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  • posted a message on CCL Round 4 - The Golden Ass
    Form of the Eldrazi 8CC
    Legendary Enchantment (M)
    When you cast Form of the Eldrazi, take an extra turn after this one.
    When Form of the Eldrazi enters the battlefield, your life total becomes 15 and you draw 4 cards.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy target permanent.

    Indecision Instiller 2UU
    Creature - Spirit (M)
    Whenever Indecision Instiller deals combat damage to a player, that player draws 4 cards.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent whose life total is less than the number of cards in his or her hand loses the game.
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  • posted a message on February MCC Round 2 - Say My Name
    Design -
    (2/3) Appeal: Timmy can't deny how explosive a card like this is. Johnny has little to do, except maybe abuse the tokens it generates. This is a bit expensive for spike, though it'll likely generate good value. Likely, but not a gaurentee.
    (2/3) Elegance: It's a pretty long effect, embedded with the fact it creates and fights with you own creatures too. Also, tribal is gone for a reason.

    Development -
    (2.5/3) Viability: Tribal is gone for a reason, otherwise on point. Debatable how much of a token army red should create this way.
    (2.5/3) Balance: It's a big swingy effect for casual/commander, and in a standard set would be mythic to steer clear of limited. The fact that you have a bunch of 1/1s deal the damage at first actual makes this weaker than Ezuri's Predation in most scenarios, even if you do generate more tokens. Likely to stay at the kitchen table.

    Creativity -
    (1.5/3) Uniqueness: This is Ezuri's Predation with some dino themed tweaks.
    (2.5/3) Flavor: Blood Dome sounds a little WWE for me, but otherwise good.

    Polish -
    (2.5/3) Quality: "each of those Dinosaurs fights a different one of those creatures."
    (2/2) *Main Challenge: Yup.
    (2/2) Subchallenges: Got em both.

    Total: 19.5/25
    *An entry with 0 points here is subject to disqualification.
    Design -
    (3/3) Appeal: Timmy is excited to make a huge creature out of the graveyard, and johnny wants to find ways to feed into it's abilities. It has a lot of options for spike at aggressive costs too.
    (1.5/3) Elegance: The effects are simple enough, but there are a lot of options that tie in here. The specific cards being costs adds a lot of pressure, and while they all helo fill the graveyard, I think there is one too many things going on here. The instant speed nature of the horror token is also tricky.

    Development -
    (3/3) Viability: Seems about rare. Could maybe even be a mythic with a beefier body.
    (2/3) Balance: This is hard to judge. Murder, cancel, divination, and mind rot are all subpar cards competitively. But turning each one of those into much more versatile cards? On a cheap creature with a relevant tribe? All with a super splashy in graveyard effect that serves even more purposes? This card pushes in a lot of different directions and I think one of them is bound to get some play in a standard environment. It feels risky. I also worry this card is a bit too much of a trap in terms of requiring decks to run several specific cards to get the full value. Somethign a lot of casual players will shy away from (I dont have all those/enough copys of those cards, I only have cancels. I'm not gonna play this!)

    Creativity -
    (3/3) Uniqueness: This card is very unique in how it uses named cards, and the suite of abilities synergize well.
    (1.5/3) Flavor: The flavor is very generic. It doesn't creates character here despite the card feeling so distinct.

    Polish -
    (2/3) Quality: Start your effects with Capital letters.
    (2/2) *Main Challenge: Sure.
    (2/2) Subchallenges:

    Total: 20/25
    *An entry with 0 points here is subject to disqualification.
    Design -
    (2/3) Appeal: Any army or discard rats does have appeal for timmy. Johnny does like finding ways to feed his X spells too. Despite having a variable cost, this seems a little out of range for spikes prime interest. It's just not aggressive enough.
    (3/3) Elegance: For this kind of challenge, this was a great way to be elegant.

