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  • posted a message on Beating Eldrazi
    I just saw an article on MTGGoldfish breaking down the numbers of the pro tour and the extreme eldrazi dominance. The takeaway is that it's so good because no decks really have a positive matchup against them -- besides niche prison decks that include Blood Moon and Ghostly Prison. This sounds intriguing to me and is something I would definitly want to look into and test. So I ask 2 questions:

    1. Does anyone have a list of an Eldrazi beating prison deck.
    2. What other decks beat Eldrazi (or even have a 50/50 MU like Affinity)

    Thanks guys

    Merged with the "Beating B/x Eldrazi" thread as it is more appropriate than creating a duplicate thread for the topic.
    - Torpf
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  • posted a message on Weird New Format Idea
    Hey guys. I mentioned to my friends the idea of this cool new format idea. It would only work for casual, and I'm not sure how it's gonna go but I thought it would be a fun way to spice up our decks. Basically the total cost of the decks has to be $50 or less TCG mid. If a card spikes and raises the deck price then too bad -- yes it's unfun but it's a slippery slope allowing certain decks over the limit. It adds a whole new complex level to deck building because you have to make the decision of whether you want the great $5 card and have to skimp on removal or have a passable $1 card and have more options (for example). The banned list is as follows:

    Mana Vault
    Yawgmoth's Bargain
    Yawgmoth's Will
    Treasure Cruise
    Dig Through Time
    Memory Jar
    Mental Misstep
    Mind's Desire
    Mystical Tutor
    Frantic Search
    Goblin Recruiter
    Demonic Consultation
    Hermit Druid

    Watch List:
    Mind Twist
    Lightning Bolt
    Dark Ritual
    Tendrils of Agony
    Strip Mine
    Hymn to Tourach
    Cranial Plating
    Wheel of Fortune
    Dread Return
    Demonic Tutor
    Tolarian Acadamy
    Oath of Druids

    The reason some cards like Tolarian Acadamy are only on the watchlist is because their price effectively restricts them, and also worsens the quality of the rest of the deck. Currently the format seems very linear but hopefully I can make some bans that change that.

    Any thoughts on the banlist or otherwise?
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  • posted a message on January 18th Banned and Restricted list
    WHYYYYYYYYYY (and this is coming from someone whose main deck is tron, I really dont like this announcment at all.) Were they TRYING to increase the amount of linear decks? Bloom I figured was inevitable here but twin...just what the ****, seriously. As for cloud...I have delver in pauper but yeah it probably derserved it. Delver should survive.
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  • posted a message on How is the current Standard environment at your LGS?
    1. Yes, standard wasn't super ripe at my LGS to begin with, however draft and modern have picked up a ton of popularity where I am, with draft often drawing 20-30 people and modern going from often not launching to drawing 8-12 people per week.

    2. More and more people are leaving standard and as such, the meta has gone to *****, with it being primarily little kids with terrible budget decks. The only people over the age of 11 who still play standard are either doing it because it's an easy 4-0 cash in, they're oblivious to the meta, or they just don't care.

    3. It's ******* crap. Like I have preferred modern for a while now, but I think the current state of standard is truly terrible for the game, as it's driving away people from the "starter format" in droves, due to simultaneously being unfun and overpriced.
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  • posted a message on Rudest/worst MTG opponent you've ever played?
    I think I got one from a few days ago. It's probably the first time I feel I was actively singled out by my opponent, as opposed to just facing a salty opponent or something.

