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  • posted a message on Secret lair - New life 2020 (no unique cards here all reprints)
    To the people complaining about ‘child soldiers’
    A) This a fictional setting, not real life. With fictional beings, that don’t exist in real life.
    B) This is on Naya. Why wouldn’t you train your young ones to fight against the undead hordes of Grixs and the predators of Jund? They would be utterly stupid not to train them.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends Leak...the Precon decks and the 3 new cards and 2 reprints in each
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    More UG landfall and WR combat? Lazy design.

    Shut up and give you us your money and be highly grateful that we allow you to fund us you drool plebeian. —— WotC Public Relations employee
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  • posted a message on 2021/2022 Crossover Shenanigans
    Why would Konami - the makers of Yugioh - partner with Wizards of the Coast?

    Partner with them? Do you understand how IP licensing works?
    If you owned an IP and a competitor asked you about using it you do realize the ball is in your control right?
    Konami gets to set the price they have to pay, what the can use and how long they can use it for. Sure WotC can haggle but they don’t have leverage to get a deal that favors them.
    Seriously WotC had to pay Toho to use Godzilla and could only use them for Ikoria since Toho gave them a time frame they were allowed to use them for.
    Toho didn’t lose any money from Ikoria. WotC sure lost sales because Ikoria released during the lock down of the Corona Pandemic.
    Konami would lose nothing and only gain profits. Profits from a top competitor in the TCG/CCG market.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from Mystic_X »
    You joined this forum in June, have 5 posts to date,

    So you’ve been essentially complaining against gatekeeping the franchise for many of your post...and then proceeded to tell someone their opinion isn’t valid because they haven’t been on these forums as long as you. You don’t know how long they’ve played the game. Or how long they’ve lurked on the forums before joining.
    What your doing is the thing you claim to hate....your gatekeepeing.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from Dontrike »
    I thought more on their "it would look bad with two names" reasoning of WotC's. I'm sure the reason we are not seeing two names on the card isn't because of style, or whatever fancy word they wish to use, but instead because they don't have a second name for those cards. Considering they mentioned that down the road these cards will be printed correctly (my words) it's strange they don't have those names already figured out. It's rumored they were doing this for years and they don't have a plan in place for this? Really?

    Honestly, if they had the second name in place that would have mitigated some of the issues many players have about this product as we knew that there was a plan in place eventually. Here we have a sort of tentative plan of reprint.

    The thing is they didn’t even need to fully flesh out where the Magic appropriate legend would have come from they just needed ‘Name, Title’ and have them in alt-skin frames. Also not having the zombies be 2/2 black Zombies is dumb. If their excuse is ‘Oh well color doesn’t matter in TWD.’ is dumb because the cards that make them have colored mana costs and adhere to MTG rules. Not only that they don’t call them zombies in the franchise but Darryl and Michonne refer to Zombies in their abilities. So they broke immersion for TWD in one half and them when back to MTG immersion in the other half...which is stupid because it breaks immersion for people of both franchises.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Ok good news guys


    Sheldon and the RC committe Are listening to us, taking notes and weighing options Basicly they are discussing TWD cards

    and they will have something to say and will definatly be before the secret lair drops

    in other words This looks like a sign TWD cards will probably be considered silver bordered In commander format
    Honestly? Good.

    "Oh you want this new commander that has a playstyle you like? Well why didn't you buy it in this limited window for this price? Not in your country? OOooh don't worry, you can just buy it for this marked up price from someone on ebay. Thats fine right?"


    Slant your clearing not seeing what they are talking about

    the point is the RC of commander are looking into it for us

    man did this secret lair left a taste so sour to you it like you didn't hear what they said at all

    and plus if you read my comments in this thread i hate these and they outright lied to us about the promise they made back when Nalathni Dragon appeared which was "promise to never print functionally unique promos" they broke they promise and this really ticked me off

    They broke that promise, yet see fit to make the reserve list as unbreakable as possible. Why does WotC bother promising anything at all?
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Skyclave Pick-Axe— Kripparrian preview
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Actually could this be playable in infect modern?

    you can auto equip a Glistener Elf on T2 after it’s not summoning sick play a fetchlands crack it find a forest then cast Scale up That’s 10 infect on T2

    Why would you play this over the plethora of spells that give +4/+4 in that deck exactly? It's worse than all of them. It requires a fetchland to give +4/+4 unlike the other spells.

    This is just bad, it requires you having a bunch of lands to play to even do anything. It does nothing T1 and nothing late game, and in the mid-game leaves you super open to blow outs.

    you only need 2 lands

    One taps for green and one is a fetchlands that can get a forest

    T1 forest play glistener elf

    T2 play the axe It auto equips to the elf then Play the fetchland after the axe enters for +2/+2 Crack it for a forest that’s another +2/+2 then play scale up

    You have to cast Scale Up first. If you played it the way you said, Scale Up would overwrite the +2/+2 bonuses you got from the lands just making it 6/4.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Living Tempest— Kyler Star preview

    This is now the fifth creature with this exact same mana cost, rarity, power and toughness, and abilities.

    Source: RatsRelyk7

    WotC to Lookingupanddown- Fine! Here’s another printing of Colossal Dreadmaw butthole.

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  • posted a message on Next Year set's to be revealed on Tuesday
    Ravnica 4.0 & 4.1: The Quest for more money because Hasbro keeps pushing so will keep digging until the well is empty....then keep digging anyway.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Basilisk Collar, Walking Ballista, And Grand Architect
    Nah bro! Explorers Map is way more iconic and talked about than Ballista....said no one ever.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Desmyeolada - Ion Storm and Shamanic Revelation
    But...but...you can’t question WotC’s wonderful generosity.😜
    At this points it would be a mercy kill if WotC goes out of business. Yet people still shill and defend the company.
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  • posted a message on Upcoming stuff in magic
    WotC- We don’t want player shuffling to much. So we won’t reprint the fetches properly.
    Also WotC- Yeah we still put cards that involve shuffling in at every rarity. Also where still working on an entire mechanic that involves shuffling cards from outside your deck into your deck.

    F**k off WotC! You stupid hypocritical butt-turds.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Stone Haven Pilgrim— JaimeTopples preview
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Love the Plains but that Cleric is hot garbage.

    Do you not know how to attach Equipment or Auras to this?
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  • posted a message on Rudy's Email (Baits and probably some leaked information)
    Quote from BB84Prez »
    2) I'm all for another Unset regardless of it's theme. Would be a nifty way to sneak in a black border card like Sliver Queen, the same way they did with Steamflogger Boss.

    Reserved List- Cards WotC won’t physically reprint.

    Queen is on the reserved list.
    Boss isn’t on the reserved list.

    If that doesn’t answer the possibility of it happening, then I don’t know what will make you understand.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Ghostly Pilferer— Masters of Modern podcast preview
    Is it just me or does this feel like it should have been a ninja since ModHorizons showed us we can have ninjas without ninjutsu?
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