    Development -
    (3/3) Viability: Everything here lines up well.
    (2/3) Balance: This card isn't very aggressive. Even playing 3+ for this card doesn;t feel very impressive against most decks. It could have a niche roll, but more than likely will be a commander card. There it'll certainly shine with its option and flexibily to suit all kinds of multiplayer scenarios too.

    Creativity -
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Creating tokens and discarding together are pretty standard effects for black, and while this card makes a good classic reference, it doesn't feel that fresh.
    (2/3) Flavor: A good name in desperate need of some flavor text to make it a home run.

    Polish -
    (3/3) Quality: Looks fine.
    (2/2) *Main Challenge: Got it.
    (2/2) Subchallenges: Spot on.

    Total: 21/25
    *An entry with 0 points here is subject to disqualification.
    Design -
    (1.5/3) Appeal: That's a lot of life loss and a big creature, but timmy isn't sure about hurting himself so much! Johnny wonders about breaking the symmetry of the card or ways to get extra value out of the trigger/token. Spike is... concerned, but appreciates a hanging kill switch that he can use when in the lead or create a big token when he is behind.
    (2.5/3) Elegance: Theres a pretty singnificant chaing of events going on here, but more complciated thigns see print and the mechanics and flavor tie well.

    Development -
    (3/3) Viability: I think as an artifact with a black ability this works fine.
    (2/3) Balance: This card is probably "fair", but man, is it super greify. It doesn't seem like the most fun card to play against, and I feel a large audience will shy away from the symmetry. The self synergy of giving Death's Shadow a life lose tie will warrant testing. Most likely a standard/limited thing if anything.

    Creativity -
    (2/3) Uniqueness: This feels pretty distinct with its well know effect's creature by fitting well into the narrative concepts wizards wants with a lot of their cards. I wouldn't call it "fresh." More, "current."
    (2.5/3) Flavor: The idea of a candle of life that creates deaths shadow is great. My one flavor snub is: If a candle goes out, how is it casting a shadow?

    Polish -
    (3/3) Quality: Looks good.
    (2/2) *Main Challenge: Yup
    (2/2) Subchallenges: Got it.

    Total: 20.5/25
    *An entry with 0 points here is subject to disqualification.
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 3 - Yes, M'Lord!
    Cardz5000: The Banisher is pushed, but interesting. Name sounds militaristic for moonfolk. Lord has a neat idea, but I dislike the concept of lands that produce no mana even if they synergize with moonfolk mechanics.

    netn10: Your common isn't a common. Would be better as an uncommon that added 2 damage. The lord offers a strategic decision. I wonder how often one ability or another would be the "correct choice."

    RaikouRider: That tinderling is an interesting little explosive. I'm not sure how well it plays as a mid size creature. Perhaps smaller? The lord is fine but uninspired. Certainly not a mythic.

    void_nothing: Flooder of cities ahs very odd numbers. For 7 mana in green it could of been a bit bigger/more balanced. The kraken is neat, though I don't understand why you don't just draw the card instead of the eixling business. Does that extra step really illustrate the flavor of whats going on any better? I don't think it does.

    FreshMeat: The mono card itself is fine but not a fresh design. The lord feeds into itself a bit since it makes it easier for your creatures to get through each time they do. The discarding seems minor in standard but perhaps more important in casual formats. It's solid and makes me want to test it.

    Hemlock: Dash on a pegasus/horse creature is a flavor win, and the card itself seems close to balanced. The lord feels a little old school in its design. Not the most appealing card, but pretty spike oriented.

    MahBoiii: The common seems, fun, if a little pushed and not that interesting. The rare is solid too, though im not 100% sure how I feel about this gorgons damaging players to get other effects trend. Not the direction I would go with their lords.

    1: Cardz5000
    2: Hemlock
    3: FreshMeat
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    My weekend has turned out to be a lot busier than I thought and won't have time to really work on judging today. Requesting an extension to finish tomorrow.
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 3 - Yes, M'Lord!
    Disloyal Servant 3B
    Creature - Efreet (U)
    When Disloyal Servant enters the battlefield, each player draws a card and loses 1 life.
    "What Master does not know will not hurt him... yet."

