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  • posted a message on Living End
    I`m really into just being the best combo deck I can be, specially game 1. After that I don`t mind changing or playing a bit more midrange because games turn out a lot like that.
    I play the same style with Reanimator so what kind of list would you suggest if I just want to combo off as fast and cinsistent as possible.
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  • posted a message on Living End
    Thanks for your reply.

    I played Modern for about 4 years and when two of my decks got banned I got sick of it sold out of it and started playing Legacy but you know there is always a fire burning and I like to get a new Modern deck again. I Was thinking of something like Storm but for some reason just thinking of playing blue turns me off. Also over here people like to play blue a lot and I like to be differen, stand out a bit and attack them in a different way that they are not used to.
    Also GP Yokohama is coming in April and that is about 30 minutes from where I live and I would like to play in the main event.
    I play Reanimator in Legacy and I love playing that kind of style that is why Living End speaks to me. I been playing it the last two days online and it is lots of fun.

    Also what is the deal with the Bloodbraid list? It looks pretty cool but I feel like without it the combo just works better.
    Why is the Elf being played?

    Also is there a decklist and/or sideboard that is more of a standard sideboard you can take everywhere and you are prepared for most things. I got a sideboard like that for my Reanimator deck and I love playing like that.

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  • posted a message on Living End
    Hey all,

    I`m looking at getting into Living End because the deck just looks awesome to play and I been eyeballing it for years but never got into it.
    I got one small question. Why do you play Demonic Dread because as fas as I can see all spells cost more than 3 mana.

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh wait I got it. You get Living End with it of course. PLease correct me if I`m wrong.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Just go with Devil and have fun.
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  • posted a message on Why is the Dual/Fetch combination untouchable?
    Quote from ElectricEye16 »
    If you banned the fetchlands, players would have to play more duals. This increases the costs of manabases and makes blood moon / back to basics even better. It would certainly shake up the format quite a bit.

    If you banned the dual lands, that would greatly reduce the cost of manabases and it would be interesting. But people who own duals would be very upset. I can't see it happening because they have been around since the beginning and they are so iconic.

    I think banning Dual lands would be a great step into making Legacy big again.
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  • posted a message on Neheb the Eternal
    Quote from ChazA4 »
    To help out in hasty matters, consider Hammer of Purphoros or Urabrask the Hidden as well. Adding Purphoros himself is also not a bad idea.

    Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon can also keep people off-balance, but they might be too much of a danger to you. In that case, consider Blood Sun; sure, that will also hurt some of your lands, but not critically so. Still, it's something to be aware of.

    I'm not sure how many were in the red wedge, but you would also be well served to look back in the Zendikar block(the original Zendikar/Worldwake/Rise of the Eldrazi): the Rebound mechanic is worth visiting. While the damage may not be that great on those spells, getting them cast for free the next turn plays right into your gameplan.

    Thanks for the reply. I will include Blood Moon because I got rid of some of the lands that I think are not really needed that much.
    I will take a look at the other suggestions.
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  • posted a message on Neheb the Eternal
    New to EDH not to Magic but this is the first EDH deck I ever made.
    I looked and asked around for a lot of tips and tricks about commanders but Neheb the Eternal is a commander that keeps gettin gmy attention. It reminds me of my favorite deck that I play in Legacy. Not the mechanic but the way it plays out with the combo. free mana and then casting free stuff.
    I just love it.

    I`m looking into getting the cards to make this deck but if there are some thing wrong or can be changed to something a lot better please let me know.
    All tips, tricks and information will be welcome Grin


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  • posted a message on What way do you currently play Magic?

    I`m not going to pay for cards that I already own and I can only use on a computer.
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  • posted a message on Changing how the forums are structured - Looking for community feedback
    Option 2 for me.
    I suggested this a couple times and I`m happy to see there is something being done about the whole Tier system.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] What [deck] should I play/buy/get into thread
    Maverick or Nic Fit might be what you are looking for.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Quote from Lantern »
    Dredge is still a great deck. Solid mid to high tier 2. The truth is what we are feeling is a little bit of power creep away from us. Wizards hasn't feed us new cards in over a year. Seriously... a year. Ixalan gave us nothing, and amonkhet (a grave themed block too) gave us like... 2 half-a-cards. We didnt get a kitesail freebooter or a power house like mom hug.

