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  • posted a message on [M21] Mothership 06/05— Baneslayer Angel and promo cards
    Quote from Max Rebo »
    Stop it with the phasing is confusing thing.....it's not and very simple (the reminder text on Teferi's Protection is very basic)
    What the hell is with 4 different arts for teferi, took me 10 minutes to figure out the wobbles are different colors

    Oh Man..... borderless Grim Tutor
    The Ugin looks sweet

    agreed phasing was the first thing I brought to an fnm Smile Smile Smile , did'nt win much but it was fun
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  • posted a message on Return to Innistrad in 2021?
    Pity that, innistrad would have been cool
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  • posted a message on Full Sleeves(tatoo art) Secret Lair Drop
    What's next? A reimagining of modern cards by Kaja and Phil Foglio? This is the ugliest Secret Lair drop so far...oh well, I've never bought any of them and these definitely won't change my mind.:thumbsdown:

    Would definitely love Foglio Grin
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: The Path Not Travelled (Alternate Lives of Planeswalkers)
    I dunno why but Ajani reminds me of Bishop from Xmen. maybe its the hair.
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  • posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020

    apparently only Brawl, Legacy and Vintage will be affected
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    Actually there was a recent Vintage tournament done on twitch. While I don't think that fits what you want, but conceptually you could get your friends to connect via some online video conferencing app and play custom house rules game play there using video tech and paper magic.

    Here is the link to that:
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  • posted a message on What is the general opinion on the increased amount of special versions of cards?
    I love alternate arts... but not too many that its hard to track.

    I agree that printing alternate arts for reprints is good, even necessary.

    The current collector boxes trend is printing alternate art for its own sake which is fine... bit its eating print equity right from the get go, thats why it depresses prices for the "normal" cards and even its own price 8s depressed, because it is like doing future reprints in the present.And you get to reprint cards that do not need reprints and you earn from those too. Its like prerelease when everything is hyped, but actually only a few cards will be sought after. Everything else crashes. Not terrible i guess. For a deck builder willing to look its actually quite awesome. If you are a net decker, you are in for a world of hurt pricewise, if you are a speculator, your wait time for return just got lengthen.. to god knows when...
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    Quote from mikeyG »
    Quote from KupoKupo »
    WoTC are using the most vile *****tiest tactics in selling this game. They try to appeal to people with inferiority complex who then will spend the money to buy OP cards. This strategy basically kills the old style MTG, that was played IRL on a physical table. Now it's not about creating interesting decks and just socialising.. now it's a real life butthurt relief game, where anyone just pay a couple of hundren bucks, get their OP deck(of basically any color but mostly black and blue) and crush basically anyone who paid less or F2P. MTG Arena became a ******* joke. It's not a fan game anymore.. it's not made for fans anymore. It's made for people who are really butthurt IN REAL LIFE.. and now all these hordes of total mental cases, ******* whales with money, total degenerates who don't give a single flying **** about anything but their own butthurt egos. These losers are surfing the web for "pay-to-win" opportunities, join the game, pay and win, then move the **** on to the next game, where they turn the same trick. Each loser would feed 2-3 P2W games at the least, usually more. It becomes addictive.

    Online gaming became a stress relief for an office rat, who never even played any games before online gaming hit the market and allowed the office rat to play at his desk or from his laptop or mobile. Online gaming is not even gaming in it's true sense, because you don't see your opponent. You're basically playing with a screen. There is no people behind that screen. It's just code. You're just buying what would happen on the screen.

    Do you get it? They don't want to play the game with anyone. They just want to buy a certain guaranteed outcome. They want to pay an easy 100 and immediately get their fix. It's just like drugs.

    So.. here is your answer why they make all these idiotic sets. The previous blue deck meta with something like Agent of Treachery etc etc is total cancer. There are many cards like that. Completely retarded drain decks, completely retarded counter decks, completely retarded everything. Because this is what sells.

    Office rats will pay their 100 anal bucks and cheese their way to mythic. Everyone else is there just because they want to try. But they are not going to stay for long.. but who cares, there will always be a ton of newbies who will come and serve as cannon fodder for the butthurt whales to feed on.

    Online gaming killed gaming. Everything became pay to win. Even titles that used to be subscription based are changing to F2P format because it's so easy to milk the retarded whale with inferiority complex. The temptation to go online is impossible to fight. Just compare.. an offline game wouldn't make more then a couple of millions if it's really good and high quality. An online game of even *****ty quality will bring you millions by default, sometimes billions.

    This is why people are so upset with online gaming. Fanboys would say that people cry because they are not skilled enough to play, but the reality is that it's all plainly PAY TO WIN.

    They are just selling drugs to butthurt losers. Pay 100USD -> get your fix(victories). Don't want to pay?? Boo hoo hoo.

    Maybe you should get out of competitive play, then? Or at least find a playgroup that's more your style. I hated playing at the stores around me a decade ago, everyone was way too intense, way too competitive, and way too invested in spending a ton of money to win (and laughing at those who didn't). It turned me off the game entirely for a long time until I found people who actually made playing fun. The intense netdeck power players can still do their thing, I'm happily away from them.