    I was in a Chaos draft and it was round 3. I was 0-1-1, having done what I usually do and sucking at draft. Got paired against this 2-0 guy. His deck was better then mine but not by that much or anything. I kinda wonder how he was 2-0? Anyways his girlfriend started talking to me at the beginning of the round which I can tell pissed off my opponent a bit. Now I should say that I was 15 years old (now I'm 16) and look it, however everyone else there was at least 5 or so years older then me. I could tell his girlfriend was talking to me because she thought it was cool that a younger person was playing magic or something. This felt a tad condescending and I'm not 100% what made me "young" in this situation but i didn't mind so much as it was positive attention and plus she was only a few years older then me herself. Anyways we played and I kicked his ass the first round. He got really salty about it and started getting on my case about how I was a stupid 15 year old or whatever. At first I took the ridding but he went on and on, starting to make personal attacks. I realize I didn't wanna take this so I started yelling back at him, insulting him as well. We started insulting each other a bunch, making a bit of a scene. Game 2 started and he made a big deal about me taking a while to decide if I wanted to keep, even though I had a borderline hand and I had only been deciding for 10 seconds or so. I sadly cracked under the pressure and kept a subuptimical hand and promptly lost. We had another yelling match and the store owner yelled at ME to shut up. My opponent rubbed it in my face and then the store owner put him in his place a bit saying he'd kick either of us out if we kept up. Round 3 was really close but he won as he top decked basically the one card that could kill me. I mumbled "I hope you're happy now" and the store owner yelled at me to shut up. He then went on condescendingly about how this isn't how it works in the real world, etc. After he left I talked to the store owner about it politely, I said "hey just out of curiousity why'd you lash out at me not him cuz he started it?" He yelled at me back WELL YOU FED THE FIRE AND THIS ISNT WHAT YOU DO IN THE REAL WORLD AND YOULL LEARN ABOUT THIS WHEN YOURD OLDER etc. He said it wasn't just this time it was other times too he said I frequently do it when I come for modern. I may be competitive a bit at times I suppose, but it's never with mean intentions, and given that the vast majority of my opponents seem to enjoy playing me and are in a good enough mood to trade etc afterwards with me, I can't be doing it that much. Plus I've literally never been called out on doing that, not by the store owner or otherwise. I asked for specific examples and he hesistated before saying "umm I've seen you doing it before. Remember I'm the boss and what I say goes!" and some guy who I played in round 1 came over and agreed with the store owner saying yeah you were kinda mean to me then. I think he referred to when I wouldn't take a draw when there was 5 mins left in the round going into game 3 which was kinda dick-y in retrospect, but I wanted to go for the win since I figure it might be my only shot at it all draft (like I said before, I suck at drafting and my draft deck sucked), plus its nowhere on the level of this guy. I then broke down crying and no one cared. Yes I did overreact, yes I shoulda reacted differently, but holy **** was everyone rude about it. And that guy got no blame.
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  • posted a message on Ten best counterspells?
    Heres my list and i dont know why none of you think of these because they are good.

    1. Force of Will Mana Drain Obviously its for free however exiling a blue card can be excessive in some cases unless its Torrent Elemental... Oh ***** never thought of that. Mana Drain because people will freak if i dont put it up there.
    2. Counterspell Foil 2 mana counter spell come on thats good. Foil because its pretty much like Force of WIll 1 less mana and you can recur those things you discarded easily. I suggest 2 of them due to the fact you have to discard an island.
    3. Counterflux Counterbore Come on can't be ******* countered just think. That includes abilities and effects and Abilities so **** You Autumn's Veil. Counterbore is pretty good for 2 more mana basically you counter it and oh look i exile all of the ones you have boohoo.
    4. Render Silent Dissolve Dissipate I chose these three because they are good. Dissolve gives you a small card advantage and Dissipate says oh look thats exile. It kinda bones reanimator decks. Lastly Render Silent combines that one white mana spell and Counterspell and basically says oh i counter that spell and umm yea you can't cast anything for the rest of the turn.

    Now don't bother arguing with me on my list because i will not change it. These are my personal favorites and honestly i dont even like Force of Will or Mana Drain but if i don't put it up there then the rage will happen. Honestly nothing beats a Counter Spell that can't be countered.

    It's fine if this is if your personal opinion like you said. However in terms of raw power...yeah you have a lot to learn about the game mister.
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  • posted a message on Returning player, what's the best way to jump back in?
    I don't know how many old cards you have but if you have enough staples then legacy could be a good format for you. There's also modern which I personally enjoy a lot -- it's not *that* hard to switch decks IMO and some of the cheapest competitive modern decks can be had for $200-$300, like Living End, Ad Naus, or Bx Eldrazi.

    I definitely wouldn't recommend standard especially right now, as it's kind of a mess. An insanely pricey mess at that.

    As for EDH, it's a super niche format. In general people either love it or they hate it. Personally I think there are a number of fundamental problems with the format, but that's just me. Just be aware that it's basically an 100% casual format and there's not much/any tournament support.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Delver Blue
    Quote from Figurative »
    Hey guys,
    Got a pauper tournament coming up this saturday and taking delver. Got a few questions:
    How many lands? 17 if I'm going all basics and 18 if I have quicksand? Are quicksands worth it?
    For sb, should I just go with the 3/3/3/3/3 Curse of Chains/Dispel/REB/Annul/Stormbound Geist split? Should I fit relics in there too?
    What specific cards are good/bad in some popular matchups?
    Any other tips?
    Thanks guys, first time in pauper tournament and I'm super exicted.
    I run 17 basics with 13 cantrips and 2 gush and never have issues with mana. The sideboard and the option of running quicksand main depends on the meta you expect to face,I can't give you much help with that. Best of lucks