    So our deck is faultering. Currently the meta is unkind to us too. Games are fast, we cant exactly interact, and the prime control and combo deck of the format use the yard so grave hate is high. Its basically a 2 punch KO for us.

    That BR hallowone deck is basically all in dredge that isnt super weak to grave hate. I don't believe its as amazing of a deck as people think it is, its diff less consistent than us. But its faster and it doesnt roll over to hate...

    We need new cards, something that makes us less soft to side hate, and something that helps us interact a bit more. Or if the meta shifts back to grind, well do just find.

    I get what you are saying in that we need new cards but we all now what will happen when we get new cards and we get up there again.
    Wizards hates Dredge as a mechanic and they just ban something from under us again. Basicly when you are playing Dredge you will always be playing a Tier 2 deck at max because of bannings.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Quote from Sodek »
    Sooooo Dredge did poorly at Pro Tour. Maybe it's not good time to play it? Or it's just underpowered..

    The thing is that the deck is good but it does not function the way it should be functioning. I started playing Legacy LED Dredge and that version is a Formula 1 car compared to what I get to play in Modern.
    We also has to play against a lot of graveyard hate because there are some decks around at the top spots that are making use of the graveyard so we are getting caught in the cross fire. So I don`t think we are really underpowered but we are also not as strong as we should be.

    Unban Troll!!!
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  • posted a message on Are artifacts dead?
    Grin Well mate you can`t have everything and it is just a name.
    I say if you got all the cards lying around go for it! It might be the deck for you Grin
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  • posted a message on Are artifacts dead?
    Quote from mtgsalaccount »
    Quote from Vissah »
    There is a new deck calles Steel Stompy putting up some good results and showing up more and more.

    Take a look at that deck, to me it looks really fun and strong to play. It plays Mox Opal so if you want to play that card maybe this deck is something for you.

    When I searched for "steel stompy" here I got no threads about it explicitly. Do you have a link to anything with its deck or primer?

    Of course I got a link for you.
    I forgot to put that one in there sorry.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Quote from Vissah »
    Only thing we can hopeo for is that decks like Dredge and Storm are not showing up a lot or making the Top 8 in force.
    We all know how much WotC hates those mechanics and if they make a very strong showing it will be game over for those decks.
    If that happens and they ban the only deck I have left from under me I`m done with Modern.

    This sentiment, which is widespread, is exactly the reason Wizards either needs to remove Modern from the PT or to change the way it handles Modern at the PT. It's outrageous that people are rooting AGAINST their favorite decks because they are afraid of a ban (insert Cardboard Crack comic here). That's bad for long-term format health and bad for even short-term format growth. We should be excited when our preferred deck hits the T8, not frightened. Modern can still remain on the PT for this to happen, but if so, Wizards needs to either disrupt the Modern weighting at the event so it doesn't disproportionately contribute to a ban (e.g. fewer Modern rounds), and/or understand that a PT metagame does not necessarily reflect a more regional or even global one.

    Can`t agree more with you on that one mate. What I said is also what I hear in my local shop from some of the players.
    I already had my Troll and Probe banned in the same banning last year wich basicly killed my Infect deck and made Dredge weaker. So I sold my Infect stuff and decided to keep my Dredge deck because I don`t play as much anymore as I used to do so 1 deck is enough to keep for the time being. Dredge is my favorite machenic in the game that is why I decided to keep it. When I saw Dredge doing good I got happy and got confident again in the deck, I kept playing it and putting up some good results as well. I love to see Dredge being played by some good or Pro players but the anxienty of it getting banned when it shows up on camera a lot is high.
    But like we all know and seen is that a PT can screw Modern over big time and that is were all the talk is coming from. I like playing Modern and as you might know got into Legacy as of late and I really love that format. I will be playing a lot of Legacy this year because I`m going to Eternal Weekend in August in Yokohama and going to play in GP Shizuoka as well.
    The only problem is that if I want to play some Magic on a Saturday and there is no Legacy I will just join the Modern tournament and have some fun there. If, and I know it is a big if, somehing happens to Dredge and it gets killed I don`t have a deck anymore to play Modern and since I don`t play that much anymore it would be a waste of money getting into a new deck.

    Long story short I share the same view that this way of thinking is bad for the format on a short and long term and I hope WotC will see it the same way.
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