    Despot of Ill Wishing 3BR
    Creature - Efreet (R)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one for each Efreet you control. You may choose the same mode more than once.
    • Target creature you control gains menace until end of turn.
    • Target creature your opponent controls gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
    • Flip a coin. If heads, you draw a card and lose 1 life.
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  • posted a message on Jan CCL Finals: Organizer Creations
    Double ouch bump
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    Quote from The_Hittite »
    Can I just repeat that I am a Timmy and I love attacking on turn 1 more than I love big stompy creatures. Please stop telling me what I do and don't like.
    That's cool that you personally like raging goblin and are a Timmy, but that doesn't make it a Timmy card.

    There are cards I like as a Johnny-Spike that don't really fit the psychographic.

    Labeling yourself a psychographic is a generalization, and even if you fit more/mostly into one player type doesn't automatically mean everything you enjoy fits with that label.
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    It's important to realize that Timmy is not just big creatures. However, Raging Goblin and Elvish Mystic are not timmy cards. Timmy wants to play big things or splashy effects. Timmy wants to dominate the games he wins without blow out cards, even if he loses most other games. He wants to be social, explore different ways to play the game, and have unique experiences in his game.

    Raging Goblin and Elvish Mystic are not "big effects." Fast only maters to him if it's splashy too, and these cards are not those. Timmy doesn't get excited because he played a Raging Goblin or Elvish Mystic, but he may get excited about the cards they lead into. It's important to separate that.

    Edit: Point of clarification. Elvish Mystic isn't a timmy card because adding one extra mana is a small, incremental thing that eventually helps play big stuff. Elvish Piper on the other hand is a total timmy card since it lets you play whatever creature for free. Similarly a mana create that adds a lot of mana would be a friend to timmy. But just one? No.
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL Discussion Thread
    Ha, well nobody got what I was referencing with Karona. That's my bad. The whole cycling thing and her two minus abilities playing off cycling (among other discard and draw effects) was based on the only cycle of cards Karona has appeared on herself: The Decree Cycle from Scourge.

    Also, while I realize having her reference a set specific ability is unusual for a planeswalker, it is not unheard of.
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  • posted a message on Jan CCL Finals: Organizer Creations
    No thoughts or personal submissions?
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    Speed critcs because I lost track of the dates!

    The Dr.B: Name is odd. First ability relatively useless. Second ok but uninteractive. Third is odd, but strong. Eh,
    JimmyGroove: Really cool idea. Probably too strong. Definitely not Dominaria.
    RaikouRider: Interesting concept. Feels really weak. Needs some extra love in those abilities.
    void_nothing: Effects are ok. Avatar one feels off. Very strong but interactable. Might be ok, but pushed. Ajani not most exciting for Dominaria.
    FreshMeat: Interesting. Probably safe in standard but could have an effect elsewhere. High risk high reward. god way to distinguish from chandra.
    Hemlock: Godo character choice, decent suite of abilities, though the last could be more interesting. Still almost feels traditional in the "build up" sense.

    1st: FreshMeat
    2nd: Hemlock
    3rd: void_nothing
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 1 - Adaptive Species
    Speed crits because I got my dates wrong:

    MahBoiii: Cool idea, white associates with stone. Flavor text much desired. Solider type strange. Totally a rare.
    willows: Interesting concept, but needed to be uncommon. Wish there was more out there to care about divinity.
    Flatline: Boros goblins says this isn't really a stretch. Also a rare when asked for uncommon. Reminds me of Alesha.
    Cardz5000: Solid direction, design and flavor.
    netn10: Neat idea, but exile from hand feels really bad here. Change to exile a card from top 4 of library perhaps? Kinda narrow application.
    |Katamari|: Treefolk to me have been a tri colored thing since Lorwyn. Card is odd for a treefolk. Keyword is fine if a bit generic.