    Thanks!It's an unknown meta but it's a pretty big tournament so I'm expecting a lot of the mirror, MBC, Burn, and other popular decks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Delver Blue
    Hey guys,
    Got a pauper tournament coming up this saturday and taking delver. Got a few questions:
    How many lands? 17 if I'm going all basics and 18 if I have quicksand? Are quicksands worth it?
    For sb, should I just go with the 3/3/3/3/3 Curse of Chains/Dispel/REB/Annul/Stormbound Geist split? Should I fit relics in there too?
    What specific cards are good/bad in some popular matchups?
    Any other tips?
    Thanks guys, first time in pauper tournament and I'm super exicted.
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  • posted a message on What Deck Should I Play Since I'm on a budget?
    Quote from mdugger »
    Hi so I'm just getting ready to come back after quitting two years ago because I hated standard.
    Cards I own are pretty much all basic lands or innistrad commons and uncommons.
    Colors I prefer are blue, black or green. Would prefer to stay mono. Would do red or white if its artifact reliant.
    Style- Preferred is combo but ill play anything.
    Budget- I have about 70 to get it running, although if it is able to I will improve off of the initial when finances are better, however I wanna get something now.
    Level- Id like FNM level at start and to be able to grow from there. I know this is a tall order so thank you to whomever replies.

    So you like artifacts and combo eh? This seems right up your alley: http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/323674#paper
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What [deck] should I play/buy/get into thread
    Hey guys,

    I think I have lowered my future legacy deck down to two choices -- merfolk or infect. For merfolk, that was my first instinct upon choosing a deck as it seems like a nice all around bet -- cheap, easy enough to play for someone new to legacy, and one of my friends is likely taking apart modern merfolk so I could get many of the pieces from him. However, I'm worried it's not very competitive. It appears to be towards the very bottom of tier 2, and I'm not sure how much success I will have with it should I take it to bigger events like I plan on doing.

    On the other hand I could build infect, which is a much more competitive deck that I enjoy playing as well and also seems like a good choice for an entry deck. However I am not a huge fan of its tendency to die to removal, and it is a tad pricey for my wallet. I could probably afford it but not super easily, and it also has a number of matchups that just feel unwinnable because of how interactive they are. However, I really do want a competitive legacy deck.

    A third theoretical option I guess is I could stay with my current deck, burn. I really find it dull to pilot but it does look like it's doing quite well at a number of events at the moment for whatever reason.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from FANAttIC »

    I had Modern Champs today so there was no time to respond (First in Swiss, lost in Top8 to WU Control).

    My past list from Trials and 12-3 result from main event is 6th from the bottom:

    Current is:

    Congrats on your results! Can we get a tournament report?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What [deck] should I play/buy/get into thread
    Quote from d8dk32 »

    You could try Affinity.

    Affinity's not great in legacy tho.

    Infect is another option. So is grixis delver, though it doesn't share all that much with modern grixis delver.
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  • posted a message on Aggro Loam & 4C Loam
    Hey guys,
    Shoppin around for a legacy deck and the two decks I was considering were Death n Taxes and Merfolk -- however this deck looks like it's having a surge in popularity. How does its competitiveness compare to the two other decks I mentioned? It's a bit pricey however I feel like I could afford it considering I already have many of the cards like Grove of the Burnwillows, a Liliana, a Thoughtseize, some of the Chalices, and the Life from the Loams. Would you recommend this? Thanks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What [deck] should I play/buy/get into thread
    Hey guys. Regarding my quest to get into legacy I'm in kind of a precarious spot. I was going to focus on building merfolk, however I have heard that it's only tier 2.5 and isn't super good right now, which my testing would seem to confirm. Also, I don't find it super interesting to play. I was thinking maybe Death n Taxes would be a good alternative, but it seems pretty tricky to play, plus I'm not sure if I like how durdley it is (I don't mind durdely decks, but DnT takes it to a whole new level) and the fact that playing with it feels like an uphill battle (if that makes sense). I tested goblins and I really liked it, but it sounds like it's not a very good deck at the moment. Are there any other tier 1-2 decks for less then $1,500 other then those, or is one of those my best bet? How competitive are they? I know that even if a deck isn't super fun to play if I do well with it I will likely enjoy it, so I'm really looking for what the most competative option is between these decks:

    Burn (my current deck)
    Something else -- maybe Omnitell?

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