose.

    Overall: Oh my, 10.30 pm is way to late for these mind games. Although I have to admit this was the most fun I had in MtG since my move to Sweden and they are the sole reason I play magic. My SB was at a loss here, I should have kept Bitterblossom and he admitted that he was very scared of it. I was surprised by Relic which drew out one of his ench / artifact removal and I misplayed it not keeping mana open to sac in response. I wished for Countersquall in my sideboard. I would have won G1 if it wasn't for my Bitterblossom / Spell Snare misplay which would have left me with 2-2 overall. Next time I will do better, I do learn from my mistakes =)

    General thoughts:
    I am very surprised by Agony Warp. I ran it into "counters" against Eldrazi & Taxes, but it was very good against Elves and even U/R Control. The 0/-3 is enough to remove a lot of relevant creatures and your life sais thank you to the -3/0. Whenever I cast it, my opponent was swinging with 2 dudes so Agony Warp acted pretty much like a UB Removal + Fog combo.

    Pestermite performed a lot better then expected. I found the 2U to almost always be worth it and I only untapped a land once to have mana for a (needed) counter during op's turn. In all other cases I could tap something more meaningful.

    Compared to my last tournament I changed my mindset from aggro / tempo to a more temp / control approach (aka "drain the opponent until he runs out of bad stuff to throw at you"). I feel like, despite loosing to my lack of experience, my overall game quality has gotten a lot better.

    I've noticed a lack of combo decks in my meta, so I want to try and build a bit more aggressive to pressure aggro decks. I am thinking of trying Faerie Miscreant, Snapcaster Mages (once I find them) and/or Opt. For my SB I am considering Peppersmoke (I've noticed a lot of X/1 and the cantrip is juicy) and Echoing Truth. Although I'm not sure what to cut for any of these.

    Also I ran into a lack of black sources during 2 rounds in a total of 3 games (and 1 outside of the tournament which I didn't mention). I am underwhelmed by Faerie Conclave so I think of cutting it for a River of Tears and some B/U source with the long term goal of adding Creeping Tar Pit.

    Comments and thoughts on the list are appreciated.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Metillon »

    Question is more; which m/u does this solve? MBC beats big mana decks, humans and helps us race. Not really sure where SoFaF really helps us, to be honest.

    I am thinking of Death's Shadow, and lists with Bloodbraid Elf. It also helps against Vizier Company and if you get it on a Vendilion Clique it can trade with quite a few Eldrazi. The discard is useful in many scenarios, I mean our entire gameplan is essentially use disruption and counters until both parties run out of juice and then win with manlands and a pretty decent topdeck. Especially post-Jace.

    Also it gives us access to more mana when it connects, which should make it easier to run the heavy 4-drop lists that people are proposing here.

    Maybe my wording was poor as I said "a replacement for MBC". My intention was not that it does the same thing, but rather that we have to many 4-drops with an added Jace. Some of them have to go and if we cut MBC, then we are left without any big beater that creates any from of clock. Rather its just nibbling at the opponents life here and there with small dudes.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Now that we have Jace, could it be a good idea to try Sword of Feast and Famine again? As a replacement for Mistbind
    I mean it's a (tiny) bit of relieve to our mana curve and free to equip if it connects. It also allows us to animate our Tar Pits earlier due to the land untap.
    At the same time it will push towards the +2 Jace softlock and give one of our quirky dudes some beef.

    Question is how easy it is to protect...
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    What I am missing in the recent lists is something that gives a fast clock and can finish the game when it lands. I mean, we have Bitterblossom, Jace, the Mind Sculptor and maybe Creeping Tar Pit but they are slow in my opinion.

    Sure, an unchecked Bitterblossom basically wins all by itself, but how often does that happen? Jace is amazing, but hes more of a facilitator. His -12 takes 9 turns in which he can be answered.
    Tar Pits are very mana intensive. 4 Lands to frequently swing for 3 is an expensive plan. I'm not convinced that Vendillion Clique is enough to make that strategy viable.

    Am I not seeing the obvious?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    If Jace stays unbanned, Faerie might be able to gear more towards control / midrange. Spellstutter is a nice counter and Vendillion and Snappy sound familiar as well.
    I kinda wish for wotc to reprint Riptide Laboratory *_*
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    Quote from Maty78 »

    biggest card missing from the deck is 3-4 snap caster mages

    I'm surprised. I would have expected to get Cryptic Command as the biggest missing card. I guess it's nice to flashback an instant, but I'm not sure if it will have enough impact. My list only runs Fatal Push , Remand , Mana Leak at the moment.
    However, I can now see how a T4 Snapcaster Mage + Remand can build more momentum then a Cryptic Command. I will give it some serious though and then see who is willing to sell me a playset.

    Quote from Maty78 »

    you kept taking bontu out, so thats probably a sign if youre always bringing something better in

    Or I just completely misplayed him. Doing some research on Swords he sounds (vaguely) familiar to Sword of Fire and Ice. Still I think I like Sword of Feast and Famine more for it's interaction with manlands (esp. Creeping Tar Pit). It's something more to think about.

    I'm currently not playing any hand disruption (despite Vendilion Clique). My understanding is that this would be appropriate for a more Control / Combo heavy meta. Not sure if I'm correct.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    I'd like to share the aftermath of me playing my current version of faerie in my new store. I went 0-4, but I've learned a lot. Essentially I was trying out to many new things at the same time and also learned that my Decklist is a bit messed up.