    1st: Cardz5000
    2nd: MahBoiii
    3rd: netn10
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  • posted a message on January CCL 2018 Finals Poll - VOTE NOW!
    Quote from kjsharp »
    Griselbrand and Emrakul the Aeon's Torn are the two (not banned) targets for Modern and Legacy
    I didn;t say banned in modern or legacy, I said banned. Which they are in commander. Any card that has earned that status in any format deserves a hard look as to why and generally is a bad point of comparison for whether or not a card is "fair." Something that is not as degenerate as something else does not mean it is not also degenerate.

    But lets put it in your perspective or legacy and reanimator. So your argument is that it isnt quite as good as a choice for the top tier choices in the format? Comparing a card to the best card to use in legacy/modern and saying "it's not better overall then those" isnt safe. Not when a card has it's own things going for it, in this case, one shot potential. My point being it is potentially dangerous.

    As for commander, what I said was that it is much easier to summon that you realize, plus super easy to recast once you get there since affinity will negate commander tax most of the time. It's not the best commander option out there. But it is a very powerful creature that wouldn't be that fun to play against for many many players. I think that's one of our main differences. I look at fun for a more casual/broad audience and you often look towards players towards the upper bonds of play. While those people are important, it is a much smaller audience. Something that doesn't redefine a format doesn't automatically make it safe to print if its unfun. In this cast between one shot potential and being easier to summon than I think you gave it initial credit for.

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  • posted a message on January CCL 2018 Finals Poll - VOTE NOW!
    Quote from kjsharp »
    I think there are better options available for Through the Breach and Reanimator style-decks. Griselbrand and Emrakul are just better options. A 20/20 Flying Indestructible with no other abilities just isn't good enough.
    Perhaps true. Though having 20 power makes it relevant for other synergies that those two are not. They can't be flung for lethal for example.

    I assume that your lack of further commentary on the rest of my points acknowledge they have validity.

    P.S. Saying your card isn't as good as cards that have been banned before isn't a good argument for balance.
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  • posted a message on January CCL 2018 Finals Poll - VOTE NOW!
    Quote from kjsharp »
    Regarding the Incubator, while I'm not convinced that there's a problem with embedding a status here,
    It's a big problem. Fundamental design faux pas. Your use here increases the complexity of tapping by 3 fold at minimum, takes away the elegance of tapping, and adds extra steps within a step. To you, an experienced player, tapping is easy so adding extra steps to it isn't a big deal. To new players? I've taught a couple players this week who confuse when and sometimes even how to tap. Making it matter which way you turn when they aren't even sure when to turn it? Just raising the base complexity of the game when it already absurdly high.

    Regarding Marit Lage, I'm not sure she's too easy to cast. In competitive Constructed I'm pretty sure she's not too easy to cast because getting her into the exile zone is tricky business.
    In constructed, people will just dump and revive her from the graveyard or otherwise cheat it into play. Your casting clause doesnt prevent it and is a big mistake for neigh unstobbable creatures. It's already broken there.
    If she's too easy to cast, it's in Commander. In a deck with her as your Commander I reckon you're casting her on turn 7, 8, or 9 most of the time.
    Turn 5 often, turn 6 consistently. Every snow land you play not only adds a mana, but deducts a mana from Marit Lage. So on turn 5 you already have ten mana to effecitivy cast it. Throw in Sol Rings, Mana Cyrpts, Thran Dyanomos, etc... on top of black cards which can double mana from swamps and turn 5 will be possible to cast it often, and certainly by turn 6. Decks without blue to counter it will have a lot of trouble.
    It's almost impossible to make a Partner card a sexy card. Monogamy just isn't sexy these days, it seems, and even seemingly innocuous Partner cards have proven to be overpowered in Commander. Given how planeswalkers are quite weak in Commander, I think this one may actually be balanced appropriately. I'd have to playtest with it to verify. It's either just right or slightly too strong.
    My comment about safe wasn't a reference to power level, but to uniqueness and creativity.
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