    Yes I agree, everyone was there to win, so it was rather toxic.

    I mitigated that by only going for pre-releases... there are still some toxic people, but less.

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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    The real reason why Wizards of the Coast is doing this is because In-Store Play at Local Game Stores (LGSs) are now prohibited due to COVID-19.

    Yeah... I'm going to have to call that out as false. Catalyst? Maybe. But the real reason? No.

    It was bound to happen. If not now, then sometime in the next few years.

    I'm going to agree with some of the other posters, this is a lazy move on WotC's part. To be honest, I was puzzled as to why Arena didn't utilize the DCI for registration when it first came out. Then it hit me while working on my own company database. The DCI database is probably so old and so kludged together that no one at Wizards really understands how it works anymore. How long ago was the DCI number introduced? About 20 years? How many admins worked on it and how many features were added during that time?

    So the Arena guys probably came on board and, due to some combination of inexperience and hard headedness, decided to build the Arena player database from scratch. Or it could have been managements plan the entire time. Either way, management probably decided the cost of maintaining or exporting the old database to a new system wasn't worth the cost so they decided to drop the tables.

    Changing databases isn't easy or cheap but it is always doable, it's just a matter of how much money anyone wants to throw at it.

    exactly this.

    I work in IT so those scenarios are the easy way outs. A new start if you will. Easier to just ignore the legacy code and data rather than rework it.

    Looking through my own data (and it is rather abysmal :p :p :p - in fact maybe its best I forget this history haha), what I see are past results and people I met. Some friends, some acquaintances, others less so. But I will then recall roughly the attitudes of the environment and players at that time including my own. The LGSes I have been to etc. All the history it evokes.

    This is all the way to 1997... man I was waay younger then. Playing a phasing deck and getting crushed.

    I mean I can just download that as a cvs apparently at least for myself.

    But this connection, this relation to the game. Like mould accumulating on the wall... is an pile that takes time to build and accumulate.

    WOTC just wants to delete it.

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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    Sounds risky and lazy.

    They are essentially dumping the old one to make a new one... that is the same...

    Actually thinking more about, this seems like a really dumb move (not merging). The data is essentially
    A bit of history that ties the players to each other and to wotc. It is a connection that other corporations
    try to make but cannot get. Magic's historical depth/nostalgia is something
    that has always made it stand out from other games. Yet wotc is giving that up because
    they are unable to merge the data (something that should be doable).
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RG Ponza / Modern Land Destruction
    Quote from MTG_Bob »
    I actually thought that they should have banned FL and Hogaak when they banned Bridge and not banned Bridge. I can see why they banned Mox Opal, too many decks were relying on it, just like Faithless Looting was.

    Doesn't quite make sense why Ponza/LD decks would drop off though.

    Oh I thought from what you said:

    Quote from MTG_Bob »
    I don't see much Amulet Titan or Titan Shift being played in my area. Most have been playing UW Control, Mono Red/Boros, Humans and Infect, a few fringe players are running Tron. But a lot of players left when they banned Hogaak and Ono, I guess if they can't play broken cards, they don't want to play at all.

    I thought you meant the players who got their cards banned, hence I gave the reason I did.

    If you meant ponza/LD players, yep agreed, not sure why they left, but the others who lost their decks, sure I can understand why they left.

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  • posted a message on White Card Advantage should be...
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    I wouldn't be surprised to see variants of Rhystic Study in Commander supplements or Conspiracy or the like in the future. Maybe also cards that reward you for chump-blocking with card draw- "For the greater good" flavor. Sacrificing Plains for card draw could work well in concert with all of the Land Tax flavored stuff they keep printing; the problem with a critical mass of those abilities is that they do stop working.

    I think taxing/punishing effects fit white very well in commander, as it falls within white flavorfully and mechanically. On the other hand, sacrificing lands for card draw fits white neither flavorfully nor mechanically. The land searchers you alluded to are certainly no justification for something in the line of Aggressive Mining no more than white's token strategies justify a white Goblin Bombardment. Sacrificing lands for resources is so indelibly red that it would take a fairly tortuous twist to cram such a mechanic into white. As far as lands themselves that draw cards, white-based EDH decks have access to a number of decent colorless options.

    I agree that taxing is very in white. Maybe also non symmetric effects like some conditional wraths but might it more weigthed to white's strength (maybe weenies? or gain 2 life for each of your creature destroyed?). Or more chaining creatures like the rebels, which is kinda like card advantage. Or more effects that give an extra body (probably too abusable with blink)
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  • posted a message on Masterbase up to Core Set 2021 + 6.8 GB Full pics [V2.3]
    w00t very awesome! Thanks for the work! Smile Smile Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RG Ponza / Modern Land Destruction
    Quote from MTG_Bob »
    I don't see much Amulet Titan or Titan Shift being played in my area. Most have been playing UW Control, Mono Red/Boros, Humans and Infect, a few fringe players are running Tron. But a lot of players left when they banned Hogaak and Ono, I guess if they can't play broken cards, they don't want to play at all.

    I guess it is a loss of confidence + a general shift towards possibly pioneer? At that time anyways

    [edit] oh and mox opal and faithless looting were banned too ... quite the slaughter

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