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    posted a message on 2/14 Secret Lairs: Theros Stargazing
    My boxes arrived today in the mail. The Planeswalkers are still included, though it appears to be the old assortment still. This was my pull.
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    posted a message on Secret Lair - Year of the Rat
    I got mine today and my foil Walker was Teyo the Shieldmage so my guess is it's random.
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    posted a message on Secret Lair - Year of the Rat
    I'm legitimately not happy with this. I don't make a whole lot of money, but I saved up and bought a foil Marrow Gnawer for Christmas. And now this gets annouced and will surely tank the price of the original.
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5-27 Yawgmoth
    Quote from Manite »
    So, for our list of major mythic legends from Magic's past, we have:

    I wonder who the red and green members will be?

    I'm theorizing that Gaea could be the green. As for red I have no idea, Mishra maybe? (assuming this is in fact following "the Brother's War" as a theme)
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    posted a message on Masterpieces
    Sunday evening got email that my package shipped, about 20 minutes ago knock at the door. Fedex guy handed me a package it was the Masterpiece box. All I can say is I have my fingers crossed for those still in limbo.
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 3/15 - To the Slaughter and Odric, Lunarch Marshal
    Quote from Havrekjex »
    Sean Connery is back, baby! I dig the ability too. It reminds me of Angelic Skirmisher, only a bit more fragile.

    Looks more like George Clooney to me. But an interesting card none the less.
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    posted a message on Where's the FTV announcement?
    Quote from enollava »
    I hope it continues. We really need a FTV tutors set. I could think of a few tutors in need of a reprint badly.

    I would throw money at my screen if they announced that
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    posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from MemoryLapse »
    BTW guys, Painter's Servant works pretty well for us against Eldrazi. It turns off Temple and Eye and Even Ancient Stirrings! I wanted to mention something - Eldrazi is obsoleting Tron currently. This means that our worst matchup is being phased out in favor of this Eldrazi thing. Now Eldrazi is good and in no way to be considered a super easy match, but it's infinitely better than our Tron match was.

    Check out these videos:

    8Rack vs Eldrazi 1
    8Rack vs Eldrazi 2

    It went from an average of $10-$11 to $35 -_-* Without a doubt for that very reason.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Collected Company Elves
    Quote from weberbirding »
    Hi everyone,

    First off, thanks so much for all the discussion here, it has helped me a lot! I played at my LGS FNM last night (only my second Modern tournament), which had 40 people (and free play mats) and I went 3-2 coming in 12th (which earned me $6). I admittedly had some pretty easy match ups, and my two losses were both to Twin. I'm hoping to get some feedback on my deck (list below) and matchups. I'm currently going GB (my preferred) but I may splash white for Burrenton Forge-Tender and Mirror Entity, among other good white cards I may sideboard. Any suggestions are appreciated!

    2 October 2015 Modern FNM

    Round 1: 2-0
    GW deck with birds and lots of other mana producers that aims to get card advantage with hideaway lands and cast Emerakul. He was too slow and said he is usually faster. I won game one with Champion forestwalk and game two with Nyx devotion --> Chord --> Craterhoof.

    Round 2: 2-1
    My most fun match of the night by far. GW CoCo deck with an infinite combo involving Finks and some card with the ability 'haunt' to give infinite life. It was a super fun race and fortunately he only CoCo'd into infinite in game two. I won game one with Ezuri and game two with Champion forestwalk. A good and similar deck, but as he said to me, my "clock is too fast!"

    Round 3: 0-2
    Spinter twin. Bad draws, a wrong choice on Thoughtseize game two (should have taken the creature that combos with Twin but instead took 1 of 2 copies of Twin in his hand; that just comes down to my inexperience). Very sad match up.

    Round 4: 0-2
    Spinter twin. Absolutely horrible draws, tried to mull into a choke or other sideboard card game two and ended up mulled down to 4.

    Round 5: 2-0
    Weird black deck that was based around making me discard cards and some creatures and enchantments that make me lose life if I have less than a certain amount of cards in my hand (which unfortunately is often the case after turn 2 with elves). Relatively easy win as I was much faster and had more of a solid plan. He forfeited game two mid-way because he had nothing in his hand and wanted to go home early.

    Deck notes: I'm sort of on a budget, so my land base is lacking any more fetches, shocks, or Caverns at the moment; need to save up for those. However, my land base still seems a bit unbalanced and I can't always get B when I need it. I'll pick up another Tomb or Palace soon. I also only have Craterhoof in there (a remnant from my past combo version) until I get another copy of Ezuri. My sideboard needs the most help, but balancing out my main deck is also needed.

    Thanks again!

    lol I just mentioned like two posts back that I switched from that weird deck to elves. Btw it's called 8rack. 2 or less cards in hand and the rack does 1-3 damage and 1 or less cards in hand and shrieking affliction does 3 flat damage. It's my favorite deck but I can definitely see how it could be a poor match up for elves.
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    posted a message on 8Rack
    So last night I tried 8rack again at local FNM. went 2/2. I played almost exactly the Tom Ross version (even the sideboard) with necrogen mists substituting for lils.

    Round 1) Won vs Grixis Control(midrange) 2/0.
    Game 1: Used smallpox early to lock him out of crucial land. Dropped necrogen mists and kept his hand empty until the racks and mutavaults did their job.
    Game 2: Had to mull to five due to lands hating me, then basically the same strategy only he got enough lands to activate his creeping tar pit so we ended up racing damage. Then I drew another smallpox and that 1 damage just barely put me ahead in damage for the win.

    Round 2) Lost to Junk 2/1
    Game 1) Won game 1, locked him out of mana early with smallpox and drew really well to keep his hand empty while racks did their job.
    Game 2) Collected company + eternal witness + kitchen finks = outpacing my everything. Also blocked two of my mutavaults with snapcasters cause "why not" as he so eloquently put it.
    Game 3) Almost the same as above only he almost at the classic pod combo on the field before he killed me, told me after the game that his sideboard more or less turns his deck into melera/afenza infinite.

    Round 3) Won vs lantern control 2/1
    Game 1) Lost this round. Admittedly I wasn't expecting to see the deck last night so I spent game one learning the mechanics of the deck and doing my best to hamper him in the process. Got 1 rack out but it wasn't enough.
    Game 2) Got a rack out turn 1, and an affliction out turn 2. He destroyed one with Abrupt Decay but didn't have an answer for the other. I already had him to 6 before he drew the red spellbomb.
    Game 3) opening hand had an affliction, a rack, and a Nyxathid. Dropped the affliction and rack turns 1 and 2 to bait out the abrupt decay. ended up getting thoughseize turn three so I removed it from his hand instead. dropped Nyxathid turn 4, by then he had one land in hand. And from that point on I just let all three cards work their magic till I had the game.

    Round 4) lost to Esper Control. 2/0
    Game 1) This was a strange hybrid of Esper control and Esper aggro. Looked like he was running Esper Control build with 2-3 Tasigur for the lols. Anyways he kept his hand at 5-6 the whole game so the racks never went off. Beat me down with colonnade.
    Game 2) Almost the same as above only he seemed to like the irony of using esper charms to make me discard 2 as "punishment" for making me play discard. (his words not mine) In the end I Couldn't out damage Tasigur.

    Still think smallpox is a ridiculously underrated card for this deck. It practically sets your opponent to turn zero if you go first and you play it turn 2. And since most decks are 2+ color in the format so smallpox hurts them a lot. I think to a degree it also messes with you opponent since they know you have the capability to play smallpox so they are more likely to keep a larger land hand then normal or mull down to try and get a particularly optimal hand. This seems to be the case at least from my observations at my local FNM.
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