    I haven't played in a long while and didn't know the store's meta, so I tried to build against generic.

    Please feel free to comment on any of the things mentioned below. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated. Especially what cards to change in the deck (assume no cash restrictions).

    Match 1: Affinity 0-2
    G1: I got face rolled. T1 Steel Overseer and Ornithopter he just steamrolled me from there. T2 cranial plating sealed the deal. I made a misplay, because I forgot that Mutavault is actually colorless so it can block an Etched Champion with Metalcraft in the turn I was killed. Not sure if would have changed the outcome.

    +2 Ceremonious Rejection
    +1 Hurkyl's Recall
    -1 Scion of Oona
    -1 Vendilion Clique
    -1 Bontu the Glorified

    G2: It was even on start, he had two Steel Overseer and a Arcbound Ravager by T4, however I could reset him with Hurkyl's Recall latter got answered with a Spellstutter Sprite. Not sure if it was a mistake and I should have targeted one of his Overseers instead. I made a huge mistake by attacking with a Batterskull into a Etched Champion, which likely cost me the game.

    Match 2: Azourius Titan 1-2
    G1: He took a mull on 6 and I had a pretty good hand. T2 Bitterblossom which he couldn't answer. I also got to resolve Bontu the Glorified T3, which was nice since I've been really excited to test him. Wasn't impressed, his effect didn't synergize well with the tempo / midrange idea of faeries imo. Still he got me a win, because he survived a Supreme Verdict and got fueled by Bitterblossom. -- The only round I've won in the tournament

    SB: I didn't write it down. I've written a memo to myself to use mass removal against white next time, so I didn't use Damnation
    +2 Inquisition of Kozilek
    +2 Deathmark

    G2: Bad luck. No lands in the initial 7, only Mutavault in 6, down to 5 with 0 lands in hand. Drew my 2nd by turn 3, still not enough to beat him.
    G3: This round went on all the way and we were the last matchup in a 39 player tournament. I couldn't get a clock going and he just kept stacking Lone Missionary and Flickerwisp, avoiding death until he resolved 2 Sun Titans. GG

    Match 3: Eldrazi Tron 0-2
    I never played against this deck and I didn't know what to expect or do. My overall notes were: "G2: he was got manascrewed still no win ; get more tempo"
    It feels like nothing in my list is big enough to deal with such a sheer amount of big dudes being thrown at me. Bitterblossom is a nice delay that I've only used for blocking, I couldn't find anything to put him on a clock (hence the note).

    G1: I resolved a Bitterblossom in T2 which was madly outmatched by his double Matter Reshaper. Later I've countered a Thought-Knot Seer with a Mana Leak, which I should have saved for Karn Liberated which came the turn after. A World Breaker sealed the deal.

    +2 Sower of Temptation
    +2 Ceremonious Rejection
    +1 Inquisition of Kozilek
    -1 Bontu the Glorified
    -2 Mana Leak
    -1 Batterskull
    -1 Quickling

    G2: He was mana screwed. Not totally, but he was lacking a green source to have something that blocks my flying dudes. Still I didn't find enough beef for it to matter. I ended up resolving 3 Spellstutter Sprites for their 1/1 body to attack. When he found his green he was still quite high (pun intended). I was finished off quickly.

    Match 4: W/B Tokens 0-2
    At this point I was very tired. It was way past 10.30pm and my inner clock demands sleeping at that time (but wakes me up at 5am every day). By G2 I played like a Goldfish, made crappy decisions and more mistakes then I can count. I'd rather not speak about this game, because it neither represents the deck nor me as a pilot. Still heres what I have for completeness:

    G1: He had a T2 Bitterblossom, I had a T2 Bitterblossom. He could follow up with 3 additional 1/1 flyers that I couldn't answer. I flashed a Scion of Oona, but he could wipe my board with a -1/-1 mass removal (I didn't write down the name ... really tired). That was basically the game from there.

    +2 Deathmark
    +2 Damnation
    -1 Quickling
    -1 Fatal Push
    -1 Bontu the Glorified

    G2: At this point I didn't care anymore. I was to tired to concede. It felt like being a goldfish watching the game rather then playing myself. I kept a hand with 5 lands and faced a T1 Inquisition of Kozilek. I drew a few spot removals, but nothing that could stop him. He beat me down quickly.

    In 2 weeks I will try again. This time more prepared and with more experience. My takeaways so far:
    -4 Lands (26 is to much for a Faerie tempo)
    -1 Bontu the Glorified (wasn't as exciting as I hoped he would be, though re-reading my own writeup he was pretty strong when I played him. Thoughts?)
    -1-2 Quickling (I love how interactive this card is, but it was never as fast as I hoped it would be, maybe I keep a 1 off for further testing)
    -1 Batterskull (I'm not sure if this fits the temo style I want for this deck)
    -4 Faerie Conclave (I thought they are faster then Creeping Tar Pit, but I never animated them)

    +4 Creeping Tar Pit (instead of the Conclave, if I can get my hands on them)
    +2-3 Swords (I don't know, it feels like it might just work in this deck -- which ones?)
    +4-5 open slots -- Suggestions pls Smile

    I will also have to restructure the deck based on what I've seen. Looking at other tables I've also seen: Meerfolk, Dredge, Burn, some Combo deck that was flickering a Plainswalker (pretty cool, never seen it)
    Posted in: Aggro & Tempo
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