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  • posted a message on New Big Box Store MultiPack
    front says includes 6 from recent sets? so probably just gonna be born of gods etc. unless they're going fancy and including off chances of modern masters or other boosters, but they're all cardboard packaging so probably not?
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  • posted a message on Aether Revolt General Discussion (Spoilers Allowed Here)
    Part of me feels like he's making the transporter to push New Pyrexia to other planes, since he's all about the metal/Etherium is perfection thing and helped set up part of new Phyrexia. An easy access gate for the oil or even full phyrexian armies to cross through. Kaladesh is already mostly metal and even if they blow up the bridge he's probably learned how it works an how to possibly build another one if he an find a good plane without interference.
    Edir: dangit I got excited and didn't read the last few comments...
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/27
    If I'm reading correctly, you can meld Hanweir, the Writhing Township in response to removal, which makes the high meld cost seem a bit more reasonable to me. Seems cool.
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Quote from MColon89 »
    Quote from CreativeTheo »
    I like MS as 1-2. Dead MS into Strangler that processes a riftbolt and trades with a goblin guide has happened to me once and everyone should know such an amazing feeling at one point of their lives.


    Matter Reshaper?
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  • posted a message on Tamiyo's Journal puzzle solved?
    Quote from JDAEnzio »
    Quote from Glamdring804 »

    A handful would be fine, just not the hordes we saw on Zendikar. This fits flavor wise, as Emrakul's brood is supposed to be the sparsest. My personal pet peeve with the current set is the lack of one of those awesome Innistradi dragons. If we get one of those in Eldritch Moon, I will be reasonably satisfied with whatever else they do in the set.

    That would actually be a really awesome way to implement it. Just imagine, a vamdrazi... Rolleyes

    Instead, you get a Khezu hydra

    Monster Hunterrrrrrr
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  • posted a message on Pre release pack puzzle
    Looks more like these lanterns Bearer of Overwhelming Truths
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  • posted a message on Poster in the Wizards Internal Prerelease Video
    Ah, thanks!
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  • posted a message on Poster in the Wizards Internal Prerelease Video
    Anyone know what this poster is?


    Just curious to see if it's sneaky spoilers.
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  • posted a message on Thing in the Ice
    you don't want too many counters. you want lots of cheap, free, and/or value spells, like dismember, gut shot, think twice, emerge unscathed, staggershock

    Rebound Idea is fun
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  • posted a message on Tamiyo's Journal puzzle solved?
    OMG It was C until they released ROE
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  • posted a message on Updated - Did Wizards hint at Emrakul or Marit Lage on Innistrad in 2012?
    Quote from Keated »
    We know Nahiri is around and hella angry... There was something about Innistrad knowing Zendikar's suffering or some such... I could entirely believe her effectively summoning Emrakul to Innistrad for revenge...

    ^ this, Nahri built the hedrons to direct the leylines on Zendikar (if I remember correctly) to attract the Eldrazi by amplifying the existing mana & she's messing with the moon and building giant pillars of bodies. Would it be far fetched to say she is using Innistrad as a lure for the Eldrazi? whether or not Emrakul shows up, her purpose in creating the pillars/using the moon could be a signal to Sorin that she will make Innistrad the next victim and the madness is a by product of her messing with the moon, a symbol of Avacyn as well as the monsters?
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Seagate could be fun if you went deeper with discard/tks and packed liliana. There's not much of a drawback with seagate in the deck and helps top deck mode which is a part of Eye.
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  • posted a message on <>Bx Eldrazi Processors
    Quote from bacepi »
    Been testing all colors and so far it has been VERY interesting.

    All I can say is if you play a second color it is a complete meta decision.

    Green is because of the diverse removal, life gain, and effects against enchantments/artifacts but on creatures aka 187s.
    Blue is more of the counterspells and card draw
    Red is because of cheap removal, LD, artifact removal.
    White is the same as green but comes mostly from spells/enchantments and also add library restrictions like Mindcensor/Arbiter.

    Green has been ... better than good. Helps a ton vs the bad matchups.

    The God draw so far is t1 Urborg into Thoughtseize, t2 T-Mire into Explore, Drop an Eye and then play another discard spell, t3 E-Temple into Garruk, Untap the Temple and whatever and play a TKS. So you are ending turn 3 with a Garruk, TKS, and played 3 discard spells. B/G has had the most powerful draws so far in testing. You could theoretically play a t4 E-Temple and then use Garruk to cast an Ulamog/Kozilek for the ultimate god draw. /shrug

    There are so many ways to go about how to build this deck but I highly suggest you take a look at B/G if your meta is really aggressive. Playing Feed the Clans after a TKS or Reality Smasher is just the best feeling vs burn Wink Trying to test Oath of Nissa because of the relevance of using any mana to cast a planeswalker and the fact all we really want are creatures or lands...

    Would you mind posting your current list? I'm curious to see the garruk + explore + eldrazi land interactions.

    I'm on BW, but I like playing planeswalkers.... and untapping lands sounds great.
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  • posted a message on <>Bx Eldrazi Processors
    Quote from wubbl77 »

    Is Sire of Stagnation realy so bad compared with Oblivion Sower? Never saw Sire of Stagnation in any list and i was wondering why.

    I tried this UB-Eldrazi list and i think it is fast enough to compete - especially with Serum Vision. The mana base is maybe kinda wierd though.

    Most people in ub run drowner of hope over sire, it's a bit easier to cast and has etb effects

    Edit; just realized you're running heartless ...
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  • posted a message on <>Bx Eldrazi Processors
    Quote from iostream »
    Quote from Overmaster »
    I just don't think this deck wants to take off T1 and T2 to find a land. It's not like Tron-- we don't have anything exactly UNFAIR to put into play at turn 3, just well-costed. Turn 3 Oblivion Sower isn't winning any games by itself, and so I don't want to run my whole deck list on guaranteting it. I want T1 disruption, T2 Thought-Knot Seer, T3 Reality Smasher/Oblivion Sower/etc. If we're not applying pressure early on, we fall back into the "bad Tron" category. As another user explained here, our advantage over Tron is being able to play black cards especially hand disruption, which you can't with Expedition Maps.

    Likewise, we *really* want to get the trifecta of lands into play, so you might as well run 4 of everything. In for a penny, in for a pound.
    The line you said you want specifically requires Urborg into Eye on T1/T2. That just isn't going to happen always, and more generally you can't always mulligan into a Sol land. But the cards in this deck are way too costly to just naturally curve out without a Sol land, so you need something to make some hands that don't contain them acceptable. Expedition Map is that card. We have the great aggressive openers you were mentioning - which is where our free wins come from - and when that doesn't happen, we have defensive openings that roughly go like T1 discard/relic into T2 Map into T3 removal if we're under pressure or crack Map if we're not. This sets up for a longer game where we are still able to cast our top-end a turn or two ahead of schedule.

    I agree with this, I actually tried cutting the 2 I had main board and replaced them with spellskites purely for meta reasons as they fill similar cmc/timing slots. They allow us to have something to do with our mana at Eot when we don't have a turn 2 strangler target, or are holding removal. I just have a lot of twin in my meta and so spellskites feel much safer and I don't mind getting mana screwed as much with spellskites/dismembers mainboard

    I am a fan of t1 IOK t2 relic/map as well, it's slower but sets up well for anything else you're about to do, as others have said before in this and bW forum it's a toolbox more than a combo. Vault,bojuka,eye,temple and even basics if you're needing white for a lingering or path, of course this depends on your mama base.
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